June 2023 Energy Update: Quantum Acceleration, Breakdowns Bring Breakthroughs, & Epic Truth Is On The Rise

June 2023 Energy Update

A Time of Awakening, Remembrance,
Activation, & Ascension:

Breakdowns Bring Breakthroughs,
Quantum Acceleration Codes Activate,
Epic Truth & Liberated Truth Are On The Rise,
& Increasing Storms Ultimately Bring The Peace Dove Signifying
New Life, & A New Vibrational Tapestry for Living on the 5D New Earth 

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 6.10.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Radiance of the Central Suns and the Living Light of the All That Is. You were born for this Now, dear ones.  You came for these times.  And these are Epic Times.  We invite you throughout the month of June 2023 and throughout July and August 2023 to breathe in your soul’s knowings of Who You Are and What Your Unique and Perfect Gifts Are.  For This Is A Time of Awakening & Remembrance.  You are awakening now from a deep slumber to remember Who You Truly Are.  As June, July, and August 2023 partner with the Power, Might, Love, and Clear Soul Sight of Source to usher in Great Revelations and Floods of Truth & Ascensionary Energies, you all are summoned to RISE to the Truer Height and Depth of your Divine Origins and to the Lived Expression of the Special Gifts and Talents you each bring through All Time and Space to assist this Now, in the Rebirth of Planet Earth into her True Self and True Essence.  It is an Epic and Quantum Co-Creation and Collaboration unfolding between all sentient life on the Earth, the Cosmos, and the non physical realms as well.  And it is that Quantum Collaboration and Co-Creation that makes this Time On Earth the most spectacular show and manifestation the Universe has ever seen.

June 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Quantum AccelerationA 3D Paradigm and Matrix of Dark Energies and Serpentine Agendas is being taken down simultaneously as the Original Divine Blueprint and God Timeline emerges energetically from the ethers to be the Lived Experience of this Vast Sentient Collective that we would call God’s Creation.  Who wouldn’t want to see this transformation?  This level of Dark to Light Alchemical & Divine Transfiguration?  You dear one, soul essence in the physical in this auspicious time right now on planet Earth, you chose to be present and accounted for in this Time of Epic Ascension, Earth Transformation, and Divine Transfiguration.  Out of all of the places to be in the entire Creation, you chose to be here.  Now. To bring your light to this incredible Shift of the Ages.  And if you are reading this right now, or hearing this right now, you have answered the Call of your Soul to KNOW that you chose to be here and now, and to make time to listen to how those callings and this invitation wants you to be and to express your gifts in ways that facilitate the great success of the New Earth Rising and all sentient life upon her as well.  You are here to Shine Your Light, dear ones.  And we will explore more of what that means in the transmission today.

So given the bigness and the scope of these times, let us first take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In Together.  And with these next Conscious Breaths you take, really allow yourself and your soul to breathe in God’s Upgraded Prana and Light Codes in your Living Breath, in this God Breath, to support you and your soul work now on this incredible Ascension Project and Great Work of Source, manifesting through you.  Through your Divine Vessel and through your Partnership with Source through the Breath.  Without Divine Breathing and Conscious Breathing with Source in this way, flatter, more illusory manifestations find their way into form, which can often be what un-conscious creators experience every day.  Human Beings are by their nature Divine Creators.  But Creating UN-Consciously and Without Conscious Breathing actually manifests much of the pain, heartache, and turmoil that the world is in today.  So that is why we invite you again and again to join us and to unify your Breath with Source in every breathe you take, so you can seat yourself comfortably on the Right Hand and the Right Side of Quantumly Co-Creating with the Living Prana and Living Breath with Source in the most joyful ways.  This is a Divine Soul Skill that has been finding many of you who have listened to these messages for many years now.  For you will need your Conscious Breathing more than anything else as more of the Floods of Divine Truth and Immense Light continue to pour forth into all sentient consciousness here on the Earth.  Remember to Breathe and Consciously Connect With Source and Invite Source into your Breathing, into your Heart, and into your Consciousness, the more things seem to be falling apart.  The Breakdowns are ushering the Breath Throughs, and your God Breath will Breathe You Through All Of It, if you will partner with it and allow it to.  So God Speed and God Breathe, dear ones!

June 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Quantum AccelerationJune and July 2023 are receiving their Quantum Acceleration Codes as we speak.  What has been referenced as the Drips before the Flood, or the Snowflakes of Divine Truth before the Avalanche of Revelations through this Channel, . . . that moment is nigh.  The Moment Is Here.  At the Precipice of Epic Events Divinely Planned for this Now Moment.  As the Earth is receiving her Quantum Acceleration Codes as we speak, and the Months of June, July, and August 2023 are receiving their Quantum Acceleration Codes, so too are you receiving your Unique and Quantum Acceleration Codes for this Grand Shift of the Ages and the Flipping from Dark to Light this entire world will now collectively see, breathe, witness, and simultaneously experience.

Just as high level athletes need training, strength, and techniques to breathe through the strenuous nature of their competitions and performances, so too do all of you need a Breath Protocol and Breath Consciousness in your training, preparation, strengthening, and anticipation of the Great Awakening, the Great Transmutation, and the Epic Transfiguration of a Planet Seeped in Darkness and Separation Consciousness  into a Planetary Body and Divine Frequency of Love, Harmony, Peace, and Abundance for All once more.

Given our messages to you today about the breath, it will come as no surprise to you when we say that June and July 2023 will call forth the many frequency tools and awarenesses that we together have cultivated in this Frequency Writer and Color The Magic Garden.  We have grown a Frequency Garden, a High Frequency Garden, and an Ascension Frequency Garden together.  We have watered it.  We have steadily cultivated and nourished it.  We have seeded it.  With Divine Thoughts, Awareness, Truth, Light, Sovereignty, and Quantum Creation Frequencies that will last well into this New Age of Aquarius and beyond.  We have seeded together a quantum legacy of Peace, Ease, Abundance, and Light to reign for many hundreds and thousands of years into the future, that ultimately is all experienced Now.  Yet feel the vast nature of these Co-Creative Energies if they can seed the soil of many, many generations in the future to come, that are happening simultaneously Now.  The Power of Legacy Creation like this rests in every Breath in every Moment’s Now.  And we are seeding that Legacy right now, in these conversations and connections with you, through time and space, right here and right now.

Your minds can’t conceive of this level of power for they only know bridled and controlled enslaved expressions of personal power.  Yet as Divine Creator Source pulls back the veils, floods in the Light of Truth and Revelations, and partners in Union again and again with millions and billions of this Awakening Humanity, the offer to Consciously Breathe this Higher Vibrational God Breath will be a welcome skill and tool for everyone feeling out of time, out of sync, and out of 3D air as Truth and Light become known to the world as aspects of God, the One True Creator Source, from which all began and all now return to, as these Endings of the Old and as the Beginnings of the New Cycles unfold on your world.

June 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Quantum AccelerationHow will people experience more of this great transformation and transfiguration?  The Swift Crumbling of All Institutions and Systems that support any Serpent Foundations and Manipulated Creations?  And the Swift Acceleration of the Codes of Truth, Light, and Planetary Cohesiveness and Oneness at the same time?  What has organized your world in a serpent den and matrix must fail.  It must fall.  Many of you know this and you will see increased “failures” and “fallings” emerge more into the collective awareness, and it will even be reported increasingly so on the Main Stream News stations.  For Truth and Transparency are a growing, expanding, and rising requirement in the New Earth.  So get used to Epic Truth.  Self Truth.  Soul Truth.  And Liberated Truth.  For Truth will reign again on Planet Earth, to rid this world of storms and swirls of Lies and Deception forevermore.

The Heat of Truth can be daunting.  It can be gripping.  It can be raw and overwhelming.  And yet the Warmth and Gentle Healing that comes on the other side of Alchemical Clearings is indescribably beautiful.  It is enriching in expansive experiential ways to the soul essence inside you.  And that Beautiful New World, that Brave New Earth, and that Radiant New Sentient Seed for New Birth are ringing in the extraordinary in your lifetime.  Technologies you cannot even dream of.  Global Wellness and Well Being that is hard to even fathom.  After the serpent conditioned you all well to scarcity and sickness consciousness for so many millenia.  Yet we are here to convey to you that your Breath is literally a life saver.  Your Conscious Breath is a Living Light Saber that can cut through darkness and reinstate the Light in your light and those around you love and hold dear.

Abundance that is and always was generously created by Creator for All Living Souls is in the process of returning to you now during this Ascension.  Those who wish to augment their wealth, and their financial well being, for Great Projects and God Works to come, that will bless sentient living and sentient thriving, are invited to do so as well.  This can mean wealth on a plethora of levels.  The first, being finding your way back to God’s Money.  What is God’s Money?  What is God’s Currency through the Ages?  Metals.  Precious Metals.  Metals that are a store of wealth, like Silver and Gold.  And metals that are also conductors of energy.  New Quantum Technologies will emerge that require the conduction of energy in the unique ways that God’s Metals were created to do and to be.  Thus Gold and Silver are not merely “money” in a God Timeline.  They are a Wealth of Energy so precious, so expansive, that again your conscious awareness cannot yet fathom the new world and expansions finding all of you in accelerating and quantum ways.  And yet, this new timeline is here.  This new timeline is near.  And we say all of this to share that in this emergence, in this dying of the old and the birthing of the new, there is nothing to fear.  Not when you are breathing God’s Divine Breath and Prana, that are designed to fortify God/Source’s Children here, especially in these times.

June 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Quantum AccelerationSo listen for your Wealth Expanding.  Ideas finding you.  Inspirations seeding in you.  Rememberings awakening in you.  Activations unfolding through you.  It is Time to God Breathe Who You Are and Shine Your Light into the World, in whatever ways you are most guided, as different tiers of these Ascension Storms blow through now and in the coming weeks and months.

Grounding is a great gift in times of immense turmoil.  The ability to Breathe Calm and Peace in the storms is a great gift of Divine Wealth, Clarity, and Healing as well.

Know that the Storms ~ while intense, while overwhelming, while seemingly epicly wild and even unacceptable at times, will ultimately bring a Peace Dove carrying the olive branch in its mouth, to signify new life, new breath, new creations, and a whole new vibrational tapestry for living in a 5D New Earth and God Timeline Experience.

You came for these times.  You are created with the energies and capacities to feel and navigate epic storms such as these.  And you are also created with the energies and capacities to transcend them, and call in the Peace Doves within yourselves to fly through the storms with the Olive Branches and Promises of Peace, Harmony, and New Collaborative Creations that serve the Joy of Source and the Best of Creation in All Timelines and In All Ways.

Embrace the “Moreness” and the “Expansiveness” You Truly Are!  It Is Time for your Gifts and your Awakened Awareness to Lead in every way.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, June 17th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

2 Responses to “June 2023 Energy Update: Quantum Acceleration, Breakdowns Bring Breakthroughs, & Epic Truth Is On The Rise

  • Renée
    12 months ago

    Another uplifting message for these unprecedented times. It still amazes me that our conscious Divine breath is such a powerful tool. You are so appreciated dear bringer of the Light and truth. 🌹

    • Thank you Renee! Conscious Breathing is our Lifeline to Source any time, any where, in our journeys. Yet it is a most special gift from Source, in these particular times of the Earth’s Grand Ascension. It is our Super Power! Blessings and Appreciation to you!