Mother Earth Chronicles: Report No. 5 ~ Great American Eclipse Insights and the New Path Unfolding


Report No. 5
The Great American Eclipse and the New Path Unfolding

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Mother Earth Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

With a Short Initial Greeting from Mother Mary, El Morya,
the Arcturian High Council, and Mother Earth

via channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received August 21, 2017

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary, El Morya, the Arcturian High Council, and the Earth Mother here today with a message of support during today’s Full Solar Eclipse in the United States . . . and in the Earth’s Entire Stratosphere.  For while the eclipse will be visible in the United States of America, it will be felt at cellular and etheric levels in all sentient beings worldwide.  In this way, you all are being upgraded and initiated into the Greater Field of Oneness and Unity Consciousness, through this Eclipse and Divine Laser Light Energy. 

As we feel into the Eclipse Energies on your world, and we see the Blessings it is Seeding into the Heart Consciousness of your world, know that regardless of what is visibly being released on your world, there is an equal amount . . . or more . . . of light expansion occurring through every aspect of life and every layer of consciousness today.  For it is BECAUSE of the Light’s Greater Expansion that the Shadow’s Energies will continue to be flushed out more fully over the next several months time.

In Truth, the Shadow is only seeking to re-join the Light, at the deepest levels.  For they initially, and truly timelessly, have always been one and the same energy.  It’s All Light.

But in the dimensional perceptual reality of 3D earth experience, they (the dark and the light) APPEAR separated and at war with each other.  In Truth, they are One.

They are all aspects of the Same One True Infinite Source Light.

Now, Mother Earth is asking all of us, together, to take a breath.

Take a breath deep inside your body, and feel it fill all of the places inside you, that desire love, health, prosperity, peace, joy, and well-being now in every person and sentient being on the planet. 

Exhale any fear or bits of separation consciousness about this group or that group, or this shadow or that shadow, that you have seen or felt or perceived showing itself to you today, or in recent time, in your experience.

Mother Earth would like to speak to you now about the New Light and the New Path before us, for all of us, living, evolving, and growing together on her body temple and her cosmic star ship. 

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~ Mother Earth ~

Dear Ones,


Greetings to my Beloved Family of Divine Loving Light and Unity Consciousness.  We are all Seeds of Immense Divine Light and Love, and today we breathe together more freely the Light of 1000 Suns coming back to our world and our planetary experience, myself included. 

When each of you, wherever you are on the planet, in whatever life circumstances you find yourself in, breathes together with the Intention of Unity Consciousness, Universal Peace, and Divine Love and Light for All, we invite together the Frequencies of Love, Light, and Infinite Support for that to manifest into this world in the New Earth unfolding.

When we consciously breathe together, we activate codes from the cosmos that initiate restoration energies and amplification energies, to increase ten-fold the Light and Love that is flowing to our planet, from all places of 5th Dimensional+ Goodness and Divine Love in the Universe.

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We are the Healers of the Old Earth’s Energies and the Sounders and Creators of the New Light-Filled Earth Energies . . . together . . . in One Breath.

When we remember, when we pause and remember, how the Life Breath is flowing through us in every moment of every day . . . giving us LIFE . . . we are reminded that it IS the Life Breath that creates and sustains all living things.

And so too it is the Life Breath that heals all things.

And that births all New Living Realities into Form. 

And so ~ we breathe together today ~ engaging that very Life Breath in us, to create this New Earth Experience together, . . . one built and breathed into being by the Light of Unified Conscious Breath . . . through the hearts of awakened souls and sentient beings of all species, shapes, and colors . . .

For in the Breath, we are all One Source.  We are all One Light.  We are all aspects of the Infinite, unified in our desire for change, for joy, for peace, for cohesiveness, and for integration now on this planet. 

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The Breath is the Path Ahead.

The Breath is the Path Within.

The Breath is the Path of Unification of this World and of the New Light Codes Needed to Manifest a New earth. 

Listen to this channel’s story, given to her by Source Energy itself several years ago, for today’s Timeless Now.

It was through the Power of the Breath within and the Letting Go of Worldly Attachments that the characters in the story found their True Path.

Those characters are US.  All of US. 

And today, the United States’ experience of the Great Solar Eclipse is mirroring the Transformation of Us, to US.  And to ALL of US.

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We are the Breathers and Creators of the New Light.

May we all be blessed by the Healing that today represents and the New Life that today’s eclipse energies are breathing into being, through each and every one of us

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The Breath is the Path.

Our Faith in Unity Consciousness is the Path.

Our Activation of the New Light is the Path.

Let us Breathe the Brilliance of this Celestial Transformation and Activation Together.

In the Breath, we ARE One Spirit, One Peace, and One Amazing New Earth Unfolding and Unifying Together.

All My Love.


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