Mother Mary: Sentience Recovery Practice

A Message from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and
the Arcturian High Council of Light
Through Channel – Marie Mohler


Dear Ones,

It is I, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and the Arcturian High Council of Light,

You are witnessing immense change on your planet.  On your world.

Sentience is a new language for a world waking up to the beginning-est inklings of the powerful potential each being holds on the planet. 

When we speak of power and potential in this way, we are speaking of your divinity and your power as creators to manifest the infinite in your every day lives.

This power “blacked out” to most of your populations’ awareness, and in good measure, according to many of us in the non-physical realms.  For had you had conscious access to this level of power and creationary energy, you were not evolved enough to use it well for the good of the universe.   

Your limited sight then limited your abilities.  Which was all a vibrational match to the limited living that you all have known as the way things are on planet earth.

And what we would say to that is:
the limits were all a part of a vibrational experience that the collective wanted to have.

That vibrational experience of lack and limitation however is now complete. 

And we now see you returning to your expanded selves.
Your higher selves.  And your more infinite potential. 

Hence your message recently about each of you being A LIVING EXPONENT.


You are all on the cusp of a major expansion.

And to better work with the expansion, you will grow in the realms of your innate sentience. . . . Your ability to perceive and know and feel all things in your world – effortlessly. 

And so you will have access to “the one mind” or “the mind of universal knowledge.”

No longer will you push, strive, and drive yourselves to get ahead at another’s expense. 

All of you will no longer (soon) need to compete to win.

You will sentiently know already that you HAVE WON, because you EXIST. 

Because you simply ARE.


And by that, we mean, you will expand and emit peace and harmony, simply by the knowing that you are here expressing Source Energy and Essence.

And that fact alone, that vibrational essence alone, is greater than any military, academic, physical strength, or artistic accomplishment known today to man.

When humanity recognizes the value of its innate brilliance again, it will come to value all things equally again. 

Sentience is the new language, new intelligence, and new operating system that will help transport your humanity – from where you are to where this place of peace, sovereignty, and cooperation lives. 

To understand Sentience is also to understand Divinity.  For they are one and the same.

Sentience is Infinite. 

Your Divinity is Infinite.

Source Love is Infinite.

And so too your new operating system will be Infinite.

At present, a crumbling outdated linear system of separation and competition is winding down. 


And that old program is a vibration.  One that all of you have adopted, on one side of the spectrum of living or another.  It is simply a finite, limited, separated, denser vibration than what you innately are

The new codes resonate much more with the organic light and infinite being you are. 

So realize this – it was much more work to become “programmed” for the old program and linear system . . . than it will be to simply embrace your return to liberation and freedom in the new light. 

Sentience is how the codes communicate with you. 

Lack, limits, frustration, pushing, shoving, resisting, perpetrating, reacting, and driving were the codes that were compatible with this last operating system.

Sentience is your intuitive attunement to what you ALREADY ARE: 

A brilliant, talented, cooperative, essence of Divine Essence and Creative Spark Energy.

That intuitive attunement creates the energetic momentum and locomotion to move you through multiple timelines and infinite possibilities that exist throughout Space and Time – so you can always choose the best one. 

Sentience also operates on a holistic principle:  That ALL life is interconnected. 

What is decided for one, in the universal community, happens to ALL

So all decisions, made through sentience, at the highest level, honor and respect the one and the whole equally. 


Sentience therefore is also a form of light leadership
and divine governance.

It is a frequency that organizes all beings and all things, by pulsing all manifestations
to benefit the greater good or the broader whole.

How is it a language?

Sentience is a communication system.  And so, by its nature, it connects all beings in an etheric language that is spoken and heard through the universal heart.  The Heart of Oneness.

In that Heart, all can hear, see, feel, know, and exchange with that same ALL, in something you might understand as an instant download.  Maybe that’s a feeling you receive, or a knowing, or an image, or a vision.  Words may be there too.  But with the expansion of sentience, words are less needed.  Or not needed at all. 





These core elements become much richer in the world of sentience, and create more layers
in the world of conversation and communication.

When all are tuned in to the same thought stream, and lack and limitation have released with the old program, every energy communicated is additive.  Not subtractive.

So more and more, you all will experience the greater blessing, or bliss-ing, of adding your light, to the stream of sentient awareness, that you all will be . . . and you all will be attuned to.

Sentience is a way of sharing your heart’s thought form . . . on an intergalactic wave . . . that everyone else is listening to as well.  Like a conference call.  Only you are ALL on the call. You are all listening.  And you are all tuned to the greater light resonance – that summons simultaneous thought forms, to be known to the group – as suggestions, for solving a problem, or as ideas for new creations.

It is thoughtful, heart-centered, oneness co-creation at its best.
That is what you have been before.  And will be again. 

The first steps to Sentience Recovery, that is to say, the Recovery of your Innate Sentient Skills, is to allow yourself to perceive more each day.

And then to allow yourself to acknowledge those additional or increasing perceptions in your daily life. 



You wake up in the morning and dash into the shower, like you always do, before grabbing your cup of coffee and a muffin, and running out the door, to enter the rush hour track and traffic that begins your typical day. 


On this New Day of SENTIENCE RECOVERY PRACTICE, you now awaken, and immediately notice yourself hearing birds singing outside your window.  You pause a moment, and allow yourself to tune into these birds songs.  Some echo other birds.  Some sing alone.  But all are adding to a bigger morning song.  A song celebrating the joy of a brand new day.


That ONE sentient download required about 5-15 seconds of your inner time, but it gave you volumes of good vibrations to connect your physical self to your soul self, and to the whole world community that you live with on this planet.

Invigorated by that connection, you smell the fresh morning breeze flowing through the window you had raised the night before.  You now inhale and exhale with deep gratitude, feeling heightened-ly aware of this sacred body ritual known as BREATHING that keeps you alive and healthy, every day.

That download took maybe another 10 seconds, to connect you with the wonder, refreshment, and fragrance of life-force-giving fresh air. 

Your feet have not even touched the floor yet, but you are already so tuned in to something so much better, brighter, and bigger than just you – getting yourself into the army of rush hour travelers and traffic soldiers, to then get to work, and into the army of the labor force.

These 20 seconds have already nourished all of you, and the reciprocal nature of life force energy itself, giving and receiving, giving and receiving, inbreath, and outbreath, flowing the natural sentient pulse of life.

You then of course float over to your shower.  And you pause to feel the blessing and gift of the Earth Mother for such refreshing clean water, heated or cooled to the temperature of your choosing, for the nurturing and cleansing that the life force within water provides.

You also notice that someone in your family replaced the empty shampoo bottle from yesterday with a new full one.  And you appreciate their thoughtfulness.  The shampoo itself is peppermint-scented, and that too, cleanses your energy and inspires your day.  You never felt so good and so loved on just a random regular work day.

You rinse off, still in the fragrance of “clean”, “watery-wetness”, and peppermint, and reach for your towel.  But today, you notice the soft pastel stripes on your towel.  And you allow yourself to really feel the softness of the towel’s texture against your skin.  It enfolds you, comforts you, and makes you feel safe, warm, cozy, loved, and secure. 

You allow yourself to feel the wonder of all that you are experiencing and it’s contrast to the many other mornings, where you never even noticed these things.

And then, you allow yourself a deeper breath, to take in even that awareness.
Feeling the contrast of tuning in versus tuning out.

They are such very different feelings and experiences of an age old ritual – getting ready for work.

You now take all of the next steps in your morning – in this same manner.  Brushing your teeth.  Feeling the toothpaste and brush-massaging your teeth.  Sending love to your teeth and your body for taking such good care of you.  Helping you to thrive.  Getting dressed.  Noticing how clean your clothes are, or not, as you put them on.  Making you feel great, collected, organized, and shiny for your day.  Or perhaps noticing that they are not so clean, and maybe you want to become more conscious of your laundering efforts. 

Either way, you are feeling your day.

And that is navigating your day, your awareness of your self, your life, and
the world you live in. 

You see the point.  That all of these steps of simply committing to and allowing your conscious awareness and attunement – is all it takes to begin to bring sentience, feeling, and renewed life force into your life.

A topic for another day is . . . what to do when your sentience radar doesn’t feel good things.  And awakens to situations that feel painful.  Dreary.  Unhealthy.  Or Unhappy.

While not as light-filled as the previous example, it’s still navigating you to acknowledge yourself.  To take inventory so to speak of where you presently engage and live your life.

What is the vibrational octave that normally starts your day?

And how can you take steps from this sentient feedback to change it?

We are all in the process of rising. 

And sentience is part of the inner and outer locomotion system to get us from where are now . . . to more of where we are meant to be.

This is true at the personal level, the emotional level, the local (community) level, the national level, and the global level.

Time is no longer linear for you on planet earth.


So there is no Set Time required to practice.  To recover.  Or to master anything

Sentience allows for Quantum Leaps.

As you allow them, they will unfold through you.  They will emerge IN you.

Feel this message today.  And simply notice your place in this
vast new world of sentient living, breathing, and being. 

It is exciting for us to see the magnificence opening to all of you, as you leave the world of oppression, limitation, and bleakness.

It is exciting for US to feel the sentience – – of your budding sentience.    

Welcome back to the Language of your Soul.

It has always been here for you.

And it is excited to work with you again.

You are love.  You are loved.  All our love.  Always. 

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