July 2023 Energy Update: Revelations, Unvelations, Lessons from The 3 Little Pigs, & The Strong 5D House of God

July 2023 Energy Update

Revelations, Unvelations, Lessons from The Three Little Pigs,
& Embracing The Strong 5D House of God:

As Illusions, Movies, & Epic Divine Truth Continue to Play Out . . .
Choose Your Divine Dream in the God Timeline

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 7.8.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Living Light of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and the Frequencies of Divine Creation Itself.  As we have said many times before, you are in a Great Crumbling Time.  This is the Manifestation of the End of the Old 3D World Age and Paradigm.  We have also said this is the Time of the Great Awakening, The Great Remembering, and the Great Ascension.  This is the Manifestation of the Beginning of a New 5D & Super Quantum World Age and Cycle.  And you all have been feeling the Squeeze of this Grand Shift of the Ages for some time.  All that is and has been out of alignment with Divine Source and Divine Creation must come to an end.  It must clear and fully release so that you each can truly rise.  Much of what has needed to end has already ended, in real time, in the God Timeline.  What is playing out on your world is various theatrics if you will, various movies if you will, that are designed to reach every strata of consciousness that is still vibrating in alignment with a multitude of consciousnesses, and not necessarily solely The God Timeline.  For the movies and narratives playing out now are designed to get humanity’s attention in only the way God truly can. So while the hard work is done, it is not yet time to quantumly and fully play either. For in the story of The Three Little Pigs, the pig that builds its house out of straw isn’t fully out of the woods, in terms of being a target of the big bad wolf.  Yes?  The pig that builds his house out of sticks isn’t fully out of the woods as a target of the big bad wolf either.  Its the pig that knows the scope and breadth of having a solid house, a strong house, and a prepped house, that 3rd little pig, who builds the structure that can protect and save all three of those little pigs from the attacks of that big bad wolf.  Well God has built a very strong 5D house.  Source has activated many wise and seasoned souls who have followed his guidance and instructions for many, many years to build The Strong House of God in a new frequency ~ in the octaves of a 5th Dimensional and higher New Earth ~ where lower dimensional wolves, parasites, and dark beings cannot enter.  They cannot even slip down the roof because their frequencies alone cannot break the frequency barriers of this Gorgeous Divine Creation in order to attempt to access it.  This is what God/Source/Creator has been manifesting for the whole planet while many of you have been the soul group witnessing the destruction of the old guard that served the 3D matrix and the Serpent; And while many still slept and colluded with the old guard and served the 3D matrix through their ignorance, detachment, and spiritual slumber and amnesia.  All of this is part of the Greater Divine Plan to wake a Sleeping Planet from thousands and thousands of years of spiritual slumber and spiritual amnesia.

July 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comSo let us now take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In.  And let us all feel the Living Light, the Divine Source Prana, filling every aspect of you and your trillions of cells that give form to your Soul Essence.  These cells need Divine Prana more than ever before.  As the old world dies and falls away, and as the New One emerges before people’s eyes, in many respects, already built, already formed, and already perfect.  This is the unveiling part of the Revealing Times, or Revelations.  Revelations reveal what already has happened on your world, both shadow and light.  Grand Unveilings, or Unvelations we might call them, are new unfoldments, new emergences, and new discoverings that will empower, emancipate, and elevate this whole planet that all of you call Home in physical form.  So let us breathe some deep conscious breaths into all of your cells ~ first for the Revelations ~ and the overwhelming emotions that many will feel from the shock of Truth shared on that level that will be so foreign and so incomprehensible to most.  Allow this conscious breath to pre-heal any shock frequencies, before the revelations emerge with even greater intensity to your world.  Let’s breathe Divine Light and God’s Life Force into your cells to fortify them and strengthen them, so that anything not from God and of God that comes from the Serpent Matrix . . . doesn’t get into those very cells in the form of stress, shock, anger, and deep emotional disturbances.  But rather, the Revelations simply pour over humanity, . . . and your cells are immune to the wear and tear that that level of Divine Truth brings.  For we are breathing straight from Source and straight with Source right here and right now, the fortification needed to always be Divinely Protected by Source, in any and all circumstances, ever, in all directions of time.

And now let us breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, and feel it flowing through all of the Unveilings and Unvelations to come, that your receptive Divine Essence knows will be, bringing Great Joy, Ease, Contentment, Peace, and Abundance to every sentient being on the planet.  Let us breathe in this Pre-Celebration now of the New 5D Earth’s Divine Creations, and allow this Joy of God’s Unveilings of New Structures and New Ways of Co-Creating to fill all sentient consciousness in a field of Oneness and Unity Consciousness going forward.

Just as you can Pre-Heal from the Shock Waves of Deep Revelations Incoming . . . you can also Pre-Celebrate the Quantum Waves of Profound Unveilings and Unvelations Incoming too.  You are the Endings and the Beginnings right now, in these times.  You are the Future Versions of You, right now.  And you are the Closing Out and Completing Versions of You, that once aligned with a 3D matrix on some level of your being.  You are All Of This, and so much more.  And you have the power within to Transcend The Old Timeline & Integrate and Embrace The New Timeline, simultaneously.  It’s already happening.  It’s already underway.

So today, in the month of July 2023, we wish to summon in your Divine Dreamer within.  While more crazy things will unfold in your news cycles, and through the old world’s crumbling experience of Wild Revelations, who listening can discipline your Vibrational Focus on the Power of The Dream?  And let’s first start with tuning into the Power of God’s Dream for Divine Creation?  The Physical Garden of Eden might be a good start, for those seeking an image or feeling sense about this within.  God/Source’s Dream for this Planet is Perfectly Divine in all of its colorful, abundant, and nourishing splendor.  Fruit grows and feeds all of humanity effortlessly, for abundance is the natural order of God’s Creation.  Vegetables grow and supply sustenance to people around the world, effortlessly and in great abundance as well.  Telepathy between human beings opens exchanges between all of humanity again.  And sentient connections and telepathic connections between humans and the animal and plant kingdoms are fully active and harmonious again.  As they say, in a 5D Divine Creation, the world is your oyster.  It is everyone’s oyster.  And Gaia is thrilled to shine as a beacon to the cosmos of what it looks and feels like to be made whole again, with the ease and grace of True and Total Faith in One True Divine Source of All That Is.

July 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comSo in that incredibly expanded vision of a New 5D Perfect Earth and Frequency Humming on the Earth, what is your dream?  What is your dream for the 5D Version of You that is soon to enter a world and realm where anything and everything is possible.  Finances (and Lack Consciousness) no longer hold you or anyone back from their deepest desires.  Fear no longer presides over your deepest desires, informing them from the Ego’s Limitations and Struggles to exist.  No, you are fully free.  Sovereign.  And available to your Heart Song, and thus your Deepest and Truest Desires.  So what are they?  Can you see them?  Can you feel them?  Have you known them for a long time, but simply had to shelve them on the proverbial back burner all this time?  Or do you need a little time to consciously connect with them and to breathe conscious life force into them again?

Dreaming and Breathing in this way is a huge and profound way that you can surf the storms forthcoming, and that are already here, but that will get louder and louder and louder in the movie and media cycles, until the ending of the 3D matrix is nearly deafening and can no longer be ignored by anyone or anything.  Dreaming and Breathing Consciously in this way is how you access Divine Prana when the thick smog of the Truth of 3D Darkness and Fear rises to the surface of everyone’s consciousness.  They are your Cosmic EMT and your Divine 911.  When Revelations increase, increase your God Breath, proportionately.  When unveilings increase, increase your God Breath to better harmonize your rising frequencies with their already risen frequencies.

How can you harmonize with the Light of your Heart’s Clearest Purest Dreams?  How can you see beyond the haze and craze of a dying world . . . the Light of God’s World . . . shining like a Beacon in the Dark . . . as if to say . . . this way . . . THIS WAY!  When you breathe in small sentiments and your sentient senses of your Soul’s Dream or Dreams, you receive God Prana.  For they go hand in hand.  They are a lock and key match made in heaven.  Literally.

So again, we invite you throughout the month of July as well as the remainder of this year . . . to really practice focusing all of your vibrational energies into the feeling you want to feel when you are living your best emancipated 5D life.  Pick some aspects of your new life and practice giving your whole vibrational attention to its details, as you walk through a single day in that life.  What are you doing?  How are you feeling as you move through that day?  What do you see?  Who do you see?  How has technology unburdened you from daily chores and to dos that humans don’t need to be doing?  How are you living more Spiritually and Soulfully free, when you don’t work hard or work at all for an income?  When all of your needs are met abundantly by Source, thus freeing you up to be your gifts, your passions, and your purpose in the world, paid or unpaid?  Yes, there will be wealth streams that some people continue to expand.  The key message we are giving to you is that your Value is not your “Output” in terms of “Man or Woman” Power.  You are not the commodity any longer.  You are not the worker bee who has to work your weight over a set of working hours each day to have Value in this world.  In a God Creation, that is a demonic concept.  That is a satanic concept.  One you were all taught that you need to work and earn money in order to be exportable, and to have any value.  In God’s World and Timeline, you are loved, appreciated, and valued for the Gifts you innately have, and were given, by Source!  You are Whole as you are.  The question only is . . . how do you uniquely wish to shine what that is?

July 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comThis will ignite a Renaissance of Souls to create in big and small ways.  And this is so wonderfully a part of this Shift of the Ages.  This Renaissance of Souls on Planet Earth. And perhaps in due time, this will expand into Intergalactic Commerce, for the Star Races in the Cosmos eagerly await the opportunity to trade with The Risen Ones, or those who Rose up and Through the Ascension of Planet Earth.  They are curious about your wares, your talents, your sentient expressions ~ post Ascension, and the art you make, the technology you innovate, and the new ways human beings remember how to express divinity again.

Dear Ones, so many glorious experiences await those preparing for these epic changes.  The joy knows no bounds.  The freedom and expansion are end-less.  And we invite you to feel into that.  A world without limits.  And thus a world with epic potential for quantum creative expression.  Who is ready?  Are you ready?  Does this invite you?  Does this intrigue you?  We hope so!  Because this is what is expanding on your world, as the old one falls, decays, and dematerializes.

So remember our messages when more changes unfold on your world stages.  Remember our summonings to BREATHE and DREAM and DREAM and BREATHE New Earth Prana and Light as toxic plumes of unpleasant revelations and squeezes surface, to awaken all levels of human consciousness on your world.  All must see and know the Light of Truth in ways that awaken the Sleeping Spiritual Slumbering on this planet, and activate the Light of God’s Timeline in your Conscious Awareness.

Sleepers cannot bring sleepiness and separation into the 5D New Earth Timeline & Essentially The God Timeline.  They are one and the same.  Lower vibrational separation and duality consciousness will not be able to jump from the house of straw, to the house of sticks, and into the house of bricks.  The House of Bricks is Mother Gaia.  And even if there is a wolf terrorizing a little pig family or a whole village, the only access key that any of you have is . . . what?  It’s your VIBRATION!

This New Earth isn’t something you buy.  It isn’t something that any one can even sell to you.  It is a Consciousness that you choose.  And once chosen, it is a lifestyle that you live.  And it is a lifestyle that you cultivate.  Through Breath, Dreaming, Creation, Co-Creation, and Authentic Self and Soul Expression.

The wolves are in many ways dealt with already.  The corruption has largely been cleaned up.  More are still being captured and cleared from this world.  Yet the narratives you see in the media may be false narratives, CGI, or even old footage from real life or movies from the old 3D world.  The world as you know it and knew it is ending.  The glorious news is that a new one is already birthing.  So we invite you to raise your field of awareness and come play in it.  At the very least, you can do this in the dream times.  Set your coordinates when you go to sleep at night for The God Timeline/5D New Earth.  And then let yourself explore your new life as you rest and as you sleep.  If you feel you want to breathe consciously for moments in your day, do this in a fully awakened state.  And add the details of your life into your heart visioning.  Be the Divine Dreamer God invited and seeded you to be, in these times!  Now is your time!

July 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comYou will choose how you wish to see the multiple timelines of movies playing out in the human experience this month and the remainder of this year.  And even into the next few years. Remember YOU are a Multidimensional Being, who knows how to surf the best timelines and versions you want and know yourself to be.  If you get caught up in the swells of storms on this Ascending Planet, remember you can always close your eyes, breathe together in Union with Source, and ask to be shown the portal of Truth and the doorway to your 5D life again, any time you get disoriented.

Your Breath, your Soul Skills, your Faith, and your best Divine Dreams will always reset and reorient you to your True Lifetime in the God Timeline.

The Time to Practice living this is Now.  It’s Now.

Shine your Light into the Energies of July 2023, and feel your budding Galactic Independence from any 3D tethers that still haunt you or your fellow sentient family still trapped in the matrix.  By setting yourself free, you give others permission to embrace doing the same!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, July 15th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

2 Responses to “July 2023 Energy Update: Revelations, Unvelations, Lessons from The 3 Little Pigs, & The Strong 5D House of God

  • SOOO much amazing information in this transmission! Love the idea of pre-healing and pre-celebrating! As the guides said, we should feel, vision, breathe and dream ourselves onto the frequencies of the God timeline. I also love the idea of setting our 5D/God timeline coordinates before we sleep. Brilliant! Our 5D Selves already exist on the God timeline and the New Earth. With these awesome quantum tools, we can merge with our original Divine blueprint and truly embody- and express- all of our sacred Soul gifts and skills. Thank you, Marie, for being the vessel of Divine Light and Divine Truth!

    • Hi Diane! Isn’t that a beautiful message for all of us? We can pre-heal and pre-celebrate, as we vibrationally dream our way into our place, our gifts, and our belonging in the God Timeline. Thank you for the light you are and for the resonance you shine that ripples these messages into the heart of humanity, where they can be of even greater service! Much gratitude and love to you.