Its Time For God’s Jubilee in 2022: Arm With Freedom & Fortitude, Fear Not & Find Fullness in Faith!

June 2022 Energy Update

Its Time for God’s Jubilee in 2022

Arm With Freedom & Fortitude,
Fear Not, & Find Fullness in Your Faith

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 6.13.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Collective Voice and Heart of One.  The Energies of Celestial and Elestial Sapphire Blue Frequencies flow into this message for you and for all of humanity today . . . and through this Summer Season of 2022 for all those in the Northern Hemisphere on Planet Earth, and this Winter Season for those in the Southern Hemisphere as well.  Blue Frequencies bring with them the energies of Quiet Strength, Calm Neutrality, and Organic Empowerment, which are all aspects of your Divine Sovereignty.  And this we wish to remind you of as you enter more of the Seasons of Floods, Tumult and Change, and what may be experienced by the Greater Masses as a Great Degree of Uncertainty.  Sapphire Blue grounds.  It empowers.  It opens your eyes to seeing through lenses of strength, fortitude, inner power, and inner connections with The All That Is.  While sadness is sometimes associated with this Sacred Sovereign and Divine Color, as in someone is “feeling blue” today, that is in many ways a serpentine misnomer and miscommunication through misinformation about what the Color Blue is really meant to impart to all sentient life on your world, especially at this time.  And it is not surprising then that efforts have been made to associate weakness or imbalance with the color energy of Blue in your lives.  For it can not be further from the Truth. ~ June 2022 Energy Update ~ God's JubileeYou as a Divine Soul and Sovereign Being are made of Wholeness.  You are made of Strength.  You are made from Fortitude and Faith, and Oneness Frequencies.  And thus, we stream through these messages today to call into your awareness the Energies of Celestial and Elestial Saphire Blue Frequencies.  And we invite you to wear them in any ways you can these next few weeks and months still to unfold.  

Let’s talk a little bit about Grounding.  Conscious Breathing supports your Inner Grounding.  Conscious Breathing offers you Etheric Grounding in the Prana that flows directly from the Heart of Source.  Nature and Connections with the Earth Mother in the Natural World can offer you physical grounding.  Now why is grounding so important?  Because 2022 is a Biblical Jubilee Year.  It marks the 50th anniversary of a series of events in which a key nation turned their back on God, some knowingly ~ some unknowingly ~ yet all through a state of capitulation to the status quo and the undercurrents of corruption that has led you to where you are today.  1971 was that year, and it is no accident that this particular channel arrived on this planet in that very same year.  Light was infused onto this planet through many such star seeded souls as the United States entered a deeper and denser entanglement with the serpent’s ways, leading to ever greater confusion, misinformation, and manipulation on your world through propaganda and veiled agendas.  In August 1971, through the United States of America, humanity as a Collective left the Gold Standard, which was the God Backed Energy and Monergy that backed the financial systems and structures that makes trade and international commerce work and flow.  Gold IS God’s Money.  And it was intercepted at that time and that hour on your world, and it has been manipulated or man-ipulated ever since.  

There were other components of the “turning away from God/Source/Creator” in that powerful year of 1971, that anchored a much darker 50 year journey in the United States and in the world than many know, even to this day.  But the enslavement that ensued to humanity was still there, growing, expanding, and usurping freedoms and liberties that had previously been hard-won and passionately fought for.  The serpent after all is insidious by nature, and it prefers infiltration to invasion, as a more covert operation of temptation and spell-casting to wars out in the open on battlefields where everyone can see the chessboard. ~ June 2022 Energy Update ~ God's JubileeWhy is 2022 so significant?  Why is it so biblical you might ask?  Because it is a Jubilee Year.  It is The Season in which God Returns to Hearts of All Mankind, Humankind, and Sentient-Kind on your world.  If the serpent has spent centuries crafting and manipulating markets, governments, elections, rulers, armies, etc. to do its bidding, in more covert and insidious ways, how then does Source move?  With Grace, Clarity, Transparency, and Clearly Identifiable Frequencies for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  Until now, this battle has been fought largely on the Serpent’s Terrain and in the Serpent’s Domain (which is the 3D earth!), unbeknownst to many except for the belief that war is the way of this planet, even if many lament that fact. In this Great and Epic Year of 2022, this is the Year that Source/God/Creator turns the tables on the serpent.  What was down is up.  What was up is down.  The serpent’s games and gigs are up, and God is bringing this battle to the forefront of people’s consciousness and their lives.  No more are battles going to be fought in the deeper underground of humanity’s amnesia and spiritual astigmatism.  The battles are rising to the surface for all to see them.  The age old, mythological, and historically accounted for battles in which people have fought and died over the centuries are rising to the surface for people to see clearly what those battles were all about.  And this Jubilee Year of 2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of when the people turned their back on God, God’s Laws, and God’s Money.  Its Time To Turn the Tables, Source says.  And those tables, won’t just turn, they will vitiate any and all serpentine actors and players, requiring them to stand down and capitulate to God’s Will once more, and they will vindicate and celebrate the faithful, the strength-full, the powerful, and the God-hearted.  These are indeed biblical times!

The world is returning to Gold Backed Currencies, which are God Currencies, for Gold is God’s Money, Abundance, Freedom, and Wealth in this New Age, just as it was in the beginning of life in the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth. Golden Light is returning to bring deep and visible revelations to this planet in 2022, and in this year of Jubilee on your world.  In a biblical sense, Jubilee Years set free all slaves and reset debts, so that all debts are paid.  2022 thus is a Biblical Year where Global Enslavements from Corrupted Systems and Establishments are untethered, revealed, exposed, and nullified.  God/Source/Creator is the Great Nullifier and the Great Reset-ter.  God is liberating his people and this planet from very dark forces and there is nothing the serpent and the serpent’s servants can do about it.

If this is such a massive aha moment for the World at Large, how come so few people know about it, you might ask?  Well first and fore-mostly, a covert and multidimensional war and battlefield has been hidden for centuries in a “figurative” battle between “good and evil” in which few understand its actual reality.  The Battle Between Good And Evil has been more of a myth than a Truth.  It has been made a metaphysical and metaphorical story, more or less, and not a daily Truth and Lived Reality.  And because that Battle between Good and Evil underlies many of your Hollywood movies and understandings of your world, it almost seems to be an ancient artifact of “great Story-telling” that is so well documented in your literature and history books . . . that its Truth and Living Reality Energies have been relegated to literally “The Story Books.”  

2022 is going to reveal just how not a mere story it is.  What was hidden, is being made known.  What was fake, will be proven real.  What was purported to be real (that is fake), will be known as the great farce and fakery it always has been.  A New Age of Golden Living Source Light in every aspect of your lives makes the serpent’s work of slithering and infiltrating all of the good humanity has desired to create . . . very difficult.  How can you hide in a totally Transparent, True, and God-backed and God-based world?  You can’t.  That’s the point.  

The Battle is moving center stage.  Chess move by chess move, Source is bringing this Age Old Battle to the Surface of Humanity’s Consciousness.  The serpent acts out in fiery ways, in ways to incite fear and unrest in the people of this planet.  But those false and fiery ways won’t work now.  Too many are awake.  Too many are savvy.  Too many are ready for God’s Jubilee and the Turning of the Tables and the Tides on the serpent once and for all, to impact All Directions of Time.  In this Great Table Turning (Remember Jesus in his day turned the Tables on the money handlers and the merchants in the temples?), God will turn the Tables Himself now.  It is going to be an epic experience for those in Spirit witnessing these events and for those in physical form, experiencing these events, for all the Universe to see.  

Many see the pawns and chess pieces on the move, and have for some time.  Many know that all the pieces must be played out.  A Masterful Multidimensional Chess Game such as this cannot be rushed.  Or manipulated.  Games at this level must take their Due Divine Course.  The prize as we have stated is for the Soul of Humanity.  It is for the Soul of this Planet and its Lucious Resources, Light, and Life Force.  No mis-steps will be allowed, without deep or dire consequences.  And you might know that Source knows Only Perfection.  So who else might mis-step?  You will have to watch and see.

Your job now?  In these powerful and potent times?  Is to Know this Year of Jubilee.  Where Source Sets This Planet Eternally and Divinely Free.  You can watch the serpent’s surface illusions and games of propaganda and think that nothing is happening.  But to find Source’s moves, to know Source’s Light on the Move, you must look deeper.  You must become an Avid, Epic, and Practiced Truth Seeker.  In that Profound Search for Sacred and Holy Truth, you will uncover Clues to God’s Moves.  You will find evidence of God’s Perfection that only the Ultimate Source could weave into this Game Board at the Time of Humanity’s Ascension and this Epic Jubilee Year.  

Clear Soul Sight is the skill needed for these times.  Conscious Breathing is the breathing needed for these times.  2020 kicked off the invitation TO Clear Soul Sight, in its perfect year, its perfect numerology, and its divine and authentic precision at the Heart of Source Creation and at the Heart of Human Language.  Do you think it is any accident that perfect physical vision is measured in this way?  A reading of 20/20 literally means Perfect Vision, from a perfect precise distance, with a perfect read and acuity of visual details and the visual interpretation of those details.  Are Stellar Truth Seekers and Sovereign Truth Seekers in anything less than a Perfect Role at this time of Divine Revelations in the years 2020 through 2030.  Every year in this decade is an opportunity to deepen your Soul Sight and your Soul Search to find again Perfect Divine Union with Source, the Magnificent Energy in this Sacred Partnership, and in these times. ~ June 2022 Energy Update ~ Multidimensional Chess BoardSo if you know that the Chessboard must play itself out, physically into daily life in this time period, and also multidimensionally, in Past, Present, and Future Time, then you can recognize the enormity of the task(s) at hand.  More and more, souls are learning to react less to what they see, and to access more of what they inwardly know.  If something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it might actually be A DUCK!  Propaganda can tell us that its the inverse of whatever it is, propaganda can tell us that up is actually down, or down is actually up, but if people practice the art of knowing what they know within, and have always known within, and they trust their inner guidance system to reveal from within more of the “DUCK KNOWLEDGE” that has always lived within your Living Light Codes through time, it has no value in your lives and on your world.  The people are being shown the propaganda.  They are experiencing the propaganda.  They are being given the movie of propaganda . . . To ultimately become better Truth Seekers and Inner Knowers and Those Who Know “What Ducks Are,” “Who God Is,” What Is True and What Is Serpentine Deception, and What Steps They Are Going to Take in their Lives to cease to Live In The Big Lie and the Big Serpent Deception that much of the 3D World Age and Cycle is built upon.

The Movie has to play out and play on to now awaken more and more people to the deceptions and schemes played ad infinitum since as far back as humanity can remember.  And when the movie becomes too ridiculous for even the most avid watchers and participants to participate in, it will cease to exist.  Not because anyone told them so but because they themselves discovered it to be so.

So where does the Color Blue come in?  Blue is calming.  It is grounding.  It is strengthening.  It is clear soul vision.  It is transparency.  It is a sense of being okay with YOU while others find their way with themselves and this Great Big Ascension Process too.  Blue honors your sovereignty and that of others.  Blue affirms a beautiful level of sacred neutrality while also honoring divinity as well.  Blue is a deep level of Soul Love.  It is a Color Code of Unity Consciousness, and a Core Pillar of the Unified Field of Consciousness in the Universe.  Blue is in many ways . . . the Sacred Energy of One.  

So while the movie plays on, and the chessboard continues to play on as we knew it would, and sovereignty is being tested, and sovereignty in more and more people is being trusted, would it be helpful to wear more BLUE?  Would it be empowering to tap into the Color Blue and its messages for Humanity in these times?  Is Blue a Stellar Color in the United States of America’s National Colors?  Is it part of a Trinity of Colors, Red, White, and Blue?  Maybe this asks the question, what do Red and White mean, if Blue means all that it does in our discussions today?  We will have to inquire about that, as a Collective Seeking Truth and a Collective Seeking Illumined Unity.  

For now, we invite you to ground as a world continues to go through The Great Shaking.  This Multidimensional Chess Game is a Living Game Board.  One shakes up a square or pawn or play on the board, shakes up the very fabric of human and sentient life here now.  If you feel jostled, pulled, stretched, changed, scared, shaken, disoriented, overwhelmed, or stressed, know you are not alone.  Spirit is by your side and you have lots of messengers like this one saying, Fear Not.  Find Fullness in your Faith.  Find the Map Within in your Inner Life Lens and Your Inner Knowings.  Find Solace, Comfort, Grounding, and Grace through what you See Deep Within and Know, that is bigger than Ego Perception.

Learn to live sentiently again.  Learn to see sentiently again.  Learn to move sentiently again.  Which means, learn to feel again.  Learn to sense again.  Allow what your higher senses see and perceive, and notice the difference between those awarenesses and your ego’s lenses of perception.  Smallness isn’t enlightenment.  Its a manifestation of skewed or constricted vision.  

If you want Freedom, you have to stretch for it.  If you want Emancipation, you have to expand to let it in.  If you seek Truth, you have to seek it to find it, and allow it TO FIND YOU.  To seek peace and grounding, you have to make room for it with Deep,  Conscious and Soulful Breathing, and the intention to connect with God, Gaia, and your Higher Self.  

Ascension is an Active Process requiring Conscious Participation.  

Sideline Commentary, or even Judgement, isn’t living the Ascension.  Its Ego Filters attempting to distort your picture to make your Screen of Smallness Living fit back into the paradigm the ego wants you to live.  The ego answers and reacts to the Serpent’s demands.  Those demands require people to dance to the beat of Fear and Distorted Lenses of Perceptions.  

The Soul however flies free beyond those distortions, and remembers the Wisdom of The Duck Knowledge within you.  The Soul KNOWS what is up and what is down.  It doesn’t even need to be told.  It simply REMEMBERS.  Again, Soul Led Living and Clear Soul Sight Led Living doesn’t play the Serpent Games.  The Ego does.  

So what vibration are you inhabiting?  What beat or rhythm are you dancing to?  What color codes call your attention?  Do you know that a show and a movie reel is playing out?  Who would you be if you left the game of the movie?  Who are you, at soul level?  

How many seek Freedom at that primal soul level.  Are you among them?  Knowing this?  Feeling this? ~ June 2022 Energy Update ~ Sapphire Blue Sacred GroundingWear blue.  Attract the color Celestial Sapphire Blue into your day.  Feel the Arcturians walking with you as you live those color coded Knowings inside you.  You are way more than you know yourself to be.  Everything is alive inside you when you live from this place again.  Colors are living frequencies.  Spiritual support is a living palpable and visible life force.  That is always there, 24/7.  

The Great Shaking is ushering in The Great Awakening.  They are integrally linked throughout time and space.

We knew this time would come.  And we knew you as a brave epic warrior would be here.  Finding his or her way back to the Divine and Sacred Knowing.  

Watch the Serpent and Serpent Minions flip flop.  Witness the Games of Forked Tongue Speeches.  In 10 second soundbites and longer movie clips too.  The Serpent’s Forked Tongue Speech pits one thing against another.  

Source speaks strongly, clearly, honorably, and powerfully as One.  As One Voice.  One Whole.  One Light.  One Grace.  One Love.  

Blue is the Color of that One Light.  That One Whole.  And that One Love.  

Feel the Frequencies of Freedom and Global Emancipation and Ascension finding you in Sapphire Blue and Ground in All That It Is Gifting To you!

This Summer and this Jubilee Year is an Epic Planetary Emancipation.  

The Ultimate Liberator?  The Ultimate Revealer?  The Ultimate Weaver?  The Ultimate Resetter?  

Is Source.

And that Source?  Lives in You.  

Find time to Let It In.  And Let It Shine!

Blessings to all on the Pathway of Rising Beyond the Games and Illusions.  Blessings to those Rising despite the Storms.  Blessings to those Turning and Living Faith instead of Fear.  It is refreshing for us to see each and every Light returning to its origins and embracing Higher Soul Sight again!

Live it.  Be it.  Breathe it.

You are God’s Living Template for Sovereignty, Abundance, Grace, Love, and Joy!

That is more powerful than any movie the 3D density can throw your way.

Knowing this . . . vitiates illusions and games.

Knowing this in full faith is God’s Armor and Blessing to shower you, protect you, and empower you in these times!

Its Time for God’s Jubilee in 2022.  Armed with Faith, Freedom, and Fortitude, nothing can stop the Unity, Blessings, Grace, and Stellar Fortitude that Awakened Souls embody!  Nothing!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, June 18th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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