April-May 2021+: The Ultimate Shepherd & The Lost Sheep, Time for New Earth Noahs & Their Arks/Arcs

April 2021+:
The Ultimate Shepherd & The Lost Sheep,
Time for New Earth Noahs & Their Arks/Arcs,
The Flood of Revelations, & Clear Soul Sight

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.17.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here. We join our hearts with yours in this Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional Conversation today, that is breathing, pulsing, and coalescing the Gifts of the Divine Heart, the Godheart, and the One True Heart. We draw breath together through the Frequencies of Pure Divine Christed Light and Sapphire Blue Frequencies, to fill our Hearts, as One Collective Heart, in the Knowings, the Giftings, and the Grace of this connection of Hearts and Souls through time, remembering ourselves as Unified Light.  And we invite us all to take this Deep Divine Breath In, consciously in this way, to support our core merkabal structures, our chakra systems, and our portals of multidimensionality that we all truly are . . . to shine the brightest, to live in faith with the most exquisite strength, and to be the best version of our Divinity Codes that we came to be at this time.  This breath is for those in physical form as well as those shining Divinity Codes and Living Light from the ethers and thus the nonphysical realms.   

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2021 ~ The Ultimate Shepherd ~ Conscious Breathing

It is this Oneness that will fuel your inner Divine Sparks for the soul journeying that shines ahead, as millions and billions of strands of separation consciousness merge back into Wholeness, Unity, and Light once more.  Conscious Breathing engaged with faith, fortitude, and the willingness to see God’s New 5D Garden of Eden resurrecting and rising before your very eyes is what is bringing it into form.  Conscious Breathing is manifesting this Divine Union and Resurrection as we speak, breathe, and connect here today.  So we first wish to thank YOU for being part of this Ascension and Evolution on your world at this time, as those who Breathe the Living Light into Form once more.  It requires all of us . . . to Breathe in this Way and at this Level . . . to make this New Earth Birth as smooth, gentle, joyful, and graceful as possible.  

Here we are in April 2021, and we are seeing many New Earth Noahs rising and embracing the New Arks they are building, as new multidimensional seeds and ships that are carrying the wings and winds of change into full manifestation, and nearly effortlessly so.  For it is through Faith and Belief, and taking conscious breath after conscious breath, and conscious step after conscious step, that change manifests on worlds like this and that change manifests as a new world in the ways it has many times . . . in the long and distant past.  Therefore, as you can imagine, there are many “past” heroes of your realm here in physical form once more, to complete the journey of raising a 3D planet and restoring it to its once vibrant 5D perfection and glory.  Did you think you would be here alone?  As brand new pioneers in a strange new land having to “reinvent the wheel” yet again?  No.  There is always Divine Wisdom accessible if only you know where to look.

Look around you.  Look within you.  Do you see evidence of some experienced Change Agents, some extraordinary Instruments of the Divine, and some Wise Warriors (men, women, and children alike) orchestrating this Divinely Choreographed Ascension?  Do you or can you see and feel yourself as being among them?  As these Living Avatars, Living Heroes, and Living Light Leaders of these times?  We would say, we hope you do.  And we invite you to access this soul memory right now.  Breathe Life Force and Source Love and Empowerment into this soul memory right now.  These are Divine Elixirs that fortify you in the long journey thus far and the days and weeks ahead.  The Godbreath, the Source Breath, This Sacred Prana, is here to breathe faith, fortitude, and soul sight within you, when your outer-worldly sight and physical eyes continues to show you and expose a very different picture than God’s Perfect, Pristine, and Harmonious 5D Garden of Eden.  

You must see through Spiritual Vision the Grace of God’s Energy on the move in your world, breaking up the systems of corruption, shredding alliances made through the centuries of time, bankrupting the coffers of those doing harm to humanity, all sentient life here and elsewhere in this universe, and the Earth Mother herself, and fortifying this Earth with brand new vision, brand new sight, brand new life, and brand new abundance that is coming round soon for ALL to see. In the Bifurcation of Worlds in your world, the old 3D paradigm and pathways of its propaganda and corruption and enslavements are truly dematerializing.  Yet this does not mean that those so accustomed to propaganda, corruption, and enslavement are yet fully free.  Many do not have the spiritual eyes to see . . . that the shackles have been, or are currently being, removed.  And so they wear the shackles out of habit and their ages old conditionings, simply because they don’t know any other way to be.  Without those shackles, some even feel naked.  

Thus being free and sovereign in this way can be rather foreign.  Yes?  With spiritual eyes and with bigger picture vision, you might see how some could seek to defend their captors, yes?  Because being a “captive audience” gives one a sense of where you are in time and space.  It gives you a role, a status, a sense of worth or unworthiness, and a personality, yes?  That allows the theatre to play on.  And it gives people a seat at the table of human experience, and tells them where to be, who to be, and why to be.  

But what is newly emerging in this New Soil of a Brand New Loving Giving Earth . . . is the Taste of Freedom and the Awareness of Divine Sovereignty, like nothing you have ever experienced here.  Even past Golden Ages will not compare to the sweetest of nectars and the magnificent Opus that is playing increasingly in the hearts of those Truly Awakening in these times, for the Expansive Energy of Freedom in THIS realm at THIS time is beyond words to express.  It simply is an Expression of Divine Source Energy and Expansion that is beyond any physical incarnational experience to date.  It is a Divine Breath of Fresh Air beyond any Soul and Sacred Inhalation to date.  You are in New Territory now.  The landscape is changing forever on your world, and you are changing with it.

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2021 ~ The Ultimate Shepherd ~ Precipice of Change

So let us first speak to the very real experience right now of some of you Living In Sovereign Land (globally) while many still live in Enslaved and Incarcerated Lands at the same time.  This is the evident bifurcation of worlds right now, yes?  Some feeling and living as Free Sovereign Activated Divine Souls in form and some feeling utterly trapped, lost, bitter, angry, fearful, judgmental, and in-character with the 3D matrix and its wildest illusions.  We know that this isn’t easy, even for the most spiritually advanced among you.  Walking that line between the worlds, and Breathing Source Breath every day in and out whilst you also move through your days in multidimensional experiences.  

Yes, the Avatar Seer, the Hero Within that lives with the Vision of God’s Eyes in his or her heart, can see both worlds . . . living among both worlds when engaging daily activities at the grocery store, at work, mowing your lawn, making dinner, and living the vibrational realities of daily life right now.  For you are truly where your Heart Sight lives.  You ARE what you see.  You ARE what you believe.  You ARE the vibrational experience of the Timeline you presently choose.  

And for many who are awakened to the point in which a transmission such as this could even come into your awareness and your experience, you Know you can be IN this world but not OF it.  And this will be a mantra and vibrational neutralizer or alchemizer in these times, in truly quantum ways.  Being IN the bifurcation but not being OF the bifurcation will go a long way in offering you Divine Grounding, Divine Vision, Divine Breath, and Divine Freedom, where others are more mired in it, due to their own soul path, pacing, growth, or lack of evolution at this time.  

You Are Your Vibration.  You Are Living Energy.  You Are Living Light.  

This was never more True than it is now.

And so we invite you to consider allowing your Innate Healer, your Innate Visionary, your Innate Light Warrior, and your Innate New Earth Avatar Frequencies to rise to the forefront of your experiences right now.  You are invited to be the BEST of all lifetimes lived, in these times.  You are invited to be the BEST version of you that you came to be, and that includes Future Timelines and Time as well.  Those of you who identify as having Star Nation Heritage are aware that this timeline right now is your ancient past.  And yet, here you are at present, receiving this transmission and this portal into higher consciousness to remember.  To simply remember what you already know about this timeline and who you came to be in these times.

You can engage this Divine Remembrance now.  It is a Timeline inviting you TO remember this Divine Remembrance now.  And it is a time to give yourselves permission to remember yourselves beyond the 3D matrix and all that it has told you about you, humanity, life here on earth, and what is possible.  Because all of that?  Is the Great Theatre that has led you in circular fashion on the same loops and treadmills of karmic experiences in perpetuity.  

Being a New Earth Noah, as we foretold and referenced in the previous transmission, means Standing Tall in your Faith.  It means Standing Tall in your Total Alignment with God/Source/Creator Source Within.  And in that Alignment, and Grounded Posture, you are able and empowered to Breathe Divine Fortitude, Divine Faith, Divine Life Force, and Divine Clarity in these times.  That clarity?  Is Multidimensional Sight.  

For in your Multidimensional Sight, you know how this ends.  You know how this plays out.  You know how Mother Earth ascends.  And you know how you live and thrive beyond this bifurcation timeline that you see swirling around you right now.  So embrace your Multidimensional Awareness that lives beyond limits.  Embrace the aspects of you who are capable of receiving a transmission like this.  Embrace the soul seeded visions you have had and held for some time now, that are coming to fruition, and guiding you to make new choices that are more aligned with your Soul Presence now, whereas before . . . you maybe couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  Now, even if you can’t see the forest, you know its there.  You are remembering.  And the trees?  They are guideposts of illusions, supporting you to keep seeing the much greater forest in your heart-mind’s eye, WHILE you travel.  

Noah didn’t “know of” what was ahead, beyond the floods.  Perhaps Noah couldn’t even conceive of a rain that flood worlds.  Or one that would flood The World in his time.  But he could see an ark.  He could envision building a boat.  That could withstand powerful forces.  He could see his own choices as the very bridges that gave him the strength and courage to build the ark, that served as the physical bridge between the world he knew was changing and the one that wasn’t fully manifested yet.  What was the Arc of that Ascension Path for Noah?  FAITH.  Choice.  Belief.  Union With Source.  

What is the Arc of the Ascension Path for you?  The Same.  

Faith.  Choice.  Belief.  Union with Source.  

April and the months ahead in 2021 will bring changes that may make some heads spin.  The biblical floods in your world in this time period will largely be information floods.  It is already happening.  The flood is already here.  Those still “sleeping” simply live in “remote areas” in their inner consciousness where they can’t detect the Truth of the water that is already here.  When a consciousness is committed to not seeing what is very physically obvious all around them, it has the Divine Creative Capacity to not see. There is a condition of Spiritual Blindness, that has emerged out of the conditions of Spiritual Amnesia coupled with Spiritual Astigmatism.  There is a condition of Spiritual Deafness, that also has emerged out of the conditions of that lower dimensional union too.  The storm and ascensional waters can be literally upon all of your shores, and yet, still, some are blind and deaf to it at this time.  

And yet, in biblical times, what does God do?  He continues his Great Works.  God in his omnipotent and omnipresent vision works as The Ultimate Shepard.  Even though many of his sheep may be lost, and even though they may be confused, and unable to see or hear, God is still using his staff (his Awakening Team of Divine Instruments) to continue to move the God Energy Forward.  He is still orchestrating great healings, great awakenings, great expansions, great alchemy, and Divine Unification, even when many doubt or simply do not see, hear, know, respect, or accept what is actually vibrationally unfolding.  

There comes a point when every Divine Shepard finds the lost sheep and returns them to the flock.  Hungry, tired, weary, and perhaps even injured, . . . they rise in the experience of the strength within the collective flock.  And in that re-unification, the illusion the lost sheep once saw . . . “that the flock was lost” . . . alchemizes into the Knowing . . . “that it was I who was lost” . . . and the immense gratitude that streams forth through that Graceful Vision and Other-Worldly sight . . . changes the landscape beneath its feet and truly ~ changes its world.  And then?  That lost sheep takes its place as a “Found Sheep” and becomes a Grounded Force for Goodness, Faith, Fortitude, and Belief for others in the flock as well.  

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2021 ~ The Ultimate Shepherd & The Lost Sheep

The serpent is no match for this Ultimate Shepard that God Truly Is.    

  The Serpent’s Way is the Ultimate Lost Sheep, and the expression
of the most Extreme Form of Separation Consciousness.

Will the Serpent Ultimately Return to Unity With Source, some day?

Yes.  Some day.

But first, it will witness that all of God’s sheep turned back to their Ultimate Shepard in these times, of their own free will choice.  

Because it is in the Truth of Revelations in these Biblical Times in 2021+ that sets all sentient life free.  

And it is in the Truth of the Flood of Revelatory Truth in these Biblical Times in 2021+ that all lost sheep will see the error of their ways, and course correct their actions, to find alignment and union with Source once more.

Do you think the lost sheep enjoys being lost?  No.  Most of the time, it is dazed, bewildered, disoriented, and fearful . . . in its lostness.  Foundness is Union.  Foundness is Christ Consciousness.  Foundness is Unity Consciousness.  And that is where all are heading.  That is where all are moving.

Are the floods coming?  

We would say, they are already here.  

Those with eyes to see KNOW this already.  Those currently clearing and ascending their spiritual vision are beginning to remember and to see this.  Those still deeply asleep and living as lost sheep don’t know, see, hear, sense, or feel this at all.  But they will.  

The vibrational invitations have not been enough to awaken their hearts to the Truth of this Biblical Timeline and the tasks at hand, of Union with God once more.

The metaphysical invitations have not been enough to awaken their hearts to the Truth of this Biblical Timeline and the tasks at hand, of Union with God once more.

The media, social media, and censorship invitations have not been enough to awaken their hearts to the Truth of this Biblical Timeline and the tasks at hand, of Union with God once more.

The invitations to learn more about Fake News, Fake Laws, Fake Governance, and Fake Idols have not been enough to awaken their hearts to the Truth of this Biblical Timeline and the tasks at hand, of Union with God once more.

And thus, the Alchemy of Truth that has been reinstated exponentially, divinely, epically, and faith-fully will now be revealed in a Flood of Revelations that will inspire awe, awakening, and global change in presently unfathomable ways.  But reveal and flood this world with Truth, God will.  It is the only way to the Quantum Healing this world needs at this time.  There is no other vibrational way for this miracle to unfold.  

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2021 ~ The Flood of Revelations

There is no way out but THROUGH.

Rise ~ This New Earth WILL.

Unify with Source ~ This New Earth WILL.

Ascend ~ Humanity WILL.

3D Illusion can be no longer.  No cosmology in creation supports it.  It is ceasing to exist as we speak.  And this is part of the Flood or Tsunami of Truth unfolding.  

Its not a matter of when will the Flood happen.  It is a matter of aligning with your God Presence Within Now, WHILE it is happening.  For it is happening.  And Alignment is the Ascension Arc and Ark required to rise in these times.

That Ark?  Everyone talks about?  Is A Divine Alignment and A Divine Union and A Divine Relationship With God.  With Creator.  With your Source and Maker of All That Is.  

That is your Noah’s Ark and it is your Noah’s Arc.    

You are this Avatar building the Ark.
You are the Avatar giving yourself permission in these times to Remember,
to Nurture, to Cultivate, and to Allow and Embrace this Arc/Ark.

Can you save others?  No.  Not with the Epic Life Force and Momentum surging in this Powerful Flood of Divine Clearing, Alchemy, Revelation, and Ascension.  

Just like the flock can’t disband and strive hard enough to find the lost sheep that has strayed far away from the herd or sheep community.  

But you can make the choice to Unify with Source.  

You can make the choice to Fortify with the Godbreath and thus with Conscious Breathing within.

You can choose to find and engage the balance, the neutrality, the God Vision in your heart center . . . that offers you a Zero Point Portal of Love, Light, and Joy . . . and choose Union with your Source as your sustenance, your compass, your clarity, and your Truth now in these times.

The Ultimate Shepard, which is God’s Omnipresence, Unconditional Love, Powerful Heart Vision, and Infinite Grace, is the only one who can reset this world that is upside down and inside out in very polarized ways. 

It is the lost lambs that must choose to let that Divine Frequency of Home to come Home in their conscious awareness.  

Those awake to this Union and this God Reset unfolding right now?  

Need only fortify further, and ground further, and trust further, and surrender further, and love further and deeper than ever before . . . into the Heart and Hands of God and Mother Gaia . . . to be the change they wish to see in the 5D New Earth Garden that God is already manifesting and re-emerging in this world at this time.

The storms will continue to rise, to turn those lost sheep back to the Heart of God.

Those aligned with the Heart of God will sail those seas (through their in-sight-full Heart Guidance) communing and communicating with Divine Perfection what is needed in each moment at this time.  That Is Your Ark and your Arc! 

April brings great showers.  May brings great flowers.

Know the celestial seasons foretold through countless times and timelines before, for this time that is now.

Resurrection Energies and Times of Great Revelations are and were foretold. 

For Times then, AND the Time That Is Now.

Your Ark and Arc for these Bridge Times requires a Conversation With God, With Source, With your Creator Source.  A Direct Connection is being summoned now in these times.  

Its not time to find a way out of it.  Around it.  Under it.  Or Over it.

The Time Is Now to find a Direct Connection from your Heart Center to God’s Heart Center, and open the conversation that is a very long and over-due Re-Union of Epic Proportions.  

As more and more of you Unify with God and the Godheart of All That Is, more and more of you are unifying with the Godheart within Unity Consciousness, that is a vibration in the Realms of Ether and Physical Form that powers worlds and unites timelines and brings All Sentient Life in this Universe into One Breath, One Heart, and One True Living Life Force again.

This is 2021.

This is April 2021.  And this is the Biblical Time that you came to participate in, to re-align the Power of One, for All Time.  

Welcome, welcome to this Time of Revelations.  

Welcome, welcome to this Time of Alchemy.

Welcome, welcome to this Time of the Great Flood.

And Welcome, welcome to this Time of God’s Reset.

All are other-worldly portals to God’s Grandest New Earth Garden of Eden ever seen or experienced in any timeline to date.

You are its Portal Openers and Activators.  

And we are here to partner with you in the Conscious Breathing of this New 5D Earth into form, in All Highest Good Ways.

May the Whole Earth, Whole Galaxy, and Whole Universe Receive these blessings of Divine Union today!

It Is Time!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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