Mother Mary 12/16/16: Sentience – A Language of Sharing and Giving

“Sentience:  A Language of Sharing and Giving”
December 16, 2016
Mother Mary, via channel, Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

I am here with the Arcturian High Council to amplify a message from the Earth Mother, about the Earth, and the next steps in the journey.

Always dear ones, this begins, and brings us back to, the language of sentience.

Because when some original beings that settled and populated the earth took power, that is what they did.  Take. 

And sentience by it’s nature is a language and operating system of sharing and giving.


It is a language of oneness.  Of feeling the “I AM Another YOU” essence. 

And it resonates the energy “we are all in this together.”

We are One Breath.  One Life.  One Energy. 

And as such, we have One Focus. To expand the Light of Love and Source Essence through us, and through all of us, as a collective.

When the Earth was “taken”, primarily by beings of a different focus, one that was outside of the intentions of sentience and oneness, the focus then became the shadow energy of agenda.

The takers then began a master plan to rule, enslave, and steal any and all resources from the lush environment of the living earth, including it’s people.

There have been many cycles of this agenda playing out on your world.

But we would say to you today . . .
that the lesson, the unifier, the healing agent to restore unity and light,
is awakening the vast inner resource of sentience.

It knows how to feel to heal.  It knows how to access infinite knowledge and infinite good.  It knows only prosperity and abundance.  It knows compassion and transcendence. 

Sentience is the Source Seeded Flower, in YOU, that blooms with a sacred light of God’s Grace in All Time and All Consciousness.


Do not disregard the power of your Sentience.  For indeed, it is the brilliance, the map, and the lantern out of the experience of separation and enslavement, and into multidimensional and interconnected worlds.

Sentience opens your field of greater perception, discernment, and possibility. 

By opening and awakening your sentience, you gain access to higher forms of oneness, life, and divine potentiality, than your limited sight allows you to believe.

Keep believing dear one in the power of the New Light flooding the planet to engage and activate your own soul’s knowledge of this intrinsic part of yourself. 

More than fighting the “takers,” it’s time to open to being the embracers and activators of sentience consciousness on the planet.

Opening to sentience and vibration consciousness does more to heal your life and heal the world than any protest you can conceive.

Keep believing in the Light which is the Life Force required to fuel your sentient fields of perception.

Remain aware of the darkness, only as a contrasting density point, from which all are springing back to divine empowerment, liberation, and mobility/freedom.

You will return very shortly to this world and spectacle of light living.

Right now, witness the illusion of the black snake, and it’s serpentine grip on the consciousness of this world.  Knowing that the Light releases all previous contracts in duality and raises the bar, to expand all beings in this dualistic world, into a new dimensional frequency, where oneness rules all choices, creations, and flow.

Oneness will soon re-absorb the separatists and the governing cabal of takers.

Their day in the Light of Full Sun Exposure is here. 

This is necessary, to birth the awakening of sentience consciousness on a massive scale.

So fear not the dark and vested interests of a few, doing the bidding of dark masters, to exploit all deemed exploitable.

For the Light knows how to envelope such darkness, with effortlessness and ease.

And it is the dark entities who might have more fear at this point. 

For the Light is absorbing their community in ever increasing numbers, and pointing them in cosmic ways, back towards the Light of Source, to which, they all will ultimately return.

It is the design of the Universe that all things came from the Light, are the Light, and will return to the Light, in Divine Order and with Divine Precision.

Your only “job” right now is to commit to Light Integration, Light Activation, and Light Salvation.

There is your sentience.  And your innate presence of infinite understanding, order, and blessings.

In the Light, a unified Field of Divine Grace is ever present.

Trust the Light.

Witness the Darkness.

Take Action Steps to Embody the New Light as much as possible now, and Allow Source Truth and Source Light to bring Order out of Chaos and Revelation out of Illusion.

The Time of the Great Light and the Emergence of Sentience is Now. 

All is well.

Blessings Dear Ones.

Continue to invite the Light of Sentience to be known in your Heart’s Consciousness again.


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