The Turning of the Great Cosmic Wheel: Key Resets, Upside Down Frequencies, & 5D Cosmic Compass Activations

The Turning of the Great Cosmic Wheel:

Key Resets, Upside Down Frequencies,
& 5D Cosmic Compass Alignments

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2.12.19





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today, shining a light through the ethers into your world, your lives, and your conscious awareness as the Arcturian Collective.  A New Realm and Frequency of Higher Light and Awareness is unfolding now for you.  More and more, what is shining within, manifests more easily and readily, without. The same is true for what is shining above, shines below.  So as within, so without.  As above, so below. This forms a Cosmic Compass dear one. North being your “Above” or Higher Self Connection with Source Life Force and All That Is Energies. South being your present physical life experiences, expressions, and manifestations. West being “Within,” or the Inner Light and Life you cultivate to varying degrees on your world today.  And East being “Without,” or the Outer Expression of your Inner Frequencies, Thoughts, Vibrations, and Intentions manifesting in the world around you.

The North and West Coordinates thus reflecting to you your Spiritual Essence and Place in Time and Space . . . as you journey the Inner Planes of the Expansive Expression of your Perfect Divinity through Time.  The South and East Coordinates  thus reflecting to you the physical expression of your innermost thoughts and feelings in the world as life experiences that make the “unseen” real in the world around you.

So let us recap what we have said in a nutshell so far, for it is becoming increasingly relevant in your conscious awareness to understand your inner conscious and cosmic coordinates . . . creating the life you experience as an individual within a Greater Collective.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

Your connections with the Pure Light of Divinity (aka ~ your Spiritual North) . . . reflect and manifest in the Physical Life you see yourself experiencing, today, now in this moment (aka ~ your Physical South).  Are you living in heaven on earth? If so, enjoy it, appreciate it, and radiate that brilliant loving essence as much as you can ~ as a Divine Vessel of Light, Joy, and Harmony in the world, . . . bringing Full Conscious Expression of Heaven to Earth in your daily life. If you are not living Heaven on Earth, or if you are not able to sustain a consistent manifested experience of Living Heaven Here on Earth, simply go within your inner compass, manually and reset your attention and conscious connection with your “Due North” Union with the Divine Light in the All That Is to be your Due North Intention. And remain conscious in your daily living experiences and activities ~ as to whether your Cosmic Compass is still attuned to the Frequencies of God, Source, Creator, the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, or not.  And if “off” by a few degrees, reset as needed, to be in full alignment.

Additionally, review each day, your Inner Light Status.  Look to the West.  Set your Inner Coordinates for your Inner Light to Rise and Reign throughout your day and your Soul Path, Purpose, and Mission now, as often as you can remember to do so. 

When your “Above” Coordinates and your “Within” Experiences of your Divine Light are set to be in Full Attunement and At-One-Ment with the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun, you become a living expression of Heaven Here on Earth because the Light in the All That Is . . . is set to be the Guiding Principle of your Highest Soul Presence and Self Expression here on Earth.

And thus, in turn, your South and East Expressions of Your Inner Light into the Physical World without, or all around you, becomes the Living Expression of Source Perfection, Prosperity, Unity, and Well-Being in Blissful Divine Ways.

This is a Cosmic Re-Orientation dear ones ~ to the Inner GPS and Sentient Operating System you all already ARE and you all already HAVE.

At some point, long ago in your cosmic and karmic histories, your inner magnetics were manipulated. To pull and set you off course.

Once misaligned with your “Due North” orientations, for instance your purest connections with Source Energy, it was easier and easier to get lost in this 3D World and atmosphere of separation consciousness, competition, and division.

Presently, on your world, within and around the earth planet herself (for she has an inner cosmic compass as well), . . . a mass, global, cosmic consciousness and cosmic compass reset is occurring. This is unfoldingon many, many levels. It is occurring on the quantum level . . . as Frequencies of Light shine through the portals of your Sun, your Central Sun, and your Great and Grand Central Sun’s Galactic Energies of Source Perfection.  It is occurring within the Earth Mother herself.  And it is thus occurring in the outer world structures that organized societies for millennia, based on these “misaligned” coordinates all this time.

As the new and original blueprints and light codes for the Earth flood through your Sacred Sun Portals, they are activating Codes of Light within the Earth Mother herself.  She is then being reset to her inner Innate Divine Perfection of Light . . . And rising to take her Aligned Place at the Center of the Cosmos and in this Galaxy . . . and thus . . . so too are all of you being reset to these original, expansive, and aligned light code frequencies . . . to make manifest the original Law of One Frequencies . . . And to make real and true once more ~ the Universal Creation Codes of Perfection . . . 

As Above, So Below. 
As Within, So Without.

To reset Cosmic Coordinates of which we speak though, creates rumbles and crumbles  . . . created based on the false or misaligned coordinates. Yes?

So what are many of you seeing and witnessing on your world as we speak? The rumblings and crumblings of system failures in structures never built in the perfection of Earth’s Original Blueprint in the first place.

You might see these systems and structures as coping structures and systems ~ designed to deal with the 3-D world as it was ~ unconscious, separated, divided, competitive, and fearful.

Is that what True Divinity is?

Separation? Disconnection? Challenge? Struggle? And suffering? Where a few rise to the top and the masses struggle and suffer, just trying to keep up?

We would say a resounding ~ NO.  That is not your Divinity.  It never was. It was merely an experiment whose time is up.

So the rumblings, crumblings, and imminent changes evident in your world right now . . . are evidence of The Turning of the Great Cosmic Wheel . . . re-aligning the much grander and vaster Cosmic Gears of the Universe  . . . and Setting the Earth Star Planet in right relationship and galactic alignment with the Sun, Central Sun, and Great and Grand Central Sun portals once more.  That alignment is resetting and restoring your Divinity, your Oneness, your Harmony with the Grace and Purity of the All That Is.

So we invite you to witness and to see the karmic and cosmic rumblings of banking systems, governmental systems, cultural mores, and belief systems, political systems, educational systems, medical systems, religious systems, law systems, and more . . . as part of a much Higher, Natural, Organic, and Divine Re-Ordering Process . . . to allow the True Codes of Light to Shine Through to this Beautiful Planet . . . that reflects to all of you . . . the Greater Grace, Humanness, Compassion, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Deep Caring you all truly do have for each other, for all life here, and for the Earth Mother herself.

Instinctually, in the old wounds of the Separation Experiment and Experience, some of you might cry out . . . and experience eruptions of fear from deep within, claiming that these crumblings now are The Thing TO Fear.  But we would invite you to see the opposite . . . in this upside down world at this time. The last crumblings your souls experienced did land your incarnational journeys in this challenging 3-D world of separation and illusion. These crumblings, rumblings, and failings now . . . are in fact a sign of the Great Light’s Reset and Return. To what you always were.  And to Who You Really Are . . . 

. . . Divine Beings of Immense Love and Light connected with the Infinite Light in the Heart of Source and the All That Is.

Will many systems fail in the coming days, weeks, and years ahead? Yes, dear ones. They will.

For most of what exists today on your world ~ exists from a framework of the false illusion and matrix of separation.

Systems you all have been conditioned to believe is all there is ~ are what is failing now. The Illusion is what is Failing.  It was never designed to be sustainable. It was only designed as an experiment. That time is up.

So what if you saw, as best you can, the crumblings and chaos in ensuing now ~ as the failure and release of a vast illusion spanning many, many eons of time? 

And what if you each worked on the Inner Planes, to reset your Inner Coordinates consciously yourselves to a “Due North” position, to manually and intentionally connect your Inner Light’s Compass with your Deepest Divinity once more?

You are these Gears, Dear Ones.
You are these Living Cosmic Compasses.  

The old structures will fail and are falling away. New structures are emerging to fill in that available void and cosmic space ~ with Greater Light.  New Templates based on the Highest Good of All . . . are rolling and streaming through the cosmic vacuum created by the dismantling and dissolution of the false matrix and structures.

Old leaders aligned with the false matrix will crumble or release with the illusion leaving this world.

New leadership will emerge in its place, more aligned with the Higher Light Codes in the Galaxy and the Earth herself.

If the crumblings leave you tied up in cosmic confusion, or illusionary knots and pretzels, simply notice first your energetic responses to them.  Notice where and in what ways you yourself are still aligned with the illusion of this 3D earth . . . and where you are misaligned now with the Light Codes streaming in to restore the Greater Truth and Light of 5D Earth.  

It is that misalignment that is pretzeling you. It is that misalignment that is your greatest distress.

And it is especially distressing because it is triggering every one of you and your soul memories of the last time this level of cosmic shift occurred ~  leaving you feeling trapped in a very dense world for a very long time ~ so long ~ that you can barely even remember being anything else BUT separated and struggling to survive.

The systems for better or worse, designed to cope with that trauma, gave you all a sense of blind comfort ~ or we mean to say ~ the illusion of comfort, . . . when you were desperate to feel better in the density and hardship of this 3D Earth that was out of alignment with its Sun, Central Sun, and Great and Grand Central Suns in this solar system.  The Fall From Grace as it has been called ~ was very shocking. And disorienting. And demoralizing.

And you have all coped in the best ways you knew how. To learn. To grow. To evolve.  Despite, and in large part, BECAUSE OF, the density of experiences here.

But now, with government shutdowns, currency resets, political leaders being removed from office, and educational, medical, spiritual, and cultural systems out of whack, . . . you are being triggered to WAKE UP.

To wake up out of your coping slumbers. To startle a little out of your spiritual amnesia.  And to stop drinking the “kool-aid” fed to you by 3D power structures and systems of governance that would sell you the belief that this is the way it is here on earth and that this is Divinity and God’s Will at its Finest.  

This is a bill of goods sold to a collective humanity a long time ago in the original fall from grace.  And in your desperation ~ it was accepted as the new reality.

And we would say . . . that bill of goods had an expiration date. That expired on December 21, 2012.

And you are now seeing more and more evidence of a 3-D world and illusion falling apart. Because it was never real in the first place. It was simply a very brilliantly executed illusion. That lasted a really long time.

So remember that the compass we mentioned?

You all have one. Each one of you has the Divine Technology Within to Reset your Inner Coordinates . . . to Due North. To Heaven Within.  To Unity Consciousness.  To a Belief in Source Love for All Life on this Planet.  And to the Truth that Human Beings Truly and Deeply Love, Care For, and Respect All Life on Planet Earth and in All Universes.

Human Beings are a cooperative, compassionate, and loving species. Truly.

This false matrix doesn’t demonstrate that, does it? Endless wars don’t. Competition doesn’t. Animal slaughter and abuse doesn’t. Earth pollution doesn’t. Toxic chemicals don’t.  GMOs and other food supply distortions don’t. Crazy laws and corrupt systems of law don’t. In fact, almost none of your current global systems reflect the Loving Nature and Unified Light that human beings are at their core. That you are at your core.

This is why the reset is so critical.

The upside down of your world is necessary to show you just how backwards and false things are.

Embrace the opportunity to see it, as much as you can. You are seeing a restoration of your Divinity, Freedom, Sovereignty, and Unity right now.

Up is down and down is up.

Light looks evil and evil looks Light.

Good is bad and bad is good.

Toxic is well and well is toxic.

All of these inverted frequencies are seeking to right themselves . . . to align with the sun portals summoning “Right Side Up” Activations now.

You can panic, resist, fight, project, collude, etc. in response to the failing 3-D systems and frequencies.

But it won’t change what is happening through and for you. For all of you.

Or you can turn to the changes ~ and open your heart to seeing with soul eyes ~ the change is unfolding for the Good of All ~ in the rubble of the crumblings.

We have said on many occasions ~ new 5D Energies are here.  They are in every continent and in every corner of the world.

If you don’t open to expand your vision ~ you will simply prolong the suffering.

These changes are here.  The Galactic Portals are open.

The Original Codes and Templates are restoring and resetting themselves to their Due North positions.  

You are being reset to your Due North Positioning.

You can do it willingly or resistantly.  That is your soul choice to make.

Above all, we ask and invite you to engage your journeys ~ as joyfully as possible.

If you are in Joy, you are in Greater Alignment with the New Codes and the Truth of Light flooding your world.  

If you are not in Joy, you are resisting that same alignment in some way.

If you notice the latter, go inside.

Assess your Inner Compass.  Where are you holding on to old codes, old beliefs, old stories fed to you about who and what you are, and who and what humanity is? 

See if you can adjust your compass needle a little more Due North yourself . . . trusting the Light Inside You to align your life cosmically and organically now with the Greater Light of the Cosmos.

Let the Light reveal and expose those people or beings acting out of alignment with the New Light Codes of 5D+ Earth.

Each of you will demonstrate to yourselves where your compass needle resides and aligns.

All will land in the 5D+ New Earth who are guided and meant to make this Inner Ascension and Quantum Leap.  All who want it will vibrationally land there, by their choice to be in alignment with its frequencies. 

Admission is Universal but it is BY VIBRATION.  

So notice what vibrations you are emitting, and choose your compass coordinates consciously and carefully to align with the Earth Experiences and Evolutionary Experiences you most desire now.  

This has everything to do with Frequency.

This has everything to do with Vibration.

This has everything to do with Energy.

This has everything to do with Intentions.

This has everything to do with Consciousness.

This has everything to do with Choice.

This has everything to do with Soul Alignment.

Attune to your Heart Center’s Alignments.  
Be aware of your ego’s fears.
Listen for your guidance coming from The West ~ Within.

And then, choose your best and highest alignment based on the soul skills and tools you have to be in Divine Alignment with Source, Love, Compassion, and Light as much as possible. 

The road ahead can be bumpy, chaotic, smooth, or transcendent ~ depending on your Soul’s Awareness and Choice.

You are loved and it Divinely supported in all ways now. Ask for help and support whenever you need us. We are always here for you.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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