August 2023 Update: 8-8 Lion’s Gate ~ Timeline Surfing Your Way Back to the True Garden of Eden!

August 2023 Energy Update

8-8 Lion’s Gate:
Timeline Surfing Your Way Back
To The True Garden of Eden

You Hold The Power To Set Yourself Free
You Are The Key Master
You Are The Gatekeeper

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.5.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Energies of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate as well as the Sacred Sapphire Color Codes of Deep Arcturian Blue. This month’s Lion Frequencies pouring through the Portal of the 8.8 Lion’s Gate will be ushering in more of your own Sacred Sovereign Power than ever before.  Much is birthing on your world in this Grand 2023 Year, and the 8-8 Lion’s Gate frequencies are gifting each and all of you the opportunity to access the Lion Harbinger Essence that is assisting the Planet’s Ascension Process, and very uniquely your own Ascension Process.

August 2023 Energy Update ~ 8-8 Lion's GateSo let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together and allow it to tingle in all of the places inside you that need awakening as well as to smooth out any edges or hooks within you that still carry trauma and false memories of Who You Really Are within this 3D Matrix that is Not Who You Really Are.  This entire decade between 2020 and 2030 is breathing new life force into every single sentient being on Planet Earth.  No karma, no fear, no doubt, and no lower vibrational density will remain in humanity’s consciousness when the majority of the Ascension Process is complete.  For as you have heard us say, each of you must become a vibrational match to the Earth Mother’s 5D+ Frequencies.  And that means that now is the time that you are breathing to align your heart with the Godheart.  And now is the time that you are consciously breathing to align your breath with Source Breath.  And now is also the time that you are consciously breathing your way into two way connection and communication with Source and with Gaia, such that anything that is False literally becomes your CO2, or your exhale.  And anything that is True (Divine Truth) becomes your steady inhale.  And you are now becoming increasingly conscious creators through the Power of your Living Breath, reminding you of All That You Truly Are and came to this world to be.

2023 is a Core Engine of the Ascension Process burning away that which will not make it through the Alchemical Fire of the Liberation of this Planet and amplifying through Alchemical Fire the gifts you were uniquely given and seeded with for your specific purpose and mission this lifetime.  So add to that the Fire of the Sign of Leo in August to the mix, and add the potency of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, and add the Powerful Presence of the Lion Harbinger expanding in humanity’s conscious collective experience in these next days and weeks ahead . . . and you have the recipe of epic transformation and transmutation that can only originate in the Heart of Source and the Heart of Creation.

Do you see why we highlight the lower vibrational energies of fear and doubt in recent transmissions?  They rob you of your vital life force and your own personal power.  Fear and Doubt aim right for the gut, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, and the Root Chakra as well.  They are weapons of the 3D matrix designed to trigger the ages old Separation Consciousness that all of you have been subjected to in this matrix, in an attempt to call your Attention TO the Wounds of Separation and away FROM the Remedies of Divine Union again.  This is your task, dear ones.  Finding Sacred Union With Source and With Creation . . . amidst the Amplifying Calls to Fear, Doubt, Separation, and other Ego Judgements and Behaviors.

You will need all of the Life Force and Prana you can access, in the coming days, weeks, and months of this year and beyond into the next few years in this powerful decade.  This world needs a cosmic dosing of PPP for the Ascension Process to unfold as smoothly as possible.  Prana, Presence, and Purpose.  In those 3 P’s are your Sacred and Divine POWER.  And all of this lives in your lower 3 chakras.  Is it any wonder that those chakras in particular have been under attack since Adam and Eve tangled with the Biblical Serpent, and were banished from the Garden?

August 2023 Energy Update ~ 8-8 Lion's GateDivine Souls, you entered that Sacred Garden of Eden as . . . Divine and Perfect Souls.  You entered the Front Gates of that Exquisite Divine Garden of the God Timeline, that lives and shines and breathes still now today as an Eternal Garden of Eden.  The biblical serpent’s other worldly and demonic seductions, deceptions, temptations, and wedges of separation from Source led Adam and Eve out the Back Door of that beautiful eternal garden into a land of Illusion, Separation Consciousness, Pain, Fear, and Suffering for most of you, at one point or another.  And it has been a slippery vibrational landscape and soul journey ever since.  Because you were literally tricked into slipping deep down into a much lower vibrational underbelly and density than the God Timeline could ever allow or make manifest.

This Decade, and this Year, and this August 2023, God/Source/Creator is inviting your Ascent, your Inner Rising, and your Grand Return to the Great Garden.  Hence why you may be feeling aspects or slices of other dimensional timelines coming into your awareness in fleeting thoughts, impulses, awarenesses, and more.  If they are challenging to you, or triggering to you, or unsettling to you, know that they are lower dimensional frequencies rising up in you as the Light flushes all creations to the surface of humanity’s consciousness and to your own personal consciousness.  This channel has been guided by us in times past to make herself like a Multidimensional, Higher Vibrational, Energy Sieve . . . that allows the lower density vibrations to come up, and pass through her consciousness so she can witness them, and then release them without attachment, and without the need to judge them, empower them, or otherwise give them any physical form in her experience any longer.

Can you see the snafus that many on the spiritual path can find themselves in?  The Ego loves to chew on negative energies for a while, like pieces of “already been chewed gum” or like pieces of a cow’s cud . . . arising for a second chewing, third chewing, fourth chewing . . . before strategies can be employed to accelerate or amplify fear and doubt and distortions about whatever that memory or trigger experience might be.  The feelings associated with those other timelines and awareness across your Whole Soul’s Journeyings are real.  The perceptions and interpretations the Ego is working over time to anchor you to are not.

When you make yourself like a High Vibrational, Spiritual, and Multidimensional Sieve, consciously, knowingly, and neutrally, you can allow all kinds of feelings and emotions to surface in your conscious awareness, and you can let them pass right on through and into the Ascension Panels and Epic Transmutational Walls if you will . . . between the Serpent’s World and the God Timeline . . . for permanent release.  Those Walls are almost like God’s Vibrational Tapestries, alchemizing and clearing out low 3D vibrational frequencies on the spot, and allowing in higher vibrational intentions, dreams, and new sacred pathways into your new experiences in the God Timeline.

Your New Life in the God Timeline awaits you.  A significant part of your Conscious Awareness and Spiritual Energy never even left the God Timeline.  It’s why you remember it.  It’s what is calling you Home.  Inside you.  It’s how you are listening or reading a message like this one, in the first place.  You already are your God Timeline Essence.  You already are living the Life of your Higher Consciousness, on the other side of the Ascension Sieves, Triggers, Tests, and Alchemizations.  You already are what you are seeking.  You must simply recognize the Lower Dimensional Vibrational Density that a slice of you, that an aspect of your consciousness, got trapped within.  And then allow the games of the lower vibrational density that you find yourself in, your present perceptions and experiences of 3D earth, to steadily fall away from you.

How do you begin to effect this level of conscious change in your life?  Begin with a Conscious Breath.  And then choose what you give your attention to in every moment.  Let us use a bill in your life that requires payment as an example.  For some people, the serpent’s reinforced grip on your consciousness has reinforced levels of lack, fear, and doubt such that worry and stress and compliance become automated default responses to “bills from the 3D matrix”.  And that energy and awareness could be all consuming, yes?  And yet, as Divine Dreamers, and Multidimensional Timeline Surfers, and Empowered Sparks of the Godheart . . . debt and debt instruments are only a figment of the Serpent’s Matrix.  They don’t exist in the God Timeline.  There is no debt in God’s Timeline.  No karmic debt.  No financial debt.  No physical debt.  No relational debt.  Everything just simply is.  Abundance simply is.  A state of Health and Well Being simply is.  And yet, from where you are now and your vantage points, with taxes, and mortgages (mort ~ death ~ contracts), and many death or debt instruments, like corporations (corps-orations) . . . all you can see are the vines and entanglements of the serpent’s figments of its imaginations that it found real people over the centuries to inflict on the physical sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, and hence the physical sons and daughters of God.

The Truth is . . . you were never meant to be enslaved.  You were never meant to be banished from the Garden.  You were never meant to be exiled from the Godheart or the God Timeline.  A part of you never even was!

But the slice of you or the aspects of you reading and listening to a transmission like this might beg to differ!  For you are living in a physical reality that your soul animates and empowers every day with your conscious attention and your conscious intentions.

Remember how we said in the last transmission you have to lose your mind to enter the all knowing quantum creative abilities of the all knowing heart?  Well that time is upon you.  And that time is within you, right now.

The Ego does not have the skills or the freedom from Serpent Contracted Vibrational States of Perception to liberate you from this Lower Density Place in the Universe, that you know as the 3D Earth.

In contrast, the All Knowing Heart Center within you DOES have the ability to liberate you from this 3D plane of perception by inviting you and empowering you to dream with your attention, intentions, and vibrational focus and to give your life breath, your life prana, and your living Light frequencies in you . . . to the very detailed and joyful experiences you do wish to have in the God Timeline of your life . . . that can increasingly become the God Timeline of your daily experiences now.  It’s your vibrational discipline, discernment, and ability to higher dimensionally dream that can elevate your life experience from 3D, to 4D, to 5D, and beyond.  It’s YOU who chooses the timeline you wish to vibrationally inhabit.  With the power and presence of your skills, abilities, gifts, and focus of your Godspark within, as Divine Creators.

So are there squeezes unfolding on people’s finances right now in a Serpent Spawned 3D Matrix?  Yes.  Do many then have bills (debts) due to the Biblical Serpent through its trained Minions (Wardens) of its Serpent 3D Den of Illusion?  Yes.  And we would say, what if you resisted less the bills (and debts) due to the biblical serpent, and simply aligned increasingly MORE with the God Timeline, that is debt free?  Would your perceptions change?  Would your vibrational lenses change?  Would what you see change . . . because of that fact that how you are looking and seeing is changing?  Could you begin to see new outlets and ways that you can embrace the God Timeline through your Consciousness, and release the false one very naturally, easily, and steadily so, until you find yourself walking yourself back through the back door of the Garden of Eden’s True Pearly Gates and into the The Timeline of God that never left your heart, your consciousness, and your soul experiences, through the Grace of Eternity and All Time Being One Big NOW Eternal Moment?  We absolutely believe it to be True.

Will this 8-8 Lion’s Gate ramp up the energies of the 3D Matrix?  Yes.

Will this 8-8 Lion’s Gate and Month of August 2023 be a very hot month for more disclosures, exposures, lies, and Divine Truth all flushing to the surface, to continue to amplify The Great Awakening unfolding in The Great Ascension underway?  Yes.

What is deepest and hottest in the Alchemical Fires of Purification on the planet right now?  Illusion.  Lies.  Deceit.  Essentially, the Serpent’s Tools of Enslavement and Soul Entanglement.  Can you see this?  Can you feel this?

So when Serpentine Structures fail, must you fail with them?

Or can you breathe a Deep Divine Breath In, and thank God for liberating you from Serpent Debt Instruments, Enslavements, and Incarcerations in that moment?

When debts are due, 3D debts that is, can you breathe and know there is God Truth awaiting your intention and attention, to expand your soul sight, as to how and what you do wish to live, to give your monergy to, and what you also may find was a voluntary payment in the 3D matrix in the first place . . . given that the Serpent’s illusions of “law” were never God’s True Laws in the first place?

August 2023 Energy Update ~ 8-8 Lion's GateThe Great Awakening has many layers to its unfoldments.  We are not saying that it will be simple and that it will be easy.  It will be harder for those wedded to their perceptions and their 3D linear and ego minds.  Because that is what is most contracted in your mind body spirit essences on the planet at this time.  The body and spirit know how to breathe free and in sovereignty.  The body and spirit know how to be abundantly rich, healthy, and in the experience of divine ease.  It is the MIND that the Serpent has trapped in its den.  It is the MIND that the serpent has attempted to govern in its lower dimensional illusion of life and consciousness on planet Earth.  You will in time release the 3D ties and tethers to concepts and structures like “govern-ment” . . . or “mind-governance” . . . that was implemented and policed on a global scale by the Serpent’s Minions.  As you turn your attention to Self Sovereignty, Divine Abundance, and your Soul Power as Conscious Creators in a Divine Garden of Eden again.

Not all revelations will be easy.  Not all liberations will be relished and embraced by all of humanity.  Global Clean Up Missions are occurring all over the world, as we speak.  And they may become increasingly more conscious and seen by the general public, as Source and Source’s Galactic Forces continue to pull back the Ascension Veils to let the Light in to restore Humanity and all Sentient Being to the vibrations of Truth, Light, Love, and Eternal Thriving once more.

There is a ways to go as you all travel this deep, wide, and soul stretching and expanding journey of The Great Awakening and Ascension.

Yet we want you to know in these potent energies of August 2023 that you hold the power within to set yourselves free. You are the key master.  You are the gatekeeper. You are the author of your own journey, and how you decide to experience this.  How do you steer your pen that is writing the very experiences you are having and living on a daily basis?  By choosing union in your conscious breathing, that powers your life force with other worldly Divine Energy, and by focusing your vibrational attention on what you must clear (identifying it and neutrally letting it pass through God’s Grand Sieve at the back gate of the Garden), and then focusing your vibrational attention on seeing your Soul Essence living back in the Garden, having returned from this long long 3D soul journey, that feels almost like a mere unpleasant dream that transiently passes back into the ethers for the Light of Creation to cleanse it for all time.

You are not your wounds.  You are not your 3D stories.  You are not your 3D debts and contracts and challenges.  Those are serpentine illusions that demands your attention and intention in its matrix.

The invitation to you from Source is to get super clear on what you most desire to live, breathe, and be in your life right now in this moment, and in your next few days, weeks, and months ahead this year.  See yourself there.  Breathe yourself vibrationally there.  Know it to be True.  And know it to be So.

Your Divine Garden of Eden self and soul aspect is helping you to get right with Who You Really Are.  It is helping you to remember your Light that has always lived in God’s Great Eden.  It is inviting you to be the Adam and Eve inside you, that is unified in the Grace of God again.  This is the vibrational essence we invite you to feel and to empower with your Divine Dreaming, as more 3D demolitions, exposures, disclosures, and crumblings continue to unfold.  To dismantle the serpent’s presence and clear it away for all time, from the backside of Divine Creation, forevermore.

You have this power to seek Truth, to live Truth, to Dream the Light and Life you are Divinely meant to live, and to align with your powerful purpose and presence, in every breath.

August 2023 Energy Update ~ 8-8 Lion's GateWe invite you to use the Powerful Energies in August 2023 to Breathe It So, and to discipline your focus and emotions, through your Soul’s Awareness . . . that you are what you breathe.  You are what you believe.  You are what you give attention and intention to. 

The Light Side of the Disclosures is the Great Return to the Garden of Eden.

The Dark Side of the Disclosures is the Unpleasant Truth of the Back Side of Creation, . . . that the Serpent for a time captivated an entire planetary consciousness into.

The Truth ultimately is Source.  The Truth ultimately is the Light you eternally are.

Remember this, as physical storms and story storms increase in the news cycles, and the world seems more upside down than ever.

The True Garden of Eden is inside you, righting your ark.  Re-centering your ship.

And that life force and sacred prana is simply a conscious breath and vibrational focus away from where you might be right now that is challenging, to where you are meant to be, which is a thriving eternal sovereign soul in God’s Grand Creation.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, August 12th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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