April 2024 Energy Update: Focus Forward In Faith, April Eclipse = Epic Choicepoints, Jump Timelines!

April 2024 Energy Update

April Eclipse = Epic Choicepoints
Jump Timelines into The God Timeline
& The Heart of Source

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via Frequency Writer ~ Marie Mohler
Received March 28, 2024

Dear Ones,

We are a Collective Frequency of Light streaming through The Living Light within the Energies of Change, Transformation, and Integration. You are each and all summoned into a Time of Rising. The Ascension Process touching all life on Planet Earth is summoning your attention and your awareness that All Is Being Made Right and Whole again in God’s Creation. While many still sleep, much work is being done to reset the Universal Clock so that All Life on Planet Earth rejoins the Perfection of Divine Creation and the Abundance that the Godspark intended for every brave soul here during these Ascension Times. The Golden Age awaits you, dear ones. And in Truth, the Golden Age lives within you.

April 2024 Energy Update ~ Frequency WriterApril 2024 is ushering in a whole new series of Living Light Codes. They will raise your consciousness higher and higher, so that you begin to see, breathe, feel, and know the Living Perfection of What Is Good and Godly for all of Humanity and In the Perfect Divine Blueprint of Creation, beyond the tattered illusions that are getting exposed increasingly so, every day. Veneers have their day, where they mimic perfection. Where they adorn perfection. But always a day comes where the cap and coverup wears down, and the Original Divine Blueprint must Rise and Shine. And these are the times you are living in! The Patchwork and the Shiny Veneers of the Serpent’s Matrix that cover up the Resplendence of the Original God Timeline are wearing thin and wearing down. And the Good News for all those Faithful to the True Light and their True Divinity is that you are beginning to see and breathe the Grace and Glory of What Has Always Been Here and What Has Always Been Yours . . . the Light of Miraculous Creation where all sentient life and all sentient beings Thrive in their True Talents, Gifts, and Creationary Abilities.

So let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In. Let us know together the Sweet Nourishment of Consciously Feeling the Living Breath of Source flowing inside you, breathing YOU, and helping you to know The Truth of All That You Truly Are. Breathe another Sacred Conscious Breath and feel it filling all of the places inside you

that are weary and ready for Rejuvenation from the Regenerative Frequencies of Divine Prana and Union with Source. You are so very loved and cherished in all of the cosmos for the brave spiritual and soulful work you do every day to awaken and uplift a sleeping planet.

Few take the time to acknowledge the other worldly courage required to be an Awakened Soul on the Pathway Home, opening portals of Light wherever you go and whomever you are speaking with and journeying with in any given moment. You are bringing the Light of the Godheart through in every breath, to a world that has forgotten how to Breathe. And how to See. And how to Know God in their lives.

April 2024 Energy Update ~ Frequency WriterSo breathing together in this way adds volume to your Creationary Power as an Awakened Soul breathing Divine Prana with and for a much greater Collective, who can perhaps only know these inklings of epic change, through the Grace of the Ripple Effect of your Conscious Breathing, Conscious Knowing, Conscious Feeling, Conscious Alchemy, and Conscious Union with Source and Creation. Your Knowing of the Interconnectedness of All Things creates a Cosmic Ripple that can comfort, affirm, empower, and soothe those feeling weary, defeated, unaware, and asleep in some way in their soul journeys, right here and right now. You are a Living Breath of Fresh Air serving as a Divine Conduit for Conscious Breathing and thus for the Keys to the Kingdom that exist in every soul on the planet right now . . . they just need to remember. And you are a catalyst for Planetary and Collective Remembrance, by simply being you and being willing to Know and to Seek the Truth, while others yet lack the strength to pursue it. And to claim it themselves.

When you claim this glorious Light for You, you open windows where doors and walls once blocked a greater divine flow. April 2024 is going to open windows where doors and walls once prevented Divine Flow. Sometimes opening those windows can expose people to Greater Light and Greater Awareness. And with Greater Light and Greater Awareness, comes exposure of false veneers and 3D matrix illusions that will not be able to weather the Ascension Gusts of Transparency and Truth much longer. They will quake and crack in the Face of Such Extraordinary and Voluminous Light. And through the Cracks in the Matrix, and the Cracks in the Fakery, even more Living and Ascension Light will pour in.

Now some may feel dismay at the heavens parting, the light of transparency flowing, and the demolition of increasing structures that served the serpent’s enslavement of sentient kind here as well as separation from the One True Source. Because they will be looking back, not forward. Looking back, and struggling to hold onto what they once had, will indeed induce feelings of suffering and strife. Looking forward is where Peace lives. Turning your Soul Sight to God’s Vision, and seeing in a forward focus where God/Source/Creator is leading you, will aid in these transformational and ascensionary times.

Fatigue, overwhelm, stress, and other lower density vibrations may be part of the human experience in the coming months. Don’t let it those lower vibrational swirls of energy consume you. Notice them. Take action when you need rest. Grant yourselves some down time to be in nature, to consciously breathe, to reconnect with the simple good feelings of a Pure and True Conscious Breath, breathed with the Knowing or Intention of Union with Source. Feel the Good Life in the simple things you can do to connect with things that are Real. True. Light. And the Essence of Life. As you do this, you alchemize the Serpent’s offerings to all living beings in these Ascension Times. And you claim the True Wealth of the God Timeline, that can be found in the simplicity of a Conscious Breath. It can be found in Soaking in A Conscious Few Minutes of Divine Sunshine. It can be found in sitting in nature or at the beach, and feeling the wind on your face and through your entire energy field, cleansing you, clearing you, and revitalizing you with the Light Codes sent from Source as you remember in that Timeless Moment . . . What Is True about You and Divine Creation, through all time.

April 2024 Energy Update ~ Frequency WriterTimelines will continue to be stirred up. Triggers and fatigue, events and challenges may arise. And as Awakened Souls on the Pathway Home, or Awakening Souls on the Pathway Home to Source and to Higher Consciousness in these Ascension Times, know that your Faith and Fortitude are the Godspark within you, leading you through roads and paths you cannot always yet see, but leading you regardless to your Home in the Heart of Source and in the Heart of Creation, where you have all that you need. Where Life Itself is a living expression of What God Always Intended and Desired For You.

Let the Serpent’s Veneers crumble. Witness the Fakery and the Illusions struggle for life force, as more turn to the Light Codes and Union with Source in the coming weeks and months. Living God Beings and Living Sentient Souls have been the Life Force for the Serpent’s 3D Movie Making, Dramas, and Horror Films. As more Breathe True Life Force, and as More of the True Nature of God’s Creation fills the Hearts and Souls of Humanity in April 2024 and beyond, the more the false power, false systems, and movie sets of the serpent’s machinations will sputter and fail.

And this is the Time and the Season you are all in. Greatness is expanding and growing Greater. And Illusion is struggling, sputtering, stumbling, and failing.

People will have to choose the Timeline they wish to vibrationally align with. If struggle feels more vibrationally accessible, they may choose that for a while. As they align with the structures crumbling and falling, seeking to strengthen them with their allegiance to the cause, their allegiance to what once was. Many others will continue to allow God/ Source/Creator to Breathe Life Force into their Awakening Higher Dimensional Vision. And they will see through God’s Vision, a better greater world emerging. Even if their human vision cannot yet perceive it. Their God Vision in Partnership with the Breath and Life of Source can carry them through.

The anticipated April Eclipse will strike through the Heart of the Matter at Hand, ushering in an Epic Choicepoint, to Jump Timelines into the God Timeline and the Heart of Source, now in these times. The Bridges, Allegiances, and Collusion with the Old Illusions are going to be failing. Because the Timeline of Turning Back, the Timeline of Colluding with Illusion, and the Timeline of Contracting with the Serpent is coming to a quantum close. And soon, in the near future, it will become clearer and clearer to greater and greater numbers of souls on Planet Earth, that the Way Forward is to move Forward. To rise up and out of the density of illusion and collusion. And to embrace the New Light of the Original Creation and Divine Blueprint that has always lived inside you. Your greatness was simply covered up by the Density of Aligning with Separation Consciousness. And with increasing Living Light Codes pouring into the Earth, which the April 8th Eclipse will help to usher in, Union with Source will become increasingly self evident as the Pathway Forward, and the Divine Vision that All Need To Keep Rising and Choosing Life in the God Timeline as The Way of Moving Forward will become the Clearest Path of All, in a world for so long overstimulated with false choices, false props, propaganda, and layers of illusions that no longer attract the Light of Divine Souls any longer.

April 2024 Energy Update ~ Frequency WriterSo in this week before the April Eclipse that will cross the United States of America, and created a Grand Cross with the Path of the 2017 Great American Eclipse, we invite your Soul Light, and your Soul Sight to tune in and see through Source Eyes, what calls you forward? What delights your Divine Gifts and Talents, in this epic time of Transition and Transformation on Planet Earth? Who do you want to be as more continues to fall away in the Serpent’s Grand Illusion? And who do you want to be as you are offered this Epic Invitation to Partner in Union with Source, as a Soul Rising onto your own True Divine Timeline? What is it that you feel called to engage? To create? To seed with your Heart’s Highest Intentions?

What is the Newness you knew you would bring through in the time when the Old would be failing and falling away?

What Newness lights you up from the inside out to Breathe, to Do, to See, to Feel, Sense, and Know . . . in these times?

What is it that your heart wishes to Quantumly Create? With Source? In Union with Source? In these times of Epic Change?

Make this your focal point. Make this your Vibrational Coordinate.

For the storms of Change will blow through. Yet those aligned in the Heart and Vision of Source, looking forward, creating forward, and trusting and faithing forward, will ground and thrive in ways that seem impossible to the 3D linear mind. Yet in ways that the 5D Portal of your Sacred Heart Center know deeply well.

You are here to Create Worlds of Splendor with Source!

And you are here to merely Witness the Departure of the Serpent’s Illusion and Den of Deception for All Time, in these times.

Focus Forward in Faith!

And release the Crumbling 3D Matrix as much as you can, with as little energy as possible.

You are the Brave Epic Ascension Warrior that you came to be for these times.

Embrace the Grace and Strength of Aligning with Source and the Living Light, as more events that shake the ground many walk on continue to unfold.

In God, you can Trust.

In Source and True Creation, you can Align.

In your God Aligned Talents, Truth, and Gifts, you can Thrive.

Remember this. Remember this.

And be a Beacon of Light for yourself, your family, and the Re-Emerging and Resurrecting True God Timeline in these times, in all highest good ways.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, April 6th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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