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Welcome to the Positive Potential of Experiencing True Healing, Health, Hope, Increased Self-Awareness, Abundance, Liberation, Inner Peace, Alignment, and Greater Well-Being in YOUR Inner Being!

These possibilities may sometimes feel unattainable or elusive in our busy, noisy, and disconnected world today.  And yet, these Incredible Potentials are in fact Divine Seeds Inside You.  Inside all of us. 

You just have to find and consciously connect the Inner Coordinates of The Infinite Soul Map Inside You, that remembers how to tap in to that Inner Stream of Goodness, Wellness, Balance, and Wholeness once more . . . so you can ride it Home to your True Divinity and Higher Self’s Greater Abilities, Abundance, and Awareness.       

The Back Story to this “Soul Abundance Story” is that for eons, and lifetimes really, many people have suffered or experienced challenge in some ways in their daily lives largely as a result of 2 key things:

A Lack of Authentic and Integrated Self Awareness
and A Lack of Conscious Soul Connectedness

Many have struggled, day after day, lifetime after lifetime, largely unconscious and unaware of the negative thought patterns, emotions, and energies that repeatedly create cycles of imbalance, pain, separation, loneliness, lack, confusion, struggle, and suffering in their lives.  Some of these elements have been part of my own journey too.  

These imbalances and challenges show up in a variety of aspects of life ~ including relationships, manifestations of lack, professional careers and pursuits, addictive behavioral patterns, health challenges, fear and self-doubt, and even in our relationships with ourselves.  These patternings and experiences can be mild, moderate, or even overwhelming at times.  And yet, despite the regularity and routine nature of experiencing some of these Patterns of Pain and Personal Challenges, most people remain disconnected from the True Root Cause(s) of their struggles and suffering ~ simply because they don’t yet have the soul sight to see them

Can you relate to these patterns of pain, struggle, aloneness,
disconnectedness, despair, and/or an overall sense of
soul weariness found within this age-old story?

Or are you facing a time of change and new beginnings in
your life and seeking guidance and positive perspectives
about your next life steps?

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A Soul Reading is an energetic tool that can support and assist you in finding clarity, compassion, and a greater awareness about the root cause(s) of your challenges, suffering, imbalances, mis-alignment, indecision, and disconnection.

It can also serve to affirm what IS aligned in your life path and life purpose on the planet at this time, and give you some new “soul compass coordinates” to help you to follow the dreams that are rising in your heart’s consciousness in these powerful times.

My intuitive and empathic skills provide a deeper knowledge, broader perspective, and higher awareness of your Soul’s Patterns, Lessons, and Themes through Time, which can be very affirming and validating. 

Additionally, I offer follow up Sentient Coaching Sessions which can help you to identify old patterns of thinking, feeling, vibrating, and behaving that can sometimes CAUSE suffering and imbalance in various aspects of your life, AND that can help you identify new patterns of thinking, feeling, vibrating, and behaving that can help to LIBERATE your soul from these painful and chronic tethers

gold map and compass photoMy Intuitive Readings and Sentient Coaching Sessions can ultimately help you to awaken and activate Your Soul’s Map that knows its True Joy, Freedom, Power, Abundance, Light, Talents, Purpose, and Greater Well-Being.     

More specifically, my services can help you to identify and consciously navigate the following:

  1. Where your energy may be displaced, blocked, bound, or stuck
  2. What soul aspects and/or energy fragments need or desire to be accepted, healed, and integrated in your life at this time
  3. Where and how you can discern and discipline your Energetic/Vibrational Focus in your current daily life in order to manifest and live a Life of Higher Purpose, Greater Consciousness, Joyful Sovereignty, Deeper Meaning, Elevated Balance, Brighter Light, Peaceful Soul Presence, and Heart-Centered Empowerment
  4. What Soul Themes, Patterns, Gifts, Talents, and Lessons Through Time need your conscious attention, healing, love, integration, or expansion today

The Content of the Soul Reading is offered to you in 3 available formats:

  1. In Writing (a printed and digital PDF document) ~ $300 
  2. In an Audio File (an MP3 audio file) ~ Available for an Additional $60
  3. And in a Unique and Personalized Soul Meditation Movie (a .Mov video file) ~ Available for an Additional $300.   This is a Video Meditation made Just for You of the Channeled Material Received.  This film captures the energy of the channeled message through the colors, imagery, and sentient frequencies that I “see” during the reading. This provides the opportunity for your own soul memories, soul guidance, and inner soul map to more holistically, experientially, and privately receive and integrate the information that came through;  and for you to begin to consciously feel and work with the energies in your daily awareness and experience.

Please contact me directly if you have further questions about these options and the availability of services:


Ultimately, it is my belief that these Soul Readings and Sentient Coaching Sessions differ from traditional psychotherapy in that they reach deeper energetic layers than most people (including many conventionally trained psychotherapists) are aware of. 

I believe that people’s emotional suffering, especially chronic challenges and emotional wounds tied to specific issues or triggers, are the Soul’s Cues to YOU that deeper issues are speaking and desiring your conscious attention now.  The pain that inevitably arises from the soul’s emotional cues is often simply an unhealed or fragmented aspect of soul that is asking or desiring to be welcomed home now to heal, cleanse, rejuvenate, re-activate, and re-integrate its natural and organic vitality and light.   

Soul Readings provide this Broader Lens
that your Higher Self is asking you now to Look Through. 

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This Lens, this Soul Reading Experience and these Sentient Coaching  Sessions, can offer you the opportunity to reach the deeper energetic layers inside you that are rising from their dormant state and re-awakening your Greater Self Awareness. They also offer you the gift of re-activating your Soul’s Higher Connections with the True Source of your Empowerment, Wealth, Freedom, Joy, Gifts, and Overall Well-Being. In this way, your current pain can be purposeful, for it is part of a Timeless Soul Map and Core Emotional Cue that is guiding you from within . . . Home . . . to your Higher Light, Greater Awareness, Soul Awakening, and Source Reconnection.

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So Welcome.
Welcome Home to the Potential and Possibility of Re-Discovering Who You Really Are.  And Welcome Home to the Re-Discovery and Integration of the Parts of You that now desire your attention the most. These are exciting times indeed and they are inviting all of us to activate our Soul Awareness and to begin to allow our own Sentient Operating Systems to guide, inform, and support us in this new chapter of our journeys.  We have all of the skills, talents, and heart inside us to return to this Greater Hope, this Brighter Light, and this more Prosperous and Joyous Experience of Life. We simply have to remember the Inner Soul Map, Compass, and Lantern that will guide us there.  I aim to help, support, and guide you in that process.