May 2021+ Energy Update: The Ultimate Everything ~ The Ultimate Revelations, Noahs, Floods, Flowers, & More!

May 2021+ Energy Update:

The Ultimate Everything:
The Ultimate Revelations, Noahs,
Floods, Flowers, Shepherd, Sheep . . .
& The Ultimate Union of All Time

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.1.2021

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here. We are delighted to soar with you and ride these waves of change unfurling and unfolding on your world at this time.  We join you in this transmission today on the first of May 2021, streaming through the Divine White Christ Light of Source and the Golden Crystalline Diamond Frequencies of the Earth Mother.  In their Union, We Breathe Union.  In their Sacred Balance and Harmony, We Breathe Sacred Balance and Harmony.  So let us first Breathe a Conscious Divine Breath In together.  And as we breathe this Divine Oxygen, know in your heart that we are breathing and weaving Divine Unity into this world and beyond into all worlds and realms within this Universe.  We are the Breath of Union.  We are the Breath of God/Source/Creator and Mother Gaia in Union, in Wholeness, and in Awareness of All That Is. We are the Breath of the Rising Tides of the Earth’s Ascension.  And those tides are navigating the storms of the Collective’s Unrest at having fallen so far away from Union in this 3D galactic experiment en route to the Great Awakening and the Great Union that is summoning all of God and Gaia’s Children Home to the Heart of One.  As we Breathe Union this day in May 2021, and any other day in God’s Infinite Creation, know that we can Breathe Light and Life as One, as Wholeness, as a Living Miracle in any timeline . . . in celebration of the All That Is or to re-unify the Light of the All That Is in places that have forgotten the Essence of their Life Force and the Essence of Who They Truly Are. ~ The Ultimate Everything ~ Conscious BreathingBreath Is Union, Dear Ones. Every time you breathe consciously in this way you serve and live as a conduit of Grace.  You take your place among all of the Ascended Masters and the Avatars of All Time as a living conscious channel of Divine Grace and the Ark/Arc of God’s Infinite Knowing, that lives and breathes in YOU.  And in consciously becoming willing to embody this Living Life Force Within, you anchor and you ground into form in this realm the Celestial Light of Divine Creation that is seeded and templated in the Inner Knowing of the Magic and Miracles of Divine Union in form.  

We have spoken a great deal about Conscious Breathing in many transmissions.  And we will continue to call Humanity’s Attention to the Power of Conscious Breathing to Unite Worlds.  To Unite Kingdoms.  And to Unite Realms within the much Greater and Infinite Cosmos.  Breath Is Union, dear ones.  And therefore, Breath Is Bliss.  Breath Is Health.  Breath Is Abundance.  Breath Is Joy.  Breath Is Love. Breath Is Creation.  And Breath Is Well-Being . . . that lives beyond any illusions of lower dimensional realms.  

Why then do you think that the captors and puppets of the 3D matrix would want a world not to breathe? Why then do you think in the years 2020 and 2021 . . . there would be a global “pandemic” requiring a lack of breathing?  Instilling the fear of not breathing?  Through a global masking that fulfills agendas to disable, disallow, and disavow the God Given Blessing of Divine Breathing?  Of Sovereign Breathing?  Of Sacred and Conscious Breathing?  Could it be that this is a Divine Timeline where all will re-unite in True and Total Divine Union with Source/God/Creator once more?  Could it be that this is a Time of the Great Flood of God’s Truths in form once more?  Could it be that this is a Timeline foretold in Jesus’ Time . . . where God would return to the Hearts of All and walk within and among you once more?

The perpetration of masking Humanity did not first appear in 2020.  The perpetration of a 3D matrix has unveiled and enforced masking in numerous other timelines.  All precipitated by a calculated plan to first inject the fear of a contagion.  An unseen force.  That would threaten to harm the known way of life.  The known way of experiencing life.  And yet what did the injection of the first wave of fear of contagion ultimately do, in the subsequent waves of that experience?  Of that unfoldment?  The contagion did not need to decimate life as people and the world knew it.  The fear unfolded the decimation perfectly.  Where people, in their attempt to avoid the forecasted destiny and plight of the world, actually summoned in the very plight they had attempted to circumvent.  It is the 3D matrix’s, and thus the Serpent’s Way, of casting a very large net over the sentient life and light of this world . . . and triggering the age-old fear of separation, suffering, and struggle . . . by forecasting that very same separation, suffering, and struggle, and allowing the collective to manifest its vision on the Serpent’s Behalf.  This in a paradoxical way . . . effectively uses Creation . . . for devilish and lower density agendas.  For as you remember, the Serpent and lower dimensional entities that serve that serpent cannot create or manifest.  They can only manipulate others with Divine Life Force to create and manifest.  And this is how those individuals and those in the collective who are lost and still dazed and confused in the Sea of Separation Consciousness are easily manipulated by unseen forces to manifest through their spiritual blindness ~ the fear they actually seek to avoid.  In other words, when lost souls and confused individuals are triggered into their worst fears, . . . they often manifest their worst fears on the roads they take to avoid them.  

Masking a sentient world is the antithesis of God’s Free, Infinite,
Sovereign, Loving, and Benevolent Visions for Creation.   

Masking a sentient world is the antithesis of Health, Wholeness, Freedom,
Sovereignty, Abundance, Security, Joy, Love, and Light.   

Masking a sentient world is the antithesis of Unified Breath,
and Divine Souls Breathing In Union with God and with Gaia.
And through this Practice of Manipulated Masking, the Serpent
casts its Net, or Spell, or Illusion over many souls who simply
cannot see the game that is played at their own expense. 

So let us return once more to the Living Essence of Conscious Breathing.  

Through Conscious Breathing, the Living Noah Spirit in each and all of you is activated.  

Through Conscious Breathing, Divine Faith and Fortitude are activated and strengthened.

Through Conscious Breathing, Divine Union is Felt and Known Within.

And Through Conscious Breathing, Anything Ever Needed, Wanted, or Desired is summoned into form from the formless, for every prayer is answered, every command is given, and every vibrational intention is honored.  

When masks are worn, this severs vibrationally, consciously, and systematically
what Divine Union through Conscious Breathing affords Divine Creation.  

And thus it is no accident that masks are always the remedy recommended by puppets of the 3D matrix’s agendas, to further the deeper agenda of mass separation, mass disorientation, and mass manipulation and control.

In a Realm of Duality, such as this 3D matrix, if you have a Divine, Loving, Giving, Empowering, Vibrant, and Infinite Source supporting and infusing its offspring with Infinite Freedom, Well-Being, Creativity, Connection, Love, and Light, you also will have a Demonic, Narcissistic, Life-less, Manipulative, Deceptive, Dark, Love-less, and Light-less Serpent or Devil that is controlling, manipulating, and deceiving God’s offspring with Lies, Propaganda, and Deceptions that serve its bidding, its agendas, and its needs and appetites.  That is the True and Transparent Nature of The Duality Game. ~ The Ultimate Everything ~ Jesus Christ

Christ foretold many timelines to come of these Deceptions.  Christ taught the Way of the Light, the Way of Faith, the Way of Fortitude, and the Way of Living through the Clear Soul Sight of the Heart, which is the Way of Union With Source.  There have been many, many ways that this Duality Game theatre has played out over the centuries in the Timeline between Christ and your Time, now today.  

And this Timeline today is the Time of the New Time.   

So what has to be revealed and unveiled . . . for all sentient life and planet Earth herself
to truly ascend to the New Time and the New Timeline?

The Serpent’s Way.  

The Serpent’s Tactics, Moves, Manipulations, Darkness, 

Puppets, Agendas, and Unfoldments throughout History.

What is soon to be unmasked?

The Truth of History.

Un-Censored History.

The Truth of the Serpent, that has been
largely the Narrator of History.  

Is this a pleasant concept?  The idea or notion that the Serpent could have been the narrator of what Humanity conceives to be True?  About Who They Are and What They have lived and endured, believing those stories and versions of truth to be All That Is.  And to be All There Is in this realm?

No, we know this is not easy.  We know this is not pleasant.  We know this is not pleasant or easy for the faint of heart and the un-seasoned, or un-awakened, soul traveler.  

And yet, Awakening Is Happening.  New Earth Noahs are summoned.  

The Ultimate Shepherd is summoning his flock Home.

And that means that The Ultimate Shepherd, God/Source/Creator,

Is summoning you.  Your Family.  And Everyone and Everything on this
planet Home to the Light of Source and the Heart of God once more.

So here we have been speaking to the Division and Divisiveness of the Legend of the Two Wolves.  We have illuminated the lessons in the Emperor’s New Clothes, and the propaganda as well as shame game that played out there.  We have spotlighted the Essential Locomotion of your Energy Bodies working in harmony and balance and union with each other, through the story of Dragonfly.  We have spotlighted Noah’s Ark and the Ascension Arc.  And we have called your attention to The Ultimate Shepherd.  

We have shared messages about the Gifts and Power of Conscious Breathing.  And we have shared with you its metaphysical, ascensional, and alchemical properties, of Cosmic Clearing and Cleansing of lower dimensional energies as well as Cosmic Pollination of higher dimensional vibrations and energies as well.

Christ in his biblical time planted many conscious and cosmic seeds in the hearts of those with ears to hear and eyes to see in that timeline.  Those seeds have scattered and taken root throughout the globe, in many teachers, healers, artists, business people, parents, families, and countless others in a myriad of roles and occupations.  

He did so to transcend the limits of time and the control of human consciousness through time.  These seeds were Freedom Seeds.  They were Liberation Seeds.  They were Seeds of Divine Breath, Faith, Fortitude, and Prana, for the lifetimes that would be lived in the expanding density . . . foreshadowed by the Serpent’s previous and present creations at that time.  

And now, in 2021, is the Time of the Ultimate Bloom.  It is the Time of the Ultimate Revelations.  It is the Time of the Ultimate Shepherd Returning to Raise and Re-Unite the Ultimate Flock.  

Many through the centuries have incarnated to carry these Seeds of Light with Christed Consciousness, while many still remained asleep.  Source seeded enough Divine Souls in every lifetime who would be the Carriers of the Christ Consciousness and these Divine Seeds, to bear fruit in those timelines, and to seed New Generations of Christ Code Carriers and Christed Seed Planters of future generations.  

There is only Divine Precision in God’s Creation.  Every sacred seed was perfect.  Every sacred song planted in the hearts of humanity was perfect.  

Yes, there has been great suffering.  Yes, there has been great separation.  And there has been great and immense sorrow, pain, and challenge endured.  By All People.  

And now . . . is the Time of the Great Blooming.  And what is May often referred to?  The Time of May Flowers.  April Showers Bring May Flowers.  Yes?

Is this a Time of the Christed Blooming, long foretold?  Is this a Time of the Resurrection and Return of Christ, long foretold? Is this a Time of the Revelations of Christ, long foretold?  

It Is Most Certainly A Biblical Time, Dear Ones.  It Is Most Certainly a Time of Biblical Revelations.  It Is A Time of Biblical Floods of Truth that still to many would seem inconceivable.  Unfathomable.  Unbelievable.  

And yet, each time that God appeared in the Bible through a Divine Instrument (like Moses, Abraham, Mary, Joseph, Noah, and Jesus Christ), floods of revelations unfolded.  Floods of Truth, Miracles, and Manifestations unfolded.  

The Serpent has had its way with the 3D realm through epic manipulations, deceptions, propagandas, and insidious agendas.  

And now?  In 2021?  God is Returning All to the Heart of One.  

Jesus and others foretold a Time of Revelations.  A Time of Union with Source.  A Time of Miracles and Miraculous Events incomprehensible to the people of his day.  And yet many through time have lived those words, those creationary sounds of Divine Wisdom and Soul Fortification, knowing this Time of Revelations would arrive.  

And here we are.  2020 was the Ultimate Year of Clear Soul Sight, Known and Foretold many eons ago.  2021 is essentially 2020+1 . . . which to us conveys the Living Vibrational Truth of 20/20 Clear Soul Sight PLUS Union in the One.  Union with the Heart of One.

Why then would the Serpent need to utilize its army of demonic instruments, to orchestrate a Global Pandemic of Fear and Mask Wearing in the Year of 2020?  Could it have been a much larger agenda than many realize?  Could it have been to orchestrate its Ultimate War with God in this Timeline?  Could it have been to snub God and steal God’s Children, The Light of the World, for its own Gain and its own Nefarious Agendas for a New World it was planning, Post-2020? ~ The Ultimate Everything ~ Chess Board Battle Between Good and EvilYes . . . we have shared that this is a Spiritual War, dear ones.  This is a Battle between  Good and Evil of Epic Proportions.

Wearing the Mask is a sign of the Lost Sheep.  Believing in a Virus of Epidemic and Plandemic Proportions when no True Evidence of this has been Proven on a Global Stage, with substantiated DIVINE TRUTH, is a mark of Lost Sheep.  Depressing Divine Breath in any way at this Critical Juncture, and being an advocate of Suppressing Conscious Breathing, in a Time of this Epic Spiritual War in 2020 and 2021+, is a mark of Lost Sheep.  

Those awake and aware Know the Epicly and Infinitely Immeasurable Sacred Value of Sacred Breathing, Sovereign Breathing, and Divine Breathing in these times.

Those awake and aware have been summoned to live and be and BREATHE as New Earth Noahs in the Time That Is Now.  Many among the Activated, Awakened, and Awakening Souls on your planet at this time lived in other “masked” times and other “lost sheep” timelines.  They know the Mark of the Beast.  They recognize the signs of the Serpent’s Manipulations and the Serpent’s Army.  They know this is a Time of the Ultimate Spiritual Battle and Showdown Between Good and Evil foretold to occur in these times.

Many have lost their way.  Many are dazed and confused, and like literal lost sheep, have lost their instinct to find their way Home.  Separation and Fear have become their way of life.  Separation and Fear have become their only lens of life.  Such that mask wearing is a very natural next step that is in alignment with their lost state of consciousness, and thus their spiritual astigmatism and amnesia.  

The Ultimate Shepherd is here. 

The Ultimate Shepherd has returned to reset, re-orient,
and re-align its Divine Flock with the Heart of One in 2021.  

2020+1 is Clear Soul Sight Plus The Heart of One.   

What has to unfold for The Ultimate Shepherd to clean up this world and clear out
the illusions that have taken up residence here for so long?

The Rain of Revelations.  The Flood of Revelations.     

For through the Floods and Rains of Revelations . . .
Births A New Reign of Sacred and Sovereign Light,
A New Reign of Conscious Breathing and Clear Soul Sight,
and A New Reign of New Earth and Divine Birth-Right-Led Living.   

And this is where the Spirit of New Earth Noahs comes in.  This is where those who are awake to Conscious Breathing, those who are awake to the Soul Skills of Aligning your Heart with Source, and Aligning your Inner Compass, Lantern, and Map Within to the Godheart, to see these unfoldments through God’s Eyes, through Source Vision, must Stand Tall in their Faith.  Must Stand Tall in their Heart Vision.  And must Stand Tall in their Conscious Breathing in this time.

For the Floods of Revelations are already underway.  They are already streaming.  And they soon will hit the air waves of every person on this planet.  

What do you need and desire when a Flood of Anything hits your Air Waves?  And Air Waves is another expression for Breathing Tube?  Which is another expression for Divine Channel or Conduit or Vessel?  

Conscious Breathing.  You will need your Conscious Breathing and this Divine Prana to fortify you and your soul presence, and ground your body temples, as the Winds of Change and these Waves of Change storm through.  

You will want to stand in the Ascension Arc with Conscious Breathing in your Divine Vessel, to stay afloat in these Transmutational Flood Waters.  

You will want to Breathe As One with Source, as the dark and dense waters of 3D suffering, pain, illusion, confusion, manipulation, and deception are cleared and swept away.  

So we invite you once more . . . connect with your Conscious Breathing.  Connect with your Divine Breathing and your Inner Ascension Ark/Arc.  Trust in the Divine Plan that was foretold . . . truly . . . at the beginning of the Separation Cycle . . . when it first birthed into form as a Collective Creation.  

You have held the Arc and the Ark Within the Whole Time.  Like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, another illustrative story for this Age of Separation and these Deceptions etc., she has the ability to go Home within The Whole Time.

Now Is The Time to Fortify Your Arcs/Arks.  

Now Is The Time to Align with Source AS Your Arc/Ark.

This is the Ultimate Noah’s Ark Timeline.

The Ultimate Shepherd is already here, and has already cleared a path for the many Lost Sheep to return Home.  

Ground in Your Sacred Sovereign Path.  Ground in your Sacred and Sovereign Alignment with Source.  Breathe your Divine Union with Source.  Now and ever more so.

Know where the Divine Oxygen and Prana of Source Blessing is . . . In You.  

As the storms rise, and the revelations hit the air waves, Know that you have the Inner Ark/Arc to sail those waves as you BREATHE IN UNION WITH SOURCE.

For in that Union, is all the Guidance you will need . . . to transcend these times.  For yourself.  Your family.  Your friends.  And your communities.  

May 2021 is a Message of Floods, Storms, Revelations, Flowers, and Divine Union.

This Epic War is on the Cusp of an Ultimate Showdown.  

This Epic Spiritual War is on the Brink of the Ultimate Revelations.  

What will find the Lost Sheep?  How will they ultimately be Found?

Revelations.  Revelations Are The Living Alchemy to Divine Lostness.  And 3D Separation.  

Revelations Are The Antidote.  

Revelations are the Alchemizer and Activator of the Living Light Codes in God’s Lost Sheep. ~ The Ultimate Everything ~ Grounding Spiritual Practices on a Beach

So prepare, dear ones.

Prepare for these Deep and Divine Revelations.  That are bittersweet.

In the Pain of the Truth, there is Liberation.

In the Pain of the Truth, there is Emancipation.

In the Truth, many are rising to return to the Heart of God and the Heart of One.

In the Living Light of Truth, All are summoned Home to Remember Who They Truly Are.

You are this Living Light of Truth.  And those rising will claim and more fully embody the Living Light Codes of the New Earth Timeline.  

The Time of the New Time rising in your conscious awareness will have its own distinct name in the re-writing and revelations of your True History.  You will mark this New Time as Ground Zero, or Zero Point, in some way, for all generations to come.

It will be marked by the Light of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness returning ALL to the Heart of One and the Unified Field of Oneness in the Greater Cosmos.

These are Epic Times dear ones.  These are Biblical Times.

Breathe Union, dear ones.  Union With Source is the Living Ark/Arc of Your Time!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

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4 Responses to “May 2021+ Energy Update: The Ultimate Everything ~ The Ultimate Revelations, Noahs, Floods, Flowers, & More!

  • Branislav Habus
    3 years ago

    Are you sure that you are channelling positive energy?
    There is to much reference to catholic religion in your messages, in my opinion, and catholic religion is glorifying one evil god (introduced by Jesus) to hide from us that we are all equal gods.

    • Hi Branislav. These are offerings of energy and vibration. Some resonate with these energetic offerings and some simply will not. I trust you will use your own discernment as to what resonates with you as True for you. There are many paths that lead to The Great Awakening, The Great Return, and the Great Re-Union. I wish you light and blessings in your path to Live and be the Faith, Fortitude, and Re-Union with Source, with Creation, with the Light in this Grand Universe!

  • Hello Marie,

    As you say:

    “This Epic War is on the Cusp of an Ultimate Showdown.

    This Epic Spiritual War is on the Brink of the Ultimate Revelations.

    What will find the Lost Sheep? How will they ultimately be Found?

    Revelations. Revelations Are The Living Alchemy to Divine Lostness. And 3D Separation.

    Revelations Are The Antidote.

    Revelations are the Alchemizer and Activator of the Living Light Codes in God’s Lost Sheep.”

    There is a full lunar eclipse on May 26th which suggests what you have stated. Others are sensing that major energetic shifts in the Earth’s biosphere are occurring that will be intense around this moment as a new timeline appears to be emerging.

    As you have stated, we must take off all that binds us to the outmoded and corrupt narrative of deception and fall into that which is now emerging. Let us not look for it outside of our self but stay vigilant and allow it to happen when our heart feels the flow.

    Years ago, I had a dream.

    I was sitting with my Son in a café in the center of an Old-World village, like a piazza that marked the heart of a beautiful European city. We were both enjoying the evening together. I had the sense that I was in a race, something monumental like the Tour de France, and this was our respite for the day. Although I was doing well in this race, it was not over, and tomorrow it would continue.

    You could say that I was consciously breathing the scene as I was thoroughly immersed within this event in the presence of my Son. Time was fluid as the entire evening flowed within a matter of moments to the point where there was only one other patron left who I sensed was female.

    Then a slow-moving horse drawn carriage appeared which I could sense as it rolled along the cobblestones. It stopped behind us and the driver came down and walked to our table. He congratulated me (us) for doing well (so far) in the race and gave me something rare and precious to eat. Surprised, I thanked him and shared this gift with my Son. It was like a pickled crab-leg which tasted exquisite, which is rare for the fact that I have never recalled tasting anything before in a dream. I was then asked to approach the carriage because there was someone who wished to speak to me.

    So, I raised myself from the café chair and walked over to the cab. When I got there, I discovered that there was the same woman who was sitting at the other table, leaning towards the carriage window speaking to the occupant. My sense told me that she was also doing well in the race. For that reason, I realized a deep admiration for her, and felt that at some point I would have to meet her.

    When she walked away from the cab, I slowly approached the window, and as I peered into its dark chamber, I began to make out the silhouette of a man dressed in fine garments. He was wearing a multi-colored Nehru jacket of a mostly dark purple material with intricately woven silver threads. As I focused on his face, I saw a very wry, knowing, and illuminated smile, with clear, compassionate, mischievous, and soulful eyes framed in wire rimmed glasses.

    My soul recognized him as the great initiate, Carl Gustave Jung. Apparently, he was on his way to some grand celebration housed within an extravagant edifice that was in clear sight towards the eastern end of the road that I was stand on. He then spoke stating that he was in haste, and that we would speak together at leisure in a future timeline. But at that point, he needed to tell me two things.

    The first was simply this. “When you think you know everything; you know nothing.” This made me chuckle, but he was right in reminding me to remain humble and grateful regarding knowledge, because we have no ownership regarding intelligence, as it all stems from an infinite, universal, and collective Source, that flows as an unlimited stream to those who are preparing to receive it. We can never know everything unless we become the Universe and I sense that we have a while to go as an individuated soul to fully integrate back into complete union with God.

    The second thing he said was “When your voice hears the cracks…Look!” This was perplexing, but then it became profound. Our soul is signified through tones which has its own song. It has a true name and a voice that is unique. We could remove the body but the resonance, or as you have been telling us, the vibration is unique and congruent to the ascending realm of Gaia. We are an individualized aspect of the whole which has its own unique facets and name signified by resonant frequencies in harmony to the environment that we are ascending towards. This truth is buried within the darkness of lower consciousness.

    This soul song can be viewed as our true voice and manifestation. As you have stated, admission is by vibration. So, when the voice hears the cracks, meaning that which is no longer congruent or in resonance with the essence of soul-higher self—look— because you are sure to find deception as the facade crumbles from its inflexible, incongruent, and disharmonic nature. Is this not the essence of Revelation, which is when the goddess activates her sistrum dissolving all that has been ossified through Ages of enslaving rule.

    Yes, we are all in a race that is called Humanity. This race cannot be Won until we are all One. Where male and female merge together in unison and carry one another forward in unity towards a better future.

    May 26 heralds the divine union with Mercury and Venus in Gemini, which represents the Hieros Gamos. This union is blessed by a Jupiter and Saturn trine.

    We are immersed in this energy as the power of the heavens continues it rain/reign upon the us.


    • Oh my goodness Paul. You do this every time. You paint magical vibrations with your words, your heart, your presence, and your gifts. I am bathing in the grace and gifts of your dream. I am blessed by the wisdom that emerged in you in the dream and here now again. I am grateful for this incredible sharing and passing of divine understanding in the Oneness we are. And I am honored and blessed by your friendship and your soul kinship that lives beyond the boundaries and limitations of this 3D realm of perception and consciousness. Wow. Just wow! I am still resonating with and absorbing the two things Jung’s Essence conveyed to you in that amazing dream. The soul song energies. The everything and nothingness that exists in creation. The humility to be in the present moment where divine empowerment, gnosis, joy, faith, freedom, and grace lives. And so much more! Thank you, thank you my soul brother for your sharing of your insights, messages, channelings, and awarenesses. I am always expanded by each and every one. And to the soul, there is nothing greater or more full-filling! Blessings and Light to you! We are immersed in the Light that continues to Shower us with Divine Remembrance and Divine Knowing again!