February 2019 Energy Update: Sun Portals, Stargates, Disinformation, 3D Dematerializations, & Truth and Light Scanners

February 2019 Energy Update:
Sun Portals, Stargates, Disinformation, 3D Dematerializations,
and Truth and Light Scanners

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.27.19





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here streaming through a Message of Light for Humanity as the Arcturian Collective.  Today on the eve of the month of February 2019 . . . we feel in the Collective Consciousness . . . a Great Joy.  A profound healing.  An immense vision of the Greater Oneness returning, to the Hearts of All in every corner of the universe, not just planet earth alone.  We attribute this Joy and Light in large part to the Lightwork occurring on, and for the benefit of, the Earth Star Planet.  But the Joy of its Manifestation is felt through the ethers by everyone in the cosmos.

So what is occurring in February 2019 that will more fully signify, and on some levels, more fully embody . . . this Light of Joy, Love, and Greater Wholeness on your world and in the cosmos?

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comThere is tremendous activity occurring in your stargates and in the portal of the sun.  There are portals in the Higher Dimensional Realms that have profound effects and impacts on the world and the lives you live every day on earth.  The Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun are All Divinely Designed Stargates and Portals of Higher and Higher Infusions of Light and Cosmic Consciousness, that can expand and/or contract, in relation to the desired evolutionary cycles that the Greater Collective is most deeply desiring.  For many, many years, for eons and ages-long trajectories of time, these gateways or portals had contracted down, so only much smaller, infinitesimal nanoparticles of Light could stream through.  And of that much more limited Light, only a small number of individuals were attuned in their frequencies to be sensitive enough to receive these highly coded and joyful inspirations and infusions of Light from the greater galaxy.

However, much cosmic activity over a great deal of time in recent millennia have paved the way for the Great Awakening unfolding now, over the past 2000 years or so, and now, over the past several decades.

Consciousness is expanding on your world, regardless of conscious participation or higher awareness of that very expansion. It is happening in the ethers, and expanding all things and all beings on your world from the Inside Out.

This February ~ a significant Infusion of Interstellar Light is coming and rising on your world, emerging through a planetary synchronization of the Sun and its Central Sun Alignments at this particular point in time.

Thus the Sun’s energies literally shining down on your world are now more consciously capable of activating and supporting the Inner Sun Energy that lives in each of your Sacred Heart Centers.

For those of you living in Spheres of Consciousness on the inner planes of a Greater Connection of Light and Love Frequencies, you can tune in and feel the solar activation inside yourselves. Inside your cells. Inside your purpose, mission, and visions for your lives here and in the more immediate future in terms of seeds you wish to more quickly and instantly manifest and in terms of your desired experiences of yourselves that your hearts more deeply want to feel again.

So those awakened in their conscious awareness at this time ~ that you are here on this planet for something MORE, whatever that “MORE” may be, February is going to deliver more of those frequencies of MORE into your lives. Into your souls. And into your own personal sense of purpose, mission, and vision for your lives.

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comBecause the Stargates that support that Light and that Higher Knowing in you ~ Will be much more aligned. You will thusly be much more aligned. And therefore ~ All will be much more aligned in the Greater Expanse of the All That Is.

Now many of you might also say . . . but what about Trump? Or what about the Democrats in the US? Or what about the discussions of walls and wars on the inside and outside of every country, government, person, place, or thing in this world?

And these are valid questions ~ from a 3D Linear Time-Oriented Perspective of Living. What we can say, and what we have said, and what we will continue to say . . . is that that Dimensional Reality is leaving your world. It is literally dematerializing as we speak and as you hear our messages in this video or blog post and channeling. What was real for you 5, 10, 15, or 50 years ago, or 5, 10, 15, or 50 lifetimes ago, on this 3-D Earth planet is no longer real today. Literally, the frequencies that created the 3D Earth are vaporizing and alchemizing back into Spiritual Energy, and thus, returning back to the Heart of Source, for full purification, recalibration, and renewal. The world that once was is no longer in the Higher Sight of the Sun’s, the Central Sun’s, the Great Central Sun’s, and the Grand Central Sun’s Revelatory, Lazer-Focused, Source-Inspired Frequencies of the Higher Realms of Consciousness and Cosmic Interconnectedness.

The 3D world and its constructs and systems are failing and falling apart by the day on your world. What is right?  What is Truth?  What is Light? In all of that debris, rubble, disconnection, despair, duality, division, and suffering?

None of it.

It was an illusion created for expansionary purposes . . . for the benefit of the Greater Whole.  And the Greater Oversoul.  And the Greater Light of the Infinite in the All That Is.

It was designed to be an illusion ~ of that which you are not. And it manifested with perfection and was sustained by the Collective Consciousness in the Souls desiring that expansionary experience.

The Collective Consciousness as a Whole has moved beyond that desire for separation, division, and duality now.

So the energy supporting the duality, density, and darkness of that experience is rapidly leaving the planet. And if there is any energy aligned with the old paradigm left, it finds itself turning to dust in the blink of an eye, as it attempts to operate in the old ways, that once thrived in the densest of frequencies.

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comThere is no life force from a deep and core cosmic level to support “service to self” ambitions. And thus there is no life force to support “service to density” plans or agendas, where a few thrive and the masses suffer or struggle as a result.

So what about those 3D linear “realities” you ask about and want us to see and to speak to? And we would say, in cosmic time, from nonlinear time, blink a moment. And very soon, they won’t be there. For those of you in the bridge times, in the In-Between Times, metaphorically speaking . . . blink a minute or two. And you too will begin to see . . . the crumbling of the old guard, the old structures, and the old systems too.

They were never designed to last. They were designed for an experience. They were designed for the “set or stage of a very long-lasting play.” But now it’s time for the set’s or stage’s removal. It was never real in the first place.

What is occurring in your world ~ in your inner and outer worlds
and your daily lives ~
is your attachment to attachments.

The ways things have been done, the way things have proceeded, the ways you have been conditioned to believe about The Way Life IS . . . are simply not true.

They were the play. They were simply the set. And they created a Grand Theatre, as we have stated in different ways, before.

If the way Trump speaks, if the way governments and other politicians speak, if the rituals and rules of governance are changing, if systems are failing, if belief systems and cultural conditionings are cracking, it’s because the Collective Consciousness and Council (which includes All of You) . . . at Soul Levels . . . voted many moons ago . . . to remove all energetic support for the illusion . . . to express itself at this time . . . as a Great Dematerialization of what once was . . . so all souls could get a good look at the profound set, stage, and theater that was collectively created, that seemed so real, that is now leaving this planet. And a new stage, a new set, is birthing in all of you. For a New Earth. And a New Birth.  And some new guidelines of governance are rolling into create a sense of order through chaos for the New Timeline of Light, Oneness, and Higher Consciousness once more.

The only challenges that will present themselves to each of you in these In Between Times, really at the core, are . . . your deeply embedded 3D Issues and Conditions of Attachments . . . to what life is supposed to be. What the president is supposed to do. What freedom, suffering, systems, or policies are supposed to feel or look like, to your 3D eyes. Yes, your 3D personas and identities will likely experience some shock over the 3D dematerializations.  Because your 3D selves are dematerializing too. What is within, so without. And what is without, so within.

We are mirrors dear one, of every one and every thing. All throughout the cosmos.

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comAnd the much Greater and Expansive Conscious Collective, that operates as a Council Of Life and For Life in all Higher Realms and for All Universes, has voted and planned for this day many, many eons of time ago, long before any of you were presently born, or possibly, even incarnated in any lifetime . . .

That this day would come.

That the Time of the Great Crumbling and Vast Dematerialization of an Age of Evolutionary Time would end.  And a New Time and New Evolutionary Age would rise.

This IS that Time.

So witness your 3D selves, getting caught up any attachments to 3D living, 3D systems, 3D politics, and 3D structures. Just witness them without judgment. Take a conscious breath. And then look deeper at your triggers and your focused attention on one person, one news article, one aspect of daily living . . . experiencing the illusion of 3D life in a very real way. And then, we invite you to acknowledge to yourself the possibility of . . .

What if this is not real?
What if all of this talk, this drama, this ego, this “stuff” isn’t really real at all?

What if I am caught up in a global play that only feels real? Or seems real? That is ultimately in the process of deconstructing itself and washing itself away?

What if this is possible?
What if this is what is real?
What if the only Truth is that of the Realness of Illusion? Right now, at this time on the world stage?

And if you can find it at all possible, we would invite you to look in your lives for what is real? And true?

What aspects of your lives would make it through a cosmic deconstruction phase of evolution . . . where the only things left standing . . . were born and built of Light?

Would your house still have walls?
Would your egos still have defenses?
Would lies on one side or another in the global media still survive?
What attachments make it through a “security checkpoint of Light,” like in an airport scan?
Would your attachments pass through the Central Sun’s Scanning System?
Would your relationships in your lives thrive and still shine . . . on the other side of the Cosmic Inter-dimensional Scanner of Light?
Are they based in Authentic, Heart Centered Love that’s True?

These are questions to ponder from a Higher, Heart-Centered Version of You.  One that lives beyond your 3-D, linear time, ego identity, and sense of self in the old earth.

With your extra-sensory Heart Center’s perceptivity and higher perceptual abilities, you are that Light Center yourself ~ that can scan your own thoughts and your own emotions and attachments, to see if they are New Earth Ready.

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comA great teacher, Sonia Choquette, a Hay House Author, Speaker, and Intuitive, once said, “The truth withstands scrutiny very well.”  This channel always resonated deeply with that statement, likely because her Inner Truth Scanner or her Inner Light Scanner was turned fully ON this lifetime, as a guidepost and guiding barometer in her life. Has everything always been perfect and joyful in her life because of it? No, because this Light and Truth Scanner can spotlight any energy of manifestation or 3D expression that is out of alignment with the Higher Light of Truth; And the Higher Light of the Cosmos and the All That Is. 

But it has been 100% of the time her greatest partner, ally, and asset in the Earth Journey.

And each of you is awakening now to see to some degree . . . The importance of activating your own Inner Light Awareness and your own Inner Light and Truth Scanner. 

You are living in the In Between Times dear one, between 3D and 5D earth realities.  And thus you are living in a time presently of Information and Technological Wars.  The battle unfolding in the hearts of people worldwide isn’t fought so much with guns, or walls, or other divisive or aggressive tools. It’s being fought . . . with a great deal of disinformation. 3-D minds have been largely controlled by conscious media efforts over the past six or seven decades to manage the narrative and story of the world that a relative few wanted the collective to see. But now, with vast energetic crumblings and the 3-D density of corrupt media systems, so too will the control of the collective consciousness be the thing that crumbles most. When corrupt and divisive systems fail, the narrative  of separation and division fails with it.

What you are left with, after the shock is felt and acknowledged by the masses,
is the Truth of the Oneness, Love, and Compassion that human beings
and souls innately are. 

The False Narrative Crumbles.
The False Media Outlets Fail. 

But the Truth of your Oneness and Light withstands the
Central Sun’s Scans and Tests of Time. 

Because the Innate Oneness of All Sentient Life IS True.
It’s the Story and the Narrative that was False.

So . . . it shall fall away.

So dear ones, February 2019 excites us in Spirit, in the Higher Realms, and in the Greater Cosmos, because the Cosmic Light Scanners and Infusers and Portals of Infinite Divine Intelligence and Truth, align in a very sacred and cosmic way . . . as we roll into Energies of February 2019.

Open your Heart to gently engage your own Inner Light Scanner ~ to see what in your life might be out of alignment with the Love, Oneness, Joy, and Unity of the Stars, of the Central Sun Portals, and of the Divine Spark in the Heart of Source Energy. 

Practice seeing 3D disinformation, misinformation, destruction, and division without attachment. Without judgment. But simply with Higher Light Discernment.

Invite your Higher Self, your best Soul Version and Presence of You, activated in your most loving consciousness ~ to increase the activities that engage you in positive and loving service, passion, purpose, and meaning In your lives. Maybe simply focus on really being present as a parent or a caregiver in your life. Maybe focus on giving to a charity that is offering good work and helping people or animals or the planet improve their quality of life. Find ways where that Light Essence In You can increase its experience of meaning ~ by living the Love Energy that exists inside you.

These are the energies that will withstand the Tests of Scrutiny and Light Scanning these next few weeks in February and beyond, as we build this New Earth together. Collectively and Consciously Together. 

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comFebruary celebrates and spotlights the alignment in the stars of this Higher Light. Prepare for more systemic crumblings of 3D structures, identities, and governmental and global practices. That which is not of this Higher 5D Light must dematerialize in one way or another. Their time is simply up. Witness disinformation without judgment or attachment, and have awareness that the duality and war of the ages between the Light and the Darkness is being waged . . . for your attention . . . to expose your attachments . . . and to invite your alignment.

Which realm are you most called to align with?

Notice it. Compassionately, notice it.

And then, reset your focus and conscious attention on being an Inner Light Scanner of Truth, Joy, and Light to assist yourself and engage your own path and purpose, as you ascend further and further into Higher Light. 

Will the Central Sun’s Gateways and Portals expose some things in your life that aren’t in alignment with the Higher Light of Oneness and Love Consciousness?  Probably. But use this awareness to help you peacefully release some of those things and attachments, and to more consciously embrace your 5th Dimensional Skills of Love, Cooperation, Service to the Light, and Wholeness . . . to better align with where Mother Earth herself is going.

February shines a Greater Light on Cosmic Truth, Interstellar Unity, Oneness, Earth Attachments, and Deceptions that are out of alignment with the new 5D Light pulsing through the Earth Mother. 

Take a Conscious Breath.

Breathe Light into all that is out of alignment with the Higher Frequencies of Love and your Perfect Divinity.

Breathe Light into All That IS In Alignment with the Higher Frequencies of Love and your Perfect Divinity.

February 2019 is another catalyzer of our full circle journeys here on the earth at this time.

February 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.com

It’s time to come home to our Greater Light.
It’s time to come home to our Deeper Love.
It’s time to come home to our Essence of Wholeness.
It’s time to come home to our Inner Perfection.
It’s time to come home to our Freedom from Attachments.
It’s time to come home from our disconnection from each other.
It’s time to come home to our Greater Oneness.
It’s time to come home to our True Divine Nature of Immense Love and Light.

Blessings and love to you, dear ones.

You are loved.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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