meditation rocks stacked in balance with fall leaves in background photo

$300 (Introductory Rate)



  • A Free Initial 30 Minute Phone Consultation
  • The Soul Reading (*performed remotely*)
  • An Initial Session with Marie and Lacy to receive the contents of the Soul Reading (2 hours)
  • A Transcription of the Soul Reading (PDF document), as well as a digital copy of the reading (upon request)
  • One Integration Session – which is essentially a Second Session with Lacy and Marie that facilitates and supports your further integration and application of the material received through the Soul Reading (1 hour).

Additional Options include:

  • Audio file (MP3) of the reading, recorded by Marie  ~ $60
  • Personalized Meditative Movie File of your Soul Reading set to music and visual images ~  $300
  • Additional Soul/Life Coaching Sessions to support and facilitate Positive Soul Growth, Heart Integration, and Greater Self Awareness ~  $150 per hour and half