The Arcturian High Council: May 2018 Energy Update

May 2018 Energy Update:
“A Powerful Gateway”

A Message from the Arcturian High Council

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4/22/18





Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian High Council here with a Message of Light for Humanity.

dandelion with blue sky background photoApril 2018 has been, and will continue to be, a Time of Seed Sowing and Awakening for many many souls on the planet now. 

March 2018 was a page turner.  The opening of a new day, a new dawn, and a new chapter in the Expansion of the New Earth’s Energies.

So what might you guess are the forthcoming Energies of May?  What do We, the Arcturian High Council and your Star Nation Sisters and Brothers on the Planetary Star of Arcturus, see for this Earth Realm . . . in the Month of May ~ 2018

green maple leaves photoWe will say that we see the First Manifestations of New Leafs.  New Earth Leaves.  We see the Seeds of April’s Showers germinating and growing First Leaves in May.  These little sapling and root shoots will emerge many many leaves all over the earth.  And they are a Sign and an Energetic Beacon of Hope to all who doubt ~ to all who wonder ~ will we make it through?

These “First Leaves” are here to shine, beam, and brim with joy . . .
“Yes ~ You Can!”  “Yes ~ You Will!”

For out of the cold, dark, turmoil and out of the density of the 3D Earth’s Soil . . . May 2018 will grow the First Infallible Seeds of Possibilities of the New Light.

These Seeds are Strong in their New Higher Dimensional Essence.

They are more immune to illness, to bacteria, to weakness, and to lower dimensional energies and attacks.

For THESE SEEDS were Fertilized in April’s Awakening Energies.  Those of you that birthed Great and Heart-Centered Rockets of Desire will see May’s Germinations of Green Higher Dimensional Leafings . . . making way for June’s Flowerings . . . and July’s Fruit . . . that will bear Blissful Manifestation of the First New Earth’s Heartbeats . . . that are audible to even the most Newly Awakened Star Seeds.

Star Seeds will hear the Drum of the Heart of One . . . pulsing in the new monthly energy forecasts . . . now through the Summer 2018 . . . and raise the frequencies of the planet . . . with a brilliant push and resolve to birth Greater Light Frequencies in the Glow of Spring and Summer Energies in the Northern Hemisphere . . . and even in the Fall and Winter Energies of the Southern Hemisphere . . .

To literally birth more profound New Earth Frequencies and Energies of Hope and Awakening for All in this World . . . as the World turns to Truth, Transparency, and Vital New Growth of the New Light in the Hearts of People in all ages and stages worldwide.


galaxy gateway image

That said, we see
May . . . as a Gateway

We might call it Gate-way . . . or Gate-May

It is . . . Yes . . . another Vortex of Energy.  Calling and lifting those ready to leave the vast matrix of energy of the “old” . . . in the old dimensional realms . . . quickly turning to dust and hence compost for all the “new” that is rising. 

May will summon your Courage . . . your Conviction . . . to step up and step out . . . Out of the dark forest of 3D energies, violence, duality, lack, and limitation. 

And to raise a new stem, a new root, a New Germination of Light . . . up and through the composted earthen soil . . . and into the New Light of 5D Possibility . . . to reach for the nourishment of the Central Sun’s Light.  And to invite and ask for the Central Sun’s Truest Light Codes . . . to communicate through your First Leaves . . . and send signals deep into the Heart of your Core Sacred Seed.

yellow sunflower photoAs those blueprints are bio-atmospherically and celestially transmitted and downloaded into your Awakened or Awakening Core Essence, the Seeds for the Continued Highest Manifestations of your Dreams will launch at New Levels to manifest and Spring into Fruition this Spring and Summer and even Fall and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Seasons are timeless in the Higher Realms. 

So right timing governs all ~ simultaneously ~ no matter what physical realm you may reside in ~ in any dimensions still accessing linear codes of time and space.

It is All Divine Timing and Right Timing in All Worlds and All Realms at the end of the day.

May 2018 will raise New Faith and New Awareness
in Cosmic Farming and Gardening Practices.

All Seeds Grow to Find the Light. 

At some point in their evolution, some succeed in reaching
for that Greater Light and Feeling the Sacred Union with
Pure Source Light in the Core of their Being once more.

May invites you to into Perfect Union. 

May 2018 will be a time of Greater Union of the Whole,
even if darker days ahead appear to demonstrate the opposite.

The Earth Herself is calling for Union.

The Earth Herself is Requiring Union.

All that lives in duality, and all that breeds chaos through duality, will continue to receive Deep Light Laser Treatments . . . as the Grand Central Sun and Great Central Sun beam the Celestial New Light Codes through the Portal of the Central Sun’s Activation Star Light . . .

And these Powerful Lasers of Light will upgrade all Star Seeds ready in the Month of May to activate the New Cosmic Blueprint of Perfection . . . in the Heart of their Soul’s Seed . . . in the Heart of their Star Seed . . . that up until now has been practicing and visual motor rehearsing the vision and dream of this day. 

dandelion in sunlight imageThis Day is Now Here in May 2018 . . .

Celebrating the Alignment of these Long-Awaited Activation Codes . . .

And almost on mass . . . many will push through the old 3D soil . . . of decayed and deconstructed former programmings.  And into the New Light . . . and 5D Atmosphere . . . in which a Whole New Oxygen and Sun Ray Exists . . . to nourish the Light of the Higher Heart’s Dreams of Thriving in a New World of Love and Unity.

It is a Quantum Eruption of the Higher Light.

Birthing through the Old Soil . . . and Establishing a New Global Consciousness of Light . . . in Seeds of Star Beings the Whole World Over.

These Activations and Launchings of Light will be heard the Whole Cosmos Over.

May 2018 is the First Musical Symphony of such Grand New Birth heard in any realm ever in this way.

May will Sound the New Light Codes into Greater Form. 

So, dear ones, what do you wish to see and to be and to breathe . . . as a quantum, accelerated, enhanced Dream of Light Launching, in your life?  In your mission here on earth?  In your awareness of Passion, Power, and Purpose?  Now?  In these times?

higher consciousness light photoWhat do you desire in May 2018 to launch and anchor your life and light’s experience?  As the veils lift ever clearer?  And a New Field of Oneness and Quantum Unity Consciousness channels more directly from the Great Central Sun to your Individual Experience of the Heart of One?

What Rockets of Desire are growing and emerging in you this next month through?

Where is your Higher Light guiding you to uniquely be, and to spend your time and energy? 

We, the Arcturian High Council, invite you to consciously open your eyes to see where the Best and Brightest Energy is showing up to lead you in your Purpose, Passion, and Powerful Mission.

Notice what blessings are showing up for you ~ in Divine Bread Crumbs ~ to follow.

Notice what blocks show up too . . . and simply allow the love in your heart to lift you up and through them, “en root” (en route) to emerging and erupting your Unique Light’s Vision and Mission at this critical time on earth.

galaxy nebula photoMake no mistake.  May is a Grand and Powerful Energetic Portal . . . to launch into the physical earthly realm . . . some of the 5D Versions and Visions of the Best You your soul uniquely knows how to be.

Do you accept the invitation to birth a more authentic, fragrant, and fabulous essence of you  ~ that you know deep inside ~ you were always designed to be?

Let May assist you in claiming who you really are. 

Let May raise you up above 3D limitation and lack, and invite you to Quantum Leap into a new 5D Timeline of Your Own Soul’s Choosing!

And see May begin to re-set and re-align the core codes of this planet toward Goodness and Blessings for All.

If more of the old 3D systems that are rotten at their core, fall more and more into the compost bin of the old earth, let them. 

Divine Right Timing creates the New, and it releases the old equally on cue.

May is a Time of Quantum Launching and Aligning with New Higher Dreams and Rockets of Perfection and Higher Light for All. 

We join you in making May 2018 in the Earth Realms the most Joyous and Enlightening Gate-way it can be for the Whole of Humanity.  And truly ~ for the Whole of the All That Is and Always Will Be!

You are loved dear ones.  You ARE Love.

All Our Love.

earth in sunflower image


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