August September 2023 Energy Update: Cosmic Krakens & Lion Harbingers, Empower Your New Earth Dream

August/September 2023 Energy Update

Cosmic Krakens and Lion Harbingers:
Empowering Your New Earth Dream
As The Old Falls Away and The New Simultaneously Births

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.19.2023


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Pure Light within the Heart Center of Creation.  The Lion’s Gate is seeding in each of you the Power and the Inspiration to Go for the Gold so to speak.  And we come through the Golden White Light of the Heart Center of Creation where the illusions of time cannot reach, and thus the illusions found in lower dimensions of time cannot reach this sacred space either.  And this is where we wish to commune and communicate with you today. This essence of being, feeling, and knowing yourselves as Divinely Free. This essence of being, feeling, and knowing yourselves as Golden White Frequencies of Light, liberated in God/Source’s Eternal Now, to create to your Heart’s Content ~ the New Earth’s Birth in all of it’s resplendent glory!

August September 2023 Energy Update: Cosmic Krakens & Lion HarbingersSo let us first take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In today together, and feel this Sacred Prana filling your cells, your airways, your dream pathways, and your heart centers in the most flowful ways possible.  Feel this Conscious Breath, seeded and breathed in Union with Source, flowing to all of the places inside you that otherwise would orient toward the 3D world and its obligations, tensions, responsibilities, and incarcerations . . . but now . . . are expanded in Unified Light with Your Divine Creator . . . and you now Breathe This Expansion in One Unified Breath with Source.  When you breathe consciously in this way, everything is possible. Everything you dream is possible, and it is yours to quantumly create.  If you can conceive it, it means you remember it!  If you can conceive it, you can dream it.  You can vision it, and you can give form to the formless of its seedling vibration, and bring it into your life’s experience.  So let’s breathe another Conscious Divine Breath in to support our Diving Dreaming today, and to support your Higher Ascension now, to Dream and Breathe beyond the calls to shrink back into your 3D roles, allegiances, belief systems, and tethers.  You are breathing yourselves into a whole new world of Divine Experience.  Let it flow within you.  Let your soul remember what it already knows to be True about this Timeline, and about You in this window of time.  And let go of any lower vibrational attempts to tether your conscious attention and your ego’s attention, knowing that you have chosen the Higher Path today, through how you are Breathing; Through your Choice to listen to a Soul Powered and Empowered Message like this one today.  You are showing where your Consciousness is right now, as you Breathe in Union with Source.  The 3D matrix recognizes that another soul has just risen, and will no longer buy, breathe, or allow prana-deprived 3D oxygen alone in their life’s experiences.  Today, you can claim that prana fills your every breath!  And that means that prana fills your every Unified Breath with Source, which means that in every breath you breathe, you are quantumly co-creating with Source the Life of Your Dreams.  So let’s get started with today’s August-September 2023 Energy Update.  Shall we?

Who listening is ready to join the Lion Harbinger and ride the Waves of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate from now through September 2023 and throughout the remainder of this year, allowing your soul to lead your vibrational choices, your vibrational dream seeds being planted through the power of the breath, and your vibrational actions and divine expressions?  If you said a hearty AMEN, we hear you!  And we echo that Heart Filled Amen right back to you!  For now is the Time to Direct Your Powerful Energy Fields and Attention towards Quantum Intentions for what your life in the New 5D Earth looks like, feels like, breathes like, and fully expresses in this New Timeline, that Welcomes You Home.  For in Breathing Your Way in Union With Source, you have opened the Inner Doorways to that Divine Zero Point Portal, where the electrical charges, gimmicks, and games of the 3D matrix don’t fire and wire together in reaction to duality any longer.  In this place of a Divine Zero Point Portal, you are free to breathe with Source.  And thus you are free to Co-Create your new Quantum Reality with Source.

The Golden White Light of Lion Energy is powering up your entire physical vessel, helping you to feel the inflow of energy coming through the 8-8 Lion’s Gate on a personal level, and also helping you to tap into this Powerful Life Force so that you embrace the Creative Life Force housed in your physical body and your emotional body and your spiritual body, all this time.  Some have said in this Timeline of Revelations, Release the Kraken.  Yes?  And for many Truth Seekers, this has meant on one level or another, Release the Truth!  Release the Illumination of Truth and simultaneously clear out the Dark Forces on your planet that have played out the biblical serpent’s agendas to enslave an entire planet, and a Human Collective, that is rich in Divine Life Force.  Well . . . we wish to also say in the month of August and as time itself rolls into the Energies of September . . . Release the Lion Harbinger! Release the Lion Energy in each and all of you.  Its time for the Power to Return to the People.  Not just for People to Rise Up and Beyond the Tyranny of Serpentine Rulers and Snakes in positions of power.  But mostly, at least for our messages to you in these times, for people to rise up and claim their gifts, their talents, and their creative life works, for the second half of your gorgeous incarnations on this planet in these times.  There is so much Goodness, Wholeness, Wholesomeness, Inspiration, Brilliance, and Love to seed into this new world.  God/Source is counting on the Awakening of many Light Warriors, Light Creatives, and Light Players to step up their Quantum Creations, at a whole new level this month and beyond.  Are you among them?  Are you among that stellar group of incredible souls who knows yourself to be here for this Now moment?  That when the Trumpet sounds, and the Cosmic Bell rings, sounding the Light of Freedom Ringing worldwide, . . . through a series of events and unfoldments on your world still to come . . . can you feel your vision for your new life?  Can you feel your soul expressing, untethered by the former serpentine vines of endless education, certifications, legal paperwork, student debt, mortgage debt, and a 3D assundry of never ending debt, and free to be YOU and to express what you uniquely came to bring to this world?  We want you to celebrate that.  We want you to pre-celebrate that now.  So that that kind of celebration simply becomes your Now, and the “pre” part drops away, as celebration becomes your all time frequency.

August September 2023 Energy Update: Cosmic Krakens & Lion HarbingersWhen you live the Power of a Dream, celebration becomes your every moment’s frequencies. The Power To Dream and the Power of Living Your Dreams is like an every day chime of a Freedom Ringing through your whole body and beingness . . . that you are a Divine Expression of God living life on purpose, in joy, and in alignment with Who You Are.  Who is ready for that?  Who is ready to embrace that?  Who is ready to create new ways to be that, and to embody it, in every moment you can?

Releasing the Kraken has been unfolding for some time on your world.  Many tapped into their multidimensionality already know this.  Release the Kraken is not a future proclamation.  It is a multidimensional proclamation that all in the Cosmos heard deep and clear, all the way to the depths of Heart of Creation.  It was a Cosmic Command, emanating from the Heart of Creation.  The Kraken is a mystical being that has multiple legs or arms that can move independently of the others, to execute swift cosmic justice for the injustices allowed to play out in the Serpent’s Den for thousands and thousands of years. And that Kraken, that Multidimensional Kraken, is still rounding up and cleaning out dark forces and factions of this serpent infected planet, to make way for the Divine Clearings and Liberations that are surfacing more and more to those with greater soul sight.  The Kraken is God’s Creation’s Tool, one of many, that is helping to rid the world of evil and evil doings.

Releasing your Inner Lion is something you must choose. It is something you must do.  The Lion’s Gate has opened.  The codes from 2023 are supporting the most epic liberation of all sentient life on any planet in all time.  And that liberation not only frees you from the “bad stuff,” but it invites you to create the Good Stuff!  Which means that Lion is journeying with each and all of you right here and right now . . . and inviting you to access more of what your Truest Dream was when you incarnated into this life this lifetime.  What is the happy thought in your heart center that you know that you tucked away for right now?  For this Now moment and Time?  We want you to feel into that.  What makes your heart so happy that you can still feel the joy of that Divine Instruction and that Divine Dream Seed, beyond the Cries and Revelations of the Cosmic Kraken?  What can hold your attention in the feeling of Freedom, and Joy, and Light, beyond any revelations of darkness?  Feel that.  Find it.  And know that that is Quantum Ticket and Cosmic Ticket into feeling good no matter what, as more storms reach the surface of humanity’s collective consciousness, and as more storms reach your personal consciousness?  Is there something inside you that you remember so deeply, so well, so truly at soul level . . . that its frequency can outshine and outknow any darkness that wants to come into your path?  If so, we are thrilled and delighted to see it.  If not, keep looking within.  Because it’s there.  In every single one of you.  You have an ember of the Divine that knows Joy beyond any shadow, beyond any trauma and tragedy, beyond anything you think you are, from 3D perceptions and lifetimes of separation and struggle.  You are Resplendent.  You are Pure Source Golden White Light.  And that is your Cosmic Ticket out of Despair, out of Cognitive Dissonance, and out of any kind of Pain and Suffering . . . and into the Light and Joy of your Best Life Lived in a Whole New Dimensional Experience.

So when you have full financial freedom to choose what you do each day, what are you doing?  What are you living?  How are you serving?  How are your talents helping rebuild this planet and helping sentient life upon it?  How are you connecting with Gaia and Source every day, and nourishing that connection as Priority #1?  How are you living this new Conscious Connectedness of your Mind, Body, and Spirit?  When you no longer work paycheck to paycheck, and you are free through Divine Grace and Multidimensional Liberations to have more leisure time to live and be your unique gifts, do you know what they are?  Do you have a dream?  Can you describe that dream to yourself?  Can you acknowledge it today to yourself?  If you feel it but can’t speak it yet, can you indulge the feeling every day going forward, when you take a conscious breath in Union with Source?  Consciously feeling your new life goes a long way into making it so!  So let’s do it!  Let’s feel the brilliance of the Dream, Your Dream, and your Dream Seeds, as a lifeline to Source, as a lifeline to the Higher Dimensional Life you will soon be inhabiting as more changes sweep the planet . . . and end the old systems that corruptly required servants and inmates in the world to run, and as a lifeline to Higher Dimensional Creation which is why you all are here in the first place.

August September 2023 Energy Update: Cosmic Krakens & Lion HarbingersIt’s Time to feel Your Power. Lion roars in agreement.  It’s time to remember your ability to Create.  Lion roars in agreement.  It’s time to shine a Light on your Prana Filled Life and to release your oxygen and life-force-deprived 3D life behind, by not empowering it with your limited ego thoughts and your contracted 3D subservience. Lion roars a third time in epic agreement.  You are here to make manifest the brilliance and the resplendence of the Light and the Gifts that you uniquely have.  Find ways to feel what makes your soul happy, like we are talking about today.  Find ways to spend time in that energy every day.  If it is teaching, find ways to teach, even if that means training a puppy.  If it is building and designing, then find ways to sketch your ideas or record them for a podcast or social media post, or to journal them for later reading yourself.  If it is healing, then find ways to help others in big or small ways every day.  Listen for your gifts and what they are whispering to you.  And then breathe some conscious breaths asking Source to open doors to this soul expressions of you, and for you.  And trust you are being led!

More chicken little type events may unfold on the planet this next month and beyond.  The old system has to crumble to the ground.  We have said it is a time of endings.  This is very True.  But what is ending should thrill and empower the majority of humanity!  Like the munchkins felt in The Wizard of Oz, when the wicked witch was dead.  Sometimes endings are cause for celebration.  Remember this.  Remember this.  And while the endings unfold and ensue, know that New Beginnings are happening simultaneously.  So look at what is growing.  What is beginning.  As other things . . . come to their end.

Open to developing another higher aspect of Clear Soul Sight, which is Multidimensional Vision.  Singular vision, more akin to 3D vision, will trap your attention on the “ending” and disallow your awareness at all of the New Beginning rising from the ashes at the same time.  We invite you to train your vision now for Multidimensional Vision, Multiple Timeline Vision, and Multidimensional Victory over Multidimensional Tyranny!  God wins.  God is always victorious.  Even in times when it has seemed God abandoned humanity and sentient kind on this world.  What appeared to be abandonment was simply a battle playing out in another timeline for the Ultimate Victory that is Timeless and True in All Time.  The Serpent’s Den has existed without the Expansive Nature of Transparency, Illuminating Divine Light, Divine Truth, and Divine Justice for a long time.  That does not mean that Transparency, Light, Truth, and Justice were not occurring in other ways and in other dimensions for this ultimate “End Time” that is now.  Have faith.  Consciously Breathe.  Engage Divine Union, where you Breathe Union with Source, and eradicate Separation Consciousness in yourself through your moment to moment breathing.

A Much Bigger Dream and A Much Bigger Victory is emerging through the Heart of Creation with the steady work of the Cosmic Kraken, with the steady boldness and strength of the Cosmic Christed Lion Harbinger, and with the steady soul sight and soul steps of amazing Light Warriors, Lion Warriors, and Ascended Masters like you.  As darkness gets exposed, allow the exposure to carry its own weight in the darkness of the dark Truth.  Don’t take on the burden of inhabiting that darkness with your 3D wounded frequencies that resonate with 3D suffering.  Take a deep divine breath of neutrality.  And witness the darkness exposures.  And then take a deep divine breath for Quantum Creation in that same experience and window of time.

August September 2023 Energy Update: Cosmic Krakens & Lion HarbingersYou can be a Conscious Breather of Quantum Healing and Alchemy in this time right now.  You can be a Conscious Breather of Quantum Creation in this timeline right now too.  You can be a Quantum Creator in Union with Source while at the same time . . . big storms or challenging Truths of Age Old Darkness are being revealed.  Some of you have prepared to be that Quantum Alchemist in these times.  And we would say, thank you and get kraken!  Be the Cosmic Kraken – Alchemist of your own experiences if you will.  Several legs of your Kraken can be witnessing darkness while others are building new Light.  Be that Cosmic Alchemist in your life, and embrace your multidimensional heart that knows how to very consciously and with great presence . . . attend to multiple timelines and realities all at the same time, while knowing deeply which timeline requires the most – if not all – of your life force, your soul force, and your commitment to create with God/Source/Creator.

You are Free, dear ones, to choose to be You . . . however would most serve you and the collective simultaneously.  If you need some time to grieve, or to make repairs, or tend to family members or household things that are challenged right now, do it.  But we recommend you always have an anchor consciousness that comes from your Heart Center in the Higher Dimension.  Because the exposures of this illusionary timeline will test and try men and women’s souls.  But your ability to breathe the Prana of the Higher 5D True Timeline is the Lifeline and the Trustline that your soul needs in these times.  It’s how you build the dream while the illusion is being torn down.  This will happen simultaneously.

So keep dreaming the dream.  Keep finding ways to tap into a deeper and otherworldly and other dimensional prana in these times.  Witness reveals of increasing darkness and storms.  And ground in the Heart of Source.  Ground in the Breath of God.  Ground in the Brilliance of The Dream.  The Divine Dream, that All in Creation are Dreaming . . .  and your own personal Divine Dream within the Collective Dream.

Be Your Own Lion Harbinger embodying strength, courage, and faith in these times.  Persist in tuning into the Divine Dream, no matter the clouds of darkness that surface and may create an Ascension Smog for a while.  God/Source/Creator is clearing all illusion from this earth.  Those who can dream the Divine Dream will enter the 5D New Earth and Divine Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with a little more ease and grace, than those who choose to try employ more 3D skills and transportation methods to get there.

The New 5D Earth is vibrational.  It is an energetic reality.  It is a consciousness!  So Divine Dreaming makes great practice for all of you, to dream in big and small details . . . the Life you truly want to live.

Breathe deeply into your heart center when you dream in this way, and God will meet you there.  Every time.  Without exception.

August and September 2023 will continue to increase highly potent Ascension Energy, Heat, and Alchemy.  Much is being cleared.  So that even more . . . can rise!

Choose through your Heart Vision how you wish to rise.  And make it so!  Dream it so!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, August 26th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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