Freeing An Incarcerated World

This is a full length documentary film project currently in the making! It offers and illuminates a larger vision for world change, peace, positive possibilities, and transformation.

In this film produced by Shine Your Light Media, a psychologist, some incredible former inmates, and an amazing group of extraordinary people believing in the power of change and true transformation team up to teach true freedom, to shift the culture of reentry, to be the change many wish to see, and to inspire what is possible when we let go of what we thought we were ~ to become who we are truly meant to be.

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Introduction By Lacy

For 21 years, I witnessed men leave prison not only ill-prepared to reenter society and their lives, but some were worse off than when they went into prison. Some had become better criminals, some had become more entrenched in a victim mentality, and some were angrier than ever before.

And we ask ourselves, why are our recidivism rates so high?

In short, men and women who are sentenced to prison, are often sentenced with an underlying societal assumption that going to prison is the “punishment they deserve” for crimes committed and that their experience in prison will serve as a deterrent from committing future crimes. Clearly, the statistics show that one’s prison experience lacks the power to effectively change the underlying thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that motivate repeat criminal acts.

I believe the answer lies in offering self-help programs, empowerment programs, and/or programs that get to the root of human behavior, the heart of personal change, and the keys to long term transformation. I also believe that a solid reentry approach would include these types of programming both inside and outside of prison that would work together to ensure a smooth transition back into society and set a returning citizen up for success.

Following my own traumatic life experience that required a new skill set and shift in perspective, I developed an innovative, holistic, and transformational self-help program for offenders releasing from federal prison. This program was based in my belief that all people have innate value and talent, the ability to acquire a new skill set to change their lives, and the ability to shift their perspective to transform their lives.

Upon my retirement from the Federal Prison System, I reconnected with over 50% of the former participants in my program. It was clear through the conversations with these men and their families that a different approach to self-help and self-empowerment classes prior to their release had a significant positive impact on their successful reentry back into their lives and into society.

In this process of witnessing and hearing their stories of reentry and reunification, I knew that there was a powerful story to tell the world. The story is not just about those incarcerated in a physical prison, but a story that includes the realization that many people feel imprisoned in their own every day lives.

Freeing An Incarcerated World is a story and a movement to help us all to Free Ourselves From Ourselves.

Overview of the Film

Freeing An Incarcerated World is a documentary film that ignites hope, inspiration, motivation, and a profound sense of positive possibility and freedom in all who see it.

Former federal prison psychologist, Dr. Lacy Frazer, is joined by John Milisitz and several other courageous men that share their stories of personal transformation while in one of the darkest of places, prison. The viewer not only bears witness to the journey from incarceration to freedom, but is challenged to look at their own personal imprisonment in its myriad of forms.

Change is Inevitable, but Transformation is a Choice.

Every man or woman who goes to prison changes in one way or another . . . but only a few use the time to truly transform. The stories of these men and women provide real life examples of the Journey of Personal Transformation and offer an illustrative map for others to follow who have ever felt trapped, stuck, limited, or imprisoned themselves.

The Inspiration Behind the Film

Dr. Lacy Frazer describes in her own words the inspiration for this film and the progress made thus far toward bringing this vision to life

The Goals Of This Film Are To:

EDUCATE TO EMPOWER – Teach people the skills needed to move from viewing and experiencing themselves as a victim of life to viewing and experiencing themselves as the creator of their life

ILLUSTRATE TO LIBERATE – Show people a pathway to freedom by telling the stories of others who have successfully dismantled their limiting beliefs, removed the armor, embraced change within, and chose a new positive and sustainable perspective to set themselves free

ELEVATE TO INSPIRE – Raise self awareness and instill a sense of confidence that change is not only possible ~ but it is visible and accessible to anyone

ACTIVATE TO MOTIVATE – Engage and ignite the interest of audiences worldwide to consider and embrace individual and collective change at a time that our world needs hope, healing, integration, collaboration, and new solutions to age-old problems of lack, limitation, and suffering

The Impact & The Impetus for the Larger Movement

  • 2.3 million people are confined in jails and prisons around the country (
  • The average American household carries an average debt of $137,000 (
  • 19.7 million people battle addiction
  • 50% of marriages end in divorce
  • 1 in 5 people experience mental health challenges
  • 45% of people have a chronic disease

Millions of people suffer from feelings of lack, limitation, being trapped, or a belief that there is no way out of their situation. Many are conditioned to feel like a victim of life circumstances and are focused on surviving rather than thriving. It is these limiting beliefs that not only prevent people from creating a better life for themselves, but that keep them stuck in negative life circumstances.

This film and the ensuing Freeing An Incarcerated World movement will inspire and teach a pathway out of limiting beliefs and conditions of personal incarceration and “no way out” thinking through sharing the stories of people who have been in rock bottom places and who found a pathway out of their literal incarceration by freeing themselves from themselves to lead an empowered, happy, and meaningful life.

This film and this movement aims to teach people from all walks of life, inside and outside of prison, how to fish!

Our Team

It takes the talents, time, heart, and soul of so many people to bring a project and vision like this to life. We wanted to share some of the faces of a very talented, generous, and hard working team that is making this project possible!

Meet Co-Producers Lacy Frazer and Marie Mohler

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