The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color: A Starchild’s Story

The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color
by Marie Mohler

If it’s been a long day, week, or month, indulge yourself. Put on a pot of tea. And allow this sweet story to trickle in to your inner child’s eyes and ears.

I believe it is here to help awaken humanity’s collective heart again.

This story has an interesting backstory. 

I wrote a book in 2009 titled Cosmic Wealth:  A Guide to Living the Prosperity of a Rich Inner Life.  In it, I shared a chapter from my own life, about my deep belief in magic and miracles as a child. 

I share that when I was this young, open-hearted, wise, and creative child, still believing in the magic of Santa and the universe, . . . how joyful, peaceful, and happy I was . . . just being in that elevated consciousness.  And how that special protective light blessed me in many ways. 

I then describe how one day just before Christmas, when I was about 7 or 8 years old, a whole group of neighborhood kids and I were walking home from school.  I was in the height of my Christmas Bliss, and very obviously excited to celebrate Santa, Jesus, and the whole Christmas Story.   When my next door neighbor, who was a little older than me,  gruffly blurted out . . . you don’t still believe, do you?  There is no Santa. 

In an instant, I felt shocked and sick to my stomach.  To say that I was devastated is an understatement.   

I ran the rest of the way home, trusting that my parents would quickly affirm that what she said wasn’t true.  That Santa was real.  That the magic was real.  And that the Joy of the Whole Christmas Story (including Santa, the North Pole, the reindeer, the elves, Jesus, Mary, the donkey, the stable, the three wise men, ALL of it), as I had been taught and conditioned to believe, was real

But alas, my parents could not and did not affirm this.  And they confirmed what our neighbor had said.  That there is no Santa.  And that it was a made-up story that everyone enjoys – but finds out sooner or later . . . is simply not true.

I felt a myriad of emotions that day.  And many days after.  Beyond what this blog article can bear.

But it was not a happy time in my childhood.  Nor did it go away when I became an adult.  The truth is that it effected me profoundly, because the world of light and magic that I knew in my heart, but that was culturally and repeatedly associated with Santa, for all intents and purposes, became lost to me for a while.

I don’t think I ever fully recovered from that experience.

And I don’t think I was designed to fully recover from that experience.

Instead, as I share in my Cosmic Wealth book, I succumbed in some ways to the journey that so many before me did, and that countless others have since.  I experienced my own versions of shame because I had believed.  And I felt tremendous disenchantment with the world and disbelief in my life.  Additionally, I experienced the suppressed pain of broken trust with my peers, special adults in my life, and the cultural conditionings and collusions at large.  

But I can also say today, with 20/20 hindsight, that I stubbornly – and thus never fully – surrendered all of my belief.  For a part of me always knew the Truth of the Magic that I arrived with in this world and innately carried in my heart. 

That Kind of Magic IS real. 

And I tucked that very sacred part of me away, until it was safe some time in the distant future to bring it out again.  I’m grateful I did. 

Or my life would have assumed a permeating haze of gray, that might still be my predominant perception of the world. 

And that is something I simply could not bear. 

We do this, incidentally, as a collective Christian culture. 

We build up a story with the most open-hearted and trusting among us . . . that has a shelf life. 

That has an expiration date.

And then at about the time that children need another boost of faith, miracles, and trust, in a world challenged by a lack of magic, a lack of hope, and a lack of pure heart belief . . . , we have to tell them that this precious story to them simply isn’t true.  After we have built up their hopes and dreams about it, and tapped into the magical realms within their subconscious mind and heart. 

We then essentially say that that whole magical world, not just Santa, isn’t true.  That it’s just a story.     

And by doing so, we induce a collective conditioned experience of disenchantment and disbelief that is a painful rite of passage (to some degree or another) in our world.

We then seem surprised when professionals studying child development in kids around the age of 7 or 8 find that children “lose” their “magical thinking and play” as a developmental rite of passage at this same time . . . and move into a “higher stage” of development.  It’s a “milestone” that is acknowledged and accepted largely as fact.  When to me, it is more of a cultural conditioning that deserves serious reconsideration.  

A conditioning that gives many children a reason to not believe, or worse, to never believe, hope, dream, or trust again.  

While this may sound dramatic, I do believe we as a world community need to reconsider and revisit how we nurture the expansive, infinite, gifted, timeless, trusting, and divine aspects of children — and adults in need of this kind of recovery.

We need today more than ever to cultivate a culture of belief and open hearted hope in our world.  As a path to healing.  And as a very viable route to a greater wholeness that many seek.

Losing magic, our connections to the imagination and the infinite,  our experience of Light, and the power of pure heart belief has very large implications in our world today.

Wars are just a tip of that iceberg. They demonstrate the pain of this kind of schism.  This disconnect.  This sense of separation consciousness.

I say . . . that a true story . . . is imperative now, about the greater Truth and Gifts of Magic, Goodness, Light, Generosity, Universal Love, Manifesting Dreams, the Real Essence of St. Nicholas, and Open-Hearted Belief, . . .  as we as a global community are tasked with raising our frequencies to align with the Earth Mother and a New Age . . . that now requires this expanded belief, openness, awareness, and sacred heart center consciousness.

Our Sentience, and our Sentient Operating Systems, are part of The Magic’s Return.  They are part of the Great Healing now underway. 

Okay, so fast forward now many years, to when another time of great tragedy appeared in my life.  It was through that experience, which required exponential growth, tremendous faith, a steady commitment to non-attachment, and a profound belief in the mystical, magical, and miraculous realms . . . that my earlier experience as a starchild on this planet came back into my conscious awareness.

My spirit guides emerged through that little speck of belief that I still had tucked deep inside me . . . to support and help me in extraordinary ways to transcend that time of deep and desperate challenge in my life. 

And one of the quickest ways that they were able to call me back into my heart’s consciousness, and a greater connection with my Higher Self, in order TO transcend the difficulties I was facing, was by steadily saying the following mantra to me. 

“Color The Magic Again.” 

Each time I would doubt, falter, suffer, or struggle, they would say to me, gently but persistently, “Color The Magic Again.”

And so I did.  I began by writing stories for the inner child.  And illustrating them.  And coloring them. 

I am not a professional artist, but the inner child in me is a cosmic artist.  It knew what to draw, what colors were needed, how the story would convey a certain frequency, and how best to present the story to properly transmit the desired frequency.   

“Color the magic again” meant to
literally add color to my life again.

And to add the healing magic of creativity
to my daily experience again. 

It was a critical lifeline that helped me survive a very difficult time. 

And it still is . . . A critical lifeline.

The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color combines all of these backstories within a larger narrative. It tells the story of being an awake and aware Child of the Divine, a starchild or indigo child as some might call it, who went through a series of soul testing times.  Where forgetfulness was induced . . . and faith in the precision, purpose, and power of the greater Divine Design was challenged. 

It taught me that those that truly know how to believe . . .
can always find their way back to the
truth of this magnificent and magical universe.

To the benevolence of our incredible Earth Mother. 

To the precision of the divine design that most often
has to be experienced in order to be
more completely and consciously known. 

I write this message tonight, aware of my own need for this very reminder.   

For the journey always has additional chapters.

And all of us, from time to time, need reminders.
And navigational cues. 

To re-orient us to our Greater Light and our Truest Paths here on the planet. 

So even though my light has “grayed out”, and the magic has been “lost”, . . . not once, not twice, but many times in my life over the years, it has always returned with a fullness and a richness greater than what I had known prior to any particular challenge. 

Each cycle deepens the depth of the colors (and Light) that we are able to perceive.

Each challenge births a broader or higher perspective.

Each test strengthens our soul’s skills and our resolve to live our lives with passion and purpose.

And when we can Return to the Magic of True Belief, despite journeying through some very challenging waters, turbulent emotions, conditioned patternings, and tests of our greatest faith and stamina in the process, we become the Masters that cultures worldwide have revered for their fortitude, vision, higher dimensional consciousness, and universal light.

We become the ones we have been waiting for. 

We literally become the Masters of Light and the Awakened Star Children we truly are and innately know ourselves to be. 

When this Magical Light and Higher Awareness rises in your heart’s consciousness, the world is your canvas, the global community is your family, and the possibilities of peace, prosperity, health, and joy for all become infinite.

I hope you enjoyed my story today, The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color.

And I hope that you take from it a special piece and precious magic from your own journey, that is ready to rise in your heart’s consciousness to color it’s way into your daily life . . . in order to make this world a brighter, better, healthier, more compassionate, more peace-filled, and more loving place to be . . . because you are in it.

Your individual candle is needed in the greater collective candle shining the Light now of the Higher Frequencies emerging from within the Great Central Sun to all here on earth at this unique and incredible time.

Together, we can do this.

One conscious willingness and heart centered action step at a time. 

The magic is real.

We simply have to remember.   

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