October-November 2021 Energy Update: The Ultimate Storm, Red October, Epic November, EAGLE IS RISING

October-November 2021+ Energy Update  

The Ultimate Storm,
Red October, Epic November,
The 2nd Harbinger, Eagle Rising,
Justice, Freedom, & Joy
A Whole World of Divine Creation Is Waking

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.16.2021

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Golden White Frequencies of Source Energy and Gaia in Union, in Harmony, in Oneness, and in the Light of the Living Creation.  The Godspark and Godheart in every one and every thing is being summoned Home to Clear Soul Sight, to Open Hearted Union, and to Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Unity, Cooperation, Collaboration, and Compassion.  For Compassion will be a theme of October, November, and December 2021 . . . and beyond into the New Year. A World Is Awakening.  A Collective Spirit Is Rising.  A Return to Strength, Solidarity, Unity, Courage, Faith, and Fortitude Is Rising in the Collective Heart and the Collective Soul, more than words can say and more than the evidence in your outer world suggests.  And yet, IT IS SO.  All Creation manifests in the ethers first and foremost, and then in the realm of the physical.  And we stream through the Creationary Tones and Creative Life Force Energy that is birthing A Brand New Earth right here and right now in 2021, under your very noses.  Under your feet.  And for many people still today, under your conscious awareness and ability to see and Know these Truths.  And yet, IT IS HAPPENING.  

frequencywriter.com ~ October November Energy Update 2021 ~ Conscious BreathingSo we invite you to Breathe A Conscious Divine Breath In with us today, and let us invite together a Pure Divine Breath of God into our body temples, into our lungs, into your cells, and into the Allness of your Beingness, that has the ability to connect with, to feel, to sense, and to see All Time as One Time.  And this One Time, and this Allness of Being you are gently allowing yourself to feel and connect with in this One Breath right now today, Knows Only The God Breath In All Time in this moment.  In this Breath, We Are One.  In this Awareness, We Are One.  In this Act and this Presence of Being One With the Breath, so it seeds Vibrations of Oneness, Wholeness, Union, and Divine Goodness and Blessings for all on your world at this time.  For on the surface of your world, there are triggers of Great Fears.  And still yet to unfold, are some of the Greatest Trigger Events in Human History.  And therefore, what is the antidote to such fear rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness, and this fear that is rising to the surface of the 3D matrix’s version of human consciousness?  The antidote of fear dear ones . . . is Faith; Faith through the Act and Art of Conscious Breathing in Union with Source/God/Creator and in Union with Mother Earth/Gaia/The Blessed Mother/Keeper of the Divine Feminine Frequencies.  So let us Breathe in a few more Conscious Breaths together . . . allowing a Knowing and a Receiving of this God Breath in our Hearts together . . . as One Presence . . . as One Light . . . as One Truth . . . Rising in Unity . . . in Solidarity . . . in Community . . . and as One Collective breathing faithfully the Risen Light of God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness.  Our Breath creates worlds, dear ones.  And The Breath is needed in these times more than any other timeline on your planet, because it is here to usher in the New Earth and its Golden Age of Beauty, Blessings, Wellness, Wholeness, Joy, and Light.  

Today, we wish to first seed the Energy of the 2nd Harbinger who is emerging deeper in Humanity’s Conscious Awareness now in these times.  The first Harbinger we spoke of is Lion, and we talked alot about Lion Energy and the Lion’s Gate Portal in August 2021, who is still walking boldly, proudly, confidently, capably, and faithfully in your Ascension Journeys today.  Lion stands next to The 2nd Harbinger of Faith and Fortitude now in your world, who is Eagle.  Eagle brings into the Collective Consciousness Rising . . . the Energy of Flight, Stealth, Strength in New Terrain, Flying Free of Illusions, and Neutralizing Stinging, Poisonous, Dark, Dense, and Serpentine Energies.  The Eagle’s wingspan is immense, supporting its weight in mid-air, empowering it to accomplish feats in other dimensional battlegrounds that it might otherwise not succeed in on land or on the ground.  The eagle’s acuity of sight combined with those stealth and strong wings work synergistically together with its great talons that catch its prey in multidimensional ways. Those talons serve as multidimensional tools in the broader perspectives of ascension and the inner rising unfolding within all of you.  Those talons are illusion shredders.  And what is the greatest illusion spreader?  The luciferian serpent.  The biblical serpent.  The Tempter of Adam of Eve.  The seducer of Adam and Eve to its lair, to its timeline, to its vision for humanity and its realms of lawlessness.  

frequencywriter.com ~ October November Energy Update 2021 ~ Eagle Is The 2nd HarbingerEagle is a Powerful Transformer.  Eagle is a Powerful Transfigurer of Darkness to Light. Eagles move swiftly, stealthily, and accurately.  They rarely miss their mark.  And this Cosmic Eagle of which we speak today? This Divine Eagle and Harbinger of Strength in Difficult Times?  Is coming through the ethers today to seed in your awareness the Otherworldly Strength that is being summoned in from on High.  An Otherworldly Strength is flying into Humanity’s Consciousness in Red October and Epic November 2021.  We might even find it appropriate to describe November as Epicly Eagle-ic, for that same Mighty Force, Fierceness of Vision, Stealthiness of Focus and Fortitude, and Flying into Higher Dimensional Victory is finding each and all of you reading and listening to this transmission today.  

Lion, Brave Lion, is an Emissary of Christ Consciousness.  Lion is a Harbinger of Strength, Stealth, Stamina, Faith, Fortitude, and Courage in the Journey.  Eagle is also a Harbinger of Strength, Stealth, Courage, Fortitude, Faith, and Precision Strikes as well.  Both are mighty predators in their animal instincts.  Metaphysically, they are mighty transfigurers.  They are hunters.  They are swift in their actions, and they both have an acuity of vision and focus on their prey.  Success is sustenance.  Success is subduing and eating their prey.  And in metaphysical and stealth spiritual warfare terms, success is neutralizing the venom and artillery of the enemy, restoring multidimensional balance and harmony throughout the land, and claiming victory and dominion over All Of Divine Creation. 

Source is sending this powerful imagery in the months of October and November 2021, to seed the Energies of Multidimensional Strength, Clarity of Vision and Focus, Stamina, Fortitude, Faith, and Powerful Strikes against the dark, nefarious, and evil energies that have lived and thrived here in a 3D Earth Matrix for as long as humanity is capable of remembering.  God is also sending these Harbingers of Faith and Fortitude at this time to remind the Collective Consciousness deep within each and all of you that you carry the God Codes within you of Life Before The Serpent.  Of the Garden of Eden, and essentially The Garden of God, that Lives In You.  And to which, you are returning!

There are certain Eagles who have the speciality of catching snakes mid-air.  They are even known as Snake-Eagles, not because they are Eagles who have become snakes but rather that they are Stealth Hunters who illustrate the neutralization of venomous snakes while in flight, and not fighting the snakes in their home territory, on land.  In the air, snakes become powerless, out of their element, and out of their fortitudes and stealthiness.  And it is here that God’s Dominion reigns for this Eagle World and Eagle Way, demonstrating the Power of the Ethers in the Present Time.  

Now many people have lost their way.  Many people have disconnected from Source.  You are all Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve, and therefore, encoded in your Spiritual Ancestry, is the Choice to Leave Conscious Connection with the One True Source.  All carry wounds from the Temptation to Leave God’s Garden, to Leave God’s Temple, and to Leave Union with the Godheart.  And yet, all are finding their way back through this confusing, tempting, illusionary 3D forest of the Serpent’s Manipulations and Vision for Humanity . . . back to the Heart of Source.  It is that Time in the Evolutionary Cycle for All to Return to the Great Circle of Oneness, from which you all came.  

Eagle and Lion stand with you in these times as God’s Harbingers and Messengers of Great Power, Great Strength, Great Faith, and Great Fortitude in this Soul Trying Time; Because Source knows the Epic Battle unfolding and still in many ways ahead for this planet, to turn an upside down world right side up, all while remnants and factions of the Serpent’s army are still fighting to the end.  The more of humanity that can feel the Swords of Truth that God has been sending in as messages through divine messengers to this planet, the more of you that feel these activations and summonings to strength and grounding in these times, the more of you who activate your Clear Soul Sight, your Divine Breathing, your Union with the Heart of Source, and your awareness of this Living Multidimensional Reality that Earth has always been ~ but that many are coming into Remembrance of again in these times . . . the more the upside-down-ness of everything begins to Turn Itself right side up.  

The Great Awakening, The Great Ascension, The Great Return, and The Ultimate Rising is already templated and seeded in the Ethers of Divine Creation.  Source is already orchestrating The Light of Creation’s Victory over the evil of this planet.  Humanity is in a Time of the Most Epic Spiritual Battle ever witnessed in any realm.  Whether people are aware of this consciously or not, they are feeling its symptoms.  And humanity is who is bearing the brunt of those symptoms and collisions of worlds the most right now.  The Stormy Weather is here.  The Ultimate Storm is brewing.  And The Ultimate Storm is rising in the final quarter of 2021. 

You Are In The Middle Of The Storm.  

And You Are The Brave and Epic Hero and Avatar
Who Came To Be Here and to Ground The Light In These Times.  

frequencywriter.com ~ October November Energy Update 2021 ~ Eagle Is the National Bird and Symbol of the USASo if Eagle and Lion are here to represent the Battleground unfolding in the United States of America in 2021, is it any wonder, or any mere coincidence we should say, that the United States of America was founded on God’s Laws?  And that its principle mantra is In God We Trust.  And that the National Bird and Symbol of America is the Bald Eagle?  Eagle was seeded in Humanity’s Consciousness long before this ultimate and epic battle was to take place. Eagle embodies boldness, independence, determination, survival skills, stealth, and is even native to North America.  There is nothing that God/Source/Creator does that doesn’t unfold with precision.  Everything unfolds in Divine Right Timing and with Divine Precision, much like Eagle lives, flies, hunts, illustrates, and embodies.  The Founding Fathers of the United States of America must have been keenly tuned to the Divine Instructions in their day, in their time.  For here we are seeing the Fruits of those Vital Seeds in recent years, and now in recent months and days.  

All must remember that God Sees All Things
and Knows All Things through All Time.

How would this time in history be any different?  

All Things Are Seeded Ultimately
For The Glory of God
And All Of Creation. 

This is when Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed can go A Long Way
in Your Life to empowering you to see through God’s Vision.

With Lion Vision, God Vision, Christ Vision, and Eagle Vision,
more and more people are waking up to what is Timelessly True
and what has merely been an effective illusion strategy of the Serpent.

In October and November, the Heat is continuing to rise to expose the games, wordplay, strategies, and manipulations of the Serpent.  The Spiritual Battle is coming more and more into every day experiences of the Human Collective.  The Spiritual Battle is no longer something outside of you, or far away in the distance.  It is on your shores.  It is in your daily life. It is in your families.  And it is in your own energy fields and human consciousness.

The World Can Sleep No Longer.  And October, November, and December are making this so.  Red October turns up the Heat.  More twists and turns of exposures and unfoldments are creating events that could leave some breathless, when the darkness of the day comes to light.  More and more exposures of the twists of darkness and the distortions in the illusion are being pushed and summoned to the surface.  Source’s Divine Orchestrations and Increasing Pulses of Living Light Codes are beaming through the Earth’s Atmosphere, raising all to a new level of required Soul Sight.  Soul Sight isn’t slumber.  Soul Sight is Divine Acuity.  Divine Clarity.  It is 20/20 Divine Vision.  And even more clear and pristine than that.  It is Multidimensional Sight.  And that is what is finding humanity in these times.  Divine Breath.  Clear Sight.  And Multidimensional Sacred Breath and Vision.  

In your world and through deep celestial codings and manipulations of time and space, orchestrated by darker energies in this realm of evolutionary experience, the Eagle frequencies were also known to have been transformed into a Scorpion.  Both the Scorpion and the Serpent, in their shadow forms, often have poisonous, venomous, and darker attributes. Both sting or attack when they feel threatened, injecting their poison into their prey or their perceived attacker via instinct.  

All of these elements are present in your world that we have brought into this deep and powerful transmission today, to bring you up to speed with the energies seen and unseen, and at work in your world events and your spiritual ascension experiences right now in these times.  The Godbreath is here to empower you to steer your ship and your divine vessel Due North to Source, for all that you need, want, and desire.  The Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness Frequencies are flooding your world, and shaking up all that is not coded and created in Divine Living Light.  The Powerful Lion’s Gate Portal, Lion Medicine, and all that they represent are still walking with you as the Heat of Revelations continues to press in and im-press the world as you know it.  Eagle rises today in our connection and these soulful activations to summon your attention to raise your perceptions.  To see from an aerial view.  To witness the dark serpent in those flood waters of misinformation and disinformation, and to know that the serpent’s specialty is one of chaos, division, and confusion.  Eagle however does not sit idly by when it sees a serpent.  Eagle’s specialty is taking flight, using acuity of vision, stealth instincts, vice gripping talons, and striking in precise divine timing to snatch the serpent out of its domain. Thus neutralizing and killing the serpent with its talons in mid-air . . . while the serpent is dazed, defenseless, and even disoriented in flight (and in the higher realms and ethers).  And this too neutralizes the poison of the demonic serpent in metaphysical terms so that it can no longer manipulate the masses and dull down human consciousness into a 3D and lower dimensional matrix.  

Do you know what happens When Eagle Rises and Restores The Light in a Realm of Shadow?  The Earth Is Free.  Humanity Is Free.  Sentient Life on this planet IS FREE.

What is most challenging for humanity in the weeks and months ahead . . . isn’t the Serpent’s Nefarious Schemes, Propaganda Poison, and Army of Minions and Puppets themselves.  What is likely to be the most challenging for humanity in the weeks and months ahead is having to re-orient to the Truth . . . of the Manipulations . . . that many ingested and absorbed as God’s Truth and that many understood to be God’s Will, God’s Way, or the Right Way of living on planet earth in these unbelievably challenging and confusing times.

It can be a powerful journey within a Hero’s Journey to see our own Cognitive Dissonance.   It can be a powerful journey within the Heroic Soul’s Journey to see our own Cognitive Distortions.  Emotions surface of shock, anger, depression, grief, sadness, and more.  Until new breath and new life streams forth to clear away residual pain and poison that the 3D matrix and its illusions seeded in people’s consciousness and their soul travels through time.  

Humanity is breaking free of all illusion in these Ascension Times.  As we have said, and as many have shared over recent years and decades, the Time for Sleeping Is Over.  The Time for Truth, Light, Transparency, and Victory is at hand.

Victory is already unfolding, dear ones.  The Hunt is already on.  The Serpent that we reference is not the glorious snake beings that you see in the wild, that are a vital Divine Part of God’s Great Creation.  The Serpent of which we speak is the Nefarious Energy that is the darker, non-physical, lower dimensional, predatory consciousness that inhabited the Snake in Adam and Eve’s Timeline.  It is that other-worldly, distorted, nefarious, predatory consciousness that is being hunted and eradicated from this Earth now.  That dark entity and energy has grown seeds in multiple forms and structures on your world.  And thus it is like a 100-headed serpent, or basilisk if you will.  Only it is not fictional.  It is real.  Evil is real.  It is a real energy on your world today.  As is the vibration of Divine Goodness.  The Battle Between Good and Evil is playing out and playing on in the next few weeks and months.  It is a Season of Ascension.  It is a Precise Cycle of Cosmic, Astrological, Multidimensional, and Divine Events that empower Ascension in these times.

Multiple “Eagles” will strike the many heads of the Dark Serpent or Basilisk, as we might reference it interchangeably at times in these transmissions.  But all listening to this can conjure up the energy of a Lethal Serpent of Stealth Determination and Nefarious Means and Agendas.  And Eagles will rise time and time again with the Dark Serpent in their talons, to neutralize its 3D and lower dimensional venom, and devour it in one sitting in a series of events.  

Remember that as this Divine Harbinger does its vital work to clear the bigger and more noxious energy from this world, to Free this Planet and to Free Humanity, each and all of you have your Eagle-ic and Epic Spiritual Work to undertake, to embrace, to empower, and to embody.  This is multi-layered, multidimensional work for every soul on the planet right now.  

No one is immune to the impacts of these Biblical Revelations. No one is immune to this Epic Spiritual Battle unfolding.  No one is immune to the requirements now of rising in your frequencies and your conscious awareness to Who You Truly Are, and therefore releasing illusions once believed and embraced to be True of who you thought you were and how you thought this world was organized and historically created.  Up is down and down is up.  And no one knows that better than this Noxious Serpent, who is the Ultimate Tempter of Adam and Eve, and the Great Disrupter of Unity Consciousness in God’s Creation.  For it is the Serpent who has used words, propaganda, false power, and false promises through manipulations to enslave this world and steal its resources and its life force to create very effective illusions over centuries of time, such that people themselves believe that Down Is Up and that Up Is Down.

When that Serpent-Lined and Serpent-Manifested Proverbial Rug of Deep, Dense, and Dark Illusion is pulled out from underneath the Perceptions of the Unawakened Humanity, through Triggers of Great Fear Events and the Revelations that they Reveal, a moment of breathlessness will be heard in the silence of those moments.  And in that extreme energy of exposing the Great Duality and Illusions of the Serpent-infested and man-ifested visions (through man-ipulated “man” or “humanity”) . . . A Global, Divine, Expansive, Life Giving God-Breath will be given to ALL on the planet in a single breath of Unity.  In a Single Breath of Revival.  In a Single Breath of Strength, Solidarity, Sustenance, and Source-Infused Prana and Life Force that the world has not seen before.

Will it require more deep divine breaths for Humanity to recover through all that is yet to unfold?  Yes.  Will it require deep healing for people to recover from their long-lived Spiritual Vertigo and Spiritual Amnesia that was reinforced extensively over recent decades, years, and months to be the Serpent’s Pathway forward and truly downward for Humanity as a Collective into its Lair and Deeper Traps Imaginable . . . that was to be The Norm?  The Way Forward?  The Only Way Out . . . which was Down . . . or Further Descension?  Yes.  Deep, deep healing is the next step for Humanity.  But first, . . . Deep, Deep Awakening must occur first.

Eagle and Lion are Two Stealth, Strong, Courageous, Determined, Bold, Faith-Filled, God-Aligned Harbingers here to empower YOU in these times. They are here to empower you to manifest, or perhaps we should change the language to more accurately reflect Divine Union, Source-ifest . . . a new Living 5D Reality beyond the illusions of the noxious, poisonous, original, luciferian, evil serpent of Adam and Eve’s original temptation.  This is why we say this is a Time of Great Rising!  This is a Time of Great Emancipation!  As you rise, as you reset, as you reorient to Source, JOY BECOMES YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE again.  JOY BECOMES YOUR HOME SEED, TEMPLATE, and DESIGN AGAIN.

Freedom Becomes Who You Are Again.  Creativity for the sheer bliss that Creation brings to all Divine Sons and Daughters becomes Who You Truly Are again.

Watch for Eagle Flying in the United States of America this next month and beyond.  Eagle is Flying through the Heat of Red October, that is the Spotlighted Battleground for these times of Revelations.  The United States of America is God Country.  It is God’s Country.  It is One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, WITH LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL.  

It is a Country based in Eagle Symbology.  Eagle Stealth.  Eagle Strength.  Eagle-Eyed Acuity of Soul Vision.  And it is RISING!

All are touched and liberated by what is unfolding in the United States of America.  All are invited to feel themselves as One Nation that is Empowered and Loved and Living Under God, who feel themselves as Indivisible and living as One Unity Consciousness in Harmony with all of Creation according to Divine Laws of One, and who feel themselves Living Free, with Liberty, Justice, and Prosperity For All Time For All!

It is a very God-Patriotic Time.  It is a very God-Focused Time.  It is a very Source Empowering Time.  And it is a Time Requiring Deep Faith, Deep Fortitude, Deep Soul Sight, and Deep Commitment and Courage to Focus on the Light when exposures of every kind of Serpent Darkness, Nefarious Agendas, and Attacks also surface to be seen and witnessed by all of humanity, . . . as the underbelly of a 3D creation that was emotionally, vibrationally, and spiritually experienced, but that was never real and True as God’s Great Creation in the First Place.

frequencywriter.com ~ October November Energy Update 2021 ~ Eagle RisingAs Eagle Rises, as Lion Roars and Soars next to it, as God’s Light Codes pour in the Alchemical Heat of Red October and the Epic Events also coming in November, and December, call in your Soul Skills.  Call in your willingness to connect, to open, and to pray . . . to begin that journey back to Union with Source in your own life.  Make time to walk in nature where God Is Real.  Make time to connect with Mother Nature through her trees, her animals, and even the unseen as of yet elemental realms and kingdoms.

A WHOLE WORLD OF DIVINE CREATION IS WAKING from the Spell of Separation Consciousness and the lies and tricks of this realm that it has been taught, conditioned into, and believed for centuries of time.

Humanity holds a much bigger Light, Unity, and Sight that it knows as of today, October 16th, 2021, when this transmission flows through.

But humanity is rising to Know the Truth of Who You Are, one Breath at a time.  One Eagle Flight at a time.  One Awakening at a time.  And one Revelation at a time.  

More revelations will happen nearly at once.  Time is an illusion.  So Divine Liberation will happen in right timing, and not on linear time.  That can mean Quantum and Simultaneously Occurring Liberations, dear ones.

So Prepare for Freedom.  Prepare for Floods.  Prepare for Storms.  Prepare for the Unexpecteds that times like these might unfold.  And on the other side of these storms, PREPARE FOR JOY.  Prepare for GOD’s GLORY.  Prepare for Collective Unity, Grace, Ease, Wellness, Wholeness, and Bliss.

These are powerful times.

You are powerful epic heroes who came for these times.

You are New Earth Noahs rising up and through these times.

Call in your God Breath to partner with you in these times.

Call in Eagle’s Sight and God’s Vision to lead you in these times.

Call in Lion’s Courage and Strength in these times.

And Know, Deep In your Higher Dimensional Heart of Hearts, and in your Clearest Soul Sight you can muster, that You Are loved, dear ones, in all ways, IN THESE TIMES.

You ARE Love.

All Our Love.

If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post this Saturday on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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