January 2022 Energy Update ~ ~ Re-Entering God's Timeline

January 2022+ Energy Update: Re-Entering God’s Timeline ~ Today’s Adams & Eves Are Healing The Cycle of Separation Consciousness

January 2022 Energy Update ~

January 2022 Energy Update: Be You In 2022 ~ The 4th Harbinger, Polarity Awareness, CPEs, & Integrations

December 2021 Energy Update - Fear Not - The How and The Who of the Ascension Process Is Being Revealed

December 2021 Energy Update: Fear Not ~ The How & The Who Of The Ascension Process Is Being Revealed

December 2021+ Energy Update ~ ~ Gifts of the Season

December 2021: Gifts of the Season, The 3rd Harbinger(s), Living Beyond Time, 3 Little Pigs, Grinches, & Wolves ~ April 2021+ ~ Noah's Ascension Ark/Arc Transmission

April 2021+ Messages from The Arcturian Collective: Noah’s Ascension Ark/Arc In Today’s Biblical Times

Dec 2020 – Jan 2021+ The Age of Aquarius, The Star of Illuminated Sight, Light Surfers of the Interdimensional Realms, Quantum Locomotion, & The Christed New Earth Birth

December 2020 Energy Update: The Living Light of A New Golden Age, The Great Awakening 2.0, Darkness Revealed, and Great Celebrations of Light, Joy, Wholeness, and Oneness in this Faith-Filled Season

November 2020 ~ The World Is Changing: The Reign of Linear Darkness Is Over & Great Celebration, Epic Emancipation, Zero Point Energies, & Divine Reunion With Source Is Here

October 2020 Energy Update: A World in Quantum Ascension ~ It Is Exhilaration Time on Planet Earth Now ~ With Changing Vibrational Landscapes, Surging Light Codes, & 2020 Clear Soul Sight as a Living Quantum Energy to Set Humanity Free

August/September 2020 Energy Update: A New Story of Humanity, Revelations, Awakenings, Ascension into a New Golden Age Renaissance is Unfolding, & The Garden of Eden Awaits