August 2021+: You Are Alchemists, You Are All Chemists, Lay Down Illusions of Fear, Step Up In Faith

August 2021+
You Are Alchemists, You Are All Chemists,
Lay Down Illusions of Fear, & Step Up In Faith

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.7.2021


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Golden White Light Frequencies of the Godheart and the Gold and Silver Frequencies of Mother Earth’s Heart and gifting all who gather with us today or any day in the future Now energies of All Time . . . Divine Crystalline Rays of Hope, Abundance, Balance, Joy, and Divine Well-Being. Silver, White, and Gold, dear ones. These are Sacred Colors of Divine Abundance.  They are Sacred Colors of Alchemy.  They are Sacred Colors of God’s Infinite Wealth and Well-Being.  And they are Sacred Colors that shine the Resilience, Resplendence, and Resonance of your Divinity Codes that are essentially your Cosmic, Sovereign, and Divine DNA and God’s Divine Design.  You are this material and immaterial wealth.  You are this Sacred Living Light that streams through the Union of Mother/Father God and Mother Earth.  You are this Living Energy of Eternal Wealth, Health, and Well-Being.  And yet nowhere and in no time has Humanity felt this stretched, this strained, and this stressed to believe it.  For the Serpent’s Energy that previously insidiously, nefariously, and infiltration-ally was able to move stealthily in the darkness, in the dead of night, amidst all of your earthly creations ~ unchecked, unexposed, and undetected is now having its ways revealed, exposed, and spotlighted more than ever before.  And while the Serpent’s Distractionary Methods through all of its devices and puppets are out in full force in these times, to create its campaigns of disinfo, division, war, and confusion, God and the Godheart and the Eternal Living Light of Unity Consciousness continues to shine brighter, and brighter, and brighter, like a Beacon of Perfection and Resplendence that IS other-worldly, because YOU are other-worldly too.  And God is calling all who can see the Divine Spark . . . within the Realm of the Serpent’s Darkness Home, Home to the Garden of Eden, and Home to Who You Really Are. ~ August 2021 ~ You Are Alchemists - Golden LightSo let’s breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together.  Let’s breathe together these colors of August 2021 and the 8:8 Lion’s Gate and allow these soul codes, these color codes, and these alchemical codes of the Living Light to touch and cleanse all of your cells, all of your beliefs, and all of your Divinity Codes deep in the recesses of your personal individual human consciousness and then in a moment, through a second breath ~ touching all of those cells, beliefs, and Divinity Codes in the Collective Consciousness . . . to reset balance, peace, harmony, fortitude, faith, and Divine Awareness and Knowing throughout this Whole Entire Planetary Existence . . . restoring Joy, Bliss, and Ease for all in your world today.  

We shared in the last transmission that you are The Great Transcenders.  And we wish to follow that up today by saying that you are The Great Alchemizers and Alchemists.  Now let’s break down the phonetic sounding of the word Alchemists, dear ones.  For the word Alchemists has been mispronounced over the centuries on purpose, again through the insidious guidance of the serpent so as to give you the word but not its corresponding Creationary Sound, to mute down its Divine Impact in this realm.  The word Alchemists is often pronounced Al-chem-ISTS.  But what we want you to really feel in your conscious awareness with us today is that you are all . . . ALL CHEMISTS.  You are chemists dear ones.  You are ALL CHEMISTS.  And that means that you are soulful scientists here to transform and transcend reality.  You are here as living souls in form because you wanted to feel, see, know, touch, smell, taste, and sense your Divine Power and Perfection in physical form to really embody it.  The only way to feel this level of Power and Perfection is to have the contrast of not having it, and thus physical forms and realms for incarnational experiencing were created.  As each one of you incarnated into form, you at soul level knew that you were ALL CHEMISTS or soulful scientists here to transform and transcend the material world.  You knew you would need skills and tools to always be transcending and transforming the material world.  And therefore you are imbued with Miraculous Alchemical Abilities to transcend the finite limits of Linear and Earthly Space and Time. Some know how to do this in some ways.  Some know how to do this in other ways. And some have forgotten this altogether.  Remembering, or Forgetting, Knowing or Denying this . . . does not cease your Divine Power and Perfection as an ALL CHEMIST to perform miraculous deeds and to live miraculous experiences.  Forgetting and denying this simply prolongs the suffering.

So before we begin our messages today, we first ask, who here listening to this transmission is ready to release suffering?  Who here is ready to release pain?  How about . . . who is ready to release scarcity, fear, illness, judgement, violence, betrayal, sadness, despair, grief, and so on?  These are all lower vibrational words and timelines.  And yet many wear them as their most precious garment in this realm.  As if those things define them. 

Dear Ones ~ You Are Alchemists.  You are ALL CHEMISTS.  You are all Miraculous Wonders of the Godheart here to create more Miraculous Wonders of the Godheart.  But in order to create these miracles and do these wondrous things, you must awaken to who you are. And Source has allowed this cycle of the Great Forgetting.  Because Source understood a Soul’s Need and Desire to know who it is and where it came from.  And what abilities it has and will have in the future of All Time within the All That Is.  God is Gracious.  Source is Good.  And God knows that Souls are summoned by the Sacred and Infinite Divine Laws that support Infinite Expansion.  Creation is oriented towards Forever Growing and Becoming More of Itself than it already is.  So God respects that Creationary Impulse towards Divine Expansion in all ways.  And in that deep reverence for the Light of the Living Creation TO CREATE, Source empowered every Divine Aspect of Itself to seek and find the Presence of the Living Light within the Realms of Conscious Creation.  

However, a long time ago, you all sought to have the experience of Perceived Separation from Source.  To not only experience yourselves materially, as a material or physical expression of the Godheart, you sought to experience yourselves materially ~ in a realm ~ where you could not perceive God and where you could not perceive yourselves as Descendants and Offspring if you will of the One True Living and Loving Source Energy in the Universe and in Creation.  And so, that experience in the Spirit of Ever Expanding Creation became known as the Fall From Grace.  It occurred somewhere around the timeline of Atlantis.  And this we know is also quite unknown in the hearts and souls of most people on your world.  For the Separation Consciousness and the Unconscious Slumbering that has occurred under the spells of Living as a Separate Material Expression outside of the Perspective, Perception, or Creation of God Energy Itself . . . has only manifested layers upon layers upon layers of forgetfulness, distortion, and illusion.

And now here you are . . . in a timeline . . . that most forget is actually happening . . . where God is calling all of His Children to come Home.  And what does that mean?  God is calling all of His Children to wake up from the Game and the Pseudo Manifestation of the Realm that exists without a Living God or a Living Source.  So being asleep in this realm of Separation Consciousness is no longer endorsed by God.  By the Almighty and Powerful Divine Creator who created this realm of Creation in the first place.  But many are not hearing the calls and cues from God to return to the Sacred Heart of One, where all of you originated.  Additionally, many have become somewhat en-tranced and enamored with the Serpents’ Ways in this realm, that the only real God is a False God, that consciously or unconsciously they are willing to worship, because it is all that they can remember.  

So while God is calling to all who can hear Him, with His Deep Divine Summonings that it is Time To Wake Up, the Serpent ~ who has been empowered by the Collective Consciousness of this realm over eons of time by humanity’s sheer belief that he does reign over this realm because he has demonstrated his serpentine reign over this realm, again and again ~ is using all of his tricks to convince the great masses of people that he is still in control.  And that he is the one true source of life on earth, and what happens here, through his orchestrations of larger patterns, events, and happenings over time.  And this is the Greatest False Idol ever seen.  The Serpent itself.  The Darkness itself.  Lucifer himself.  The devil himself.  

And yet what gives him power, to continue to control the masses who are sleeping, even if they do at soul level wish they were waking up from this perpetual nightmare happening on Earth?

The perception that everyone believes in him . . . that is what gives the serpent power.  Its the complete facade and illusion sold to the people that he is the one in power, while masquerading as if the Serpent Power is One and the Same as the Divine, Sovereign, and Infinitely Loving Source Creator.  Now who wouldn’t want to create themselves as The Greatest Villain of All Time, if that is your deepest theatrical and creationary wish, to be the Deepest Darkest Villain of All Time while simultaneously convincing people that The Light of God rules this realm still in all ways.  We think they call that on your world Controlled Opposition.  He gives Humanity the hero(s) it wants while payrolling them to do the opposite.  Payment in serpent funds comes in many forms. That is a conversation for another day.  But this is who Humanity is now up against. ~ August 2021 ~ The SerpentThe Serpent has become even more powerful than its original creators and believers thought it ever could be.  And as it achieved more and greater levels of power over the people, the very people who believed in creating a Separation Consciousness and realm of Conscious Creation without God at some level in the depths of the Collective Consciousness in Creation, it also removed the People’s Ability to track its movements through time such that most could no longer connect the dots of its whereabouts, wanderings, manipulations, and insidious infiltrations in all aspects of sentient life on earth.  

So this is what humanity is facing dear ones in these times.  It is a war for the Heart and Soul of Humanity, for the serpent knows if it doesn’t “own” the perceptions of the people, its power is null and void.  It ceases to exist.  What is the old expression, oh, that’s just a figment of your imagination?  Well the Serpent counts on your believing that a True Serpent in a realm of its making is a mere figment of your imagination and it only exists in the movies. But we are here to inquire in this transmission today, is it?  Is it merely a figment of your imaginations?  Or a character in a movie?  Is it really?

You dear ones are Alchemists.  You are ALL CHEMISTS.  You are Divine Creators.  And for some, you are Unconscious Creators.  It is those who are unconsciously creating, while creating vast distortions and inflicting great harm on yourselves and this world by remaining asleep now, who are the most forgetful of their True Power as Conscious Creators that can turn this whole ship around.  

And that dear ones brings us to our next point and message in today’s transmission . . . the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8:8 offers a Sacred and Powerful Portal to YOU ALL.  Because as Light Codes of Epic Proportions FLOOD into your World, so too is the Truth of God/Creator Source/the Maker of All That Is going to FLOOD this planet with God Codes so brilliant, so resplendent, so divinely impactful that humanity will again be changed for All Time.  The 8:8 is a significant date in the History of Creation, that is a Greater and Longer History than the history of the Earth Itself. It is the Frequency of the Return of the King.  It is a Double Portal of Infinity, where all the power of the Benevolence of the Divine Creation fuels and floods this world once more.  And what must happen when that level of Living Divine and Sacred Light Floods Worlds?  Things are changed forever.  The Godlight Restores, Resets, and Reorients All to the Balance Required in Divine Realms of Divine Creation and Divine Living Light.

You are Alchemists Dear Ones.  You have Great Powers and the serpent knows this.  Like the character Kaa in the jungle book is depicted, he swirls a spell on his innocent victim who does not have the skills at that point to unlock its serpentine grip on his conscious awareness.  And therefore, the Serpent in your world, like the character Kaa, can utilize your God-Given Energy and your God-Given Creator Abilities to use for its bidding.  But the Time is Now to awaken from its tricks and tools.  The Time is Now to wake up from this spell and sorcery.  And the Time is Now to realize that each one of you either empowers the serpent and its nefarious schemes or aligns with the Full Power and Might of Source Creator.  

Yes ~ there has been a precipice for some time.  But since 2020 and the early months of 2021, souls are having to make their choices as to how they wish to experience the Great Awakening That Is Unfolding in their personal experience and then in the collective one. ~ August 2021 ~ You Are Alchemists & Children of GodYou, Children of God, and Children of Divine Creation, are the ones who can slay the serpent or empower the serpent.  You dear ones are the ones you have been waiting for ~ to end this cycle of separation, manipulation, and perpetual lack, struggle, suffering, and shadow duality that has thrived in a realm of lower vibrational density.  

The Rising you seek is not out there. 

The Rising you seek has always, always been in here.

When the majority of humanity is awakened, the serpent ceases to exist.

  That is the Truth of your Time Now.  That is the Truth of All Time.  

God is emerging in each and all of you through The Living Light Codes you already are.  God knows the Serpent Cycle and the Separation Cycle has run its course.  And Source is leading you in the Light of Truth, the Light of Liberation, and the Light of Alchemy and Ascension to empower you to CHOOSE the side of God, to CHOOSE the side of Divine Creation, and to CHOOSE to leave the illusion . . . and board the ARK of DIVINE KNOWING and SACRED SOVEREIGNTY again in your heart centers.  It is a Time of Reunion through your Realignment with the Godheart.  And the serpent is being taken down by God’s Light, God’s Might, and God’s Truth that is permeating every ounce of its recipe and its agendas for global disasters and global tyranny.  

What is your role in all of this?  To Allow the Light to lead your life and abide in its Living Life Force and God’s True Leadership in your life.  Your role, task, and invitation at this time is to step up and become willing to see the False God that humanity’s sleeping empowers actively or by default. You are here to make manifest the Glory of God’s Grace, Wisdom, Artistry, and Creative Life Force for the Good of All.  And now is the time to move in that direction, for that is where your ark is flowing, whether you know this consciously or not.  

To not live in this Higher Dimensional Way in this time, means only to increase your suffering and that of others around you.  There is still time to actively make the quantum shifts to align with the Godheart and the Living Life Force of Source, and to release the spells of the serpent, no matter how good they appear to be saying “all the right things or all the right words.” God’s Words have Life Force in them.  God’s Words have Truth in them.  God’s Words have Creation in them.  The serpent’s words?  Only have propaganda in them.  And like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, the end game appears when the curtain is pulled back and exposes the lies that were previously told to the people.  

God is Pulling Back that Curtain.  Yes, the serpent has many doors and tunnels through which it does its own wizardry and sorcery in the darkness.  But God’s Light, when it rains, reigns, and pours in this realm, does so indiscriminately.  And anything that IS NOT OF THE LIGHT, will either perish or vanish away like the illusion it always was.  

We are living in those times dear ones.  The darkness, the dark tunnel, the nefarious agendas, the puppets serving those agendas, the sleepiness of the masses, and the pain and suffering of so many through a vast amount of time are being revealed.  The Light sees all, knows all, and liberates all. 

Therefore, all that has manifested in this realm during this time is flooding to the surface.  The serpent and its allies can spin the kaa spells and stories, but the Truth has an other-worldly life force all its own, that annihilates false idols, gods, and snake oils that only deceive and cause immeasurable suffering.  

Remember the Lion’s Gate.  Remember the Ark.  Remember your Conscious Breathing.  These are times that try men’s (and women’s and children’s) souls.  This is True.  And yet Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed is here.  When you lay down the illusions of fear and surrender your ego’s masked attempts to feel powerful in false ways, and you step up in declarations of Faith, LIVED FAITH, embodied FAITH, through Divine Portals of Surrendering your ego will to God’s Divine Will, God/Source/Creator WILL MEET YOU THERE.   

God/Source/Creator has said in countless ways over many centuries of time, through your Faith and with Great Courage to follow me, to seek Truth, to seek the Light, I will meet you there.  I will meet you any time, any place, any how, and any way.  I simply require your conscious choosing to summon me in.  And I am there.  I have always been there.  And I relish with great joy when another of my children meets me in that sacred space of surrendering the illusion and receiving my Infinite Eternal Love and Acceptance that has always lived within you.  You simply forgot until it was time to remember.

Dear Ones ~ Humanity is in a Time of the Great Remembering.  Humanity is in a Time of the Great Awakening.  Humanity is in a Time of the Great Revelations.  Humanity is in the Time of the Great Exposures that lead to all of those aforementioned things.  You cannot have one without the other.  It is in Knowing the Deceptions, that God’s Original Creation and Garden of Eden Resets.  It is in Knowing the Great CoverUps and Manipulations and Agendas, that more and more are rising into the Truth, no matter what it requires of them.  No matter what hardships are faced.  When Alignment with the Truth, and thus when Alignment with Source becomes Paramount to Individuals and to the Whole Human Collective, a 5D and Higher Consciousness resets on Planet Earth and manifests a Garden of Eden that is beyond glorious and gracious and miraculous  to behold.  And yet, this is your destiny.  As a person, as a people, and as a planet.

The Floods are here dear ones.  In the month of August.  In the Summer of 2021.  And in the remainder of 2021+.  Your arks have set sail.  You are in new creationary and revolutionary waters.  The serpent is still swimming in those waters.  But God/Source/Creator is the Living Light in all things, which includes all waters, all depths, all shadow, all hearts, all consciousness, and all realms.  There is no where that the Light does not touch.  

And now, on your world, you are witnessing darkness continue to try to outrun the Light. ~ August 2021 ~ Lion Is Roaring and Trumpeting The Living Light

Lion is roaring and trumpeting the Living Light’s Return in Epic Ways this Month and this Whole Year Through.  

Did you need the Lion to trumpet this Knowledge to you today for you to know it in your heart?  And to seek it?  Maybe not.  For some of you, this is confirmation and affirmation.  For others, it maybe news and new to you.  

We will say, listen for Lion to roar in places you may not have expected.  Listen for Lion to fearlessly face the soundbites of untruth masquerading as The Way forward for humanity.  The Living Light is Sacred Zero Point Energy in action. Anything out of alignment with the God Codes and the Purity of the Godheart will be exposed and reset to the Organic Divine Design.  Anything in alignment with the God Codes and the Purity of the Godheart will be honored for the Great Transparency, Faith, and Light-Filled Truth that it already is.  

The August Forecast is one of heat, exposure, disclosure, resurrection of the Living Light, fire, water, floods, suspense, intensity, and Truth.  It has the makings of a great live action film, especially in its climaxes and resolutions.  Will all be resolved in August 2021, and tied up with a neat bow ~ complete with pretty wrapping paper and a beautiful ceremony?  No.  Unfortunately there are many heads to this nefarious serpent energy.  But have many of the heads of this other-worldly snake been taken down already?  Yes.  And will more be revealed, more and more publicly . . . so the sleepers can awaken and turn back to the Living Light, humbled by the exposures and disclosures to come?  Yes.  

All is perfect and precise in God’s Plan and the Sacred Divine Design. You may not understand that Plan.  You may question that Plan.  You may even some days not believe that Plan is even happening.  But in the multidimensional ways this war is being fought, you will see evidence of this plan, once you choose to Know God/Source/the Light of All That Is in your heart again.  And that leads you back to the Best Engine for Rejoining the Godheart and your Divinity Codes again . . . which is FAITH the size of a Mustard Seed in these times.  

When you have that, you have everything.  

For Faith is how the Light gets in.  

Be strong in your Faith dear ones.  Be strong and embody the Lion Heart in YOU this month.

Surrender to God’s Will in your life and in your consciousness, and witness the smaller ego within your perceptions and perspectives receive a re-orientation to the Living Light and to what Truth Really Is in this and all realms.

It Is Time to Rise dear ones.  Say the words of faith, surrender, union, and alignment with Truth, God, and the Living Light, and they WILL be your experience.   

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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