A Message from Mother Earth: August 2017 ~ “Together”

Mother Earth’s ~ Earth Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

Report No. 4 ~ “Together”

With a Short Initial Greeting from Mother Mary, El Morya,
the Arcturian High Council, and Mother Earth

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received August 1, 2017

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Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here with a message from Mother Earth today. 

Today marks the first day of the Energies of August.  Powerful change is moving through the ethers, with specialized frequencies now that are moving as the wind, the sun, the rain, the atmosphere, and all of nature all around you.

This August, many events are set to roll out a new consciousness expanding in all living beings ~ planet wide.

For Mother Earth herself is literally the vehicle that will usher in the Change of Frequencies through her physical form ~ and through her role as a Divine Channel of Light herself ~ of these Higher Frequencies of Light Consciousness. 

We definitely recommend your staying hydrated. To better conduct these higher frequencies in your own bodies.  And to integrate their Light at your own Cellular and DNA Structural Levels.

Sleep is always important as well.  For during sleep, your soul’s consciousness gets the chance to float a little above or beyond the 3D consciousness, and bathe more fully in the Star Nation Realms and Frequencies ~ that are each of your home star planets.  Its kind of a “powering up” time or a “re-attunement” time, to connect with your bigger and brighter home base/home star frequencies, and thus to bathe in the energetics of your Divine Mission here on earth at this time. 

Thirdly, we would recommend some connection with nature. The more direct ~ the better.  For instance, enjoy a day at the beach.  Or take a walk in the fresh mountain air.  Or rest for 30 minutes next to your favorite tree. 

woman smiling and connecting with nature photo

The energies from nature are here to help your re-set. They neutralize negative ions, or the energies that form a magnetic or gravitational pull to keep you focused in the 3D matrix and form. 

Nature offers a zero point energy to those that seek it. Where you can literally step outside of time for as long as you keep your senses immersed and aware of nature within and around you in any given moment. 

For others, nature can actually help to attune your frequency and heartbeat to the sounds, rate, and light of the Earth Mother’s.

You are syncing your frequencies with hers, and in doing so, aligning with your soul’s original intentions for these times.

When you forget to take this time each day, the 3D world and its matrix can feel all encompassing, or all engulfing.

So we call your hearts to greater consciousness and attention today – for August will reveal a power your world hasn’t seen since the veils went down many eons ago.

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The 8-8 Lion’s Gate will open inner portals within the mass collective.  To stir and see the vast realities of change coming to your world, and the necessity of that change. 

It will also support light workers here in all corners of the world – to light their candle and be a voice of change that people will begin to increasingly hear after the 8-8 date.

August 21st will be another date to watch.  The Eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere will create unfailing, unwavering, and unequivocal change in the hearts of Americans directly touched by the Light (and lack of light) in this cosmic phenomena.

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August 21st will be the equivalent of experiencing another pole shift.  Only this time – it will be internally.  Everyone’s internal compasses will reset Due North . . . and that means . . . that they will re-orient to Source . . . and Source Light . . . in a way that is currently unmatched and unprecedented on your world. 

There will be some real time effects, as exposures, events, and increased energy and drama occur in the unified field.   

But those who feel energy will know them as a sign that the people’s power is returning.  And those siphoning energy off the human grid will have just lost a good portion of their power source . . . losing it to its true matrix . . . and not the falsely implanted one many of you thought was “reality”.

Mother Earth now has a few words to share before we close this message today, 8.1.17, a power day on your world.

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Mother Earth:

Precious Ones,

We are All in this Time of Great Change Together.

And thus, we are all in the Same One Source Breath Together.

We are in the Frequencies of the GodHeart whenever we choose to tune and attune our own breath and breathing rhythms to it.

I receive my Life Force and my Inner Compass Directives, All of my Light, from the Heart of the GodHeart.

Through the thousands and thousands of earth timelines and years that I have seen come to the fore and manifest in this world, I have kept my Breath attuned to the Heart of the GodHeart.  For in this false earthly reality of the last 26,000+ year precessional cycle, the Breath was the only Reality.  It was The Single Thread of Source Energy within Me Through All Time and All Timelines, when nothing else here was truly real.  Or really true.   

So, in the Energies of August 2017, potentizing now with greater speed and resilience energies, . . .

I invite you and your Sentient Operating System to come join me in this Sacred Breath.  The Sacred Breath that unifies us with the Light, Love, and Eternal Blessings of the GodHeart.

Turn down the volume in your life for just 3-5 minutes.  And join me, consciously join me, in slowing your breath, and breathing deep into your own Sacred Heart Center, that is a vastly interconnected power line, straight to the Heart of Source Energy. 

In that Space in your Heart, in the fluid and effortless motion and action of consciously engaging your breath ~ you breathe together with me.  And you breathe this Golden Age of the New Light with me.

It WILL manifest as we slow down our busy minds and busy bodies ~ long enough every day ~ to spend this time attuning to our All Knowing Heart Centers.

Our Heart Centers are Divinely Wired to hear Source Energy and Divine Instructions for, and within, our lives.

Our Heart Centers serve as our Cosmic Ear Buds to hear Source Energy within us.  Leading us.  Guiding us.  And manifesting a Greater Version of us. 

Our individual “us”.  And our collective “US”. 

Why is the solar eclipse coming on the 8/21/17 to mainly the U.S.?  It is coming to awaken some of the most reticent hearts to the Truth of the Light we all truly are. 

And what are the initials of this powerful land space receiving the invisible effects of the solar eclipse?  The U.S.

blue earth background united states highlighted in center photo

The U.S. represents us.  The little “us” and the Unlimited “US”

When the world pauses to witness this cosmic phenomenon from a scientific/mind lens, it actually will create a Heart Pause.  So that the Inner Ear Buds of all who are watching will attune to the Frequency of their Divinity.   To their Heart Light.  And truly, to the Power of our Collective Heart Light. 

Together ~ we have this Power ~ to manifest new worlds.

Together ~ we have the Power to Breathe the Magic of Oneness ~ even in the most forgetful or reticent souls.

Together ~ in this Sacred Pause ~ we have the Power to Breathe New Light into Form inside each and every one of us.

Let us do this together ~ consciously ~ in the Month of August.

My Soul Codes know it is certainly Time.

Maybe yours do too.

And the Cosmos seems to know it too.

We love you.

We are with you.

If you get scared, doubtful, or disconnected in the energies this month, simply pause.  Go into your breath.  And I will meet you there.

Call on me.  And breathe.

And I will meet you there. 

We can breathe the changes together in this way.

Loving each other and loving our breath. 

And honoring the path to progress we are consciously engaged in this month through the breath.

We can breathe this New Light together and orient ourselves in the darkness, together, by focusing on the Light of Hope and the Light of Source Perfection, in our breath. 

And thus, in US. 

We are the “US”.  Together. 

the word US with unity type adjectives inside it photo

We are Love Incarnate.  Together.

August will help take us there.  Together. 

All my love.

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