April May 2024 Energy Update: You Are A Musical Instrument, Through Conscious Breathing You Are God’s Wind Instrument

April May 2024 Energy Update

You Are A Musical Instrument:
Conscious Breathing Is Where You
Embody Your Sacred Body Temple’s
Essence As God’s Wind Instrument

via Frequency Writer ~ Marie Mohler
Received April 13, 2024


Dear Ones,

We are the Arcturian Collective & a Frequency of Light streaming through the Living Life Force of the New 5D Earth’s Birth and the Light and Love within the Human Collective’s Rebirth. You each and all have been given and gifted incredible talents and wisdom throughout all time. And NOW is the time for you to commune with your Higher Self’s Light, that knows all of your superpowers, all of your faith, all of your joy, and All That You Truly Are throughout all time, space, and dimensions of the Divine Creation. You are here now listening to a message like this today because you know yourself to be an Awakened One on the path of building and re-building New 5D Earth structures, projects, platforms, sacred land spaces, communities of the Living Light, intergalactic ways of exchanging with star nations and cosmic beings of light through sacred commerce and divine philanthropy, and more. Can you feel it? Can you feel the magic that is in the air? The April 8, 2024 eclipse assisted your ability to access more and more divine frequencies of prana, synergy, community, connection, enthusiasm, divine life force, celestial light, and more. We want to invite you to feel this energy, this synergy of Light Magic that is fuel, nourishment, and joy for your heart centers today. This energy is here to stay! It is here to grow in you and to light up the New 5D Earth that is birthing in ever grander ways by the day. By the hour. And by the second.

April May 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comLet us take a deep divine Conscious Breath in together. Let us feel this sacred Conscious Breath flowing to all of the spaces and places inside you that feel weary in this lifetime, or any other, fatigued by lower density living and ready to rise in union with Source and the Great Central Sun Energies now in this time. April and May 2024 are ushering in MORE LIGHT. And we want you to pause and sentiently feel that Living Light flowing through you, faithing you, fortifying you, and free-ing you to experience more of the Expansive Soul Essence that You Truly Are. Limitations and lack are 3D energies. Expansion, Freedom, Faith, and Joy are your higher dimensional living light codes coming online in you, inviting you to Breathe Right Here and Now ~ The Moreness of Godliness that You Truly Are!

We first want to take a moment to expound on the Power of Conscious Breathing to respond to a heart centered and heart felt question posed in response to a recent transmission by a Sacred Soul rising in her journey and desiring a greater understanding of her Soul Gifts in Union with Source through Conscious Breathing. What does that mean? Is there a Guided Meditation for Conscious Breathing? And we will say very simply. Yes. Yes there is. It is your Soul Song. And one of your first songs dear one as a newborn child on planet Earth was your Soul Breath. As a tiny infant new to incarnation on this world, in each life you have lived, your Soul Breath was music that you could feel and hear within. Your Soul Breathing is an innate and divine sacred part of you that sings your soul notes to Source. On the Inbreath, you breathe God’s Sacred Music and Perfect Note to feed and fill your consciousness, your cells, your heart, and your dreams. And on the Outbreath, you exhale your Sacred Soul Song in the World, responding to God’s Sacred Breath and Sound, with your own Sacred Soul Song and Perfect Sound, making music of the spheres together, with your Pure and Perfect Breathing in Harmony and in Partnership Together. Creating Life and Life Force in every single conscious breath.

Now to Consciously Breathe in this Sacred and Beautiful Way, all you need to do is have the intention that you are grounding your feet on Mother Earth. You can physically have your feet in the earth as you do this, or you can simply sentiently feel and know all of your senses having the physical experience . . . while you sentiently experience it in your body, mind, and spirit. And then you energetically and/or physically connect with your heart center, as you allow yourself to take a deep divine conscious breath in. As it flows in to your Heart Center, allow yourself to see a golden white flame gently entering your breath, your light, your soul presence. And know that God is with you. God is breathing you. God is that Light and that Song in you, tuning your instrument to all that is Perfect, all that is Love, all that is Whole, and all that is Healthy and Divine. As you soak in God’s Inbreath, as you receive all of that glorious Divine and Sacred Life Force into the Core of your being, your cells, and your essence, you exhale your Divine Soul Song to sound to Divine Creator/God/Source your love for Source, for Life, for Light, and for the All That Is. And so it is a Synergized Breath in Sacred Partnership, effortless, nourishing, and joyful. And it is also a Musical Composition that you create together, in each breath to attune to the Light and the Eternal Soul Essence that you are. It is Prana in the highest forms showering every aspect of you in this life, and in all of your lifetimes when you breathe in this way. And it is Music in the highest form, attuning your Light and Heart to the Light and Heart of the Godheart. It is an Energy of Being Made New and Whole in every single breath. So breathe in the Light of this Living Grace, in this very conscious space today, that you are choosing to spend time with, and that you are choosing to cultivate in your very own life. You are a musical instrument, and Conscious Breathing is where you embody your Sacred Body Temple’s Essence as a WIND Instrument. Where God’s Life Force blows and flows through you. And as it does, you play God’s Songs in you and through you for the world to be uplifted, energized, and empowered to sing its song.

April May 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comIn this way, Mother Earth is blessed by every conscious breather in this world, and all others. For the Music you breathe and thus sing into the world through Divine Breath, attunes all planetary life and light. Trees stand taller, flowers shine with more vibrant colors, animals are soothed and made more joyful, the oceans conduct even the slightest of soul notes intended for the Good of the world and the Good of the Cosmos into All Life on the planet and in the world. And so it is an ever thriving, ever shining, ever renewing life force on your planet. And you are reclaiming it, here, now, today, and every day you choose to be God’s Wind Instrument, and God’s Partner in Creation for the betterment of All. Its beautiful, powerful, and wonderful all at the same time.

Dear Ones, as more structures fade, fail, and fall away, your faith and fortitude are being summoned. And we want to clarify this. Faith and Fortitude are not being summoned to fight or do battle with lower density frequencies. On the contrary, they are being summoned as the Courageous Divine Warrior frequencies that empower you to try new things, think differently, feel more fully, know more deeply, and innovate in intergalactic ways. It takes great courage to be different. To move to the beat of a different drummer. Because for so long the biblical serpent drummed and programmed into you the fear of what happens if you are different. Differentness was shunned. Shamed. And shut down. And now here we are saying differentness, distinction, and uniqueness are what makes 5D Reality in a God Timeline truly shine. So we are calling attention today to the fact that as you Rise and Reclaim your Soul Song, your Soul’s Notes and Codes, through the Divine Instrument you are, that you will be summoned at first to face and embrace Courage, Faith, Fortitude, and Conviction, that you are who you know yourself to be. That you are the Essence of I AM THAT I AM. And as that powerful frequency suggests, you have the power to create worlds. New worlds. Better worlds. In Godly ways. And in God’s Timeline and Creation.

And therefore, as you see more established serpentine structures wobble, quake, and shake, remember first preparation and soul practice is: TO BREATHE. And as you Breathe Consciously in this way, you are summoning the Light and Life Force of Source to sound peace and calm in your body, in your consciousness, and in your life force through your Wind Instrument. Your perfect flute if you will, that can sound in anything you want or need, in any given moment, and relating to any circumstances and triggers that you may be experiencing. Transmutation can be done in a single breath. And so can Creation be done in a single breath.

April May Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comThrough the Living Breath in Union with Source, you have the Power to manifest a life of your dreams, and to dematerialize unpleasantness in your lives as well. As a Divine Wind Instrument and Channel and Conduit of Divine Soul Songs and Grace, you have the power to create the life of your dreams. And while we know that many of you are not living what the Life of your Dreams would look like, we would ask you, how often do you Consciously Breathe God’s Sacred Life Force into your Heart, into your Health, into your Creativity and Inner Life Dreams, etc? How often? If you are not connected Consciously with your Divine Breathing, chances are you may be breathing other things into form, that you do not wish to actually be experiencing. This is why Conscious Creation is such a Vital Awareness in these times. If you are breathing, you are creating. Period. And if the serpent has usurped the deeper meaning, magnitude, and power of the breath in this 3D realm, humanity must choose to know it, claim it, and live it again!

Feel this. In every breath, you are creating. In EVERY Breath, you are creating. So what are you creating? What are the themes and trends of what your breathing has created, when you were less conscious about it? What are the themes and trends of what your breathing wants to be, in your life going forward, when you realize the power of Wind and Sound and Light working together, through the unseen life force of God, that brings the formless into form?

You are God’s Vessel. You are God’s Instrument. You are the Light of God in form. So what do you want to create as that Consciously Breathing Wind Instrument, to sound the Light and Song of God into Form, in your daily life? This is the question we want you to tune into now.

As more falls away, and as that decay and demolition makes its own sounds in your world and in your lives, what sound and light wants to manifest in its place? In Your Life? This channel’s soul songs are a start. A melody that was shared and created and channeled to be simple. To not require “outside” or “external” instruments to be performed. No, dear ones. YOU are the Wind Instruments of God. You are the Soul Songs and Soul Tones of God. Sounding God’s Light into Form.

Remember, when the Word Becomes One, the World Becomes One and Whole Again.

When the Wind Becomes One, the World Becomes One and Whole Again, we could say.

Or we could say, when the Breath of God Becomes One, the World Becomes One and Whole Again.

They all say and mean the same thing. YOU ARE LIVING BREATH FROM GOD/ CREATOR SOURCE. Which means that YOU ARE LIVING CREATION. YOU ARE CREATION IN FORM. And God’s Creation ~ Creates!

So as April and May 2024 usher in Change, where the deconstruction of the old 3D matrix is well underway and more signs of this become increasingly evident to the public awareness and collective consciousness, God is looking for God’s Builders. God’s Artists. God’s Instruments.

And the easiest and clearest way to Create with God, and for God, and within a Creative Creation, is to Consciously Breathe in ways where you live, know, and embody the Living Essence that EVERY BREATH IS A CREATION.

April May Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comAs illusions fail and die away, God needs the Builders of the New Earth. God breathed you into form to be a living Creator and Divine and Conscious Breather in these times. The Power Back to the People means many things in these times. In the ways that we are streaming messages through today, that means that The Breath and Creationary Life Force is coming back to the People in these times.

God/Source/Creator is empowering his Instruments.  God/Source/Creator is calling those who remember what Creation at its core, in its original foundations, truly is.

It is always the Breath. The answer is always in the Breath.

For Breath is Life. And you are a Living Breathing Breather of Life and God’s Light in form.

Remember this as April and May 2024 continue to bring exposures to the failing systems of the serpent and its Babylonian minions.

Remember this as April and May 2024 summon through the Winds of Change . . . God’s Divine Wind Instruments, who know how to consciously breathe, see, know, feel, and create.

Remember the 3 steps of Quantum Creation that we have shared previously. There are videos on this topic that can be found on the Color The Magic channel. The core fundamental to each step is BREATHING. From being trapped in a trigger or stress to breathing yourself to neutrality to breathing yourself and life force into Union with Source to Co-Create something new in the next breath with Source. Its all there. You have it all. Inside you. Everything you need to quantumly create the life of your dreams is here. In you. Now.

So remember to breathe Newness, when the serpentine staleness or stench of miscreation gets more and more exposed.

Remember to breathe Joy and Creative Vision into the Newness emerging, when the old structures once thought to create stability continue to crumble and humanity realizes there is nothing to save from the old systems that are failing.

Only innovation, ingenuity, creativity, joy, life force, and newness will be expanding in the coming months and years in this decade.

Attachments to the old will bring stress and struggle.

Openings to the new will bring a breath of fresh air in a planet in Epic Ascensionary Change.

Breathe dear ones all of the Light, Grace, Enthusiasm, and Gifts that you are!

A whole new world is birthing for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

The Song of Higher Dimensional Co-Creation is playing on almost every station and airwave. In fact, you can breathe it in and co-create with it and in it, as much as you can focus your intention and vibrational attention there.

You are the Music of the Spheres, bringing the Earth full circle around to her Divine Destiny. Being the Center of Creation and Creativity, in a Cosmos newly liberated and shining like 1000 Suns once more.

Doesn’t that sound like a gorgeously divine place to be? Truly dear ones, it is!

So claim it. Breathe it. Be it.

Love yourselves into Wholeness and Union with Source, through the Breath, as we have shown you today.

Ascension can be that simple, if souls allow it to be.

Ease, grace, and joy await you in these times. Prosperity and abundance and community do as well. Its all there for you.

Consciously Breathe and feel yourself in Union and in Harmony with Source Breathing.

And let in the Light of the New 5D Earth, as much as you can. Your Wind Instrument and your Divine Channel of Conscious Breath are ready to play!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, April 20th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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