February 2024 Update: Fraud Vitiates Everything ~ The Biblical Serpent Included, Time for Creation!

February 2024 Energy Update

Fraud Vitiates Everything: The Biblical Serpent Included

Time for Conscious Quantum Creators to Rise Up, Rebuild, & Create!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received February 5, 2024



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Sapphire Blue Arcturian Frequencies of Light and the Christ Light that lives inside each and every one of you. Energies of change, transformation, alchemization, transcendence, and emergence . . . to create the New Light in form on Planet Earth . . . are bathing all of you in the newest frequencies of the Ascension Process well underway on your world. These Light Codes are a living frequency that knows how to wrap up all of your old chapters in your previous lives in a 3D incarcerated world and theater project and activate simultaneously the calls to live in God’s True Creation in such a way that you embrace more of your Divine Gifts and express more of your Divine Gifts.Activation energies are strong right now, yes? Many of you are feeling this. Closure, Cleansing, and Clearing energies are strong right now too. All that you are Divinely Designed to be, breathe, and make manifest in your True Lives, your True Embodiments, and your Truest Expressions are being sent directly to you through the Godheart, the Great Central Suns’ Frequencies, and your Heart’s Resonance with these God Codes that you knew would come to find you and light you up precisely in these times. Like clockwork, only really more like, God’s Works. You are here to embody the Truth of the Light inside you that knows how to live beyond any constraints, contracts, complexities, and confusion that still linger from the 3D paradigm’s vibrational effects but that no longer hold any power over humanity or this world. Humanity now is in a State of Awakening from Vibrational Habits of Incarceration, but no real structures of incarceration, except the ones you impose upon yourselves. So who is ready to embrace their new lives? Their new freedom? Their True God Alignment, Sacred Union with Source, and Sacred Expression of the Light You Came To Bring Through All Time and into this Now? We hope many of you said a resounding yes. Because IT IS TIME!

February 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Fraud Vitiates EverythingSo let us take a Deep Conscious Breath In together, right here and right now, in this spectacular Now moment, allowing this Divine Breath to flow to all of the places inside you that still feel somewhat aligned with your old life, your former self or selves, your 3D identities, and your 3D struggles, triggers, and attachments to the old world. Allow this Prana flowing directly from the Heart of Source Energy Itself to loosen up the debris that still artificially wants you to believe that you somehow are that: small, struggling, constricted, seeing through myopic vision, perceiving through fence sitting tethers and attachments, bound by an old matrix of have-to’s, obligations, responsibilities, and density in some way. Let’s take another Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together for all of that, or any of that heaviness playing out in your conscious awareness right now, and see the Living Light in that breath flush all of those heavy energies and attachments up and out through a great big exhale of those distortions and constrictions, releasing them fully back to Source, where they are cleansed completely in All Directions of Time, for the True Restoration in Your Consciousness of the Allness of Time, as you reclaim the Christed Light of Source in You, and you release the Illusions of You that were never True In The First Place.

If this 3D world has been an experiment in Serpentine Theater and Theatrics, your True 5D Garden of Eden is God’s Ultimate Playground. Take another breath and feel that a moment more. You are transcending right here and now the Theaters of Illusions of this old and dematerializing 3D world, that only had life force in it because enough of you in the collective dream of a 3D earth were still believing in it.God’s Warriors, God’s Lightworkers, and God’s Sacred Star Seeds do not need to believe. They simply need to accept the Remembrance of Knowing What You Already Know. Timeless Truth. Sacred Truth.Eternal, Expansive, Cosmic, and Divine Truth. That’s it. That is the Gist of the Ascension. That is the Gift of these times in your lives. 

So let us acknowledge the old theater that still can draw or attract people’s undisciplined vibrational attention. Without Divine Discernment, the Awareness of Conscious Creation, and The Ability to Vibrationally Vet any energy parcels that find you throughout your daily experiences, people can fall prey to worrying about money, health, safety, security, love, joy, fulfillment, and connection. This leaves them more susceptible to empowering the Serpentine Dream of Separation and Chronic Division and Duality, instead of the Bells or Trumpets sounding and calling people to Divine Unity and Personal/Soulful Resurrection.Reincarnation through the Karmic Wheels of Time has been humanity’s experience for eons. And so too has the Debt Instruments of Enslavement that the Biblical Serpent has required as contract and condition to exist in this lower density realm. What many trapped souls on this planet do not yet know is that the Serpent Had No Authority to Bind Anyone to Any Contract. Does this language sound familiar? To something in your current 3D illusion of a reality?Who else has no authority, based on the fraudulent, unGod-like, corruption, and manipulation of perception, words, and media magic?

February 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Fraud Vitiates EverythingThere is a phrase some may know that comes from law books long forgotten, but still in existence. And we will essentially call these Foundations of Laws and Orders, God’s Laws and Orders. That phrase we are referring to is that Fraud Vitiates Everything. Fraud Vitiates Everything. Now what kind of person, or energy, or Divine Being would have that amount of Fore-sight, Source-Sight, and Truly Clear Soul Sight to see that many years and eons into the future to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that every lie, deception, illusion, corruption, and manipulation would be caught, cleansed, and cleared for all time? Based on One Core Vibrational and Foundational Premise that: Fraud Vitiates Everything. Taxation is one of the Grandest Fraudulent Thefts of All Mankind and Time. It is one of the Greatest Tools of Enslavement to ever exist on this planet, and also in the Universe. Let’s repeat what we are sharing today: Fraud Vitiates Everything. And let’s add to it that Fraud Vitiates Everything that is not True in the Eyes, Heart, Mind, and Soul of God. That means that a whole lot of Fraud is being cleared away on a Grand Scale. While many on the planet are entranced and entrenched in the 3D story of Fraud(s) Masquerading as Truth(s), God’s Warriors are clearing away the roots and foundational structures of any Serpentine Fraud to have ever existed. Ever.

Some worry about the fact that many ARE still asleep. Believing in their jail cells, their taxations, their toilings, and their troubles. Be-LIE-ving in their jail cells, their taxations, their toilings, and their troubles. That is an important distinction. And a critical vibrational distinction at that. What if we changed the word, BE-LIE-VING, which we can substitute BE-LIE-ING for, . . . to FAITH-ING. To KNOW-ING. To UNIFY-ING with Source in every breath. Could the lies people are attempting “to be” as BE-LIERS, could they exist? Or would they too turn to dust, to be alchemized by Source Creator and all Awakened Source Creators of the One True Creator, here now, on your world at this time? We Know, Feel, and Say to you today, that that is all that it would take. A World United in their Words (in other words SOUNDS) and in their 5D Light Code Embodiments would be invincibly unstoppable in the underworlds of serpents, which is what your 3D earth is.

Those awake and yet still worried . . . we ask you . . . will your worry wake a sleeping world?Still breathing in the spells of the lies they were conditioned to BE-LIE-VE?Worry is a 3D energy.Worry is a 3D entity that gains its form from the very vibrations of worry themselves.For worry is simply another vibrational version of fear.And fear and worry are on the lower end of the vibrational scales, preventing clean, clear, and glorious 5D living!

So we invite you to drop the worrying. Stop the be-lie-ving in the old 3D machinations and mind controlled media and manipulations. One less worrier and one less fearer creates one more thriving, vibrationally-rich Creator and one more embodier and conduit of Living Light Codes in every way. Which side of that Ascension Fence are you sitting on? God/Source/Creator doesn’t believe in fences either. God/Source/Creator is a Builder. And a Builder of Bridges, at that. So where can you convert Worry into Faith? Where can you alchemize Fear into Fortitude? Where can you access the Light Codes inside you that KNOW without a doubt the Truth of God’s Bridges, and the Illusion of the Serpent’s Fences? In what ways can you access the Living Light Codes inside you to activate your Inward Knowing of Truth still shining in the Illusions and illusions that wormed their way into Divine Truth?

You are the seeker summoned now to KNOW, LIVE, BREATHE, and BE the Life Force and Truth of God/Creator/Source. You are the soul summoned to live in alignment and harmony with God’s Laws. You are the soul summoned to Live the Light of your most Favorite Talents and Ways of Being, for that is when Source shines brightest in you. When you engage and embody this awareness on a daily basis, what lights you up? Light creates magnetism. Light supports magnetism. And Light rewards magnetism.

This is why Conscious Creation requires partnership with the Light!

February 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Fraud Vitiates EverythingAnyone can manifest (man-i-fest) from lower density. In the Underbelly of God’s True Creation, the 3D lower density world operates through energetic vacuums. If you feel or think something long enough, you will vacuum or hoover it in to your life experiences. While even that concept is lost in the lostness of many, many of you listening to our messages today can feel what vacuuming looks like. When in lower 3D density and living unconsciously in that density, remove one person that doesn’t honor and respect you in your life . . . and you will vacuum another person who doesn’t honor or respect you in your life. Experience a theft (of energetic or tangible property) in the lower 3D realm, without conscious spiritual and soulful inner work, you can likely see a repeating pattern of vacuuming in more losses, thefts, and drains on your resources and life force.

The 3D Paradigm and Matrix is not creative. It is parasitic at best, and it is oriented toward consumption, duplication, and extraction, which is a prime set up for the vacuuming veneer that looks like creation. But it is simply True Creation’s Underbelly, where the Void summons to itself through this energetic Vacuum of seeking to fill the void. What is the Void we are really all VOID OF in a Divine Creation turned upside down and captured in a Serpent’s Manipulation and Illusion? Union with Source.

So, what releases unconscious or default “vacuuming”? Union with Source.

What activates conscious and quantum creation? Union with Source.

What supports serpentine vacuuming and life force extraction from humanity and this 3D earth experience? Separation from Source.

What supports illusions playing out in 3D theaters in every aspect of life in a 3D experience? Separation from Source.

How do you witness the darkness and empower the Light in these times? You Breathe Union with Source!

How do you find neutrality within as you see more revelations exposed, and empower the Living Light with your True Creative Life Force at the Same Time?

You detach from the VOID, and release it through the Power of Divine Union and the Living Breath of Source.

Many are AVOIDING this awareness of VOID CONSCIOUSNESS, that is perhaps the single greatest factor in Humanity’s Fall From Grace in the first place, and the perpetuated cycle of 3D separation consciousness for millenia.

AVOIDING AWARENESS and EMBRACING SLUMBER is exactly how the Serpent has maintained its position in the Center of the Void all this time. Calling countless souls in humanity again and again to vacuum in their experiences, through the fears, traumas, struggles, and sufferings that the serpent reinforced again and again, through this mechanism of energetic extraction and distorted projections.

That is why we call the 3D Earth . . . One Massive Theater.

Perhaps as more people awaken to their slumber, and unify with Source through the Breath, and through their Heart Centers, the new arts that will emerge into your 5D life experiences may simply be called Truth. Or Light. And instead of saying to each other, hey, do you want to go watch a movie tonight? Or let’s go see a show at the theater tonight? You might find yourselves saying, let’s go to the Truth Center for Performing Arts tonight! Or you might say, let’s go experience God’s Light tonight!

This may occur so that new artistry and soulful expression will fill your world, and the old 3D manipulations and distortions through 3D theater and illusion will fall away. You will find your new words as you discard the old ones. You will create a new language that better fits the TRUTH of Divine Light, Divine Souls, and Divine Creation.

People will still love the ARTS. People will return to this Living Form of God Energy in physical form in great numbers. Yet it will be through the ART in the HE-ART that resonantly, magnetically, and abundantly creates. And it will no longer be through the acts and tricks of deception and illusion that call people together, to gather.

Everything is being elevated. Your words. Your creations. Your dreams.

Your dreams are real. Your heart’s greatest desires for the best and betterment of humanity and the earth are real. We invite the dreamers, the artists, and the conscious and quantum creators of this world to keep rising. To keep aligning with the joy of God’s True Creation. And we invite you to remain aware and prepared to witness the darkness, but to not give it a speck of your precious life force energy, as much as you can.

The more you practice neutrality in your heart space, the less it will serve as a vacuum of negativity for the 3D matrix, that was in fact a void and an illusion the whole time.

Be a conduit and creator of Light. And disengage from the calls to fund or fuel darkness with your energy.

True Masters of Unified Light With Source can weather any storms, without being harmed or consumed by their intensity or negative charges. You are each and all summoned to this Whole Soul Mastery, this True Mastery, in these times of epic Ascension triggers.

The Vacuum still exists, and will absorb those who have not yet remembered their Creative Essence.

The Divine Design, The True GOD Creation, exists and thrives as well, beyond the Voids of the 3D Matrix.

Why must every soul choose through free will to partner with Source? 

Because the 3D matrix is a machine that still has the power turned on, and can still vacuum your resonant, conditioned, fearful, and disempowered thoughts and feelings, and hoover you into the vacuum of the void of separation consciousness.

February 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Fraud Vitiates EverythingPartnering and Unifying in the Breath with Source is your first Preparation, first Protection, and first Cosmic Coordination in the Direction of the Great Return to God’s True Creation. The 5D+ Garden of Eden.

Unconscious thoughts and energy that you emit can leak you and lead you into the vacuum of the 3D crumbling void.

Conscious Creative Thoughts, Prosperous Thoughts, can lead you into Divine Bliss in God’s Heart and the Center of Divine Creation, just as seamlessly!

So choose life, dear ones. Choose union, dear ones. Choose your dreams at the highest frequencies you can muster, and give your creative breath and creative life force to what you are making with the God Spark inside you.

2024 will continue to show the contrast of 3D Extraction and Manipulation in the Void of Separation Consciousness, and the pain and struggle that that reveals.

It is also showing you the Gates and Pathways to return to God’s Epic Eden, through your Conscious Awareness, Sacred Breathing, Union with Source, and activation of your Light Codes, that are here, shining, thriving, and emerging to build, create, and emerge into form . . . the unique Light visions you uniquely have as a Builder IN God’s Epic Eden. You are all of that, right now.

So Breathe More Light and More Union with Source in February 2024. Breathe this True Light and True Union with Source as more crumblings unfold in the destruction of the Serpent’s Vacuums by Source Energy Itself.

Fraud Vitiates Everything. That is the True Law, The God Law, from beginningless time. And so it shall be. The Serpent is the oldest biblical character that created Fraud in the first place. And the Serpent thus will be the Ultimate Vitiation and Clearing in all directions of time, in very near time. The off planet energies that created the energies of the Biblical Serpent Frequency are being vitiated in the greater cosmos as well. As within, so without. What happens here on earth in this epic cosmic cleanup, is happening across the Universe as well.

All are being freed from the Incarceration of Lies, Lack, Fear, and Enslavement. Those who choose the Living Light to empower their dreams get a jump start and sometimes a quantum leap into the Truth and Joy of God’s Living Creation.

Allow more vitiations of biblical, Babylonian fraud, in every form and fashion, that the Serpent and other worldly cronies vacuumed into being.

What is crumbling with directives from God’s Original Laws . . . must crumble.

Create your way to breathe with Source and Create with Source, with God’s money, God’s vision, and God’s love showered over and through you in every miraculous way.

And join many multidimensional masters who live their best light and life force, even in In-Between Ascension Times or in Transition Times like these. Often, it is in the grist and grit OF Ascension Times that people find the will, the strength, and commitment to Unify with Source and the Living Light, no matter what. And that is the Spark of when True Unified Creation begins again. And that is the Spark of when the Great Return activates in that living soul once again.

We invite you to feel the vibrations in our messages today and to take them to heart, if they resonate for you. You are a Powerful Creator. Even reading these words and hearing these messages inspires and empowers you to amplify the energies of what you do dream and desire to emerge into form. And reading and hearing these words (these creations we are gifting to you through sound) can also empower and inspire you to practice ways to vibrationally become purely and wonderfully neutral, when you hear bad news or harsh disclosures, that those awakening will face for the first time.

You can be Neutral about the Darkness and the Void, while simultaneously being the most enthusiastic, divinely-lit expresser of your Greatest Light and Greatest Visions for your life, your loved ones, and this Great Earth in these times.

Rise and shine dear ones!

Extraordinary amounts of Living Light and Light Codes are showering all aspects of you every day now. Soak in the marrow of those refreshing activations, and infuse your quantum creationary essence to go forth and be who and what you most desire to experience, in ways that elevate the Whole Collective.

We see you.We know you. And we are here to support and empower you in all ways, so that you can know and empower your God Self in these times too!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, February 10th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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    Thank you Marie, this is by far the most profound information I have heard bless you for your dedication . Sincerely Patricia.