October 2019 Energy Update: A Conscious Breathing Meditation to Transcend 3D & 5D Reality

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.21.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Light, Hope, Grounding, and Rejuvenation for the Energies of October 2019 currently on the horizon. For you have all journeyed through extraordinary layerings of time over the course of the past many months to arrive yourselves in a place of “No Time” vibrationally inside yourselves today.  Can you feel it?  Can you sense this frequency and this new vibrational reality inside yourselves . . . where you no longer identify with the schedules, shoulds, and operating systems of a 3D plane and paradigm of existence?  And yet, the cosmic irony is . . . that you still appear to exist IN a 3D plane and paradigm of existence?  How can you have released a 3D paradigm of existence and yet still inhabit it at the same time?  

This will be the central focus of our message to you today in this transmission.  We first are going to invite you into a brief meditation with us to facilitate your getting into the feeling of being in two worlds at once and yet keeping your vibrational attention on the world you are desiring to be in . . . despite having physical roots and realities in the other world that surrounds you as well.  

So we first invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us.  Let yourself get comfortable wherever you are.  If you are operating any machinery, including a car or moving vehicle, this would be the time to pause this video or the audio on this transmission until such time that you can really safely get into the feeling and vibrational state we are going to guide you to experience today.  So take another Deep Divine Breath In now, and allow that Sacred Conscious Breath to fill all of the parts inside you with Pure Source Oxygen.  Allow it to float into your Divine Center, your Sacred Heart Center ~ which is where you and your Eternal Connection With Source Lives in the Infinite Nature of All Time.  It is where you have always been connected like a Divine Umbilical Cord that is forever supplying you with the Soul Sustenance, Guidance, and Nourishment that you need for the Soul Journeys that you have uniquely lived while visiting this earth plane, time and time again.  Breathe in that Sacred Source Oxygen.  Allow it to come through as a Color now . . . filling every cell, every aspect, and every part of you that desires to be loved back into Wholeness, back into Oneness, and back into Union with the Divine in the most beautiful and seamless ways. 

Listening to our collective voice reaffirms that there is nothing in this moment TO DO, but rather, it is an ALLOWING of What Already Is back into your Sacred Heart Center’s Conscious Awareness . . . and thus into your entire meridian system . . . so that you are instantly upgraded and receiving this Infusion of Source Energy into your Soul Star, into your Sacred Heart Center, and into your Divine Breathing that travels into all of the cells and molecules in your physical body simultaneously and perfectly at one time.  

It is a Light Infusion and Ascension Code if you will that you can receive any time you like, just by consciously slowing your breathing into a Divine State of Receiving . . . and then allowing and reflecting your experience of this Sacred Breath ~ to all the parts of you within ~ that are ready to receive this Extraordinary Light and this Breath of Synergistic Peace, Perfection, and Re-Union with the Entire Cosmos and the All That Is, all in one Sacred Moment filled with Conscious Breathing.  

Feel this breath and these Colors of Light in your breathing ~ soothing your rhythmic breath cycles now as we continue in this meditation together.  Notice how soothing this Sacred Breath is . . . massaging all of the places inside you that may feel weary, overwhelmed, burdened, heavy, dense, scared, tense, in conflict in some way, stressed, etc. about the 3D life that you have been living this lifetime, and others, for millennia.  Allow all of the wrinkles, kinks, and creases on your forehead and in your energy fields within all the layerings of you ~ to simply relax and unwind a bit in this Sacred Journey with us today.  Just let them relax, for your Conscious Breathing is the Energy that is managing this Now moment and this movement inside you right now, so much so that even your ego decides to take a brief holiday and enjoy a vacation for the day, complying with this experience to let you have this gift of Source Energy inside you.  This is because the 3D Ego really does in its deepest roots want to relinquish its tiny little reigns of power that it has over you here in this realm . . . to the All-Knowing, Wise, and Timeless Heart Center that has journeyed VAST REALMS OF EXISTENCE and LIFETIMES, not just the Earth Realm’s Lifetimes alone

So as we Breathe this Sacred Light and this Sacred Source Oxygen together, we invite you to imagine that you are floating now in the most gorgeous, nearly crystalline, light turquoise or aqua ocean water, that is suspending you in its gentle waves and in its perfect and extraordinary light.  It is effortless to breathe here.  It is effortless to BE here.  You are naturally buoyant, perfect, risen, ascended, whole, happy, healthy, and a core integral part of the Sacred Law of One, just as your Soul has timelessly and eternally been, since your Soul was first birthed in the Heart of Source, Creator, and the All That Is

Breathe that energy and living essence in ~ just a moment more.  Feel yourself completely held in these Sacred Waters, completely supported, completely safe, effortlessly buoyant, and now just floating in the All That Is, that is a brilliant and beautiful part of Who You Really Are.  You are not thinking of anything right now other than your Eternal Connections with the Infinite. You are simply allowing your own Infinite Nature to be consciously felt by you in this moment, and it feels like Home. It feels like Joy. It feels so Ever-Present and All-Encompassingly Peaceful.  You haven’t felt this good in a long, long time.  You haven’t experienced this level of allowing in ages. You haven’t let go to this Living Source Breath . . . and Breathing this Slow, Rhythmic, and Timeless Source Oxygen inside you in this perfect buoyancy . . . since perhaps you first incarnated here on Earth in a 3D cycle. You are in this moment experiencing a small fraction of your Divinity, and it feels really, really good.  Breathe it in.  And enjoy your experience of being weightless, light, whole, and unified in the Oneness of the Water all around you, upheld by your Source Oxygen, and connected with the Living Light’s Life Force inside you, that you Truly and Timelessly Are.

You, in this Beautiful Conscious Breathing you have engaged inside, are living and experiencing your Source Perfection ~ just by breathing it.  

All around you are these Sacred Waters. These waters represent both your 5D Operating System . . . which supports, inspires, and reminds you of your Organic Divine Frequencies, as well as your 3D Operating System . . . that has the potential to drown you in less buoyant thoughts like work, mortgages, stress, debt, hopelessness, anger, overwhelm, fatigue, confusion, feelings of aloneness, and more.  

How can this be?  How can you be so peaceful inside yourself . . . and be floating in 2 types of waters . . . one . . . that supports, uplifts, and raises you up in your conscious awareness into the Law of One’s Light, Peace, Oneness, and Wholeness . . . and one that weighs you down with its densities of fear, aloneness, separation, survival needs, worries, and more?  In 5D waters, you are floating in a place of peace and bliss.  And in 3D waters, you are still constantly striving to stay afloat, to be okay, to juggle a billion things at once, and to convince yourself that all of those tasks are not only necessary but actually enjoyable, as you juggle them all in the air and stay in constant motion to keep the balancing act flowing along.  

This is your vibrational world now, where you live in a kind of triad ~ or trinity ~ of human experience. You have the Higher Self’s Presence, who is the Conscious Breather in the Sea of Duality he or she is currently floating in.  You have the 5D and Higher Dimensional Realms of No Time and essentially the Ability to Float and to Access any timeline that you most vibrationally wish to experience in any moment ~ which is literally and metaphorically your Divine Merkaba activated in its Highest Light that is here to move you through Time and Space and Multidimensional Living in your life going forward.  And then you have your 3D Operating System that is still spinning its gears and attempting to swim its way somehow past the endless streams of have-tos, to-do lists, financial records and bank account ledgers, debt owed, working more for less pay ~ in some cases, dealing with health issues that naggingly linger or seem to not resolve quickly or easily with the pharmaceutical options available on the market today, and more.  

These waters bathe you literally in the duality you are currently living.  They are two halves of the same whole.  And they both buoy and support you as well as at times sink you and tether you in some ways to the old ways of being.

And inside that Wholeness of the Duality of that experience, there is You.  

You are there Consciously Breathing in this meditation, breathing your experience of bliss, of not really being either the 5D Light or the 3D DensityFor in that Conscious Source Oxygenated Breathing ~ you can feel yourself as being everything and nothing all at the same time.  You feel yourself being 5D and 3D at the same time.  All with no attachment.  All without the ego cracking its whip ~ that you have to do anything or be anything ~ than exactly where you are in that timeless, buoyant, beautiful, Spirit-led Space inside you, that knows yourself as Complete, One, Whole, Perfect, Alive, Aligned, and receiving exactly what you need in any given moment.  

This is the Gift of Spirituality when the storms may come.  This is the Gift of Conscious Breathing . . . as political, environmental, financial, familial, pharmaceutical, and governmental storms roll through.  You live in these physical waters.  3D and 5D energies are going to continue to surge through.  Both halves of the same Cosmic Coin are going to surround you in the coming physical vibrational realities.  

What is key is how YOU show up in them.  If you forget that you have the ability to Consciously Breathe Pure Source Oxygen in them, when the storms kick up within and around you, and you feel yourself struggling and gasping for air in some way, shape, or form, whether because of anxiety, fear, anger, discomfort, disbelief, disillusionment, and more, Remember Who You Are. You are a Divine Soul Presence on this planet that has the ability to step outside of time any time you choose to embody the energy of Timelessness, or “No Time,” and thus, any time you choose to partner with your Conscious Breathing and become weightless again.  And become timeless again.  And become spaceless again.  

When you enter that Inner State of Divine Conscious Breathing, this is when you can go within to your Sacred Heart Center and feel guided from your Inner Soul Compass Within that knows how to navigate any outer map and timeline from the inner coordinates that Source is offering to you from within. This is how you find your Inner Timelines.  This is how you tap into your Inner Coordinates.  This is how you listen and attune your frequencies to the timeline you most wish to experience, despite all of that duality swirling around you, in the “waters” of 3D and 5D surrounding you in any given moment now.  

These “waters” may be storms or serenities offered to you in the next month to come, and in the next many months to come.  For the Ascension of the Earth isn’t happening in one day.  Or a week.  Or any isolated period of time.  It is a process.  And you each and all are deep in that process now, whether you know this consciously or not.

October 2019 is going to continue to ratchet up Energies of Duality.  There will be more continually expanding waves of big energies, coming from the steady Light Infusions arriving on this planet and also coming from the resulting exposures of past actions ~ now seeing the light of day and the light of transparency, that is becoming more public by the day.  

People will be swimming in many ways in information.  An increase in information will be experienced by humanity as a collective, as it begins to see more evidence of the collective co-creations that this Separation Experiment of the last world age and cycle has brought to this world and all inhabitants upon this earth.  

This increase in information will include an increase in Truthful Information getting released as well as include an increase in Purposeful Dis-Information to counteract and attempt to cover up the Truth that certain individuals playing more the role of shadow characters in this Grand 3D Earth Theatre will stop at nothing to attempt or to fight to conceal.

The storms upon you may very well be literal storms for the months to come.  But they most certainly will be Information Storms ~ and ever increasing storms.  

How will people know what is the Truth
and what is actually Mis- or Dis-information?  

As the teacher, intuitive, and author Sonia Choquette has said in a number of her books, “truth withstands scrutiny very well.”  Over time, the Real Truth will be self evident to ALL.  In the meantime, while swirls and storms of information continue to get released, and the global public tries to discern what is True and what is Not True, through all of their 3D and 5D filters, what we recommend is having tools like Conscious Breathing . . . to go back to . . . to engage . . . to embrace and to embody from within . . . to help you rise within your Spirit . . . for minutes a day . . . to reconnect with what IS True Beyond the Confines of Time . . . which is your Divinity!  Your connection with Source!  Your Essence of Living and Timeless Light!

These storms will give each one of you the most perfect opportunity to practice choosing vibrational timelines you do wish to experience.  To choose vibrational timelines that do serve and inspire your Highest Good, Highest Light, and Highest Insight to activate the new Higher Light Codes of 5D Earth inside you.  Its been a long time since you have actively engaged and chosen your Sacred Heart Center’s Wisdom over the guidance of your 3D Egos, and consistently so.

See the storms as opportunities to let the Light lead your lives again, . . . while simply witnessing your 3D selves see the storms, observe the storms, and even have human 3D reactions and feelings about the storms you uniquely see from your life lens and filters.  And then, know that you have a choice.  You have the choice to float in the 3D offerings you see before you, and the 5D higher vibrational offerings you can feel or see within you too.  And out of those two waters and storms of offerings . . . you have your Conscious Breathing and your Direct Lifeline to Source Inside Your Breath.  Inside your Pure Source Oxygen that your Conscious Breathing can embrace within . . . to lift you to another Divine Place and Space in Time, or Timelessness, where you are breathing beyond the reaches, confines, and stresses of linear time.  

And in that Divine Time, in that Floatational Cosmic Alignment with Source Bliss and Cosmic Higher Dimensional Light, you can feel within a new perspective of these timelines shifting inside you.  And you will feel that you are not limited by those timelines.  You are not really even the Truth of those timelines.  For Time itself is an illusion in 3D planes of existence.  

The only thing that is Real is your Connection with Source, your Connection with the Infinite One, your Connection with the Law of One in the Heart of One, within the All That Is.  

If you can find ways to tap into that Infinite Connection . . . within the Seas and Storms of Human Emotion, Duality, and Present Stormy Waters of 3D and 5D swimming together in the Earth’s Ascension Process, weaving Darkness Back into Higher Light, you will have a much easier time surfing the waves of an as-yet-linear-time-space-reality . . . for as long as it can find ways to appear real and physical in your lives today . . . while you also enter the world of the much lighter and free-er multidimensionality that you truly are.  

Float in the Earth Mother’s Higher 5D Sacred Waters where she shares her higher 5D+ Visions for New Light and New Life on Planet Earth.  Swim with Source Light and Higher Frequencies of the Godheart whenever you can in your day, every day.  Breathe Consciously the Living Light of the Law of One returning to your Sacred Heart Centers, that will fully reset and restore its Light in the Collective Heart of Humanity very soon. 

And Breathe the Light of your Divine Presence and Essence from Beginningless time dear one.  Breathe the Pure Source Oxygen you were born into as Soul Perfection timeless eons ago! You are so much more than your present consciousness understands you to be.  You have so many Soul Gifts and Divine Soul Power in the Light of your Divine Frequencies. Breathing them in consciously, lovingly, and gratefully ~ can work miracles ~ especially when the unhealed wounds and emotional storms of a 3D planet exposing itself to itself begin to rise into the consciousness of all with eyes to see the Truth unveiled. Conscious Breathing is more than a coping skill.  It is an Ascension Skill that is essential in these times dear ones.  

So breathe yourselves into the Light you wish to feel as more and more gets revealed in October 2019 and beyond. The Great Birthing of the New Earth is unfolding and emerging through each and every one of you!

You personally are witnessing and experiencing the release of your own 3D pain, wounds, and patterns. And you personally and collectively are witnessing and experiencing the release of your 3D collective pain, wounds, and patterns. 

Its quite a sea of energy to see!

Its quite an emotional storm to weather.

Its quite a convergence of 3D and 5D energies and operating systems to integrate and bear.

And yet, you are divinely designed for this very INTEGRATION!

You are wired, divinely designed, and inspired to go within to rise above the 3D storms and seas that are no longer who you are . . . but that are who you were, as a collective . . .  that will need to be revealed . . . for all to see and to remember . . . at vast collective levels . . . the lessons of a 3D Earth Experiment of Separation.  

This is so that the Wisdom of the Experiment and Experience will not be lost in unconsciousnessness.  

No.  The wisdom will need to be gleaned by the collective!

And so listen, learn, expand, rise, grow, and ascend . . . you will!       

Breathe Consciously.

Breathe Lightfully.

Breathe Lovingly.

That is where you can access the Light and the Godbreath of the All That Is, that creates new worlds and that transcends old ones!

Blessings dear ones, of the Living Light!

You Are Loved.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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