Gear Consciousness


So . . . here you are. 

Ready for the *new* in your life, that has been calling you forward. 

And yet, perhaps not feeling super sure as to where or how to find that *new*?  That *healing*.  That *integrative inspiration*, that can catalyze your soul work, and put you more firmly on your soul path, to live more fully and more purpose-fully.

One of the key reasons that I feel I have been put on the planet at this time is to help people track, chart, and recollect their soul journeys, karmic patterning, and spiritual gifts through time

So that you can glean the best of the best of your past masteries, successes, lessons, and learnings . . .

As well as the best of the best (believe it or not) of your past challenges, sufferings, lessons, and learnings . . .

In order for you to begin to experience yourself as Whole.  Circular.  Integrated.  And One with the Unified Field of Light once more.


And also in order for you to feel yourself re-united with a much greater Infinite Intelligence, a vaster Array of Talents, a Richer Happiness, a Higher Intuition, a Deeper Sentience, a more balanced Soul-Center Vibration, and a Broader Sense of the Allness that All Life inherently embodies, teaches, celebrates, and expands . . . to bring us to the fullness of this moment right now.  To this exact precipice.

And to move us through time, so that we can access All Time and your Personal Patternings through Time . . . I share and teach what I call . . .
Gear Consciousness.


It is a foundational vibrational essence, combined with a map template, that is your map, of your soul’s journeyings and your deep soul aspects, that are ready now to come home in your sacred heart center . . . to consciously roost in your core inner sanctuary and awareness now. 

All of your lifetimes and soul aspects experienced
and expressed by you, and through you, . . .

those deemed good, those deemed bad, those that are rich and powerful, and those that are challenged
or filled with great suffering, . . . all have a precious place in the totality of your soul awareness now
and your living consciousness that you embody on the planet.  

It is here that we will weave a greater understanding of what Gear Consciousness really is, into the cosmic conversation we will be having and uncovering about your own multidimensional and multi-incarnational lifetimes. 

And we will do this through the lens and living support of your core 9 chakras. 

As well as with the support of the Spirit Guides that I connect with regularly in the form of channelings, soul songs, messages, and insights from the higher dimensional realms. 

If this excites or invites you, to get to know a deeper, broader,
and more holistically awake and talented you,
I welcome you to the work at hand.
And at heart.  

Your inner compass has brought you here for a reason. 

Welcome Home to your Center.

To your Circle.

To your Experience of Wholeness and Oneness in the Unified Field of Light.

That is your birthright.  Your divine light.  And your sacred sentient sight.

Let’s get started!