Solstice 2016: Spectacle of Light

“Solstice 2016:  Spectacle of Light”
December 21, 2016
Mother Mary, via channel, Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

I am here with a Message of Light for Humanity. 

Today is a new beginning. 

A dawning of divine empowerment as the sun’s power begins to make it’s return to your planet in ever increasing rays of consciousness over the next few months.


The Solstice is a time of witnessing the cycles of the Light’s increase on your world and Darkness receding, while at the same time, physically being a time of the greatest darkness in the year. 

The pendulum swings from the physical to nonphysical, from dark to light, and from “receding” to “increasing”.  And yet, no time, has offered the greatest of contrasts in these cycles and patternings like this present moment

This Present Solstice.

Dear Ones, the ebb and flow of the duality of darkness and light is coming to an end . . . on this day, December 21, 2016.  There will still be solstices.  And equinoxes.  And other cosmic events.  But the potency of stirring the consciousness of duality shall cease.  And a greater attunement to the holistic power of the Light, IN ALL CYCLES, will begin to take form in your world and greater awareness.

Today, go into your heart, and ask . . . that which most wants to be released in All Time . . . may it be released now fully in your consciousness, and may it return to the Light of Source for healing, cleansing, and soul integration now. 

Your world is waking up, in ever increasing numbers.  The Light infusing the biosphere is touching all sacred life forms and harmonizing the spirit of Unity at the subatomic level.  Even if on the level of full consciousness, this does not yet appear so, reflect again on the science of the solstice.  See the reflection of the darkest day on your world in a year’s time, and this time at the furthest-most position away from the sun . . . and yet also on this day . . . see that the cosmos affirms how there will be a vast return and influx of the Light, so much so, that it creates the four seasons and many other powerful cosmic effects.

Your atoms are like the Solstice.  They are feeling the signal of the shifting tides, that the Light is now set to return.  In ever increasing amounts.

And on this day, 12/21/16, that means a higher consciousness is set to return with it.

First, at the subatomic level.  As all of your cells upgrade, so too will your entire field of consciousness.  And your center-point of divine sight will have shifted just a few degrees after the events of today.


It is said that the flap of a butterfly’s wings can be felt and heard around the world, in a field of greater sentience, and this is the phenomenon that today brings, only more palpably so as the New Earth gains traction in her new position in the stars . . . and in your solar system . . . in relation to the star portal of the Great Central Sun.


This Solstice . . . the Great Central Sun and the Earth become One once more.

And that means that ever increasing Matrices of Light will be communicating and communing with your world.

A Shift in Consciousness is most certain to occur.

Allow the deepest darkness, of all soul experiences now, to recede. 

And allow the Light to permeate that darkness, through your consciousness, knowing your alignment with the Solstice and the Cosmos, on higher and higher levels . . . to become a Living and Embodied Solstice, purified for these times and shifts in Living Consciousness . . . to ultimately expand the Light of Source and to transcend in physical form the Age of the Living Darkness.

All are One, as all Life pivots and embodies a new, greater, more infinite Light in this Trajectory of Transcendence never before seen or experienced so powerfully and en masse, on any world, to date. 


This is the Spectacle of Light your soul eyes can see this Solstice.

This is the Spectacle of Light Source knows you to be.

This is your Return to the Light of a much Higher Consciousness.

This is what will lead every soul’s experience now. 

The Great Light of Your Divinity is returning to you.  For it is re-emerging in you, as the Divine Soul Seed from the Heart of Source that you are, and that powers and creates worlds in extraordinary ways.

The Field of Oneness will be ever increasingly known to all life force again.

Welcome Home to the Light, Dear Ones. 

What a joy for us in Spirit to see this day unfolding for All. 

All my love.

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