The Arcturian High Council: New System Upgrades ~ March 2018

The Arcturian High Council:
New System Upgrades ~ March 2018

via channel Marie Mohler 
Received March 10, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian High Council here today.

We are learning and growing immensely together as a Whole Living Essence of the Greater One.  The Greater Oversoul.  The Greater All That Is. 

We come to you through Etheric Frequencies of the Color Blue and the Universal Sound and Tone of the Key of G. 

Sound and Light are the Creationary Mechanisms of the Godheart.  And they are the medium through which our hearts from the High Council in Arcturus connect today with your hearts on Planet Earth.

We ask each and every one of you, . . . we invite every single soul on Planet Earth today, human, animal, flora, crystal, insect, bird, and fish . . . to breathe the New Light Codes and Positive Divine Energy flooding your world in the most beautiful and gentle ways you can.  Allow all of your cells to bathe in this Light Showering of the Godheart’s Energy, in all Highest Good Ways.

When you can actively, consciously, and lovingly invite the Light of the New Earth’s Consciousness and Frequency into your Conscious Awareness and Living Body Temple, you can consciously align with the New Frequencies that the Earth is Divinely Designed To Be at this time.  Alignment brings blessings and ease.  Discord and misalignment brings struggle and challenge.

So allowing and inviting your Core Heart Centers to feel again the Frequency of Aligning and Harmonizing with the Pulse of the Godheart’s Template of Living Perfection for All Beings in All Realms, and with the Light of the Earth Mother’s Timeless Loving Frequencies of Divine Perfection . . . you are re-aligning yourselves, your soul paths, your soul’s talents, and your Collective Soul Light with the Pulse, Sound, and Creationary Light of the Infinite and the All That Is. 

cosmic blue ball image

Why is alignment with these Pure Light Codes
in the Cosmos so critical at this time?

We would say . . . imagine what occurs when you have an older computer with older hardware and software.  And then new technology and new rounds of upgrades for several years are bypassed, simply because the template and design of that older model computer is not designed and was not created to handle the next series of upgrades that have unfolded for say 5-10 years of time. 

Now you have an older, outdated operating system that cannot connect, commune, or communicate with the new abilities, codes, and template for faster, newer, technologies that came online since its inception.  And therefore, the old system has become obsolete and isolated ~ due to its core design that cannot accommodate the memory, file size, speed, and requirements of the new computer world of present day.

These old outdated computer systems either need restructuring and to be rebuilt from the inside out . . . OR . . . they will be disassembled and utilized or recycled for parts.  In other words, the old computer system is obsolete and dematerializes in one way or another, either via a core system upgrade or dissembling and dematerialization.

This is occurring in the Consciousness and Light Frequencies on your world.  This “Upgrade” is the Ascension so many Lightworkers have been speaking of for so many years. 

The Operating Systems in your Physical Body Temples are wired only for 3D Consciousness and 3D Separation Consciousness and Living on your World.

The New Waves of Light Particles streaming through and filling the Atmosphere of the Earth today are 5D Consciousness Energies and they are designed for Collaborative, Oneness, and Unity Consciousness.  Which is an entirely New Dimensional Awareness and Frequency . . . than where 3D Particles reside and thrive.   

woman meditating at sunset photoTherefore, it is time to begin to consciously
awaken, invite, and engage your breath . . .

to literally breathe the 5D Technologies and 5D Higher Light Particles into the Physical Cells of your Body Temples.

And thus, in doing so, . . . to activate the Higher Star Light of your 5D Operating Systems that have lived within you all this time.  But that have simply remained dormant during the cycle of 3D Experience.

So what is different from a Living Breathing Being
and a Core Computer Design . . .

is that Source designed Consciousness to be able to support Life, Upgrades, and Living Consciousness through a Wide Range of
Soul Experiences and Frequencies. 

Living Beings filled with Source Consciousness then have been able
until now to upgrade or downgrade their Conscious Awareness,
Cellular Structures, and Living Light.

Computers on the other hand have no ability to intrinsically upgrade themselves without an “external other” doing that for them.  In the Absence of Living Life Force, computers are at the mercy of their makers.

Human Beings and Other Light Beings on the other hand are
Always Connected to Source and to All Ranges of Consciousness. 
So when a Collective Consciousness Upgrade Rings a Bell in the Collective Consciousness Heart, a Signal if Sent to All Heart Centers
and a Frequency Shift is Activated through that Collective Heart
which effects All Beings in All Realms in All Time.   

We are here to say that this Pulse and Call to Heart Consciousness was Summoned and Transmitted.  December 21, 2012 . . . the upgrade was called and installed. 

And now, on your world, each person is invited to actively now engage their New System Upgrades . . . and to be their Organic Light once more, in the Energy Waves and Frequency Realms of 5D Consciousness and Higher.

The glitches people may be experiencing in this Upgrade, Alignment, and Ascension Process are simply due to a lack of conscious awareness of the active process occurring. 

So when one doesn’t know about the New Alignments automatically occurring at cellular or soulular levels, the old 3D Operating System malfunctions, stutter steps, or panics . . . because the old way of doing things and thus the old way of thinking, believing, acting, and functioning simply will not work.  And “malfunctions” of thought, believing, and being occur. 

When you see malfunctioning of this order and magnitude, it can seem chaotic.  Or destructive.  Or fearful.

meditation of light imageBut from a Soul Perspective, the malfunctioning IS the invitation and IS the cue from the Soul to get your Conscious Attention to Awaken and Embrace the Codes of Change and Light informing a Whole New Way of Being.

We in Arcturus are your Soul Family.
We are your Sisters and Brothers in the Cosmos that are your Future Time. 

We are here to elevate and support this emerging Higher Light Consciousness expanding, activating, and flooding your world. 

Growth isn’t always easy.  But Growth and Expansion are Foundational Elements of any Physical World.

Earth is growing and birthing herself anew now.  And so too are you.

Release the Frequencies that no longer serve you.  Notice any glitches, fears, overwhelm, or “malfunctions” in your day or on your world on any given day. 

Many of the “malfunctions” and deteriorating systems are not designed now to be repaired.

They are designed to be Upgraded and Ascended into something more Expansive and truly entirely NEW.

As the old world crumbles, you will see systems of malfunction and you will see deterioration and dematerialization.

With Soul Eyes . . . with a Willingness to Consciously Witness Planetary Ascension and Change, from 3D to 5D Consciousness, every system that falls is one that lacked this circuitry and template to upgrade to the New Realms of Light now required on your world.

red orange golden sunset on water photoLet the Old Systems go.  Globally and Personally. 

Let the Old Soul Shackles of 3D Living and Patterning fall away.

Let the Limiting Beliefs of the Old 3D Matrix in your Cellular Memory Dematerialize and Return to Source for Cleansing.

And Allow Yourselves to RISE into the 5D, Infinite, Sovereign, and Abundant Frequencies of your True Organic Light. 

You are wired as a Being of Infinite Light.  You ALL Are.

Those that choose to embrace their Higher Light Structures can Thrive in the New Light Frequencies and Possibilities of 5D Living on Earth.

Those that resist will be able to witness the symptoms and systemic malfunctions of the old 3D hardware that is simply making itself obsolete.

We are here to offer love and support to each of you seeking at soul levels . . . truly  . . . to survive, thrive, and succeed . . . up and through this beautiful Light Stream of Activational Ascension Energies. 

Call on us when you need an Infusion of Arcturian Love and Light in your Breath.  In your day.  In your upgrades.  And in the Activation of your Greater Soul Light, Power, and Purpose.

We are Star Beings of Light who are your Soul Family through Time.  And in Future Time.

We essentially are YOU in Future Time, and you are us in past time.

We know the system upgrades of which we speak today.  We emerged through them too.

We love you.  We are here for you.  And we encourage you to work consciously with your breath to Breathe Alignment of your Cells and your Soul Light with the Heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of the GodSpark.

Call in the Colors and Color Frequencies you desire to fill your breath and your Divine Intelligence and Ascension Awareness.  Call in the Sacred Tones you desire to hear and to be and to breathe . . . to sound your New Light Codes into form.

Sing along with the Soul Songs this channel posts on the internet.  They are designed with Activation Codes in the Sacred Sounds within them.

As you sing soul songs, they activate your 5D Consciousness at a cellular level.  Sing for alignment.  Sing for grounding.  Sing to activate and feel joy, even in the wobbles still occurring on your world.

soul star essence photo

Align with the Higher Light and Be Your Brighter Soul Light.

This is Who You Truly Are. 

Welcome Home ~ to your Soul Star Energy.

All Our Love. 

8 Responses to “The Arcturian High Council: New System Upgrades ~ March 2018

  • That was so amazing I really love this article and transmission thank you for bringing this through..

  • Shivhar
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much love you you ❤❤❤

  • George Etheridge
    6 years ago

    Thank you for this very resonant with me

  • Hello, I think i might notice a change of the energies.
    My question is, are these natural occurring energies or are aliens sending out frequencies, unnaturally forcing us into a stressful non-self-beneficial state?
    Making us sit around when we loved to run
    Any insight?

    • Hi Soren,
      These are good questions. In my experience, these are naturally occurring cosmically timed upgrades . . . here to restore and expand our higher light. There have been numerous cycles of Golden Ages on planet earth that you won’t find information about in any traditional history books. There has been a vested interest on the part of some to keep most people in the dark about our true heritage. Which is LIGHT. So the New Light Codes pouring in are actually Invitations to Expand the Light we have always and eternally been. There is simply new energetic support from the Great Central Sun to manifest this level of Light once more on the planet. And that means, within every single one of us living on the planet. We are the Light, We are the Change, We are the Higher Frequencies that are seeding this New COnscious and Organizational Light in this realm. Ascending us from lower 3D consciousness, karma, conflicts, etc. into a new field of unified oneness and heart centered living. Glad you are noticing the changes in energy. We are all becoming more sensitive to the palpability of the New Light. We can see without seeing again. Our sentience knows how to perceive at these higher and higher levels. Its so refreshing! Blessings to you and thanks for posting!