What is a Scribe, Channel, and Frequency Writer?

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My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit.

What is a Scribe?

In ancient cultures, scribes were often specially trained and learned people who served as record keepers, copiers of manuscripts (especially before the invention of printers), editors, and jurists. The word “scribe” comes from the latin word “scriba,” that described a person who was a public notary or clerk of the ancient Roman government.  It also comes from the latin word “scribere,” which simply means to write. Scribes essentially were, and are, people who write documents and books by hand in various languages, to keep the records of governments, religions, cultural heritages, and people’s stories through time.

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As a Scribe for Spirit today, I essentially write inspired thoughts, expansive energies, sacred stories, and light frequencies down by hand that I receive through a process called channeling or automatic handwriting.

Through my Gifts of Sentience, I am able to see, feel, know, sense, and hear these messages stream through the ethers from Avatars and Master Guides in Higher Dimensional Nonphysical Realms of Light as well as from Benevolent Guides from Higher Dimensional Physical Light Realms ~ that seek to communicate and share knowledge and insights from other Star Systems and Star Planets in the Universe. In this way, as a Sacred Scribe, I essentially am able to take dictation from Spirit and receive these inspirational downloads and higher-frequencied messages and stories from evolved and enlightened beings who wish to help humanity’s evolution at this time.

What is a Channel?

A channel is defined in the dictionary as a means of communication or expression in which information (such as music or data) transmits via electrical signals.  It can also be understood as a course or direction of thought or action. Or it can be described as a band of frequencies that have sufficient width for a single radio or television communication.

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In this same way, as a channel, I am a particular frequency that can send and receive a band of frequencies within a particular vibrational range that I can hear, feel, see, know, and perceive through my sentient system and sensory perceptions.  I am essentially a conscious conduit who connects with certain fields, tones, colors, and energies of light, and translates them into languagable messages, stories, and inspirations for humanity at this time of planetary ascension and consciousness evolvement.

What is a Frequency Writer?

As a Scribe, and a Channel then, I am able to connect and work with certain High-Frequencied Guides of Light in the Cosmos, such that I hear their frequency stories and energy downloads that they wish to share.  And I consciously bring them through in my writings . . . via the imagery and energies they paint for me with vibrations, colors, sounds, and incredible messages of Light.

I have written, scribed, and channeled for 20 years now.  But it was only in the summer of 2016 that my guides clarified for me a more refined purpose that I am to personally play in the planet’s ascension process. They said, “You are a frequency writer. You write the Frequencies and Codes of Light into the Consciousness of this World. And thus you help to bring New Codes through many timelines to elevate the planet and to inspire New Light.”

And hence, this site was born.  🙂

From stories for the inner child, to new earth soul songs, to unique high-frequency product and t-shirt designs, to self help books, to scribed messages that sentiently describe our past history, patterns, and creations, to channeled messages that are relevant to the heart of humanity and the earth shifts occurring today . . . I have been writing, recording, and sharing energies, light, and sound given to me by Spirit for many years, and for lifetimes really

music sheet in a rolled scroll on background of musical notes imageThis is what I live and love to do.  Scribing, and frequency writing, are who I AM.  

It is what makes the best music play through my divine instrument.

And it was through a number of catalyzing events and experiences this lifetime that my sentient gifts awakened and activated. Sometimes our greatest challenges become our greatest gifts.  This was certainly true for me.

And it is these gifts and frequencies of light that I aim to share here with you now.  

It is my hope that they will inspire you and support your awakening process going forward.

May the frequencies you find here help you to uncover more of your story, so that you can re-collect some of the lost pieces or essential soul aspects that are perhaps a forgotten, uncelebrated, or misunderstood part of you and your soul’s journey. When we allow the whole of us to return to our heart’s consciousness, these estranged aspects are able to come home more holistically to us . . . to be healed, celebrated, loved, honored, and integrated.

I will be sharing more about this concept in my blog and in a book that I will be writing and posting more about soon, titled Gear Consciousness.  So keep an eye out for this new frequency of light work. 

I believe it is here to help unlock us from the boxes we have been living in and open us to the multidimensional beings that we truly are. 

There is admittedly some serious work to do now on the planet.  We have some core work to do within ourselves, to begin to bring these higher frequencies into the light of our heart’s consciousness and the light of our every day choices, interactions, and manifestations.

But the universe, our Spirit Guides in 5D+ realms of light
and higher, and the influx of Source Light and Love
on the planet are totally here to help us.

We are being re-wired and upgraded, in ways that elevate our dreams, expectations, connections, and abilities now. When we consciously engage and trust the Light to Lead, our lives align in ways we never thought possible.

Through this higher-frequencied lens,
we are living in very exciting times indeed.

I myself am grateful for the opportunity to be here now as a scribe, a conscious channel, and frequency writer, to bring through these powerful messages of hope and light, for a world newly birthing itself, and a humanity that is coming Home to the Greater Truth of who we all truly are . . .

Living Exponents . . . here to be the extraordinary exponential
of our greatest divine potential!

If you have further questions about my work, my services, and/or if you simply wish to contact me, please do so through the contact us page.

Thank you!
Blessings and Luminous Light,