January 2022+ Energy Update: Re-Entering God’s Timeline ~ Today’s Adams & Eves Are Healing The Cycle of Separation Consciousness

January 2022 Energy Update

Re-Entering God’s Timeline:
Today’s Adams & Eves Are Healing
the Cycle of Separation Consciousness,
Activating The Great Awakening, &
Returning to the Light of Unity Consciousness

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.8.22



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, the Arcturian High Council, Mother/Father God, Yeshua, and the Liberating Light of The Living Light and the Unity Star that is here to shine on all sentient life and this whole earth planet in 2022 and beyond.  Let us take a moment and breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, allowing The Living Light of Creation’s Unity Star Essence and Presence to flow within you, cleaning, clearing, and raising up the vibrations in every living cell in your body temple and in every particle of energy in your energy fields.  The Song of the Central Suns is singing and ringing through this Living Light Frequency as well, adding to a Bigger Picture Illumination that is waking up the dormant aspects of you from their 3D cycle slumbering and inviting you to feel the blessings of The Great Awakening now in this breath and in this Conscious Union with the All That Is.  You are each and all an essential part of One Greater Whole, and your Conscious Breathing allows you to participate in the Oneness You Are, by lending your conscious awareness to the One Breath in sacred moments like these.  The more of you that tune in and breathe in this sacred way in these times the more the Luminous Light of The Living Light reaches into places that are more challenged to access these feelings, these frequencies, and these activations at this time.  There is a Christ Light and Christ Consciousness rising in each and all of you, because you have all entered into a God/Christed Timeline.  You have entered One Timeline.  One Great Portal of Now and Gnosis, that is a Whole-In-One Portal of Experience for all of you now.  Will there be turbulence along the way as more and more of your world gets up to speed with the True Quantum Nature of Life in a Conscious Creation with a Conscious Creator at the helm of that Creation?  Yes.  For you have lived for eons without this conscious awareness.  The turbulence unfolding without is a mirrored reflection of the turbulence within.  As more of you assimilate and integrate the Higher Levels and Deeper Codes of The Living Light within, the less turbulence there will be in the Greater Whole.  Those awake are integrating these Higher Light Codes as they pour in, as they unfold, and as they expand, and you are helping to pave the way for those living in the “unknowing” or those living in the spiritual astigmatism still, while so much life force awakens and expands the planetary experience of The Great Awakening.  These are extraordinary times.  These are epic times.  And you are the brave epic avatars, heroes, and soul travelers who chose to incarnate and be here at this time, to participate in the Real Time Activation of the Unity Star in Galactic Consciousness on an epic scale in your lifetime.  Let’s breathe one more Conscious Breath in right here and right now as a toast and an amen to that, knowing The Unity Star Raining, Reigning, and Rising again is here at last, and it is here for all eternity once more.  And so it is!

January 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.com ~ Re-Entering God's TimelineSo dear ones, you have arrived in January 2022, amidst some weather changes and a deepening sense of not knowing what is ahead but knowing you can’t turn back either.  Newness is forecasted for January 2022 and this whole year through and that forecast will not disappoint.  Newness also brings with it the awareness of endings and beginnings.  For new things, ideas, relationships, creations, etc. to emerge, old patterns, things, relationships, and creations must fall away.  Allowing this sense of impermanence and flow will be a great soul skill and ally in the times ahead.  In denser realities, it took so much longer to manifest things into your lives that you wanted to hold onto them for a lot longer.  In fact, you might call some of these things heirlooms, inheritances, artifacts, treasured objects, and material wealth or objects.  What you are learning and what you are getting better acquainted with in this shift of the ages is that Source provides everything that is needed.  This means that things can materialize and dematerialize at will in the higher realms.  Impermanence is a gift in the higher realms, and yet it is a fear in lower dimensional realities.  We would say, get used to impermanence.  A beloved teacher and author on your world, Wayne Dyer, spoke of the energy of “Nowhere” and “Now Here”.  Impermanence is a bit like that.  From out of nowhere, things materialize.  And then you find them Now Here.  Only to at some point, return to “nowhere” again.  Change is like that.  Some beliefs once held, will be released.  And new ones will replace them.  Patterns of behavior once engaged, are being released.  And new ones are replacing them.  There was a time where people did not wear masks everywhere they went.  And in more recent times, masks are part of the new adornment and costume for that window of time.  In very near time, masks will dematerialize again.  For they will no longer be needed.  Energies are speeding up.  Awakening is increasing.  Awareness is growing.  Old beliefs and sight are releasing.  And New Patterns and Ways of Being are rising to catch up with the New Consciousness that Source is ushering into your world and all of Creation at this time.  Permanence and Impermanence are doing a flow-full dance if you can open your eyes and heart vision to see them.  Seeming polarities . . . are working in tandem to create your New Now.  How does it feel?  How are you coping, engaging, and assimilating the changes finding you in your life?

While the literal landscape beneath your feet is changing, the heart center and your inner gnosis is growing.  Lion, Eagle, Bull, Boar, and your own Divine Human Soul Selves are converging and working together to assist the integration of these immense changes on your world and within your own inner worlds right now at this time.  Strength, stealth, courage, bold awareness and at times action steps, and clear soul sight are all a part of your journeys now to rise into Higher and Greater Freedom and Sovereignty than ever before known and seen on your world.  Even previous cycles of 5D consciousness on your world have not known the Joy of the Living Light’s Return quite like it is unfolding and emerging now . . . for they did not know the severity of the Serpent’s Shadow and Heavy Taxations and Man-ipulations quite like you do now.  There is a sense of engaging a lifetime review.  Only now it is the review of a whole world age and cycle.  What did I learn?  Who are the closest beings in my soul family that I have traveled through time with?  Where did I lose my soul sight and union with Source the quickest or the easiest?  How did I find my way back again to the Heart of God and the Heart of Source, again and again?  What is happening on your world is much much bigger than many of you can imagine or comprehend. And yet, the mind’s limitations and inability at times to grasp what is truly unfolding is a gift to the All-Knowing Eternal Heart.  For when the Ego has been pushed past its limits, it is far quicker to concede to the All-Knowing Heart and to release its allegiances to the Biblical Serpent’s Ways and all of its fears around that, because it knows when things are simply so much bigger than its abilities to control, tamp down, avoid, deny, and evade in one way or another.  

January 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.com ~ Re-Entering God's TimelineWe see the Ego, the Collective Ego, and many personal egos too, recognizing more and more that what is happening is much bigger, much grander, and much more epic and extraordinary than what the Ego is equipped for.  The longevity of struggle, lack, uncertainty, confusion, and fear has a way of stretching the Ego past its comfort zone, and into a place of willingness to cooperate with the Heart once more.  While to many of you, it might seem that your world is broken.  We would say . . . that actually . . . in all you have been journeying . . . your world is at its most ready point to make the Journey of the Great Return.  The Grand and Epic Stretching of the Past Couple of Years has created and manifested a Divine Resilience that many didn’t know that they had.  And in that Grand Stretching, the Ego’s Rigidity and Inflexibility and Control Efforts have been worn down, and thus its allegiance to the Serpent’s Games have eroded and released a great deal too.  

And now, as Yeshua and the Living Light flow in, a new and very different path is appearing before many of you.  This path does not offer linear data points, does it?  This path does not offer contracts and deals, this exchange for that exchange, this payment for that product and vise versa.  The All New Terrain is one of Energy Synergy, isn’t it?  There is a sense inside you that if you move here, you are in greater alignment . . . even though there is no literal map you are following at all now.  Is this resonating with you?

And so you have been required to move in new ways.  You have been asked to leave the old dynamics of drama, conflict, arguments, debates, and win-lose dynamics to something more neutral, balanced, aware, and engaged in the organic or natural flow of life and life force than ever before.  This shift is a huge change in your life and in your world, because more and more are finding that the discord is less about who is right and who is wrong, and more about learning to hear and understand one another and what each perspective has to share and has to say. Diversity in the conversations is returning, even if does not appear that way.  Do we detect a raised eyebrow?  Have you not seen this shift unfolding?  Take a moment.  Reflect on some of your interactions or what you have witnessed perhaps on your social media platforms.  Complete and Utter 3D Duality can not exist in Creation forever.  Because this level of Duality is out of step and out of sync with Creation and the Life Force Principles that live in the Laws of One.  Life is more about Flow, than Division and Debate.  Life is more about the Winds of Change and where Divine Weather leads humanity throughout vast cycles of time than it is about any one event in human or earth history.  You are being reminded of the Continuum of the Life Cycle, and the Creation Cycle, as you move out of Separation Consciousness and Zero Sum Games of the Serpent.  Life was always about cooperative collective evolvement, and not about polarizing one group, race, or ideology over another.  It is in the diversity of polarities and their complimentary nature that an entire planet thrives and finds its way back to the Source Life Force and Essence in all things again.   

The Biblical Serpent infiltrated this planet at a unique portal in history where lower dimensional consciousness could access the life force “behind the curtains” or “behind the veils” if you will, of incarnated higher dimensional human beings, and tempt them into discord, so that they could feel envious or covetous of what they feel or felt they lacked, and then were shamed for falling into those traps in the first place.  Shame has a way of creating creationary spiraling through time, and thus you have an entire world and paradigm led by an invisible enemy of God/Source/Creation itself, that each convert into the 3D serpent’s lair and illusion would have a hard time tracing and confronting . . . to reinstate themselves back into God’s Kingdom and Garden of Eden once more.   

And Now ~ Here you are.  From living in a state of nowhere in the serpent’s 3D matrix and separation fishbowl to being Now Here, in the Heart of God’s Sight and Light.  Where you are invited to see with broader vision that you were never trapped at all.  The Serpent and its minions just did a very good job of making you feel trapped in its world.  But you could always go Home, inside you.  That was and is the Truth.  And it is The Truth today. 

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz demonstrate this perfectly.  She felt trapped in the evil queen’s or evil witch’s world of flying monkeys and cynical plans of retribution.  But was Dorothy really ever trapped there at all?  No. But it was the soul growth in her journey in Oz that allowed her to access the knowing that she could return at any time she was ready, all along.  When she was ready, everything she needed was already within her.  And this is True for all of you.

Each of you is being summoned to take a good long look . . . at where do you participate in the serpent’s duality and polarity games?  Where do you act, live, believe, and behave in ways that serve the serpent’s antics and agendas, and hard lines in its propaganda and its divisive games?  How do you use your gifts to serve the serpent’s agendas?  How might the biblical serpent coerce you in the Trance and Spell it has placed on this planet . . . to believe in lack, limits, pain, suffering, fear, and judging and policing others to stay in the bounds of the serpent’s realm as well?  These are Big Questions. These are Tall Times.  

Each of you is being summoned to see where you are experiencing your own Adam and Eve Timeline.  Where have you been deceived?  Where have you been Dis-Eved, like Eve was first and foremost in the Bible?  Where have you been Dis-Adamed, like Adam was first and foremost Dis-Adamed in the Bible?  Where have you been cast out of the garden?  Where have you cast yourself out of God’s Garden?  And where have you cast other’s out of God’s Garden, as if it was your place to determine who should live there and who should not?    

What if you were all Adams and Eves, right here, right now, here now in your life experiences . . . to reset the clock and unwind this false cycle of time . . . in order to re-unify in Time back in the Heart of God Consciousness?  Back in the Heart of Unity Consciousness? Back in the Heart of Christ Consciousness and The Garden of Eden?  

How would you unwind serpent time in your life?  How would you reset your inner workings and your inner gears to align with the Timeline and Heart of Source in your life now today?

January 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.com ~ Re-Entering God's Timeline
Adam and Eve are here with you.  They walk among you.  They are you.  

Their tests are your tests.  Their experience of deception by the Biblical Serpent is your experience of deception by the Biblical Serpent.  Maybe that story deserves a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) look and deeper review.  It always seems like a simple biblical parable to relate a moral or a story with a particular lesson to children and to those seeking a more spiritual life.  But is it, merely a parable?  Or is it a map?  Is it a map that says very clearly on it, you are here with a big X on it, and here is your destination where you are meant to be in 5D.  X marks the spot, right?  And X’s are crossroads.  Are you living a 3D X or a 5D X?  What threshold or deep soul journey crossroads do you find yourself in right now?  Here now?  

Dear Ones, you are living Multidimensional Maps.  Minus the paper.  All coordinates live inside you.  The serpent bought you and sold you into its slavery system using paper contracts, mortgages, taxes, debt instruments, and more pushed by other minions it groomed and taught over many years and centuries to be its enforcers of its illusions and games.  But in God’s Kingdom, you don’t need those contracts.  God’s Laws are God’s Consciousness.  God’s Guidances and Guidelines are simple and easy to follow.  God values simplicity for maximum enjoyment of physical incarnation and spiritual evolvement.  The serpent loves complexity to hide its shadow and man-ipulations inside it.  

Adam and Eve are here with you.  They walk among you.  They are you.  

So we ask you to reflect this month, this quarter, this year . . . where have you been Dis-Eved (deceived) . . . and where have you been Dis-Adamed (or disarmed of God’s Armor) by the slithering Biblical Serpent with nefarious and evil intentions and forked tongue propaganda, polarity games, temptation, and manipulation?  Where do you make choices to align with the serpent’s games today?  And not God’s Timeline?  Where do you play into the manipulations and give energy to fuel the Serpent’s Matrix in your beliefs, behavior, avoidance, complicitness, and experiences and alignments with Separation?  And where can you be more AWARE in your life . . . to this trickery and these games . . . and find your way into simplicity?  Goodness?  Kindness?  Ease?  Karma-free living?  Health?  Wealth?  And positive creative expression and sovereignty?  

2022 Is Summoning You to BE YOU.  2022 is summoning you to turn to Unity.  Union with Source.  Union with your Brothers and Sisters in God’s Creation, who all were dis-eved and dis-adamed in their own journeys over centuries and centuries of time.  

The Great Wound is that of Separation Consciousness and Soul Remorse, at seeing the reflections of your own behaviors and beliefs that left God Consciousness and using your Gifts for God in these Higher Dimensional Ways.  

The Great Union?  The Great Return?  Is each and every soul and star being turning back to Source, with humility, and with grace, seeking the Heart of God with eyes and hearts wide open . . . seeing how we each strayed from The God Path, the Golden Path, the 5D Path, and into the Dark Forest if you will of the 3D Vines, Karmic Entanglements, and the Propaganda Game of Shame, Pain, Suffering, and Lack.  

God sees through Wholeness Vision.  God sees through Whole Soul Vision.  Source knows the temptation games of the serpent.  And Source knows the Timeline of the Great Return of many if not all of his Divine Daughters and Sons, ready for New Beginnings in the Garden of Eden, now in 2022 and beyond.  

The Harbingers are walking, flying and soaring with you.  We, the Arcturian Collective, are walking and rising with you.  The entire cosmos is supporting you and believing in you, and feeling gratitude FOR you.  

Will the world wobble as more step away from the Serpent’s Illusion and False Matrix and step into God’s Kingdom and Christ Consciousness once more?  Yes.  Will there be shocks and shakes in the Serpent’s Systems based on lies, manipulation, trickery, complex contracts and seedy paperwork and serpent infiltrated laws on “law” books, etc.?  Yes.  These shakes and quakes must shatter the serpent’s games and its followers.  

Those who know, Know The Ascension Is Upon Us.  Those who know, Know The Great Awakening Is Now Here.  Those who know understand the union of Great Polarity in these times, shaking the serpent to the core and weaving union in the world’s greatest divisions.  Those who know, Know That Unity Is Rising In The Deepest Discord and Polarity.  This is Clear Soul Sight at its finest.  This the Divine Human Soul Presence inside each of you stepping up for these Conscious Personal Experiences of the Great Awakening in these times.  

January 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequencywriter.com ~ Re-Entering God's Timeline2022 invites you to step up and be the Divine You, the Divine Human Soul Essence and Presence in form.  January invites you to see the unity in the shakings.  January 2022 invites you to see the faith in the fear.  January 2022 invites you to review your spiritual ancestry as a Divine Adam & Eve yourself.  And January 2022 invites you to connect with the Divine Noah, Moses, Christ, and other biblical and faith-filled beings that are instruments of God in their time to inspire your biblical timeline, that is Now.  

That Biblical Timeline is Here Now.  And it is Now Here.  

And you are the Adam and Eve resetting The Divine Garden to its original blueprint now in this timeline.  In your lifetime. 

Its no small task.  But have you prepared?  For this time?  

Yes.  For Lifetimes.

We are here walking with you, believing in you, loving you, and showing you in all of the gifts, resources, tools, and luminous light abundantly available . . . to affirm to you that you came for these times.  We are here to affirm that you have all that you need to transcend these times.  And we are here to affirm that you are the brave epic avatars here to End The Trance of these times.  

The serpent’s timeline is over.  Countless numbers of you are returning to the Godheart because of the intensity of these times, and the luminous light exposing the illusion of these times.  

We welcome you, each and all of you, to rise up, step up, speak up, and shine up now in 2022, to be Who You Are and to live the message and the gifts that was always yours to shine and to share, only those gifts are meant for 5D Living and God’s Garden Thriving.  

It’s time to starve the serpent’s matrix of our attention.  Of our gifts.  Of our life force.  And of our consent to its games.  

And its time to fully engage the life force of God/Source/Creator/ and Creation with the Highest Light of our Gifts, our Sacred Heart Centers, Our Words, our Faith, our Fortitude, and the highest vibrations we’ve got.  

The Ego is not prepared or equipped in any way to go the distance in this way.

Only The Heart Knows The Way.  

Let’s keep listening to the Heart.  For the Heart speaks Light Language.  And the Light is ready to lead the Heart in all of humanity and in all in the cosmos to a new radiant life and cycle of love and light that is The New Earth.  

Cheers to you dear ones, and Happy New Year!

We already love the You in 2022 that you are remembering yourselves to be!

It Is Time.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post this Saturday, January 15th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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