December 2023: This Is It! You Are Living In The Greatest of Times! You Are The Builders in 2024!

December 2023 Energy Update

This Is It!

You Are Living In The Greatest of Times!

You Are The Seeders of God’s Greatest Dreams!

And You Are The Builders of All That Is Divine In 2024 & Beyond!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.9.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through The Light of the Unity Star and the Luminous Light within all things. You each and all are bright stars of Divine Living Light, and you are called now to know yourselves as so. This Holiday Season is a time of honoring God’s Sacred Light in you, in your loved ones, in the people around you, and in the whole of Planet Earth that was created in Love, that was birthed in Light, and that shines an everlasting eternal vibrant Spark of the Godheart throughout time and space. The Earth herself is a Beacon of Light to all in the Cosmos who know the incredible Faith and Fortitude she has held steadfast throughout this long and immense 3D cycle of Darkness, Deceit, and Descension. And now, Mother Earth has risen to take her rightful place among the Stars, among the Planets, Star Races and Nations, and Celestial Bodies of Light that echo and reflect in sound and light how celebrated and honored she truly is. The Earth’s Ascension rising through Christed Portals of Living Light is known and beloved through the entire Universe, and we are here to say to all of you, welcome home, divine rising, and may God’s Greatest Blessings fill your hearts and homes with steadfast faith, appreciation, and inner knowing that All Is Truly Well, no matter how things appear in your outer world. Your Inner Galactic Homeostasis and Connection with this Epic Grace is strong and ever expanding.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ This Is It!So let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In. And as we breathe together today in this sacred moment of grace, we want you to connect with all of your senses and really feel how good it is to take a Deep Conscious Breath In, right here and right now. With all of the stories in your lives right now, and all of the news cycles, as well as all of the to’s and fro’s you are journeying as time accelerates and more things feel like they need to be completed or accomplished in less and less time, let us truly savor this moment in the Great Expanse of Time and Timelessness. Breathe in the comfort, the nourishment, the stillness, and the grace of this beautiful conscious breath today, and know that this connection with your Divine Source is here in all ways and at all times in every experience and in every moment of your lives now. God/Creator/Source is here in you. And thus, every breath is a celebration of Divine Union, Sacred Partnership with Creation, and your ability to receive Divine Fulfillment and Nurturing at all times. You are the Center of your Sacred Universe, centered in the Light and the Love that has always been the foundation of Who You Really Are.You are the Center of God’s Light, here now in form, breathing in this Soothing, Grounding, and Everlasting Prana and Love from the Ultimate Source, that lives, pulses, and creates through you, every day, and in every possible way. You are the Living Breath and the Living Light, and the Living Conduit of Grace, who came for these times. And you have everything you need within you in every moment to create your life and to touch the lives of others, in the Divine and Soulful ways, that you came to be right here and now in this moment.

Dear Ones, things continue to heat up and swirl in your world, speeding up so fast, that many have no idea it’s even happening. Yes? How can there be such acceleration of change and such a lack of recognition of this phenomena by so many? We would say, the Power of the Spell, dear ones. Deception can be so captivating, so all encompassing, that it actually becomes truly All – In – Compass – Ing. Deception becomes the Compass Within ~ and the barometer of perceptions and awareness, in a world deeply immersed in 3D frequencies and serpentine programming.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ This Is ItThose of you receiving a message like this today have your head above the clouds, your light connected with the Godheart, and your soul’s brilliant awareness and attunement attuned to the frequencies of the Unity Star and the frequencies of the Law of One. You are the remedy this world seeks. You are the soothing balm so many wish to feel, receive, and even sing into their lives every day. You are the antidote and healing light that this world deeply summons on a daily basis, yet few can actually see or sense in the density of their perceptions and slumbering. And yet you still shine!You cannot help but to shine! For that is what Light in its purest form does. It knows itself as the Miracle of God.It knows itself as the Miracle of Christ Light and Unity Star Light shining in form on planet Earth, humming along in grand attunement with the Risen Heart Light of the Great Mother, Mother Earth. This synergy is shining in you now and in this Celestial Season of Light.Religions often Divide, and yet Light Unites.Wherever you are in the world right now, your Activated Light, your Awakened Heart Knowings and Rememberings, and your Courageous Star-Seeded Soul Sight are appreciated more than you can ever know. For you are the One you have been waiting for. You are the Christed Light illuminating a world still bathed in Spells of Darkness. And it is well, with the Godheart, that you are breathing and knowing this with us today. Many are grateful for your service, your strength, and your fortitude. And we invite you to keep shining, just as you are, receiving fortifying light in every moment of every day, in your radiant and eternal Light Center and Heart Center within.

God’s Light is renewable. Divine Light is replenishing. Epic Light that comes from the Heart of Creation like this is ever present and ever abundant. So tap into this feeling and this frequency as often as you like or as often as you need to, to remain strong in the Shifts of the Ages well underway and we would also say well overway throughout your world at this time. Everything is being showered in God’s Majestic Light. Every parcel, particle, molecule, and atom are being bathed and infused with this truly Epic Light. Everyone is receiving exactly the dosing they need to stir from slumber and face and embrace a Brand New Day on your world, where the Godheart is at the Center of Creation Itself, and where the Godheart is at the Center of each and every life on your world.

Illusions lack depth and light. And the 3D Earth has been one grand illusion. As many of you know, without constant and continuous propaganda and conditioning, the biblical serpent and its multidimensional minions cannot keep up the facade of all that is fake, phony, and false appearing real. That is the struggle for the serpent now. The Copious Amounts of Living Light are melting away the mere veneer of fakery, fraud, and spell casting that have blanketed the Earth and its inhabitants for eons and eons of time. No deception, manipulation, or illusion can withstand the alchemical and exceptionally unique heat of the Living Light, when it is able to pour into a world such as this, at full blast and with full power. The Serpentine Ways are no match for the Brilliance of God. And that is becoming increasingly evident to you, and even to those who typically have not been able to see, when they were so thick with spiritual slumber and immersed in the spellcasting, with their inner light dimmed way down.

Truth is summoning to itself the Light and Truth that many cannot even see or detect within themselves. And yet, the Magnetism of Truth is undeniable. So strong is its power that it can extract Truth and Light from the darkest of vessels. For they are naked in its presence, and they disarmed in its Higher Dimensional Luminosity.

December 2023 Energy Update ~ This Is ItWhat this world is left experiencing when Light and Truth of this Magnitude increase in frequency, scope, and depth, is a bit of disorientation, confusion, frustration, unrest, stress, and overwhelm. It is literally like taking the blanket off someone who is sleeping in the middle of the night. They stir to a slightly different octave of consciousness, aware that the temperature has changed, their depth of rest and respirations has changed, and their level of arousal or alertness has changed.Still in a dark room, they know they are still resting.But they are aware that something has changed. They may reach for their blanket, but through divine alchemy in these times, the light has removed that blanket. And so they must choose to either return to sleep with less comfort and the soothing or perceived weight of the blanket to ground them in deeper sleep . . . or to get up and go in search of the blanket that they knew they fell asleep with and that “should be here somewhere.”  It is the searchers that God/Source/Creator is connecting with the most at this time. Those less comfortable will have to become alot less comfortable, before they engage the search. The Seeking.

For now, rest assured Star-Seeded Souls listening to a message like ours today, . . . that God/Source/Creator and the Living Eternal Light are re-seeding and re-setting this planet and all life here with the Purest Frequencies of Illuminating Light. And this is what your December 2023 is ushering in. Huge Infusions of Light.And we invite you to receive, receive, and receive them.

Just as Darkness and the experience of being “Un-Blanketed” can be disorienting to any soul, Huge Infusions of Light can also be disorienting or confusing. And you are beginning to see this unfold on your world as well. Less is adding up.More is appearing stranger and stranger, to the non-initiated soul. The 3D matrix’s crumbling and darker agendas are leaking. And the leaking will continue, in this time of the Great Floods of Truth, Light, and Planetary Restoration.

Your work and your service now is to Seek the Light.It is to Seek the Truth. You do not need to pursue the uncovering and dismantling of darkness for that is Source’s job.The Great Conductor. The Great Baker. The Great Revealer. The Great Unifier. And the Great Healer. You are here on the planet . . . awake or awakening . . . to The Power of This Immense Light. The Revelations of this Epic Time. And the Seeding of Divine Greatness and Glory in the Wake of the Greatest Revelations of All Time.

So this December 2023 and as you prepare to turn the corner into January 2024, know that everything the Light touches is resetting one and all in the Living Light Codes of The God Timeline. 2024 is a year of Building and Re-Building.2+0+2+4 is a double 4, or a 44, which indicates to the spiritual seeker this will be a huge year of New Building, New Innovation, New Creation, and New Revelations about Creation. 2+0+2+4 ultimately adds to 8, which is the number of Infinity and the number of Harmonious, God-Aligned Unity and Divine Grace. More crumbling will take place in December 2023 as well as in January 2024, to reveal the Golden Age of God’s Eternal Garden of Eden shining through any and all illusion. God’s Eternal Garden of Eden never left. It has been here the whole time. Perceptible only by those who have become seekers and ultimately knowers and embodiers of its Living Light.

Until now, that has seemed to be a mere few in the grand scheme of reincarnation cycles of countless souls doing the “do,” of 3D recycling. Yet with the Might and Divine Sight of God’s Overseeing Orchestrations, The Light is resetting and restoring all that is True, Holy, Godly, and Perfect in a Creation originally seeded in Divine Blueprinted Perfection.

Where God is falsely worshipped, the Light will restore Truth and Clear Soul Sight.

Where God has been mocked, The Light will restore Truth, Justice, and Complete Transparency.

Where God has been Usurped, in Money Systems, Governance Systems, Leadership Systems, and in any and all systems, The Light will restore Truth, Transparency, and Divine Leadership through Conscious and Committed Leaders that honor the Code of the Living Light’s Essence of Transparency. 

No stone will be left unturned. No soul will be left behind. 

The Light is leading the True Emancipation of Planet Earth, and returning all to the embodiment of the Living Light Codes and the awareness of True Creation and Christed Consciousness through this Earth Realm and the Entire Cosmos.

Shakings will continue to unfold. Quakings will continue to rumble as well.The Illusion is coming down.In every possible way. And like the story of the Golden Buddha, what originally seemed to be an unfortunate crumbling of a Sacred Symbology of Faith, Devotion to God, and the Preservation of Ancient Beliefs, Study, and Honoring God, reveals a much more magnificent timeless and eternal Golden Light that exists in everything and everyone in this world. Instead of trying to patch the Crumbling Buddha, what ends up happening is the Great Crumbling of the Illusion Buddha, the Veneered Buddha, to reveal the True Golden Buddha Within, that is the Glowing, Abundant, Healthy, Wealthy, Living, Loving, and Happy Buddha that has been there all this time.

Embrace the Awareness of the Gift of the Great Shakings and Crumblings in the illusions of your lives this December 2023 and in the New Year of 2024. That which crumbles is making room for the Light of God to shine in this realm again. That which once was, God’s Original Eden, is becoming itself in ever greater resplendent glory again.Get used to rumbles. Get used to crumbles. Make peace with quakes and shakes. And allow your Soul Vision, your 2020 clear soul sight that is emerging with ever greater expansiveness and ever greater precision, to see the vanquishing of Deception, Illusion, and Serpentine Games and Trickery and the ushering in of God’s Magnificent Light!

December 2023 Energy Update ~ This Is ItThe Brilliance of the Light this Holiday Season has never been so radiant. The Wisdom of God’s Eternal Grace has never been so palpable and present as it is this month and beyond. The Liberation and Emancipations unfolding have never been so powerful and so complete. And the Healing and Rising of this beautiful Earth’s Source Seeded Sentient Collective has never been so vibrant and strong, in any previous timeline on planet Earth.

This Is It! You are living in the Greatest of All Times. You are the Warriors and Conduits of the most Resplendent and Epic Light. You are the Seeders of God’s Greatest Dreams. And you are the Builders of All That Is Divine in 2024 and beyond. 

Embrace the Crumbling Buddha, during this Season of Hanukkah and Christmas Celebrations. Embrace the opportunities to see bigger, to heal deeper, to rise higher, and to dream broader, wider, and more joyously than ever before!

The Time of the Light’s Liberation is here. And you dear ones, are vessels of Epic and Enduring Light!

Sing the Light of the Unity Star in December 2023 in whatever ways you are called.

Celebrate the Light’s Return in all of God’s Mysterious Ways.

Allow yourself to not yet know what you do not yet know.

And embrace Divine Revelations even if they are not what you expected, or how you anticipated that they would come.

God is the Ultimate Baker. God is the Ultimate Conductor. Every piece of this Ascension Story is restoring and resetting Planetary and Personal Peace, Grace, and Light. Trust in the Light of God Within You to endure and burn bright, if darkness rears its underbelly, in God’s mysterious floods of Truth and Light.

Truth and Light sit at the right hand of God/Source/Creator.

Justice, Liberation, Harmony, and Balance sit at the left hand of God/Source/Creator.

Justice is being delivered back to this Earth planet.Peace and Liberation are too!

Breathe in the Light of Sweet Justice, Sweet Peace, Sweet Liberation, and Sweet Illumination this month, and throughout the first month in the new year, and trust that the Living Light that you eternally are is guiding, leading, and restoring your God Codes in all directions of time, for the BEST of this time, right here and now.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, December 16th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

One Response to “December 2023: This Is It! You Are Living In The Greatest of Times! You Are The Builders in 2024!

  • Renée
    6 months ago

    This message is powerful and full of the Truth of Light and Love. It grounded me even more and also sent me to the cosmos to sense the overall healing we’ve all been waiting for.
    Your description of how God’s Wisdom, Power and Light works to uncover the spells cast on us demonstrates that we are fully encompassed in the Light and we always were. It reminds how vast it all is and how we are Gods Love made manifest because we are God’s creation. . Wow!
    I love your term Inner Galactic Homeostasis. Fabulous. We are centering in our own foundation of Love and Light. I do trust the process and I thank you so much for your commitment to bring messages to us for nurturing, understanding and healing. What a treasures you give to us. An eternal thank you dear Marie.