The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color (Ebook)


A beautiful and colorful story for the inner child that indwells us all, who seeks to find the magic and light in her outer world that her heart center knows deep within.  It is part of a unique series of 8 inspirational illustrated books written by Marie Mohler, intended to inspire hope, well-being, magic, light, and remembrance in the hearts of people around the world.


The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color
by Marie Mohler

A beautiful starchild is born remembering the magic of the universe in her heart and treasuring the colors of love and light that shower her in creative possibilities and divine goodness in all ways. She grows strong, healthy, and happy in this blanket of loving guidance and joy. Until one day, she hears others’ disbelief that true magic exists. With a believing and hopeful heart, she shares her star sight and her colors of magic with everyone she sees, trusting the vibrant colors and happy thoughts to express what she deeply knows inside. But when no one reflects back to her the world she knows within, her light grows dim. She then experiences life without such heart visions of hope and luminous possibilities. It takes the re-awakening of her inner ears and heart wisdom that ultimately helps her to find her inner starshine once more. In this full circle journey, this special starchild reflects a magical essence that indwells us all – that invites us to color our own heart visions again!


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