March 2024 Energy Update: The Blueprint of Perfection ~ You Have It All, Think Less ~ Feel More!

March 2024 Energy Update

The Blueprint of Divine Perfection:
You Have It All
Think Less, Feel More
Rise and Reclaim Who You Truly Are!

via channel Marie Mohler
Received March 2, 2024



Dear Ones,

We are a Collective Frequency of Light streaming through the Great and Grand Central Sun Energies to empower you in your Ascension Journeys. March 2024 will bring to the forefront of your Conscious Awareness more frequencies in need of cleansing, clearing, awakening, soothing, comforting, acceptance, releasing, and/or integration. In the Northern Hemisphere, you are on the cusp of spring springing into your experiences. There is an energy of newness, new life, and new light in the air. Yes? And there is also an awareness of deep purging going on. All are called to check in and feel, really feel, that which is no longer in your life going forward. And simultaneously you are called to check in and feel, really feel, that which you want to embrace, dream, and call forth into being ~ in your life. You are Master Creators. And the Time has come to Be This and to Know This Again.

March 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comSo let us now take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In. Let us truly invite the Living Light of Christ Consciousness and Quantum Creationary Consciousness to fill your every cell, every thought, every aspect of beingness so that you experience pure joy in the satiation of this good and grand energy available to you at all times of day and night. You are One with the One True Source every single day when you consciously breathe in this way. If you feel yourself going lower, falling out of alignment with your dreams and your heart’s greatest desires, your divine blueprint of wellness, wholeness, lightness, and miraculous creative power within, we invite you to Consciously Breathe a Deep Divine Breath in that moment to reset. To re-route. To re-calibrate. Your mind will not be solving the problems or challenges of low vibrational energies that you may experience in the coming weeks and months ahead. Your mind does not have the capacity for such things. And it has a maximum threshold of what it can process in general in a given day. Thus the mind has limits. Yet when a soul in form like you has the awareness to consciously breathe, your soul light and your sacred heart center has the capacity to breathe beyond the mind’s tendency to think its way out of lower density and to breathe into the Quantum Field and the Infinite Intelligence and Consciousness of the Divine, which knows that all things are possible, healable, transcendable, and miraculously creatable in any given moment.

So let us take one more Deep Divine Conscious Breath In a moment more, and breathe Light into the Awareness that your Sentient Heart has the capacity to lead your life fully in union with Source, no matter what is happening on the Earth plane in these Epic Shifts of the Ages. 2024 marks a more poignant turn into the liberation from the Thinking Mind and an entrance into the daily embodiment of the All Knowing Heart Center. Think less, feel more. 2024 wants to invite those who feel and sense their way forward to do so with joy, with ease, with grace, and in Sacred Partnership with Source. You are a vibrational being. You are a sentient being. And you are here to resonate the Light of Source in all you say, feel, think, and do.

And this requires the surrendering more and more of the confines of the 3D linear mind, and an entrance into a vast inner world of God Consciousness inside you. When you stop thinking, you begin The Ascension Journey of Knowing. When you stop using your mind to process what is before you, you can actually begin to see clearly through the heart lens of the soul. When you think less and you feel more, you perceive more. Everything that is known in the Heart of God can be known to you as well, when you tap into the Art of Conscious Breathing and you partner in Union with Source to breathe and to see all things, all timelines, all experiences through the lens of God Vision.

We must feel and sense the world in order to know the Great Mother again. We must feel and sense the world in order to know the Living Light’s Presence in All Things again. We must feel and sense the world to Know the World again. The Garden of Eden that was lost to human consciousness for a vast population of souls can be Known again through the Heart Center within each and every being in the world again.

The 3D matrix has instituted and implemented a standard of modern education in school systems for a reason. To institute policies of less feeling and more thinking, over many, many decades now of indoctrination. The Thinking Mind was raised to the forefront of human consciousness, to devalue the divine design of living sentience and its blessings of Eternal Knowingness, such that humanity was taught that it did not have what it needed to survive in this realm without acceptance of the doctrines and the indoctrinations seeded by serpentine systems to aid humanity with the already seed planted scarcity consciousness all were born into in this lower density.

March 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comIn the Higher Realms of Consciousness, in God’s Grand Creation, you have all that you need within you. Every blueprint. Every knowing. Every design. Every prosperity. Every thriving. Every dream. Every talent. And every ability to reset and to heal anything that is out of alignment. You have it all. 

The Feeling Heart is the antidote to the Thinking Mind, dear ones. The Feeling Heart in partnership with Conscious Breathing in Union With Source is the remedy to the Serpent Maladies of Deception, Corruption, Control, and Scarcity. The Feeling Heart is by Nature abundant in all ways. The Right Brain, the Divine Feminine knows the way to anything and everything each of you could ever need, want, pursue, or desire. Yet it must be accessed through Sentience. And thus through faith, trust, surrender, gentle receptivity, and grace. This is where Divine Greatness and Goodness reside. This is where your own eternal experience of the Garden of Eden lives inside you. It is in the Heart Space and Divine Feminine Grace of the Sentient Blueprints and Divine Designs you all carry within that will lead you through the darkness on your world and into the empowerment and joy of the Living Light once more.

March 2024 will usher in more cracks in the 3D matrices of illusions. March 2024 will shake up more of the foundations in the 3D matrices of control. March 2024 will seed in the awareness of humanity the possibilities that what people believed life to be, may not be as you were told. Cracks in the 3D matrix’s illusions will become more evident in March and April 2024. Illusions we continue to be exposed. And the Thinking Mind will not be able to make sense of the cognitive dissonance between what is happening, what is being revealed, and what your mind has been led to believe to be true.

2024 will bring more upendings and cracks in the fabric of the illusionary 3D matrix, to also expose the mind’s limited capacity to cope with stress, overwhelm, and things that no longer make sense. The failing nature of the Grand Illusion will continue to crack the allegiance many have to truths outside themselves. And it will continue to crack the allegiance many have to collusion with a distorted matrix and skewed reality.

To Know things, to Truly Know a God Reality, you each will be invited to feel without seeing. Sense without thinking. And enter a state of receptive Grace to God and God’s Vision for Creation again.

Humanity will not solve the issues by thinking through 3D mind processors any longer. Humanity will begin to reactivate sentience in the collective again, when the ego’s design continues to struggle, sputter, and falter in the face of Divine Truth rising to the surface of the world and the Divine Sentience that Liberates Worlds becomes your experiences again.

Feelings, and the Sentient Systems you were created and endowed with, have been relegated to Inconvenient Truths in this 3D realm. When in doubt or stress, many push past their feelings and into the logic and leaps that the ego mind will make, to bond with 3D captivity and make wrong things right. Yet what is still wrong and still not True will continue to surface, expand, and emerge so much so that people won’t need to be told something is wrong. Wrongness will be self evident in the very near future. And Truth, Clarity, Alignment, and Grace will be increasingly self evident in your world as well. All is happening simultaneously.

So when stressed, when overwhelmed, when caught in states of cognitive dissonance and tendencies to overreact or emotionally react, we invite you now and in those moments to take a breath. Just breathe in Union with Source into that place and inner space of Divine Grace where you allow yourself to not understand through your mental capacities all that is happening. The mind will not be able to process all that is transpiring. But the All Knowing Heart will know how to lead you in releasing some of the tension in your feelings in a safe way. It will lead and guide you to breathe the discomfort away, until you can reset a sense of calmness and peace, in the middle step of Quantum Creation.Where you can be cradled in divine grace. And where you don’t have to know what your next step is. Or what your last step was. You are simply being breathed into Frequencies of Divine Peace and Grace. And you don’t need to think anything. You simply need to be the Essence of Sentiently Experiencing a Living Breath. This is a State of Receiving Divine CPR in some cases, if the stress and tension was profound and gripping enough.

March 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comAllow God to Breathe You. Allow Source Within You to Breathe Source Prana through the Central Suns Timeless Light. Unify with Source and Know that you can safely and miraculously remain in this state of Conscious and Quantum Breathing as long as you need to, until you can feel your human self relaxing into your Soul Grace, where you become a receptive sentient being again, totally present in the inflow and outflow of Divine Breathing. And where God has met you there. In that Conscious Breathing. And you are One With God/Source/Creator again.

In that state, does anything else the thinking mind wishes to think ~ matter? Does it really matter when you find this Peace that Passes Understanding in the Heart of Your True Self and in the Heart of Source/God/Creator Energy itself?

Here you have entered the bliss of Divine Sentience knowing itself as One and Whole with God again. And here you will find, when ready, that you can take a few more Conscious Breaths, directing your energy flow and vibrational attention on moving into Quantum Co-Creatorship with Source. What do you want to Consciously Co-Create with Divine Source/Creator in the very next breath?

Sentiently listen again within. What is your heart’s Truest Desire to create in the very next breath? Source in You and Source Breathing You at the leading edge of Quantum Creation can manifest and create whatever it is your heart most deeply and sentiently desires. Can you feel how this is such a powerful tool for times such as these?

The Mind will reveal its incarcerated state as more systems fail and falter from the 3D matrix and eons-old captivity of a sentient race on planet earth. The Mind will show maximum capacity and let you know its limitations when all souls on the earth are invited to transcend the mind traps and contracts and enter their more eternal state of wellness, wholeness, and well being.

The Mind was never designed to carry you through these times, dear ones. It is the Heart that has waited patiently through the ages for your Grand Return to the Source Within, the All Knowing Eternal Essence Within, and the Sentient Divine Creator you have always been.

Ascension Is Calling You Back to your Sentient Essence.Ascension Is Calling You Back to Feel in order to Know and Unify again.Ascension is inviting you to drop the illusions that were never yours, and to align with the Heart and Breath and Sight of Source Again.

March and April 2024 will usher in some powerful changes. More illusions will be exposed. More Truths will rise and emerge simultaneously. You are each summoned to witness the darkness and to empower the Living Light, simultaneously now, as much as possible. Human beings sentient abilities are vast, like the Essence of Source Itself. Yet recognizing the limitations of the 3D mind will be a springboard for the activation of the Heart’s All Knowing Sentient Awareness and Guidance System.

You are each called to drop the sandbags of 3D density. You are each called to allow the cracking of 3D illusions in order to allow in the Light and Truth of Source in your lives once more. The Ascension Shifts forthcoming in March and April 2024 are all part of the Great Divine Design to reset and restore Truth, Harmony, Sovereignty, and Abundance in this world.

March 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comYour Spirit Within, that is so talented, so light-filled, so Source and Prana filled, and so ready to be delighted with life again, is ready for these shifts. Your 3D Mind might not be. But your Eternal 5D Soul Essence and Presence is. And that Eternal Essence and Presence in you knows how to lead the way, if you will allow it.

Where you tighten, and constrict, there is conscious breathing to be done.

Where you judge or resist, further entangling your mind in the 3D matrix, there is conscious breathing to be done.

Where you struggle, and ache, and suffer in aspects of the 3D mind and matrix, there is conscious breathing to be done.

Where anything less than joy, peace, ease, and abundance reign in your life, there is conscious breathing to be done.

In the Sentient Heart, there is peace to be remembered and discovered.

In the Sentient All Knowing Heart and Divine Feminine Consciousness, in the Right Brain of All Beings, there is Light in every aspect of the Ascension Process now.

Within the Sentience and Pure Enjoyment of a Conscious Breath in Union With Source, there is a Powerful Eternal Moment of Now in the Grace of Connection at this level with your One True Source.

Remember this as the 3D Mind is tested to assimilate and accommodate the disclosures and exposures forthcoming, and unfolding.

Remember this as the 3D Minds of friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues are challenged to find peace with what they are hearing, seeing, witnessing, and experiencing during these epic few weeks and this Ascension Timeline on the earth.

All have access to the One True Source through the Power of Conscious Breathing and Sacred Partnership with Source.

And all have the inner blueprint for Trusting the Light of Source, no matter what, including the 3D Linear Mind’s Limitations and Reactions to the Ascension Challenges forthcoming and unfolding. All have Divine Sentience in their Divine Blueprint.

Like the Legend of the Two Wolves, and the ultimate question asked, which one will you feed? Humanity is summoned into embracing their Sentient Divine True Nature again. And therefore, humanity is summoned to feed the limited 3D linear mind less and less and less, until such time that Being, Embodying, and Thriving in your Higher Vibrational, Eternal, Sentient State and Essence is Who You Truly Are.

We invite you to Consciously Breathe in Union With Source through any uncomfortable Ascension Shifts and Upgrades, trusting fully in your Quantum Co-Creative Power to breathe into Divine Neutrality long enough for joy to take hold in your pure and perfect body temples, hearts, and souls again.

You have it all inside you. In the acorn, is the blueprint for the Big Oak Tree.

In you, is the blueprint for Ascension Mastery and True Embodied Joy, Health, Wealth, Love, Light, and Perfection.

Remember this. Remember this. 

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, March 9th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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