July 2020 Energy Update: Happy Quantum Independence Day! Nothing Can Stop the Unity Unfolding & The Return to the Law of One

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 6.27.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through today with joyous anticipation of the splendor of quantum energies showering and infusing your world in July 2020.  So many galactic beings from every corner of the universe are assembling with hearts, minds, and consciousnesses focused on one thing . . . the Earth’s Epic Emancipation.  And in July 2020, you will feel that exponential 5th Dimensional and Higher Unity Consciousness streaming through the Astral Planes of the 4D Energies and Bridge Consciousness and into your 3D Realm of Earth as you have known it for millennia to provide profound upgrades to your human DNA as well as your Galactic DNA too.  This is an upgrade of profound importance and we invite you all to listen deep within throughout the month of July 2020 for this Energetic Cleansing, Resetting, Rewiring, and Re-Alignment to the Divine Codes of Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

For those in the United States, and those witnessing and consciously supporting the Greater Emancipation from tyrannical rule orchestrated by a group of dark wolves for many centuries and claiming one of their home hubs as the United States, this July 4th Celebration will shine a new meaning to the energetics and the understandings of Divine Sovereignty.  Divine Liberation.  Divine Independence.  And Divine Unity again. Nothing can stop the Unity Unfolding!  Nothing from the realm of the 3D Illusion can stop the Greater Cosmic Collective Dream of Re-Union in these times.  And this July, of 2020, during the Ultimate Year of Clear Soul Sight . . . will add some fireworks and celebration frequencies of the Turning of the Tides back to the Law of One, back to the Laws of Harmony, and back to the Law of Divine Sovereignty for each and every being on the planet and in this universe at this time.  

The Great Mother is being liberated.  The Essence of Divine Creation and the Essence of the Divine Feminine is being liberated and freed on an epic scale during the summer of 2020.  And you dear ones are invited to bathe in that Eternal, Emancipating, Extraordinary Level of Unified Light and Higher Sight!  So welcome to this powerful energy stream in July 2020 and in this transmission today.  We have much to share and we are ready to reunite with you for another deep dive into the hero’s journey this year in 2020 as you rise into the Zero Point Portals and Consciousness that bring a Greater Balance, Harmony, Joy, and Unity than you ever thought possible.  

Let us breathe together One Deep Divine Unified Breath In.  Allow this Breath of Unity Consciousness to flow to all of the aspects that you are, that you have ever been, and that you are reclaiming as Divine Wholeness, Light, Peace, and Joy within ~ in these times.  Invite this Sacred Breath into your cells, into your heart, and into your Highest Versions of your own Soul’s Awareness and Divine Embodiment right here and right now with us today. 

In this Sacred Breath, breathed as One, filled with the Law of One, and filled with the Grace of Unity Consciousness, we Breathe Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine throughout the globe on your earth and we breathe it throughout the cosmos as well.  We are Breathers of Divine Union now, one and all, when we tune in consciously to a prayer like this.  And as we breathe it in and consciously summon this Divine Sacred Union in our Core Heart Centers in our own individual ways in all of July 2020 and throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond, we can breathe Divine Union, Wholeness, Resplendent Light, and Joy in our hearts any time we desire this attunement to the Song of the One, or the One Song, that lives inside us all.  And when one sings it, we all sing it, and hear it in our own ways.  Because we remember . . . our One True Source.  And we remember our One True Light.  And we remember our One True Wholeness that exists inside All Of Creation, no matter how things appear on the surface and how things appear through the old paradigm of 3D duality vision.  Our Inner Vision Is Strong.  Our Inner Vision Is Timeless Vision.  Our Inner Vision Is Soul Vision.  And that is how we attune to the Higher Frequencies of the One, when so much seems to be unfolding in greater chaos and calamity on the outside.

In moments of meditation, channeling, spiritual practice, and even our daily conscious breathing, we can witness the chaotic world crumbling around us, as we observe the duality falling in on itself in order to dematerialize from this realm.  And simultaneously (for there is no time in the higher dimensional realms) . . . we can engage our meditation, our channeling, our spiritual practices, and our conscious breathing and we can KNOW the Glory of Wholeness, Balance, Unity, Oneness, Joy, Abundance, and Extraordinary New Light and New Co-Creations at the Highest Levels seeding in your lives today.  Through Conscious Breath and Heart Centered Attention and Intention in this way.  And you can remember ~ as you consciously connect in this way ~ that you never actually left in the first place.  You just breathed yourselves into a realm of illusion for a time, until such time as you would breathe yourselves back.  To Who You Really Are and Always Infinitely Were.  Welcome Home.

As many of you are aware, we have spoken about the Power, the Lessons, and the Larger Legend in the Story of the Two Wolves in the previous 3 channelings.  And we wish to invite you into a deeper experience of Union within yourselves, as we invite you with greater clarity into the Unified Field of Consciousness and Light throughout the month of July 2020.  

For some, when we mention that Divine Portal of the Zero Point Frequency, we feel joy.  Ease.  And a relaxation and return to that which has always been in the Divinity Codes of Creation and in the Divine Blueprints of Creation.  For others, it seems quite vague.  Perhaps even scary.  Or something that should be considered with caution and skepticism.  And we would say, both are valid perceptions, given the world you have been living in.  Yes?  It might be better to cling to the world you know than enter a world that is deceptively inviting, and yet could be decisively worse, once you arrive on the other side.  Yes?  

We understand this fear, that at its core, involves a distrust of the Divine.  Because what has been largely manipulated on your world includes any or most your own understandings of Creation.  Of God.  Of Divinity.  But what many of you have lived through time here in this realm is anything BUT God-like.  Blissful.  Divinity Codes of Light.  And more.  

And so it is hard to celebrate any kind of Independence or Emancipation Day, when truthfully, you just haven’t seen it.  And the mask requirements worldwide recommended by people positioned to be in charge of public health and global health for the greater good seem to be restricting you ever further, rather than liberating you, under the guise of the greater good.  And how does one know who to trust, and who to consider a gangster, deceiver, and controller?  

The remainder of 2020 will give each and all of you many opportunities to use discernment.  To remember what it is like to think for yourselves.  To tune in within for your own guidance about next right steps . . . and also . . . for your own guidance about what to let go of.  Because very soon, more of those you trusted in High Level Positions of “Authority” will be stepping down. They already have been stepping down, for some of you with eyes to see and make note of that in past months and recent years.  But more will step down.  

Part of that is due to the Truth that they were only “authorities” in a 3D world of illusion.  And the theatre is over.  And part of that is due to the deeper Truth that only those emanating 5D Frequencies of Inner Balance, Sovereignty, Unity, Awareness, Authenticity, and Alignment with the Highest and Greatest Good will be allowed to rise into positions of leadership and positions of New Earth stewardship on councils that will be forming once more as the 3D darkness and the dark ages is cleared away or removed.

Do you remember the transmissions and conversations this channel had about the Emperor’s New Clothes?  It was quite effective that the swindler tailors were able to worm their way into the King’s High Court by a series of cunning manipulations that played on people’s fears . . . through the vehicle of public shaming.  Wasn’t it?  For those that didn’t believe the tailors had these incredible abilities were called out publicly for not being as wise, skilled, elite, and wonderful as the public had once thought.  And therefore, cunningly so, any one who questioned the tailors work (or lack thereof) on new robes and new clothes for the king was somehow less than, or less skilled, or less smart, or less entitled to their positions of status within the kingdom, and essentially should be ashamed of themselves for not being enough and for occupying such important positions, that typically took years to achieve or acquire.  Yet, as the story goes, this pair of bandits and swindlers, were so effective, and so skillful, that they had just enough of a perfect recipe to usurp the power of the people and the power of the king or emperor by shaming anyone who questioned their accusations and their system of manipulations, that this duo was able to do precisely that.  Undermine an entire system of governance that had worked quite well for many, many years.  It just goes to show all of us how in a world of separation consciousness and division . . . how easily shame, projection, character attacks, lies, manipulations, etc can be perpetrated on large groups of people, who have been conditioned to abhor the feelings of shame and internalized low self worth and disempowerment on their own.

And then, over the course of that story, which is a metaphorical journey to which probably each and everyone of you can relate at some level, to some level of avoiding shame . . . and going along with some story or another . . . so as not to be singled out and heckled and worse ~ rejected completely for the organic divinity you are . . . listeners or readers of the story witness how ridiculous it gets that these two clowns (the tailors) successfully get the emperor himself to believe that they have made him such  fine new robes and garments . . . even though when he would “try them on” . . . there was actually nothing there.  And this led to the day, where a kind of parade and celebration was enacted to celebrate the Emperor and his new clothes . . . where he was to walk down the streets of his own kingdom wearing his new fabulous clothes made of the finest fabrics in all the land . . . but in actuality . . . he was utterly fooled into parading his sheer nakedness for all to see.  And only a child in the crowd at the celebration said what was on everyone’s minds at the time ~ pointing to the emperor and asking why he had no clothes on!  Luckily in that moment, the people of that kingdom ~ who had been utterly shamed into silence, and utterly attacked for somehow being “less than” and unfit to potentially even live in that kingdom and serve in that community, for questioning ANY narrative the tailer-swindler-bandits had spun . . . broke their silence as they all burst out laughing and admitted the ridiculousness of not seeing and stating the obvious swindlery and trickery of the two tailors before . . . and the emperor knew in that moment that he too had received the ultimate swindle and manipulation . . . so much so . . . that he was willing to walk down the streets naked as the day of his birth . . . simply to avoid being shamed for the Truth . . . that there never were any new Emperor’s Clothes . . . and yet for which . . . he paid a royal sum . . . in both dollars and costs to his precious ego and his own deep sense of humility and shame.   

And here you are dear ones ~ witnessing the legend of the two wolves . . . being reminded of the Emperor’s New Clothes . . . today . . . as your own 3D band of tailors, swindlers, or global mafia members continue to play their games with humanity’s perceptions, beliefs, conditionings, and convictions.  Who among you wants to be among the first of you to be shamed for “not seeing the Emperor’s new clothes” being made by these scoundrel tailors?  Who among you has been accused of being a conspiracy theorist?  And been shamed repeatedly by those who do not see what they see?  How easy is it to divide and conquer one little kingdom, by a team of two tailors –  setting up the narrative that no one can question that narrative, or they will be deemed less evolved, less clear sighted, less intelligent, less aware, and less deserving of humanity’s acceptance and approval for who and what they really are?  

Do you see now why The Duality Game is
so important to consider in these times?  

Do you see now how it is possible for swindlers to have swindled not just one emperor, or king, or queen, or governmental leader, or townspeople, or communities, or global humanity . . . by simple, primal fears they manipulate on the people, and in the people?  So as to suppress and completely shut down any questionings of any narratives that they don’t want the people to see, even if they are in plain sight?  Even if the Naked Truth is right in front of the entire world for the whole world to see?

Who is the child among you who will say the Truth?  

Who is the child in the massive crowds of people on your world, whether on television, in a stadium, at a parade, or on an online podcast or video . . . who will state the obvious Truth of the fake narrative and the false imprisonment so many suffer at the hands of global bandits?  Sheisters?  Criminals?  Villains?  And sold as truth?  And global compassion and caring?  And healing duality and discord and division?  As public safety and global concern for the planet?  The list goes on and on.  

What Child of God will stand up and say what they Truly See, with their Zero Point Vision?  

What Child of God will be willing to be ridiculed, called terrible names, shamed for their Soul Sight, fired from their jobs, and marginalized and weakened and destroyed by the sheisters and swindlers . . . for simply stating the Obvious Truth . . . when the 3D lens of shame, conformity, manipulation, and control is not clouding their vision?     

At which point would the Emperor have wished that someone had called it out, before he walked down the streets naked as the day he was born?  To experience the ultimate shame for his lack of courage and lack of clear sight to stand up himself and state the obvious?  

The masks on your world to some extent is this Emperor’s New Clothes story.  Only not told in a little faerie tale.  But told in the 3D tale of the human story and journey to Greater Awakening.  

The stories told to you about your immune systems, and lack there of, might just be part of an Emperor’s New Clothes game and gimmick and trick that has been played on the global collective for centuries of time, to fight wars, to create disease, to manifest fear, to create shame, and to continue perpetual tactics that leave all kinds of people hating each other, embracing division, burning down historical sites, rioting in the streets, fighting this belief or that one.  And calling out conspiracy theories to be shamed, mocked, defiled, destroyed, and left for dead, including those who might be accused of believing in them.  Or seeing the Truth in them, when others simply could not.

Are these the True Divinity Codes of a Global Humanity?  Designed and birthed into form by the Energetic Matrix of Source Creation?  

Is it truly for the Best Interest of all Humankind or All of Sentient Life to suppress all belief systems except for the narrative being perpetrated on people to ultimately divide and control them, but while they truly simultaneously are conditioned and allowed to believe they are actually free?  

What is so scary about someone else having a different belief system than the one you might presently have?  

Whether you are a mask wearer, or a non mask wearer, whether you are a vaccinator or non-vaccinator, whether you are white skinned, black skinned, red skinned, brown, yellow, or anything in between, . . . does that make you less Divine?

Does that make you less gifted as a Divine Soul Presence and Creator of the One True Creator and the One True Creation?

When did it become a crime to be your True Divinity?  

When did it become so easy to slip into the realm of internalized shame and divided duality . . . so much so . . . that the blinders you might perceive other conspiracy theorists wearing . . . are the blinders you might actually wear yourself?

What if you are each and all the White Wolf and the Dark Wolf?  What if you each and all are the Emperor wearing no clothes?  What if you each and all have been manipulated by timelines of discord, shame, blame, conspiracy, religious control, inquisition, infanticide, genocide, disease, and more?

What if you all are carrying deep wounds through time in need of deep healing?

What if July 2020 was here to clear your wound-tethers from all time?

What if 2020, the entire year, was here to help you to question the narratives you cling to?

What if the Ultimate Year of Clear Soul Sight was actually inviting you to question your beliefs, your agendas, your convictions, your values, your perpetrations of judgement, etc . . . and to really scrutinize where your own blinders might be . . . that could cause you in any way to miss seeing the obvious?  The obvious manipulations?  Or illusion?  

By some master story tellers of 3D lies and illusion?

We are not here dear ones to tell you who is right and who is wrong.  For we do not see even from those lenses ~ from the Unified Field of Cosmic and Source Consciousness.  

We are here to encourage you to witness your own biases.  Your fears.  Your judgments.  Your shaming tactics.  Your own projections that shut others down for having different belief systems.

In your world culture, much has been shaped to shame those who speak out about the two wolves and about the emperor’s nakedness, even though there are many who do in fact see it!

There is an information war, within the spiritual war unfolding on your planet.

How will a planet free itself if it won’t allow many diverse perspectives to speak to what they see, even if that includes misinformation and disinformation at times?  Or most of the time? 

Do you not want to reclaim your Clear Soul Sight this year?  And beyond?

If you do feel you are wanting to rise into Wholeness Vision, it will require more skills on the journey of reclaiming that very clear vision.

3D Courage, 5D Spiritual Fortitude, Open-Heartedness, Willingness, Divine Flexibility, Non-Attachment, Witness-Observing, a Willingness to Experience a Level of Shame or Differentness, a Willingness to remove the costumes you may still wear to conform, a Willingness to find your True Voice in your 5th Chakra, and to clear all other chakras of their blocks, and more will be needed in this hero’s journey.

What will you pack for the trip?  GMO Foods?  Organic Foods with Vibrant Colors?  Masks to prevent a virus that lives outside of you or that might live within you?  Clear Loved and Appreciated Pristine Water?  Bottled Water sold in every day grocery stores, from origins unknown?  

When does it become relevant again to think for yourselves?  To discern for yourselves?  To listen for yourselves?  To the information swirling in your world right now?

When is it time to listen for the news that is meant for you versus the 24/7 narrative that is given and nearly implanted in the human collective?

We advise starting now.  We invite you to the Hero’s Journey that the Remainder of 2020 invites you all to participate in.  

What would it be like to listen to a Conspiracy Theorist, one you know or one you may not know, to simply hear them out?  And to listen with discernment ~ to the possibility that what if elements in their perceptions might actually be True?  Might actually have data to substantiate that Truth?  And to the possibility that perhaps those who have been tagged as extremists or conspiracy theorists or woo-woo speakers and teachers and more . . . might actually have pieces of a larger picture that has been kept from humanity, much like the emperor was kept from actually having some fine garments made, that were fit for a King.

In the word emperor this channel has noticed the typo that keeps wanting to autocorrect in this transmission today . . . from Emperor to Empower and Empowerer!  

What if the Emperor’s New Clothes was a message through time for all you listening today?  What if there have been messages hidden in all of your texts, in books that weren’t burned, but that have elements of codes and enlightenment within them?

What if there is an inner Empowerment in your own inner Emperors . . . who are finding their way in these times to drop the games.  Release the blinders.  Clear the blocks.  And to commit to seeing with Truth, Light, and Clear Soul Sight, no matter what?

How might that change your world in 2020?  And facilitate the quantum leap in conscious perception . . . if the illusion of the swindlers could be removed?

The swindlers are just actors themselves.  Poor playwrights who cannot find work in the 5D realms and higher, because no one there believes them.  So much so that the only realm they can occupy and control are 3D and lower dimensional realities.

Does that lend any credibility to their stories?

We don’t think so.  Unemployability in the Greater Galaxy should be a huge sign to all of you that something is array with their story and their vibration.  Eventually they will evolve and rise to join the Light again too.  For now, they like their roles as villains.  And they embrace the false jewels and power they glean from pulling the wool over people’s eyes. 

Does that expression have any connection with the legend of the two wolves and the metaphor of people either being wolves or sheep in this realm at this time?

We think so.

So we invite you to join in the Celebration of July 4th in America for all those with eyes to see the Cosmic and Quantum Celebration that is Rising in the Hearts of All with Clear Soul Sight . . . and that KNOW that 5D Frequencies of Light and Unity Consciousness are seeding themselves in this New Earth Garden like never before! 

And that KNOW that the Swindlers and Dark Wolves are being exposed and removed from power . . . and will no longer be able to fake the narratives any longer . . . at least through their vessels and projections of illusion anyway.

The Time for Freedom, Emancipation, Illumination,
Liberation, and Sovereignty is here!

We celebrate each and all of you listening to our transmissions, now, previously, and in the future.  For our only desire is to support you now in this journey and this inner rising to the Truth of Who You Really Are.  Wherever you are in the journey, we welcome you to embrace that with greater and greater commitment.  And that means, we encourage and invite you to embrace Greater and Greater Amounts of Truth, and Seeking Truth, even if it is in narratives you listen to, that you aren’t interested in or even believe, now or ever.

A Diversity of Perspectives is what will help you
to find your Zero Point Portal Within.  

So embrace the Wolves that show up in all of their versions and cloaks and guises and TRUTHS.  Embrace all of it . . . for the spins of intel and information . . . are increasing to lead you into that Portal of Zero Point Light . . . and to release the 3D Realm of Illusion forever.  For it never was the Divine Design itself for any of you to reside here.  It was only an experiment, whose time is up.

Source and Mother Earth Invite you Now with Open Arms and Open Hearts to Return to the Great Awakening and the Great Emancipation into the Light You Always Were and Truly Are!

Embrace the Nakedness of Truth Itself!  Divine Truth Itself. 
And have no fear of what that is.  For that is what is setting you free!

Happy Sacred and Sovereign Galactic and Quantum Independence Day!

Many blessings to you as you rise into the Portal of Light and Illumination through Zero Point Sight that July 2020 is offering to you!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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To hear Part 2 of this transmission via podcast, please visit either your favorite podcast platform (and search ~ Whole Soul Mastery), or click here to tune in via buzzsprout: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1090622/episodes/4439381

2 Responses to “July 2020 Energy Update: Happy Quantum Independence Day! Nothing Can Stop the Unity Unfolding & The Return to the Law of One

  • Hi Marie, Thank you for this transmission.
    The Guides are very involved now. The sense of urgency is huge.

    I have been learning the details of what really going on, and it hasn’t been easy. I always KNEW it, just not all the details.

    The funny thing is that now, the way I have always “FELT the world”—makes sense.

    The last few months, I see the construct so much, I dont always know how to interact.
    I feel like I am in a video game. Its hard to know how to participate, especially that I just lost my job last week. SO its time to play the “scramble” for survival theme.

    I wasn’t positive exactly what the message was to those of us, that are in the know.
    I am going to run over to you tube and listen to your interpretation now.
    I Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing contribution that you are giving so freely.
    I dont know if YOU know how much it connects those of us that are not “visible”.
    Our Light can shine because of you, and the brave and visible Souls like you!
    I send you much love and respect!

    • Hi Mary! Thank you 🙏🏻✨ I am beyond honored and delighted to hear how the transmissions resonate with you and empower you in the shifts we are rising up and through. Yes, it is quite an incredible Awakening Process that we are journeying at this time, especially for empaths and sensitives like you and I. We are in many ways being called to rise beyond the duality and the distortions of the 3D illusions and into more of the Integrated Sight, the Wholeness Vision, that our Hearts Know So Deeply and Timelessly Well. Many of us are holding the visions of the new timelines, while we also anchor those visions as knowings within too. We are the seed planters and conscious gardeners of what is already sprouting amidst the dematerializations of the false world and matrix we have all been living in for some time. Two things come to mind quickly for you to tune into . . . I know Magenta Pixie on YouTube had a great video in the past couple of months about the 3 Stages of Ascension that you might find helpful or insightful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysRSoJHUX74 And also ~ you might also enjoy connecting Adrienne Elise Super Nova Soul Tribe . . . She has brilliant intentions of bringing those of us that are empaths and that are healers in this realm at this time together . . . for community, inspiration, and soul group projects that will evolve organically and in beautiful ways. You can check that out here: https://adrienneelise.com/soul-tribe/. Mostly, I send alot of love and gratitude your way for your beautiful appreciation and your amazing ability to language what can be quite daunting in these times. It is in communing with the Truth, the Light, and our Higher Sight within us that we will have the Soul Strength and Fortitude to Stand and Rise in these times, and pave pathways of Light for ourselves and others in this new terrain and this new higher frequency of the 5D Earth. First, we will witness many revelations of untruths and be a grounding Light for ourselves in and in the world at this time as well. I will email you another thought I have, which may also inspire and uplift you in the transition you are in between jobs at the moment! Much love and blessings! ❤️🤍💙🦋✨