August 2020 Energy Update: The Time for Sleeping Is OVER, The Time of Mass Awakening May be OVER-WHELMING, There Is Something Much Bigger Unfolding Here, Ally With Truth and Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 7.28.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming the Golden Light of Pure Source Energy through the Golden Gate of August 2020, and activating within each and all of you the Energies of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate at this powerful precipice of Humanity’s Great Awakening and the Earth’s Epic Emancipation.  Bathe in these frequencies of this Golden Living Light with us a moment more, as we all breathe in a Sacred Conscious Breath and open to the Receiving of the New Light Codes that 2020 has been ushering in to us all and as we open to receive the specific New Earth Light Codes that August 2020 and beyond will anoint us with in the coming weeks and months ahead.  These are epic times dear ones, and there is so much support for you in Spirit and in your Star Families and in All of Creation to rise and reclaim Who You Really Are.  

We first wish to share with you that these Golden Light Energies are streaming through the 5th sign of the Zodiac, or the Leo Energies.  They are here to empower you, strengthen you, fortify you, awaken you, and support you to step up and claim a Greater and Higher Truth Within than you may have previously understood, thought possible, or thought necessary to fully embody Who You Truly Are.  For it is Truth that shines the Light of Christ Consciousness through each and every one of you.  And as we have said before . . . Truth Is Light and Light Is Truth.  They are one and the same.  And you are rising ever more clearly, ever more committedly, and ever more consciously in August 2020 . . . to embody that Living Source Essence of the Light of Truth and the Truth of Light inside you. 

There is great significance to the number 5 in your lives right now.  We have shared that Leo is the 5th Sign of the Zodiac.  You are becoming increasingly aware of your 5th Chakra, which is your Throat Chakra and the summoning for Greater Self Expression and Speaking Your Truth.  Truth is a word that has 5 letters, and Light is also a 5 letter word.  You are activating in 2020 ~ your 5D Operating Systems.  And you are entering a 5th Dimensional New Earth.  2021 represents a 5 Year in numerology, and 5 Years are characterized by adventure, expansion, upheaval, and change.  So there is much to note in the area and arena of numerology and the gifts that shine through the number 5 and the activation of these frequencies in your life, in your conscious awareness, and in the collective consciousness as well.

So as you ride the Waves of Change in August 2020, you will partner and ally with the Energy of Leo, which imbues you with strength, courage, power, and leadership frequencies.  For Leo is bold.  Leo is creative.  And Leo embraces opportunities of change and to lead by example.  

Those of you hearing and reading this transmission will be called in these potent frequencies streaming through your world in August and beyond . . . to rise up inside yourselves and live the Light You Are.  To Live the Truth You Are.  And to embody the Energies that the Lion’s Gate Portal shines through, as the Earth aligns with the Star Sirius and supports your expression of the Ascension Codes and Higher Consciousness in your world at this time.  You are deeply supported by all in the cosmos at this time, for to others within the galaxy, a New Star is Being Born, through the Earth’s Activating 5th Dimensional Codes and Operating System and your own.  The Central Sun Frequencies stream through very powerfully during this time of the Lion’s Gate Alignments and the Lion’s Gate Portals.  And all of this generous and gorgeous Light Energy is streaming through at this perfect time on your planet to remind you of Who You Really Are, beyond the illusions of this world that have so effectively drawn the curtains across the Bright Star Light and the Divinity Codes You Truly Are.  

So we invite your conscious awareness to partner with August’s Energies as Allies and Empowerers of your own Divinity Codes, as you strengthen your inner resolve and your inner commitment to embrace the Truth as more and more revelations come front and center in humanity’s conscious awareness in unavoidable ways . . . this month and throughout the Fall months of 2020.  The book Revelations offered a map and quantum lantern for these times.  And you are the brave epic heroes here to embody the energies of Leo, the Christ Light, and the Gifts of 2020 Clear Soul Sight in these times.  

Now we know that change at this level on the one hand can stir up some discomfort, discontent, and even overwhelm in the core of your being.  And this is why we will remind you and encourage you to remember and revisit your divine satchel of Soul Skills that you have been cultivating all this time . . . for these times.  This is a multidimensional satchel, and these are multidimensional tools and skills, that don’t just apply to 2020 but rather to all timelines in all dimensions ever lived.  For they are Timeless Truths.  They are Timeless Allies.  They are Timeless Gifts you carry within.  And you have had them since birth.  They have been within you for lifetimes.  We have merely drawn your attention to them in these transmissions over the past few years to remind you of what you already know inside, so that you can more fully claim them for the Great Awakening at hand.

There is a great deal of unrest on your world at the moment, isn’t there?  This is because you are in A Spiritual War of Epic Proportions.  Now, many of you think of wars taking place on battlefields and in physical or geographical locations around the world and through time in your history books.  Yes?  But since the beginning of this last world age and cycle, that was steeped in Separation Consciousness, a much greater war has been waging . . . the War for Humanity’s Consciousness . . . and really . . . the War for the Soul of Humanity and the Earth Planet herself.  And this timeline on your world is the ultimate showdown of this immense war.  

Now we have illustrated this for you through the Legend of the Two Wolves, and we have spotlighted for you the effectiveness of the Controllers of this matrix utilizing methods of mass manipulation and control through public shaming, false narratives, coercion, disempowerment, and The Duality Game on many, many levels.  This is, as you may have surmised, a Multidimensional War, which is largely being fought on the inner planes, within each and all of you.  This is why we say this is a War for Humanity’s Consciousness.  And it is a War to either Liberate the Soul of Humanity and the Soul of the Earth . . . or harness and harvest the Soul of Humanity and the Soul of the Earth.

And we are here to say several things today, with the aim of further empowering you to step up in your Quest for Truth, your Embodiment of your Divinity Codes, and your Activating Higher Consciousness and Higher Awareness that is here to assist you in navigating The Duality Game, the War between Good and Evil, and the Intense Dance of the Two Wolves right now playing out in front of all of you, inviting you to see differently, in order to activate your 2020 Clear Soul Sight and truly your Zero Point Vision, in every step and in every choice you make each day going forward.

The Sea of Vibrational Soup will ratchet up its swirlings and twirlings this month, and in the coming months ahead.  This is a War by Design, set forth by the “Dark Wolves” ~ long ago when they infiltrated this realm and decided to take the Earth and all of her resources as their own.  Despite the Earth being a fully Sovereign Divine 5th Dimensional Being at the time, there are Dark Wolves throughout Time who have played the roles of Time Traveling Space Pirates, Soul Pirates, Malevolent Beings, those with Dark Agendas that serve a much more nefarious energy, the Antichrist if you will, across time and space.  So the Earth and all sentient life upon her entered into this experiment, this experience of Separation Consciousness where false understandings of spirituality, light, unity, social order, and right and wrong were perpetrated and sold to the people as truth by these invasive yet largely “invisible” beings to most humans and to the Greater Collective.

The cycles of time in these cosmological cycles run long, and therefore, it is easy to wipe the history books clean time and time again . . . when most of humanity is sleeping in the narratives that are given to them by these “invisible controllers” of the 3D realm . . . and when most of humanity is toiling away trying to make a living and to survive . . . because they themselves have forgotten The Garden of Eden where Source made and provided it all.  The idea of the Garden of Eden is simply a story in the Bible now, or in sacred texts, that appears to be a nice metaphor or fairy tale even.  But few can relate to a timeline now . . . in which that would even be possible.  For work and war and slaving away to make ends meet are what most can recall and remember.  If anyone forgets, there is the educational system and the false narratives in the main stream media to remind people who and what they are, and who and what they serve.

If individuals within the collective do begin to wake up from the illusion, and from the spell of the world as these “dark wolves” have created it, and they remember inklings of the way the world should be, in the Divine Design, they are mocked, censored, shamed, devalued, and silenced in some way, shape, or form.

And that brings us once again to the state of things on your world, in a Spiritual War for Humanity’s Consciousness.  We have asked before, What Child of God will Stand for Truth?  What Child of God will Speak the Truth that they see with their Inner Eyes and their 2020 Clear Soul Sight, amidst persecution, censorship, shaming, blaming, and The Vast Duality Game?  Who are these dark wolves in your midst?  Where do you reside in the Spiritual War at this time?  What layers of awakening are you engaged in?  How active is your 2020 Clear Soul Sight?  Might there be some spiritual astigmatism skewing your sight?  And if so, what are the steps you can take each day to clear the haze and fog of those limits and the conditioned beliefs that might block your clear soul sight?

We might say . . . the Choice to Know the Truth and the Light with Clear Soul Sight . . . will be yours.  For the Great Awakening Process that is streaming through in August 2020 and this whole powerful year through requires active participation and inner discernment through the expression and engagement of your Divine Soul Skills.  

To catch a glimpse of the dark wolves and their devious war plans for humanity, you have to be able to see differently. To look beyond what is being said, and to see higher or deeper Truths in everything within and around you.  You learn to question narratives, and to question your own belief systems.  Because if those lenses through which you see were conditioned from the same system that enslaves you, how else would you see?  Its just as your great scientist Albert Einstein once said, you cannot solve the problems of this world from the same thinking that created them.  It is a looking BEYOND the narratives, a hearing BEYOND what is being said (or isn’t being said), a perceiving BEYOND what you have been sold and told . . . that awakens Humanity once more to the Truth of the Mass Deceptions that have taken place on your world for eons of time.  

And this brings us to a core energy that may rise in the collective consciousness in August and throughout the next several months . . . which is OVERWHELM.  

For when you haven’t been seeing, hearing, sensing, or perceiving with Higher Soul Clarity, and instead, you have been inside the false narrative and the games of deception that have been played in this Spiritual War since the beginning of this last world age and cycle, how could you see with any other lenses and convictions and narratives than the ones you have been given?  The ones that have been programmed into your individual consciousness and into your collective consciousness?

The Time for Sleeping dear ones is OVER.  And this is the underlying energy now for the OVER-WHELM that will begin to amplify in the Global Collective.  For when all that was uncomfortable, or painful, or too dark or horrifying even to look at was deemed conspiracy theory, what happens when The Deception Game of The Duality Game in this Spiritual War is exposed, with more and more Seering Light from the Godheart?  From the Divine Source?  From the Central Suns?  From the Lion’s Gate Activations and Alignments?  What happens when more and more empowerment frequencies flood into your world from August’s Cosmology and Astrology?  

What happens when a Sleeping Collective Awakens? 

They ROAR!

And as more and more Sleeping Lions awaken across the planet, more and more will roar in their own self expression.  Their own Divine Truths.  Through their own 5th Chakra Centers, to speak and expose the Truth.  

Silence isn’t an option any more.  Not in 2020.  Did you see all of those 5’s lining up in the beginning of our transmission today?

  • 5th Sign of the Zodiac, which is Leo
  • 5th Chakra, which is the Throat Chakra
  • The 5D Operating System
  • The 5D New Earth
  • And 2021 = 5 Year (Adventure, Change, Upheaval, and Expansion), after 2020 = 4 Year (Work, Building, Toiling, and Templating)

There is something much bigger unfolding here.  The Spiritual War that has waged with or without your knowledge, with or without your consent, with or without your conscious attention, awareness, and participation is unfolding.  The Quest for the Earth’s Epic Emancipation is at hand.  The Light has already Won.  For the Light Always Wins.  But it is a War that must play out in humanity’s consciousness and collective experience now, so that ALL can wake up and see WITH CONSCIOUS AWARENESS what this realm and 3D dimensional experience has been.

There are dark wolves who still need to be exposed.  

There are Light Wolves who still need to be acknowledged and honored.

There is a Zero Point Portal that continues to offer Higher Sight, through Wholeness Vision, Neutrality, and the Activation of your 5D Operating Systems that are able to see through the web of lies, deception, mass manipulation, and mass oppression.

There are Methods and Platforms of Public Shaming and Censorship that must be acknowledged and called out, that are suppressing Truth.  True Truth.  And deeming the Truth as the Lie.  

There are Corrupted Codes in Human DNA that need clearing, to assist more in the collective to see what they previously could not see with the negative effects of Spiritual Astigmatism, that was by design.

There is so much clearing that 2020 is activating and summoning, including clearing your Individual and Collective Soul Sight.

August 2020 will stir that Sea of Vibrational Soup into a bigger storm of information, disinformation, censorship, division, and ultimately a Greater Awakening.  

The only way deception can fester and grow in the deep ways it has for eons of time is through the ignorance, manipulation, suppression, and censorship of the Truth . . . while it hides in plain sight under the cover of darkness, separation, division, and shadows.

We are here to say . . . that August brings a Deeper Divine Sunshine to this realm . . . to expose the War that is being waged for Humanity’s Consciousness, for the Soul of Humanity, for the Soul of all Sentient Life Here, for the Resources of the Earth, and for the Earth herself.  It Is Time for the Light to Shine, wouldn’t you say?

It is Time to Clear this 3D Energy of Separation and Collusion, of Manipulation and Division, and of War and Suffering from this planet.  

And it is Time to Activate this 5D energy of Unity and Interconnection, of Freedom and Sovereignty, and of Peace and Prosperity for all on this planet.

To clear the old, false matrix, one must clear their own cobwebs of conditionings first. And this means, witnessing your own distorted beliefs, your own Spiritual Astigmatism, your own lack of True Knowledge due to the epidemic of False Narratives still living large on your world . . . with the profound aid of your Soul Skills as Divine Allies and as a Quantum Lantern in these times. 

The Time of Sleepiness is OVER.  

And yet Awakening for Many will be OVER-WHELMING.

Have compassion for yourselves.  Have compassion for your sisters and brothers finding their way back to Truth, out of the illusion of Slumber and False Narratives.

As has been said before, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.   And 2020 is an invitation to Clear Soul Sight.  2020 is requiring all on your world to take a good look at FEAR being perpetrated on your world . . . in multidimensional ways . . . to serve the agendas of the dark wolves . . . who know their way of being and their plan for world domination and control is ending.  When each and every one of you rises into a state of awakeness, out of a state of slumber, there is a great deal of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) to clear out of their vision and visual fields.  And yet with every one of you awakening, out of a state of slumber, there is a great deal of LIGHT and TRUTH that clears the horrors and traumas of this last world age and cycle . . . and that brings the Earth back into a Divine State of 5D Neutrality, 5D Heart Centered Vision, and Source Expression.  

It is Time for Truth Again in this World.  

It is Time for Clear Soul Sight in 2020.

If you find yourself OVER-WHELMED, remember, a Spiritual War is being waged for your attention and your Soul Light.  

All other wars have been fought on the surface, partially to distract humanity from the True War the Dark Wolves have waged for your Soul Light.  

If you could see this, with Soul Vision, with Wholeness Vision, with Clear Soul Sight, the question becomes . . . would you knowingly and consciously give consent for your Soul Light to be stolen?  Enslaved?  Bought and sold as a resource?  We believe that most would say a definitive no.  

It is Time to stand up and Say No ~ that you do not give your permission to the corrupt 3D matrix that was never the Divine Design in the first place.

And it is Time to Claim your Divine Birthright and your Divine Gifts that are Yours as a Child of God and a Child of the Infinite Creation . . . to Be Who You Truly Are.

August 2020 will round the corner towards the Elections in the United States In November.

The Sea of Vibrational Soup will stir up exponentially in these next few months, until that Election.  The War Being Waged is Ultimately Serving to Awaken All of Humanity to remember . . . that In God ~ All Things Are Possible.  In Source ~ All Light Is Infinite and Eternal.  In Creation ~ All Manifests According to Divine Will and the Law of One that Unifies Every One and Every Thing.   The Darkness will continue to attempt to conceal its true motives and its true agendas under the guise of “False Evidence Appearing Real”, which equates to one thing ~ FEAR.  But the Darkness will not withstand the Increasing Streams of Powerful Light . . . for it is an Illusion.  Perhaps one of the Greatest Attempts to “Usurp” the Power of God, the Power of the One True Source, in All Time.  And yet, Darkness does not withstand the Scrutiny and the Pure Divine Shine of Eternal Light well at all.  Only the Light Withstands the Scrutiny Infinitely Well through All Realms and All Time.  Because the Light Simply Shines What It Truly Is.

Embrace and ally with the Energies of August supporting you to stand in YOUR Divine Truth, to recover and remember YOUR Divine Truth, and to release FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) from your Vibrational Frequency and from your actions, beliefs, and behaviors as best you can.

The Lion’s Gate is illustrating another Victory of the Light, if you can open your Soul Eyes and Soul Vision to see it!

So much Grace and Goodness from Source Energy is being revealed, despite these storms and seas of Vibrational Soup.

On the Other Side of this War, especially in 2021, A New Template for a New and Thriving 5D Earth is expanding and anchoring new foundations for the True Divine Design that has always been meant for All Sentient Life in All Realms.  

Be compassionate with yourselves and each other.  It has been a long, long journey.

And the Victory of the Light
Is Already Within You.  

We invite you to awaken and consciously help to manifest this Garden of Eden and the Lived Experienced of the Light’s Victoriousness in every step, in every breath, in every conversation, in every action, feeling, thought, and vote you make and take . . . for now is the Time that Humanity Reclaims Its Soul Light . . . and that Humanity Helps the Earth Reclaim her Soul Light . . . to shine for Source Love and Unity Consciousness . . . Eternally again.

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

6 Responses to “August 2020 Energy Update: The Time for Sleeping Is OVER, The Time of Mass Awakening May be OVER-WHELMING, There Is Something Much Bigger Unfolding Here, Ally With Truth and Light

  • Ginger Parke
    4 years ago

    Thank you for your messages! They are such a lifeline to keep me anchored to my divine light. With all the fear, craziness and noise constantly swirling on the planet at this time, it’s nice to have a regular reminder of deeper truths and light that are also here. It helps me keep my attention focused where it needs to be. May you continue to be blessed with abundance, well-being, and success as you continue to spread light throughout this planet.

    • Hi Ginger! Thank you for your beautiful appreciation and reflection of the Light in our world right now! We are Truly turning an upside down and inside out pretzeled world right side up and re-aligning it with Source Energy and the Divinity Codes We Truly Are! I’m so glad the Arcturian Collective’s transmissions and the marinades are offering that lifeline you describe so well, as that is their intended purpose for us all in these times. They offer that Cosmic Lighthouse and that Divine Lantern that are here to guide the way up and through the fog of The Duality Game, so we can be the Light we have Timelessly been again. We are in the Process of Sacred Remembering, and that means we are also in the Process of Sacred Reunion! It is a joy, honor, and delight for me to connect with you. We remember what it is like to Let the Light Lead! And our Light reflecting this Remembrance to each other . . . invites others to do the same! Thank you 🙏🏻💕. Thank you for your courage, kindness, and inner rising, and giving yourself permission to live, be, and breathe your Truth . . . as the Greater Collective is reset and re-seeded with a deep dose of Divine Truth! Love and Blessings to you! ❤️✨🙏🏻🎶🤗🌎🦋

  • Thank you Marie! This was an amazing channel. Although, I have to breathe through it. There is no denying the sense of urgency from the guides

    This battle is here, yet they are only a few that see it.

    Yet, now that light is being shed on atrocities that have been going on in the shadows for so long, and the world has become united in unprecedented ways.
    I am glad I am awake and willing to be aware. And appreciate ALL that are, and keep coming back to the LIGHT.

    These are challenging times, but I think they are even more challenging for leaders like you.

    You and many others, that have stepped forward, to speak the truth of these times. The messages are very different these days—and profoundly important.

    You truly help carve a path for those of us that aren’t so visible. And, of course, you connect us all together.

    Many of us, have been awakening for long time, but are surrounded by a sea “sleepers”. It can be very isolating.

    I hold you all in the LIGHT every day!
    Much love and appreciation, Mary

    • Hi Mary! Thank you for your amazing reflections of the Light and Truth of so much of what is happening in our lives and on this planet. 🙏🏻🌠 Many of us are surrounded by “a sea of sleepers”. (I like how you articulated that!) But not for long. As the Time of Sleeping is truly Over. The world is not only being summoned now, by Mother Earth, and our brothers and sisters in the Greater Cosmos, . . . it is required that we rise in frequency to alertness, to awakeness, and to conscious awareness now. The Frequencies here in the New Earth that is Birthing and Forming every day require a much greater transparency, and they also require the Feminine Aspects of us that KNOW through time that we are all ONE ~ to step forward. It is this Light in our Timeless Divine Feminine Essence that will help to lead the way in the integration of all polarities now. The Masculine has run its course, through the mental mind, through the lens of separation, and through the isolation and aloneness that that brings. And it is the Divine Masculine inside us that is calling out for the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine to partner inside us all and to truly set us free. We have had this Incredible Cosmic Energy inside us all this time. But it too fell into a deep slumber here. Now, that the Time of the Great Awakening is here, so too are the Activation Codes here to help each of us to rise beyond the sleepiness, even if others are still nestled in their sleepy cocoons!

      Thus, the Time for Isolation is over too! There is a clear quickening now happening in many of us, in channels, in speakers, in messengers, and in Light Beings worldwide. We can feel it! A birth is imminent! And that is the Birth of the New 5D Consciousness and all of the frequencies required to power a New Earth! It is so exciting! Just like a newborn baby’s birth is as well! And yet, there is always that Truth of the Labor required to birth that beautiful new being into this world! This is where we are! Just a few pushes more . . . and Mother Earth will be in pure and perfect positioning in the stars once more, as a Divine Expression of Creation and the Great Mother again!

      Thank you Mary for your amazing reflections of Light. I am so grateful for YOUR courage, your stamina, your resilience, to hold steady, to keep rising, and to keep knowing the Truth inside that is guiding you. You may not be seen by the sleepers, but you are seen by those who are awake! Can you feel that? It is so palpable! And you add your Light and your Awareness to messages like these transmissions ~ rippling out the New Earth Codes with me and with the Arcturian Collective . . . to all ready to hear . . . and to all ready for confirmation . . . that IT IS TIME to come together and shine our Light! Its an honor to shine with you Mary, and I am so grateful to connect with you! Blessings and Love 🙏🏻💙🦋🌎🌸

  • Hello Marie,

    Thank you for this validation of courage, revelation, and good news (gospel). Anyone who can come to know this truthful message is blessed. The lion is one of the most sacred animals that lives within all of us and is marked in Ezekiel’s vision. Leo is the Lord of the Heart, and I cannot help but think of the Archangel Michael when the lion is invoked.

    Over the course of this year, I have come to realize that every decision that I have made in my life has led me to this point. Meaning, that if I had done things differently, I would not be writing you and I would not have been able to understand your message. Hopefully, this means that we are all working together on an optimal timeline that will prevail in liberation and freedom within an ascending global consciousness.

    As you state, this year is marked with revelation. The dark is being exposed because we are perceiving a spiritually charged light that is shining brighter. The energy was always there for us to use because God and the spiritual realms never abandoned us. For most of us, it was simply our ego that blocked it and attempted to drive the spirit away.

    2020 is schooling all of us in many things. For me, I have come to understand a visceral connection to Manu, and that my motives have always been for the sake of the Widow— our Divine Mother (Gaia) who has never abandoned us. We are all children of our great spiritual Mother and we cannot leave her defenseless to the usurpers. We must draw upon our Michaelic-Leonine energies and manifest this power into the world through each individuated soul as Christed consciousness now rises through us in the light of these revelatory times.

    Blessings to you, and to the light of truth that you bring forth into our world.

    Paul P.

    • Hi Paul! It is a JOY to receive your eloquent heart sharings and wonderful insights here. We are all reflections of the One True Source, the One Truth, and the One Light! 🙏🏻 🌠 💙 🦋 Every essence you have shared here resonates with me. I love hearing that Leo is the Lord of the Heart. And this combined with reclaiming within our GNOSIS, our Inner Knowing, we are remembering that our Divine Mother never abandoned us. The 3D matrix consumed and clouded our Clear Soul Sight, and instead conditioned our Egos to see only through Duality Vision and Separation Consciousness, leaving us feeling abandonment . . . and summoning us to 3D creations without conscious connections most of the time with our Heart Centers, and what Lion and Leo are mirroring to us through time, as the Lord(s) of the Heart! We are Lords of the Heart too! How amazing all of these Divinity Codes were all around us all this time! And yet, as you said, it is the journeying we engage and embrace as Epic Hero’s of Light, Faith, and Fortitude . . . that leads us Home . . . and that re-activates our Clear Soul Sight . . . to join and participate in the Oneness We Truly Are. It is through the Light of Truth and the Truth of Light that Revelations in 2020+++ can be received and integrated now more than ever! And so Truth is our Divine Ally. Light is our Divine Ally. Leo and the Energies of 2020 are our Divine Allies. I love how you say “We must draw upon our Michaelic-Leonine energies and manifest this power into the world through each individuated soul as Christed consciousness now rises through us in the light of these revelatory times.” Amen to that! Paul ~ I always love hearing from you and value your amazing Divine perspectives that transcend time and yet that bring the wisdom of journeying through time through the reclaimed jewels through which you share your grace, Leonine energies, and Christed Consciousness in the world! I send you much love and gratitude and I look forward to more conversations and sharings to come. Perhaps in a podcast or roundtable some time in the last few months of 2020! Let’s connect and explore that. Until then, blessings and luminous light to you! 🙏🏻🌠🦋💙🤗