Red October 2022: Multidimensional Avatars Are Awakening As The Story & Game Of The 3D Matrix Ends

October 2022 Energy Update

Red October 2022:

Multidimensional Avatars Are Awakening
As The Story of the Old 3D Matrix Is Brought
To An End On Its Own Stage!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.1.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Heart of Unity Consciousness and the Light of the Central Suns.  There is a fireball of energies touching your world and touching each of your hearts as the Awakening Anthem plays on in the hearts of all on the planet today.  September raised the Tides of Change to a new Octave.  October will pour them out.  Fire and water are energies that will stream through in October 2022.  Each of you will be touched by the Fire Frequencies in October’s Alchemical Awakening Time, as well as the Water Frequencies that will rise up as well.  They call this time on your world The Biblical Storm, and you may be getting a sense from our entrance in this transmission today that it is indeed a Time of Upending the Serpent’s Games and Setting Planet Earth Right, in her Rightful Place in God’s Creation and releasing her from the Serpent’s Underworld which is the 3D Matrix all on planet earth have been living in. ~ Conscious Breathing ~ July 2022 Energy UpdateSo let us breathe in a Deep Divine Breath, dear ones.  Feel the cooling, comforting, and prana-filling blessings of receiving a Deep Divine Breath in these times.  All of the core elements ~ air, fire, water, and earth ~ are accompanying you in this epic journey you find yourselves in in October 2022 and the Fall Months of 2022.  Divine Breathing (The Etheric Element of Air) will be a key aspect of bringing the soothing, loving, and healing hands of God into your lives, as the intense Fire Frequencies and Water Energies storm through this month’s Red October Biblical Events and beyond.  Feel the soothing,  calming, and grounding nature of Sacred Breathing.  When challenges abound, when triggers have been sprung, when revelations have emerged, and when hope and faith feel like a far fetched dream you once knew, find your center in your Sacred Breathing.  Conscious Breathing is your Truest Prosperity, dear ones.  Beyond any material riches, beyond any religious protocols, beyond many of the ways that humanity has been conditioned to complicate God/Source/Creator’s Love for each precious soul and element and aspect within this Grand Creation, your Conscious Breathing and your Unified Breath with Source is your Greatest Wealth of All.  This is your Divine Life Force.  This is where Creation Begins.  This is where All Life Begins.  And this is where you will find your stress, your overwhelm, your fear, your uncertainty, and your anger abate and dissipate in the melting and neutralizing frequencies of a series of single conscious breaths, embraced with an open heart . . . and hearts filled with the energies of Divine Surrender to Divine Will and Conscious Reunion again. 

It may seem like a fairytale, yes?  That in times of turmoil and immense strife on your world, that a single conscious breath could heal all wounds, all stress, all misunderstanding, and grief.  Yes?  And it is undeniably irrefutably True.  It is your Breath that will bring the sustenance this world needs, after many weeks, months, years, and centuries of low-oxygenated, deprived, and enslaved breathing.  The lifespans of human beings on your world are evidence of the challenging atmosphere and air quality in your world.  Human beings’ bodies are inhabited by divine eternal immortal souls.  And it is your divine immortal eternal soul essences that are rising to reclaim the life force filling qualities and nourishment that conscious breathing of the God Breath Within can do, to reset and restore your Divine Youthfulness, as Children of God/Prime Creator/Source of the All That Is.  So remember with us now, as we take one more deep Divine Conscious Breath In together . . . that you have everything you need in that Partnership and Union in the Breath with Source.  Its all there IN YOU.  And Source gifts this to you in pulses of love, pulses of Breath, and pulses of Light throughout your day, all day and every day.  Now is Time for Humanity to Consciously Receive God’s Greatest Gift of Wealth . . . which is Life, Light, Love, and Life Force! 

The Serpent’s Eden has been quite a movie, hasn’t it?  It has engaged your attention and life force in these cycles of Separation Consciousness and Karmic Contacts for what seems like millenia.  And who are the characters and actors in this grand movie production?  You.  All of you.  And many have been waking up . . . becoming sentiently aware that the theatre you once performed in, the 3D matrix and 3D earth, is the game.  It is the illusion.  And there was a moment, a beautiful precipice in this lifetime, . . . where just a moment before . . . you were deeply asleep in the matrix . . . participating in the matrix as if that is and was real and the only reality you ever knew.  Titles, houses, degrees, spouses, children, families, goals, desires, bank account ledgers, debt, abundance, struggle, joy, sorrow, sickness, and health were all a part of the movie you once belonged to, moments before.  And then, as if by faerie dust, or perhaps a real catalyzing event, you breathe a new oxygen, a new prana, and a new level of sight.  And in that transitory and transitional moment, you see something that can be described as seeing in between the timelines.  You capture in a single conscious breath, a single moment in union with Source, a glimpse of the theatre you were just engaged in, believing yourself to be the actor in your very own play, your very own movie.  And you catch a glimpse of a parallel reality that holds for you a much higher frequency, a much higher interconnectedness with every one and every thing, and you see yourself with awe as you witness your observations of your observations.  This is the first time you begin to see yourself more clearly than you have in a long, long time.  And you in that split second of awareness know the lifetimes that you have been playing in the Serpent’s False Eden that you just fractions of a second before . . . believed to be True and to be All There Is.

We are here to remind you that it is your very Breath, and the act and art of Soulful Breathing, that awakens your Divine Breathing . . . and thus that awakens your Divine Seeing, Believing, Knowing, and Remembering.  

Red October 2022 ~ ~ Avatars AwakeningThis October, this Alchemical and Biblically Stormy October and Fall Season of 2022, you will be called to remember your Divine Breathing and your ability to Portal into the Heart of God and to Partner with the Heart of God, as your Lifeline in the storms.  More of the Serpent’s False Eden is going to crumble.  More of the False Eden’s roads beneath your feet and its systems of governance and religious control is going to crumble and fall, as more gets exposed to reveal every untruth ever sold to the Sentient Collective throughout this Serpentine Movie and old world age and cycle.  All that is upside down will be exposed and dematerialized as more of the God Energy pours into this world to set it right.  

If you have ever been on stage, the Lighting can be intense.  The energy, activities, and physical embodiment of the acting and dancing in roles and lines to play and say . . . create heat and an electromagnetism that also keeps the audience engaged in the show as well.  When you add the audience’s energies, emotions, and electromagnetism, you have a Living Theatre.  Now in this scenario we are painting for you, one hundred more lights will turn on on that stage.  Then another hundred.  And maybe a thousand new lights activate and turn on further.  And the picture becomes much more illuminated.  The picture and performances on stage become that much brighter.  Nothing can hide.  No magic tricks can be concealed in that level of light.  And it is here that many will feel the heat of the increasing Light beaming up on stage, pouring over the actors, and pouring over the audience as well.  All Are Being Illuminated in this Grand Divine Production now, as the Story of the Old 3D Matrix is brought to an end, on its own stage!  The 3D Matrix is revealing itself to itself. And with more Light beaming in from the Heart of Creation through the Grand Central Suns, Mother Earth is center stage in cosmos.  And the Transmutation of All that is Dark, Concealed, Covert, and Insideous in nature is rising to the surface as well, to be revealed so the Actors and Audience can witness themselves awakening from a Deep Cinematic Slumber, whose time has come to end.  It is the Movie that is coming to a close.  Not the Life Force and Divine Presence in all of the Souls who had once participated in this Grand 3D Theatre on Earth.

In the New Risen 5D Earth, nothing is theatre. It will all be energetically, timelessly, eternally Real and True. Stories as you know them will evolve into Conscious and Cosmic Storytelling, based on Truth, Dream Visions of the Individual and Collective Souls on this planet, and Illuminations the likes of which Humanity has not seen in some time.  Performances will stream the exuberant excellence and harmonious enthusiasm that all will delight in, for the new artistic expression to come will be the grand sharing of many precious soul beings’ gifts and abilities.  A real desire for authentic talent expression will emerge to be what humanity seeks to experience.  And the old manipulations that technology once perpetrated on the people will cease, as the collective desires to use technology for the Greater Good and the Collective Good.  

So let’s return for a moment to that energy of catching yourself seeing between the worlds.  For many will.  In the movie that must play out and play on, for the Great Awakening process deeply underway on your world in the Fall of 2022.  This is a powerful phenomenon that many will find themselves in, as more of the matrix crumbles, fails, falls, and dematerializes.  Aspects of every day living that were relied upon may have been part of the old false 3D matrix.  So routines, and systems, and landscapes that could once be counted on . . . when the collective believed in the physical structures and systems as a whole . . . will wobble as more turn away from participating in that collective dream and that collective belief.  When Divine Souls around the world en masse begin to see between the worlds, or we could say ~ when they begin to see behind the curtain and catch the wizards pretending to be Oz (or God), and the collective ceases to believe TOGETHER in that movie, in that show, in that false reality, there will be a time when you each and all will need to catch your breath.  And we would say, there will be a time where you will need to deeply Breathe in between the Timelines, of the 3D matrix’s serpentine false eden and the New and Rising 5D New Earth God Timeline that always is and always was.  

And it is your Conscious Breathing that will sustain you and your life force, when more challenging failures of the 3D matrix crumble your belief system and your faith in the 3D world and movie as you may have just known it, moments before.  The Great Awakening Is Real.  The movie that has captivated souls in 3D for a long, long time may be false . . . but it was all consuming.  For the Serpent and for the souls trapped within this prison planet.  As it no longer consumes you, due to the Light’s Majestic and Pervasive, and Expansive Return, people will awaken and see with multidimensional vision . . . the Truth of the Illusion and the Illusion in the Truth . . . as we referenced a few transmissions ago.  Up will seem down, and Truth will seem an illusion in some of the next stages of the Awakening.  And yet, once all see there is a veil, a curtain, or an illusion that is peeling back . . . there can be no denial at that point that timelines are simply a conscious perception away from each other . . . whereby the physical experiences you have in any given moment in physical incarnational experiences . . . are simply by your vibrational awareness of where and who you are.  That is the Great Transparency of your Time.  Your Vibrational Coordinate in Time and Space is based on your ability to Vibrate in certain Levels of Consciousness that permit your entrance into those experiences.  

Red October 2022 ~ ~ Biblical RevelationsWhat will be new to your world in the coming days and weeks . . . is the sense that the Curtain is gone.  That the curtain that the Serpent Wizard if you will has hidden behind . . . while insidiously casting spells on humanity to have you believe that Oz was a God Creation, and that the serpent won the battle with Eve but lost the war with God centuries ago . . . is gone.  What people will come to realize is that the Serpent set up camp in God’s World, in God’s Eden, and allowed the theater to play on to have humanity believe that the serpent had slithered away and God’s banishment of Adam and Eve meant that God was back in charge.  

Union with Source in this 3D realm has always been a choice.  But it has often been the road less traveled, to have a REAL relationship with Source.  Because the Serpent did such a good job disguising himself as God/Source/Creator.  And tricking the sentient life on this planet into believing they were free in a God Creation.  Yet the Biblical Serpent has been leaking . . . and thus has been being revealed as God’s Biblical Seasons to restore and reorient this planet to the Living Light Codes again.  Union with Source will continue to be a choice, while at the same time, it will continue to be A Necessity.  For the Serpent’s Eden doesn’t have any True Oxygen.  Its life force has always been humanity’s pain and suffering.  That is what has powered its world.  As more people wake up and see the serpent behind the curtain, or IN FRONT Of the curtain, and the myriads of ways the serpent disguised itself and tricked humanity over the centuries, the majority of Humanitys’ Collective Life Force will stream into desiring to heal through harmony.  It will stream into the desire to Know God Again, on a deeper level, than simply through the Fruit of the Tree of Life.  Knowing God in this way is through inner pathways of Sentience.  It isn’t found in a book.  It isn’t found in an apple.  It isn’t found in seductive temptations.  Knowing God at this Higher Level of Sentience is deeply known, felt, sensed, and experienced within.

And this is the Good News of The Great Awakening.  Through the pain of exposures and revelations about the biblical serpent’s manipulations and perpetrations etc., people will come to know Source/Creator/God again on a whole new level.  Such that never again can the promise of Divine Knowledge be able to be offered in something outside of yourselves to attract your Divine Childlike Innocence within the Adams and Eves you are.  For you are rising to be Evolved and Emancipated Adams and Eves from this Crumbling 3D Matrix and Movie.  And in the Grace of this Extraordinary Rising, you will recover more of the Gift that it is TO SIMPLY BE YOU.  TO SIMPY BE WHO YOU ARE.  

You will find new joy in BEING YOU.  You will find new joy in BREATHING YOUR DIVINE LIGHT and PRANA.  And you will find new joy in SHARING YOUR TALENTS WITH EACH OTHER because in those energies, God/Creator/Source shines.  In each and every Divine Expression.  That is the simplicity that will be returning to you!

For now, there is a Crimson Tide Rising in the month of October . . . to first expose the ways of the insideous and ancient biblical serpent . . . and its present day minions . . . and then to alchemize the darkness of such evil doings.  Truth shall set you free will be more poignant in the coming weeks and months.  When biblical events ushering in a more public exposure of this biblical battle unfold, remember your CONSCIOUS BREATHING.  

Remember your ability to neutralize the heat of the fire in Red October and the hurricanes and storms where water is rising, disappearing, and resurfacing in other ways around the globe as well.  This is the Time of Biblical Revelations long foretold.  Your Conscious Breathing is your Ascension Floatation Device, and your best Ark . . . in these revelatory and shifting times.  

Allow yourselves to be observers of the movies playing on and playing out simultaneously.  Be the observer of the observer, and breathe your way into seeing inter dimensionally or multidimensionally when you can . . . the old movie theatre that is crumbling and the New Earth World that is only playing “Truth” and “Revelations” and “Emancipations” and “Divine Unity” on its world stages.  

You have all that you need within you in your partnership with Source, and in your willingness to Consciously Breath, and to know that in your Union with Source . . . all the answers, support, materials, resources, etc. that you need in these times . . . lives in YOU.

October 2022 will be a time where all of the elements on planet earth may look to be spinning in a variety of directions.  You can harness their gifts and enter an inner timeline inside your soul presence if you will simply BREATHE with Source and ask for assistance to feel peace, calm, and grounding.

Red October 2022 ~ ~ Awakening AvatarsYou are the Avatars who came for these times.  Remember the epic series called Avatar: The Last Airbender, the animated version, that illustrates how the Avatar was the master of All Four Elements (earth, air, fire, and water). There were many storms in that show he had to transmute and awaken his own timeless soul skills through as well.  And in the show’s ultimate conclusion, he demonstrates to himself his own multidimensional soul mastery through his use of All Four Elements when the end of the world as he knew it was threatened by a sinister villain wanting to capture control of that whole world and kingdom.  It was in surrendering to a Higher Light and Knowing within himself that the answers came to know how to “bend” the elemental energies to achieve a Divine Solution. 

You are these Awakening Multidimensional Avatars now.  You are the Noahs rising above the Crimson Tides on a whole new biblical scale than in Noah’s Time.  The Waves in your Fall Timeline may be immense.  The storms may be huge.  The heat of Alchemical Change and Shifts required may be unfathomable as of yet.  And yet you have the Avatar Soul Skills to reach within and feel the power of your conscious breathing IN UNION with Source to launch a new multidimensional skill set for you to breathe through for you and with your families and loved ones . . . to reset you ark and unify your hearts with God’s Heart in these epic times.

The Alchemical Heat and Extraordinary Storms of October 2022 already know their Deep Submission and Surrender to Awakened Multidimensional Unions with Source and Epic Avatars . . . reclaiming their Light, Sovereignty, Prosperity, and Joy.  The storms will surge and swell, but every awakened avatar and divine soul presence on planet earth is called up to the deck . . . to BREATHE peace, prayer, safety, healing, and faith in Source to right this upside down world in an epic nearly overnight reset and reorientation to the Godheart and the Goodness in Creation forevermore.  

Deep Conscious Breaths.  Feel your Awakening or Awakened Avatar Essence Within.

You came for these times.  Breathe and feel this extraordinary connection with the Timeless, Eternal, and Empowered Essence inside you.  

And together ~ Let’s Rise!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, October 8th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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