Sentient Reflections and Inspirations


This past few weeks have been a time of deep reflection for me.

Reflection post-election.

Reflection about my life’s direction.

Reflection about who I am.

Reflection about things that are in need of change, healing, release, or nourishment.

And reflection about how Source wants to move through me. 

In a world so deeply in need of change, healing, release, AND nourishment.


Much mirroring has unfolded.

Insights have come.

Wounds have surfaced.

And always, inspiration, support, and guidance have come too. 

We are never as alone, as grim, as insignificant, or as light-less as we may sometimes think or believe.

And even in some of the tougher reflections I’ve received this past couple of weeks, I have felt Source walking alongside of me.  The guides have moved in my dreams . . . and helped to navigate my waking moments.  Messengers have found me and delivered precisely timed gifts to me.  And Source continues to bring new days of sunlight, fall breezes, and the perfection of nature into my world.  To mirror to me as well . . . the blessings of change, faith, storms, challenges, and rising through the challenges, to a more beautiful place and perspective than I held before.

This is the ebb and flow that I experience as a scribe.  As a frequency writer for Spirit.  As a bringer of hope.  As a believer in Source perfection and goodness.  As a messenger of change.  And as a listener to how Source wants to move in me.  And in us.  For the service work we are each here to do . . . that is essential now on this planet for the greater good.

This is the deep soul life that awaits us. 


It is an aliveness that already indwells us.  It’s just waiting to be rekindled and rediscovered. 

And so I marvel in these more reflective times . . . at how deep my soul can see. 

How deep my soul can hear. 

How deep my feeling antennae can reach . . . receiving, discerning, and engaging the world of vibration.

How deep my knowings are that can fill my whole being.  Despite any unfoldments in my outer world. 

And how deep my love is for the ALLNESS OF LIFE.  For my spirit family.  For my friends and family.  For humanity.  For the earth.  And for all of the incredible sentient beings with whom we share this planet.  

It is my ability to feel so deeply that connects me with the nonphysical world . . . and the mystical realms.

And yet it is those same abilities that make me feel, at times, overwhelmed, different, and from another planet.  Feelings of loneliness and aloneness can overwhelm a sensitive sentient soul like me. 

And yet again, it is the depth and breadth that sentience provides – that affirms the reason WHY I am here on this planet at this time. 

To share my gifts. 

And to support others in launching theirs as well. 

From this sentient touchstone. 


And this unique vibration on the web. 

Inviting you into your greater sentience, your higher gifts, and your own inner alchemy.  

It’s a world so deep, so pure, and so vast that communicates multidimensionally.  Intracellularly.  Telepathically.  And Soulularly. 

It is in our sentience, that our soul gifts make sense. 

It is in our sentience, that our divine purpose is available and accessible
to guide us and light us up.

It is in our sentience, that we are connected with all those that we love, and have loved,
throughout all time. 

For in our sentience, we are part of the infinite.
That is living, breathing, creating, learning, growing, expanding,
and loving all of us, all of the time.

Our 5 senses cannot take us there.  Into the infinite. 

That would be like traveling to a star system light years away, and expecting to get there
on one tank of gas.  A car is just not made for that.


In our sentience, lives our multidimensionality. 


And in that deeper place, where our deeper skills of divine grace live, we are filled, nourished, guided, inspired, and loved in immense ways – that have to be felt to be known.  And this is where the greater balance lives.  The broader perspective.  And the deeper knowing.

So . . . as I share these reflections that I have been feeling . . . I wonder if you have sensed or felt some too?  And if so, what are you gleaning from the mirrorings and sentient nudges that you see unfolding in your life? 

Through the powerful energies of the past few weeks, and the ones still yet to emerge . . . that are stirring awareness, alertness, calls to action, calls to listen, and invitations to the greater vaster unfoldment of higher frequencies on this planet . . . 

I was surprised to feel a soul song stream through me today.  This hasn’t happened for several years.

And so today, I paused and listened. 

I tuned in to the higher frequencies wanting to come through.

They were vibrating a greater understanding and peace than I have felt in the unrest of the past few weeks.

They were vibrating light, and a lightness, that I found seriously refreshing.  

As I tuned in, I heard the melody and lyrics simultaneously. 

And I recorded them here today, grateful for the higher perspective that was offered to inspire and to comfort my sentient system, your sentient system, and the global state of sentience at the moment.  

I hope it is a comfort and candlelight for you.  

May we breathe deeply these frequencies of calm, clarity, and comfort . . . when light showers us in blessings.  And also may we breathe deeply these frequencies . . . during the times when darkness strikes or calls to us.

Both are powerful aspects of the Light, now calling us Home.  Through greater sentience.  And greater awareness.  Of self.  And of soul.

Soul songs sing sentient frequencies of Home into our cells. 
And thus into that Home Place inside us. 

That knows we are in this world, but not OF it. 

They come from a Living Love-Light that our sentient fields timelessly remember. 

I invite you now to allow yourself to simply read the lyrics below and to hum along with the sound recording, as you feel comfortable.  

This is Sentient Singing, by they way, which is very liberating for many of us. We are simply singing for the pure joy of the sacred vibrations given to us by guides in higher dimensional realms.  It’s that easy and it’s that simple.

Allow yourself to feel this Living Love-Light, that is here perfectly and always.

In that sacred Light . . .

We are One.

We are Loved. 

We are Safe.

We are Perfect. 

We are Sentient. 

And we are Divine.

This is where many reflections led me over the past few weeks.  

To a soul song, titled “Deeper Still.” 

When I reflect on and feel the amazing gifts of our sentience, I know we are all coming Home to this Sacred Gathering Space.  This powerful language.  This inner operating system.  And this global restructuring that sentience is set to play a huge role in. 

This is a time that the ancients knew would come again. 


The reflections we are seeing are part of those prophecies. 

And they are part of a larger map, that will activate our inner compasses, and re-awaken our core extraordinary light. 

We are perfectly on track.
In the imbalance and the balance.  In the order and the chaos.  In the ebb and the flow. 

We simply have to listen to the sentience that desires to guide us to who we truly ARE.

Enjoy today’s meditative message that streamed through today, reflecting this Living Love-Light, in a sweet soul song titled:  “Deeper Still.”

Blessings and Luminous Light,

“Deeper Still”
By Marie Mohler

With my sentience, I see deeper
With my sentience, I see the call

To Listen
To Open
The Eyes of My Soul

With my sentience, I see deeper still.

With my sentience, I hear deeper
With my sentience, I hear the call

To Listen
To Open
The Ears of My Soul

With my sentience, I hear deeper still.

With my sentience, I feel deeper
With my sentience, I feel the call

To Listen
To Open
The Essence of My Soul

With my sentience, I feel deeper still.

With my sentience, I know deeper
With my sentience, I know the call

To Listen
To Open
The Wisdom of My Soul

With my sentience, I know deeper still.

With my sentience, I love deeper
With my sentience, I love the call

To Listen
To Open
The Light of My Soul

With my sentience, I love deeper still.

With my sentience, I love deeper still.  

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