December 2023 Energy Update: Truth & Light This Epic Holiday Season! Embrace Faith, Fortitude, & Change!

December 2023 Energy Update

Truth & Light This Epic Holiday Season

Embrace the Gifts of this Celestial Season
Witness the Darkness & Empower The Light
Shine Your Faith & Fortitude As The World
Is Summoned
To Embrace Change & Transformation

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.25.2023


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of 1000 Suns and the Frequencies of the Unity Star, that some of you may know as the Star of Bethlehem. There is so much light filling your world, this planet, and every heart of every sentient being who dwells here. They may not be tapped in to this, or tuned into this, and yet the beauty of Divine Creation is that the Light is here for All. And it is This Light that is orchestrating epic liberations from all of the 3D entanglements that humanity and sentient life here have been mired in for eons. The Light is the Conductor of the Greatest Liberation in All of Creation. It is the Light that fortifies you, guides you, heals you, embraces you, and inspires you in times when the planet may seem in its greatest darkness and hour of need. God IS Light. God Is Love. And All of that Divine Expansive Energy is pouring into your world in ways seen and unseen, to implement this Divine Emancipation and this Restoration of Unity Consciousness, through the Sacred Shine of the Bethlehem Star, known throughout the Galactic Realms as the Unity Star.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ Truth & Light this Epic Holiday SeasonSo let us take a moment now and Breathe A Conscious Divine Breath Together. And in this Breath, we invite you to allow the Celestial Seeding of God’s Purest Divine Light in your Conscious Awareness, streaming through the ethers in the form of the Unity Star’s Blessings and Miracles in this holiday season worldwide. As festivities take place in many households around the world, tune into the Light around you. Maybe it is Light in a single candle, maybe it is a street light, perhaps it is the lights on a Christmas Tree, or the lights illuminating the Menorah, or the Light of the Sun and the Moon. Yet as we breathe a Conscious Sacred Breath In today know that you are here as a Vessel and Conduit of this Very Light. This Light shines in you to light The Way in the Darkness on your world . . . that is coming ever nearer and ever clearer into the Awakened Consciousness of Sentient Life here. Breathe in the Living Light’s Grace and Soothing Frequencies . . . where All That Is and All Is Well Consciousness brings and restores peace where fear, uncertainty, and doubt may have once dwelled. You are the Breathers, the Believers, the Knowers, and the Conduits of this very Light. And thus, as more of the Unity Star and Central Suns Light touches the Earth, and Blankets the Entire Collective Consciousness here, you will be the Conscious Leaders who know how to Breathe this Light into Form, in the form of Dreams Being Made Manifest, Wealth Creation and Abundance Returning to the People, and New Earth Visions of New Construction and New Joyful Structures of All Kinds that Benefit the Whole, the One, and the Heart of Creation. You are the Breathers of Divine Prana, and the Knowers of the Unity Star’s Return in Higher Dimensional Frequencies than have ever been perceived on your world.Drink in this Divine Prana, this Celestial Life Force, and this Sacred Light coming straight from the God Heart, to fortify your faith, your belief in miracles, and your awareness of yourselves as Sovereign, Divine, Creator Beings.

Much is happening, and much is still yet to come in the Changing of the Guard, from one dimensional paradigm to another. For those with eyes to see, you see Light illuminating everything, and coming into conversation, circumstances, systems, and corruption in every nook and cranny on your world. The darkness is being flushed out. The Light is flooding in. And all will feel the literal and vibrational landscape beneath their feet sway and flow in the shifting of the ages and in the alchemization and integration of all timelines becoming One again. Is this a time to give in to the weaknesses of the ego? No. Is this a time to give power to the fears of the Serpentine Conditionings and Programmings? No, definitely not. This is a time to see the fake and false, the corrupt and the distorted, and the depths of illusion for what they are. A Mere Veneer on the Magnificence of God’s True Creation, that now must face the Light of Day, the Light of God’s Day and Time, returning to this world, awakening all from deep spiritual slumber and raising the dead (the literal dead and the spiritually dead) into the Light of God’s Prana and Christ Consciousness again.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ Truth & Light this Epic Holiday SeasonFortitude and Faith dear ones will be the soul skills to call on and to call in the most, as serpentine structures that have appeared to hold this world together literally become unglued, unhinged, and untethered to demonic control. Faith and Fortitude are aspects of the Armor of God that will be needed to weather the storms that will result from the Great Shaking of Insideous Corruption, Illusion, and Deception, as more Light brings Truth and Clarity to the people of this planet, and the animal and plant kingdoms as well. Your Time in the Darkness is over. And yet you must re-acclimate to this level of Luminous Light shining all around this wonderful world again.

Just like your eyes must adjust when you leave a dark movie theater after a very intense action packed show, your Spiritual Vision must re-acclimate to the Light of Transcendent Truth and Christ Consciousness again. You are emerging from the 3D movie theater that has reigned for eons of time, and you are entering the Stage of Ascensionary Enlightenment, for which there is no cure for the uncomfortable symptoms and exposures except to embrace Truth. Ascension Requires The Allowance of Truth.Divine Truth.And nothing but the Truth.

If most of your lives have been lived (for many lifetimes, for that matter) in the darkness of the Illusion Movie Theater, there is a great deal of acclimation still to come, as sweeping changes unfold to flip so much of this world from Dark to Light.

And that is a Theme for December 2023. You will see more Light Surges on the planet and in your news cycles of world events crumbling, corruption and deception and satanic systems, and sweeping or flushing any core foundational structures into God’s Templates and Designs of Light. All is being flipped from Dark to Light. That includes your governments, lower dimensional so-called “leaders,” financial systems, medical systems, educational systems, and more.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ Truth & Light this Epic Holiday SeasonJesus Christ was born in the time where there was great darkness on your world. It is not that the darkness you live through now today is new. It is a darkness as old as the Garden, when Adam and Eve first succumbed to its venom. The darkness from the Garden of Eden usurpation has existed all this time, through many other lifetimes, including the Timeline when the Essenes and Jesus walked the Earth. And it exists now today, only with a greater stench than ever before. It has been said that if Darkness was a Smell, your world would be consumed in swamp-like toxic odors that many would find difficult to knowingly breathe. Well Jesus Christ came to restore a level of Life Force and Prana that would triumphantly prevail for a couple thousand years, to this time of the Great Ascension. And you are in this Window of the Great Flip, the Great Return, and the Great Ascension that is raising everything, absolutely everything, back into the Light of God’s Creation, and ultimately God’s Sacred Garden.

You dear ones are the Alchemists of these times. You dear ones are the Sacred Warriors, Messengers, Noahs, and Knowers of these times. 

You are here to breathe the darkness you learn about or that is exposed into Living Light. You are here to channel Living Light Codes into the energies emerging from the 3D movie theatre, as more people emerge from the serpentine controlled show in the dark theatre and into the Truth of God’s Living Light, The Way, and The Life.

The Gifts of this Celestial Season live in the Heart of the Unity Star, and the Heart of the Merriment that occurs when Dark Enslaved and Spiritually Disconnected Souls breathe their very first Prana again. The Gifts of this Celestial Season live in the Heart of the Unity Star, and the Christed Consciousness Within, when more people of this earth actually begin to see the Soot they have been breathing and perpetuating, and they consciously choose to breathe the Purity of God’s Prana and Illuminating Energies again. No longer will people desire to return to the 3D stage or the 3D movie theatre, once they know what a trick and entrapment of consciousness they are.

The Gifts of this Celestial Season reside in your Higher Consciousness becoming known to all again. The Gifts of this Celestial Season reside in your claiming your Union with Source and All of Creation again.

Unity, Harmony, Peace, Serenity, Sovereignty, Wellness, Joy, Love, and Well Being are your Eternal Riches dear one. They are your Divine Wealth that has been within you all this time. The world is going through an Ascension and Alchemization Process now to remember how to Breathe Divine Prana and Receive Divine Abundance.

Your captors will be exposed, arrested, trialed, and dematerialized so that they can never return again. And so that they can never infiltrate another aspect of this Universe again. Your pocket and portal of the world is Ascending Together. Your pocket and portal of this Universe is Ascending Together. All life in this region of Creation is in an Epic Ascension Process right here and now.All are rising together. And all will also feel the massive clearings that must take place, in order for this Cosmic Collective and Quantum Collective to rise.

Are Benevolent Galactic Beings, who are your Sentient Brothers and Sisters, assisting the Space Forces and the Light-Aligned Governments and Leadership of this World to manifest this emancipation with precision success and victory? Yes indeed. Is the Christ Consciousness shining through the Unity Star . . . assisting this process at a vast energetic level? Yes indeed.

Is the Light of Christ Consciousness . . . that Jesus Christ seeded along with his galactic and divine team of Essenes and other celestial helpers rising up in these times to assist the entire planetary collective to triumphantly rise . . . is it maturing at a rapid rate now to empower every single being in this world to make this quantum leap across the realms and into Unity Consciousness and God’s True Timeline again? Yes, it is a Mass Maturation Process unfolding.It is part of The Great Quickening many are feeling.

And so in this timeline of Great Holiday Festivities, where Light is the central focus of all celebrations in one way or another, we invite you to expand your soul sight and see the much bigger picture unfolding now, that exponentially Stellar and Solar Light are pouring into your world, for the illumination activation for all on planet Earth and in the Greater Cosmos. And you are here dear ones, in a reading and in a message like this one today, activating and maturing your consciousness, for the multidimensional evolvement and ascension process occurring in every level of your being. So that you might also be a candle that light’s another’s candle on their way up and through this vast multidimensional quantum quickening and clearing process!

December 2023 is calling in Great Faith, Great Fortitude, Great Spiritual Resilience, Soul Sight, and an Expanding Willingness to Change and Transform at the deepest levels. More on your world will quake.More on your world will shake. The old money systems that perpetuated deception, enslavement, and illusion are coming down. They must! And simultaneously, through December and into the New Year, more revelations are pouring forth so that all can rise into the Light of the Unity Star and the Christmas Star, to breathe the Prana and Life Force of True Unity Consciousness and Christ Consciousness again.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ Truth & Light this Epic Holiday Season
Be prepared. Stay in Love. Breathe through Your Heart Centers. And know that the temporary challenges, shakes, and quakes are leading to the complete obliteration of all serpentine structures for all time in this realm.

The Galactics and the Guides of Light ushering in these shifts with Creator Source and a Powerful Team of Christed Warriors are ensuring the Living Light’s Ultimate and Eternal Victory! Breathe Light and Breathe Union with that Christed Victory and With Source, and Know Yourselves as Perfect Parts in the Grand Divine Design that you knew you were always meant to be!

We celebrate your Faith and Fortitude, and your Soul Skills, that have strengthened nearly immeasurably since we began these messages many years ago. You are Christ-Sophia Unified Light! This Holiday Season, Know Your Self As So!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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