Welcome Home to Mastery: Welcome Home to the Law of One

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.9.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a transmission of Galactic Light, Unity Consciousness, and Higher Frequencies within the Heart of One . . . to help restore the Grace of the Law of One here on planet Earth. For it is the Law of One that you each and all ARE, and it is thus the Law of One that you each and all are remembering yourselves to be in this time of the Earth’s Ascension.  It is impossible dear ones to be what you are not.  But in a 3 Dimensional Time-Space reality, you have all become experts at wearing various costumes to cover up that which you truly are.  

The Law of One then is a soul code that even in its frequency . . . in the sound of those 4 words . . . The ~ Law ~ of ~ One . . . you are bathed in Higher Frequencies of remembrance.  Over the course of many lifetimes, while you still wore your cloaks and costumes, this concept of The Law of of One flowed in and out of your conscious awareness.  Weaving its Divinity, its Technologies, its Ever Present Timeless Living Reality throughout your timelines of Spiritual Amnesia and Spiritual Vertigo all this time.  For the Truth is, you can never, ever be separated from that which you are.  And you are Living Light that receives its extraordinary celestial impulses directly from the Godheart . . . and those impulses include the knowings and the directives of the Law of One.  

Now for those not familiar with this Living Frequency within your Sacred Heart’s Consciousness, we will provide a brief review of The Law of One.  

The Law of One is a Higher Consciousness within you that knows, feels, understands, and sees that there is a Living, Intelligent, Eternal Life Force and Frequency that exists in every one and every thing . . . that thus makes every thing and every being an integral part of the All-One, . . . or simply put The One.  

Inside the Law of One are a number of Core Practices or Values that you each hold inside your selves, inside your cells, and inside your soul aspects that travel throughout infinite time with you, and even within timelines where your costumes, cloaks, and beliefs about separation and division are the most strong and the most dedicated.  These practices, values, and timeless knowings are sewn into your eternal fabric . . . in a way that transcend time and that live beyond the temporary costumes that you wear and various degrees of consciousness that you adorn in different lifetimes.  They are simply part of the Oneness, the Allness, that you timelessly and forever are.  

These values and practices include:  Unity Consciousness, Loving Yourself, Loving Others, Loving the Earth and Nature, Living in Service to Others, Engaging the Expansion of your Consciousness, and Living in Responsible Co-Creation.  There are deep layerings of perfect and profound energies inside each practice.  But today, we will say, that our being together in this transmission . . . and your listening to this transmission . . . tells you that there is a part of you that is already awakened to the knowing and the remembering of the Law of One in your life, in your heart center, and in your core operating systems.  Or . . . it tells you that a part of you is currently re-activating, re-awakening, and re-membering the Law of One and its core energies in the core of your being, that somehow feels familiar, right, and true to pursue, to strive, and to simply allow yourself to be again.  

If you recall, in our last transmission, we Welcomed you to Hyperspace, where you have all entered the New Time of No Time.  For it is the concept and belief in Time that has kept you trapped in the wheels and halls of karmic timelines . . . circling back again and again to the same people, places, patterns, and conditions of soul evolution or devolution . . . over and over again. As you each rounded the corner of December 21, 2012 . . . and entered a new cosmic and celestial age in the days and weeks following that very significant cosmic portal and window of time . . . you have increasingly been spinning yourselves into the Timeline of “No Time.”  And what do you think governs this new age and this new timeline of “No Time?”  We would say . . . it is the Light Codes within the Law of One. The Law of One’s Frequencies that emit Light directly from the Godheart and the Godspark are beginning to sow their seeds inside you once more, and they are beginning to grow a Garden of Light, Harmony, Cooperation, Service, Purpose, and Unity Consciousness once more in each of you.  And within the Greater Collective of you.  

The Law of One is Wholeness Consciousness.   

The Law of One is Cooperation Consciousness.  

It is Kindness Consciousness.  It is Unity Consciousness.  It is Compassion Consciousness.  

It is a Consciousness that transcends any barriers of time-based beliefs in systems of oppression, suppression, suffering, lack, limitation, tyranny, abuse, dis-ease, separation, and more.  It is your own personal release of beliefs in time that invites you to step outside of time . . . where the Law of One lives.  Where the Wholeness lives.  It is where synchronicities live.  It is where instant manifestation lives . . . for without time . . . everything is Now, yes?  It is where love is abundant.  It is where unity is the organizing frequency of any experience.  

The Law of One is Living Light in Action.

The Law of One is God’s Light in Action.  

The Law of One is the Essence of the Godspark in its Eternal and Absolute Perfection.

And the Law of One is the Essence of your Living Light in Action and your personal expression of the Godspark within you in its Eternal and Absolute Perfection.

If this Energy and this Frequency of the Law of One is that fabulous, how is it possible that you could have lived all of these lifetimes of time . . . and all of these timelines ~ filled with both highly rich and highly raw experiences of bliss, love, wealth, health, . . . and suffering, hate, anger, poverty, dis-ease, and more?  

It is because dear ones that you are all Divine Souls that know your Eternal, Infinite Nature . . . who like to surf and travel the waves of Time and No Time . . . to better know the depth of your extraordinary nature as Divine Creators of the Ultimate Source Creator.

And in those desires, to know yourselves deeper, and deeper still, you have lived a vast amount of lives in an extraordinary array of costumes and a bountiful absorption of many, many levels and layers and degrees of consciousness.  Including living in timelines without consciousness and without a conscious awareness of who you really are.  That latter example . . . is your 3D Earth Experience and Timeline.

To a soul, it is one of the most rich and soul-expansive experiences to know yourself as a Spark of the Godheart . . . by NOT knowing yourself as a Spark of the Godheart.  How does one have that opportunity?  To have that experience?  You have to inter-dimensionally travel your way to find and incarnate within a 3D planetary paradigm.  

Earth, many, many millennia ago, was a 5th dimensional golden crystalline being of Divine Light. And at a deep, deep level of soul consciousness, agreed with many other beings to participate in an experiment of Separation Consciousness. That would last a very long time . . . in a physical realm of time.  And her fields of 5D Light would descend over time deeper and deeper and deeper into lower levels of 3D Light and Separation Consciousness, for this desired collective experience to be able to manifest, for the richness of soul growth that it ultimately brings.

Now we realize that this is a very simplified narrative today of a much grander and larger story that unfolded over a great deal of time within the earth and within each and all of you.  

But it is a point of context for many of you that may serve to illustrate ~ even if only at the most cursory level . . . that you originated in much Higher Realms of Consciousness.  That the entire Whole of Creation lives, breathes, manifests, and exists through the Extraordinary Light, Order, and Precision of the Grace of the Law of One.  And that the earth for a time was going to slip into a state of 3D Spiritual Amnesia, Separation, Division, Competition, and Duality . . . in order to attempt to experience itself on the outside of Unity Consciousness.  It is quite a feat of creation to successfully accomplish this, if this leaves you any kind of reverence or awe at the power you each and all have to create on a mass scale such as this.  

And this is what we most wish to bring your attention to now, today, in September 2019. 

For you all have received invitations to join the Great Return.  You all have received a summoning to stir now from your slumber and your spiritual amnesia . . . and begin to the feel the pulsing and pulsations coming straight from the Heart of your beloved Earth Mother . . . calling her children Home.  Calling each and every Divine Soul and Sentient Being on this planet to awaken from the forgetfulness of who you really are . . . and to remember yourselves as Divine, Sovereign, Abundant, Extraordinary, Talented, Loving, and Light-Filled Beings . . . who are connected once more to every one and every thing.  These invitations are pulsing the codes of the Law of One and that Extraordinary Loving, Living, Conscious, and Perfect Light back into your cells now.  Back into your Higher Selves.  Back into your Conscious Awareness now.  

And if you are someone who in the last few years, months, days, or hours has begun to feel this inner urge, or this inner calling, or this inner summoning to make some very significant changes in your life . . . in terms of how you eat, who you spend time with, what you spend time doing and being every day, what your career or job currently is, where you live, what you are creating (consciously or unconsciously) in your daily life . . . you are someone whose frequencies are being tuned by the Living Light Codes within the Law of One.  You are being summoned Home now, by being summoned Awake.  You are feeling the illusion of time, 3D earth dramas, wars, duality, lack, limitation, enslavement and entrapment, and suffering and struggle of all kinds.  You are remembering THIS is NOT who you are.  This is the illusion of who you are.  And this is the story of you who you are.  And this is a story of a planet . . . that is not in any way living in Truth, Transparency, and Clarity of Consciousness.  For it wasn’t designed in this recent world age and cycle to be any version of Truth whatsoever.  

It was a Grand Theatre!  It was a Global Stage!  It was a Vast Illusion!  So that many hundreds of thousands and millions of souls could come to this exact theatre and play out games and performances of living in separation consciousness . . . to be able to experience that as a soul . . . and as a collective or group soul . . . and know at an infinite, eternal level the richness and gifts of that kind of soul experience.  To know Divine Consciousness more deeply.  

Did this theatre cause suffering?  In many ways and in many cases, yes.  Did this theatre provide deep challenges and soul wounds and opportunities for immense growth too?  Yes, it did.  Has it been fun?  Sometimes.  Has it been terrifying or extraordinarily painful?  Yes, sometimes.  But has the theatre of it all been profoundly rich to the soul?  To the spirit inside you?  To the collective consciousness in all realms in all creation?  Yes.  

And now, is it time to clean up that 3D Theatre Experiment and Experience of Separation, Earth Density, Pain, Suffering, Limits, and Lack?  You bet it is.

This is the Great Return.  This is the Time of No Time.  This is the Time to step more and more outside of time as you know it, or as you knew it, and journey on the inner planes to the vibrations that you most deeply desire to experience and to be again.  Because that is how you “time travel” in the Higher Dimensional Realms, that you are returning to once more.  

If you want to be in a 6th dimensional experience and visit with the faerie realms that live there, direct your inner vibrational attention and consciousness to that attuned vibrational feeling inside you, and there you will be.  If you want to be a 5th dimensional New Earth builder, healer, re-templater, musician, and visionary, attune yourself to the frequencies of your talents in those areas and the Earth in her glorious crystalline divine splendor, perfectly whole, healed, and shining in her 5D consciousness and living light codes pouring through every one and every thing from the Law of One . . . and there you will be.  

You are choosing your timelines and physical life experiences every day now, more and more and more.  And you will do so increasingly ever more so.  As the Earth Mother continues to align her frequencies with the 5th Dimensional and Higher Codes of Light and Light Codes within the Sacred Law of One . . . to lead all sentient beings on the pathway Home . . . to living in Divine Oneness.  Wholeness.  And Unity Consciousness.

Mother Earth is leading the way.  She is part of the soul cues you are receiving.  For you literally live upon her.  Her frequencies are coming up through your physical body temple through your feet every day.  They are infusing your energy field with the new Living Light, the new Christ Light and Christ Consciousness, and the new Law of One returning to the Earth’s Consciousness and all sentient life that lives here.  Are these frequencies new?  They are actually Timeless, so they are not new or ancient.  What they are . . . are the Original Blueprints of Living Light from the Divine Creator . . . now forever expanded at Soul Level . . . due to the Wisdom Gleaned throughout the Cycle of Earth’s 3D “Separation” Consciousness Experience.  They are the Original Blueprints of Light from the Law of One Consciousness in all of Creation . . . only now Expanded and Upgraded as a better and brighter version of itself than has ever been experienced before.

This is a most extraordinary Collective Upgrade!

So as you go about your daily lives, in a world that still feels or appears to be very 3D in its separation consciousness and pervasive spiritual amnesia, remember this.  You are upgrading in every way, in every cell, in every molecule, from the inside out.  All of you are.  The Earth Mother is.  The grass, the trees, the animals, the air, the oceans, and the mountains are too.  All is being upgraded.  All is aligning with this Higher Frequency of Unified Light. 

And . . . all that is not aligned with this Higher Frequency of Unified Light . . .  all that is not aligned with Sacred Source Light and the Codes of Light within the Law of One . . . are leaving.  Dematerializing.  Yes, perhaps fighting to try to hang on and to find a way to survive these inevitable shifts and stay the same . . . and keep their lower density vibrations here.  But the Law of One is indiscriminate.  The Light simply IS.  And the Light Codes reactivating to re-align the Earth Mother and all of her inhabitants to this newly expanded Living Light and this newly expanded Law of One expressed in physical form now on this new emerging 5D experience . . . are simply neutralizing any lower density frequencies that it comes across in its path.  Some things or people will dematerialize in some way, shape, or form in that process.  Some will be required to change in order to stay.  

Hence you see the level of chaos in your news and old 3D structures. Schools are failing. Roads and infrastructures are struggling. Disease is running rampant.  Poverty at the deepest levels is struggling and becoming more evident to more and more people.  In fact, poverty on all levels of mind-body-spirit is starting to impact more and more people as individuals in the collective begin to wake up to their own unmet needs in some aspect of their lives or another.  Old politics, politicians, and political systems are breaking down.  They must.  For they were never designed to last indefinitely.  

This was just an experiment.  This was just an experience many wanted to have for a time. The marrow of the experience has been gleaned.  The shadows of daily life and 3D consciousness have had their day. 

And the Law of One is Returning, increasingly now, to this planet, and will do so, until every last being and structure from 3D Earth is upgraded or alchemized into something better.  Something aligned with the 5D frequencies required of the Earth and required now of her inhabitants.  

As a man named James Gilliland once said, “We have to become frequency specific to the New Earth.”  That is the living essence of the new timelines that have arrived in this Now Time of your lives ~ whose time has come to be embraced.  To be chosen.  To be engaged at a conscious level.  

We will speak more to the vibrations, the teachings, the living essence within the Law of One as it relates to the Emerging 5D+ New Earth Experience in subsequent transmissions.

For now, in September 2019, and as you round the bend towards the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, what is it that you wish to seek clarity in your own vibration about?  What is the 20/20 vision you have of your life experiences going forward?  Who do you want to be without your 3D costumes covering up your separation consciousness now?  What are the soul aspects you have and hold inside . . . that perhaps you haven’t spent time with for eons?  That are ready to know you and to visit with you and guide you again?

The remainder of 2019 is a Preparation for the Transparency of 20/20 to come.  2020 is going to be a year of pristine clear vision . . . of seeing all . . . of knowing all . . . of being all . . . and sometimes . . . of needing to rise above much of the “all” that is increasingly getting exposed that once was, that once thrived, in the dark halls and theatre of 3D living on planet earth, outside many of your conscious or collective awareness.  Its time to be a conscious witness of what the depths of separation consciousness can create . . . and its time to choose your cosmic coordinate on a new map of human and sentient consciousness . . . in the New Earth.

3D will continually crumble and dematerialize at the same time that 5D will rise! 

It isn’t either/or now.  You are living in a timeline of All Time and No Time.  Not one time or another.  Where your consciousness is in any moment is where you “are.”  Your vibration is where you “are.”  Being the vibration you wish to be . . . places you in the consciousness and the living energetic experiences and spaces where you most wish to be. And at the same time, 3D is going to continue to crumble and dematerialize around you.  

So we invite you to listen.  To open your eyes and see.  To understand that 2 Earths are unfolding . . . diverging for a time . . . and then eventually will return again into One.  

Some will find the 5D Path of Light, choose their inner cosmic coordinates through their feeling states and focused intentions and attention, and keep moving through these powerful shifts unfolding every day in every moment now.

Some will keep looking at the 3D timelines and matrix that is falling apart and get swept up in the chaos of the crumbling.  

Living 5D by example . . . allowing the energies of the All of it . . . that is understood in the Essence of the Law of One . . . and at the same time . . . knowing their own vibrational cosmic coordinates by the feeling state(s) they choose to hold and feel as much as they can within . . . is one of the best ways to step outside the confines and pain of 3D linear time . . . and to step up and into the freedom, light, and new life offered by the new 5D Quantum Earth Experience that is ready to receive all those ready and willing to rise.  

Both Earths will exist for a time together on one and the same planet.  

Both vibrational realities will be offered to all souls living here.  

We invite you to expand your consciousness to allow both to ride their own waves and their own shifts . . . as the New Light Codes and the Law of One returns to this planet and this planetary experience.  We invite you to not get caught up in waves you don’t wish to experience but to rather ~ choose the ones you do!  

And we invite you to keep moving steadily in the vibrational direction, thus to keep aligning and moving in the flow the inner feelings that you most desire to live and to be now, . . . so that you can keep rising in the ascending frequencies that are here to usher you Home . . . outside the realms of “known time” . . . and into the realms of No Time, or Quantum Time, which is Timelessness.  

In the New 5D Earth, Time is just a Feeling.  Time is simply a Vibration that you seek you experience.  When you want to experience it, you vibrate it to feel it.  You vibrate it to have it in your experience.  And you can thus be anywhere ~ in a blink of focused energy ~ because your time-space reality will simply be a feeling-space reality.  Feelings will replace time.  Vibrations will once again replace time.  

And thus, Vibration will replace Separation.  To bring the All back together . . . as One Whole . . . One Light . . . One Heart . . . One Grace . . . One Collective.  

The Law of One is your Oneness with All That Is.  

It is your Oneness with All That This Transmission is conveying.

It is your Oneness with the Allness of you that you have ever been.  

And it is your Oneness with the Infinite Nature of Spirit and Source that you have always been.  

Welcome back to the Law of One . . . that lives outside the confines and coordinates of linear time.  The tick tock and clock that you have for so long lived and died by . . . is ticking its own timeline down to zero point.  

In the New Earth, there is no clock.  Only vibration.  Only sentience.  Only moving by feeling states.  

In the New Earth, you are moving to the Heartbeat and the Guidance of the One.  You are moving with the Light of the Unified Field.

It may sound foreign, new, or unimaginable as of yet.  But we assure you, it is who you once already were.  It is what you knew deeply and vastly . . . before you signed up to be a participant in global separation.  And it is what you are becoming again.

Relax into the Light of the New Earth Codes of Unity, Love, and Cooperation.

Relax into the Light and the Heart of the Law of One.  

Relax into the Light of your Heart, your Spirit, and your Divinity as one candle in the Greater Central Sun of All Time.

You are that Living Light of the Law of One that is a Radiant Aspect of the Godheart and the Infinite One. 

Welcome Home to Mastery!

Welcome Home to Oneness and Unity Consciousness!

You Are Loved.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

5 Responses to “Welcome Home to Mastery: Welcome Home to the Law of One

  • Helga B. Freitag
    5 years ago

    This is the most beautiful spiritual Article I have had the pleasure to read. Thank You so very much! WOW

    • Hi Helga! Thank YOU so very much for your positive energy and adding your Light to this exquisite transmission from the Arcturian Collecive ✨🙏❤️ Blessings and light to you! ✨🌈

  • Steve
    5 years ago

    Thank you for that grace. We are planning our wedding on 111, 2020. Looking forward to becoming 1 on 111

    • Hi Steve! Wow! I am just seeing this beautiful message today! On 4/11/2020 ~ 3 months after your wedding date! Congratulations on your joy and new beginnings in 2020! It is a blessing to connect with you here. I send light and appreciation your way! ✨😊💙🦋

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