July 2021+: Tidal Waves of Epic Change ~ Its Time for Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed To Align Our Arks/Arcs

July 2021 & Beyond:
Tidal Waves of Epic Change
Its Time for Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed to Align Our
Arks/Arcs With Divine Source Won-ness & Oneness

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 7.10.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Divine Light Frequencies of Joy and Joy-filled Anticipation and Knowingness and bringing this Divine Energy of the Godheart to Your Heart today.  Let’s Breathe A Deep Divine Breath In Together, to fully experience and allow the Sacred Light of Creator Source in your Heart, in your Awareness, and in your Spirit as we flow in Higher Dimensional Frequencies together at this time.  For in the Breath, lives all good things from the Godheart.  And while many on your world have forgotten about the Joy, Ease, and Bliss of All Good Things that emanate from The One True Source, we are here to share with you the frequencies of being willing to receive the Abundance that is already yours.  God Is Abundance.  God Is Life.  And when you Breathe in this Living Life Force, God’s Life Force becomes your own again.  God’s Health and Well-Being becomes yours again.  And God’s Abundance of All Good Things Becomes Yours Again.

frequencywriter.com ~ July 2021 ~ Earth Shining Its Light

Now isn’t that a great way to start every day?  Breathing and Remembering God’s Greatness, Abundance, Well-Being, Life Force, and Prosperity of All Good Things IN YOU?  We think so.  And that is why we share this with you in each and every message, despite what appears to be on your world.  For that is also Divinely True and Correct.  Things can only appear to be lacking, limited, challenged, challenging, and more in realms living outside the Creator’s Perfect Divine Design.  And we are here always to remind you of the Innate Perfection that Lives in the Godheart and that also lives in You.

We channel this through dear ones on July 10th, 2021 on your world.  And this time that you are living in on your world in the month of July and throughout 2021 itself is an Epic Evolutionary Time and Time of Great and Quantum Ascension.  We know many of you are aware of anticipated changes in these times.  But some of you as of yet still don’t recognize that All Is Happening Now.  God’s Victory and the Road to God’s Victory are already One.  God Is Won-Ness and God Is Oneness, and therefore you are all already living in God’s Great Won-Ness and His Oneness.  Sometimes in the rapid acceleration of Quantum Ascension people can’t see things moving in such refined ways because the Quantum Realm is so rich, full, and filled with Frequencies of Light Speed that it is undetectable to 3D Vision.  And yet with Higher Soul Sighted Vision, with 2020 Clear Soul Sight as we have so often mentioned, you can detect more of the lightning speed of the Quantum Synaptic Connections.  You think a thought and before you know it there is a text message on your phone about that very same thing, isn’t there?  Or you think about someone you love or miss in Spirit or on the Earth plane in this moment and something connecting you with them unfolds as if by magic, doesn’t it?  And too often, people write these events and happenings off as “strange” or “weird” . . . but what if they are all part of the Divine Precision returning to your world in these times?  What if that was the Original Divine Blueprint and Template for Living in Physical Form as an Aspect of God?

And if everything is increasingly becoming much more Quantum, that means, So Too Are You.  Yes?  So as you experience this Great Quickening, we wish to draw your attention to the Tidal Waves of Change already lapping up on the Earth’s Shores.  For these Tidal Waves of Epic Change already have their Innate Quantum Momentum for these times.  The Waters are given and guided by God.  The Air you breathe is given and guided by God.  Everything you see if given and guided by God.  And yet a false operating system has usurped many of these divinely seeded and created energies for itself and its agendas.  And God is here to make things right.  God is here with you Now to reset those Divine Templates, Instructions, and Energies within every single thing on this planet to its Original Blueprint, plus a few upgrades.  And they will be joyful upgrades to experience in very near time.  But first, you must as a collective face these Tidal Waves of Change.  And it is the Noah Energy within you that is helping to guide you in these times, when your 3D navigational systems, gauges, and tools fail to function in the Increased God Codes and God Light Pouring In to get you up to speed to the True Living Life Force of Planet Earth.  

So your Mastery of the Seas will need some upgrades.  Quantum Upgrades as we are calling them today.  And those upgrades are happening as we speak.  In every aspect of your lives.  And they are arriving on your shores, those within and those externally.  And your job is to allow them.  To receive them.  To be them, even when it feels strange sometimes to be moving differently, seeing differently, loving differently, and accepting and allowing things in your life in ways that the 3D veils hindered, interfered with, and prevented in one way or another.  Allowing is your Natural State.  Receiving Is Who You Are.  Cooperating and Expressing Joy is your Divine Nature.  And therefore Co-Creating in Epic Ways is your nature as well.

Now . . . when a majority of you are sleeping, and while sleeping, they are ingesting all of the lower dimensional vibrations and visions of the 3D matrix . . . you have people not only living on autopilot by many conditioned default mechanisms . . . they even can behave a bit like zombies, yes?  That state of ingesting all of the frequencies of the 3D matrix unquestioningly, unceasingly, and un-filtering-ly creates this foggy lens of perception at best and even soul-less living at worst.  And yet we are here and continually reminding you that Joy Is Your Natural State.  Joy, Ease, Cooperation, Laughter, Well-Being, and Abundance are your Natural State.  So what is the Truth of God’s Divine Design?  A Zombie Apocalyptic World . . . or a True 5D and Higher Dimensional Garden of Eden and Bliss?

Well if the 3D matrix and serpent controlled media had their way in perpetuity . . . there would be no recovery from those false stories and implanted memories that simply aren’t True about Who You Really Are.  But remember . . . as mentioned before . . . God’s Won-ness and God’s Oneness . . . of which You Truly Are and From Which You Truly Came.  And God is Resetting and Restoring Nature’s Divine Blueprint.  God is Resetting Gaia’s Perfection and Purity in a Great and Epic Plan to Restore All Of God’s Children and All Life On Earth to its Original Resplendence.  Would it require Spiritual Eyes to see this on your world today?  Yes, of course.  Does it require a Deep Level of Faith and Fortitude at this Time on your world today to see this?  Yes, we believe so.  

frequencywriter.com ~ July 2021 ~ Tidal Waves of Change As the Tidal Waves of Change sweep through every aspect of your lives in the coming days and weeks, in increasingly self-evident ways, will storms within and without increase?  Yes, very likely, they will.  And yet, as Noah has shared in the past, what also can grow proportionately?  The Faith You Have Within.  Your Union With Source Within.  Your Soul Sight That You Have Within.  

Jesus said that you only need the Faith The Size of a Mustard Seed to move mountains and to do Great Works as an Instrument for Source.  Now is the Time in which all sentient life will need to look within for Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed and how it lives, breathes, exists, and can grow inside you right here and right now at this time.  And for those can’t find it, for those that feel you can’t even find one mustard seed of Faith Within, the very first step is becoming willing to take ONE DEEP CONSCIOUS DIVINE BREATH WITHIN and claim within yourself and your soul . . . that you are WILLING. When you breathe in this way, and state to yourself and to God and to this Amazing Living Universe that you are WILLING to breathe with God, you are taking a step of Faith.  You are Living an Act of the God Energy Within You and calling in your Ark in that Mustard Seed you just created through your Divine Willingness to Breathe and to Move and to Faith in this way.  

When Tidal Waves of Quantum Change are flooding your world, you will need this Breath.  You will need this Willingness to Find Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed inside you.  Without it, the Earth, these Events, and these Revelations will feel lifeless and utterly shocking to you.  To your 3D system.  To your 3D vision.  To your 3D conditionings.

The Serpent uses tricks to appear powerful.  For of course the Serpent uses illusions and black magic tricks to look life-force filled and all powerful.  For that Serpent is the ultimate Narcissist and through tricks and mirrors, that Serpent has deceived Adam and Eve and nearly of all their Descendants until now. 

No Serpent tricks and mirrors can hide from the Living Light now.  The Serpent’s True Life-Less-Ness is being revealed.  And the energy systems the Serpent usurped to build its kingdom and its plans for the future, are frail, hollow, empty, and life-force-less . . . just like its Serpent creator in this realm.  And it is that energy that will shine for all the world to see.  For some, this will be a Great Freedom and Liberation they have held vision of and for ~ for eons of time.  For others, it will be shocking.  And gut-wrenching to see real time revelations coming to life out of sacred texts and into real life experiences.

The Bible and these prophecies are not simply stories in pen and ink, shallow in their depth.  No.  The bible and this timeline is a living breathing energy that is highlighting a deep spiritual battle that has taken place over centuries and centuries of time.

God’s Organic and Omnipotent Life Force, Grace, and Wisdom will continue to rise and expand as it always has.  But the Serpent, who lives parasitically off of God’s Children, this Great Earth, and all of her Divinely Given Abundant Resources . . . will be shown for the Gnarly Snake Essence and Soul-Less Existence it is and has been, for a very long time.

frequencywriter.com ~ July 2021 ~ Faith The Size of a Mustard SeedWill Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed help you to Breathe Your Ark and Your Arc as the old illusion of energy, air, organizational structures, power, “health,” medicine, education, and money falls away?  It will.  

Will Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed help you to Breathe Your Ark and Your Arc through a form of Quantum CPR in these Ascensionary Times . . . when a great deal of, if not all, that you believed life to be is exposed as illusion?  Yes.  It will.

Will Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed help you to Align Your Breath with God’s Breath . . . and make room within YOU . . . to surrender your lower 3D will . . . in order to align in a True Clear Vibrational Way with God’s Divine Will for you and every living being on this planet?  Yes.  That Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed can do all this and more.

And Faith of this nature comes through Divine Willingness.  It breathes through Divine Surrender.  It empowers worlds to rise and be Who and What They Were Originally, Organically, and Divinely Designed TO BE.   

We cannot say this enough dear ones.  The Truth cannot be avoided.  The Power and Presence of God can no longer be denied on your world.  Quantum events are resetting everything on this world to the God Codes again.

Prepare for Rain is an understatement.

Prepare for Change is as well.

Preparing for God’s Reign of Light can only be achieved by letting go of what your 3D mind and sight think they already know from their years of studying and living life in a tiny little box in this 3D illusion and realm.  And by opening and allowing a Greater Might, a Greater Sight, a Greater Vision to flow through you as a Divine Vessel to God’s Living Life Force where Truth can Reign Again.  Where Light can Reign Again.  Where Joy can Reign again.  

Do you recall the energy through which we initially connected with you today?  It was the Energy of Joy.  For we live in that Frequency of Joy and Divine Possibility and Ever Expanding Source Light and Life Force and Creativity all the time.  And that is the energy we wish to seed in your consciousness that is not only possible, but it is all around you. If you will simply let go of your false vision, your conditioned mental habits and boxes for thinking and believing, and you open to God’s Way, Source’s Light, and the Grand Creator of All That Is’ Template for Living Heaven on Earth in your heart. 

That may seem to be a task too daunting than simply continuing to live in fear, limits, and lack.  Do some of you feel that way now?  That the energy to believe in this Joy-Filled and Faith-Filled Way is just way too hard to be and to do, given your life circumstances and the Serpent seeming to win much of the time?  Does Faith and Joy like this just require too much of you . . . for you to take these inner steps towards God and towards allowing God at this level?

If so, these floods will be a catalyst for learning . . . how easy the Breath is . . . compared to breathing in the shock of the revelations presently unfolding and flooding your world as we speak . . . and drowning out the illusion and clearing away its constructs and millenia’s long grip on the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

Breathing, Allowing, Uniting, Releasing, Cleansing, and Faithing as a way of being every day can be your Teacher.  The Alternative is the Floods being the teacher.  And Quantum Revelations being the teacher.  

The choice continues to be yours, dear ones.  Each and every one of you will be shown where and how you resist your Divine Breathing.  You will also be shown where and how you allow it.  You will be shown where you live in Union with Source Energy.  And where you live in Separation.  You will be shown where you have True Faith, and where you live in the illusory game of faith.  You will be shown where you have True Love and Compassion for Sentient Life and where you live the illusion with blinders on and with heavily armed projections, so you can avoid seeing your life and life in general in this way.

God Must Be Seen Now.  God Must Be Heard Now.  God Must Be Honored Now in your own Heart in this time.  It is a Time of the Great Return.  And that Great Return?  Requires Clarity of Vision, Purity of Heart, Strength of Faith, and a Willingness to Return to the Love that Unites All and that Lives Grander than any illusion ever formulated.

The Serpent only has power when people can’t see, hear, know, or connect with the Voice, Heart, Vision, and Consciousness of God.  

And so . . . God will be seen.  God will be revealed.  God will be unveiled.  

And the storms are symptoms of this great battle already underway in this Crescendo Timeline.  

Biblical Revelations Are Real, dear ones.

Dig deep within for Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed for the times you are living in require it.  

Dig deep in your heart center’s powers of Strength and Faith to be willing to see things as they are and not as they were sold and told to be.  

Dig deep and embrace the Gifts of Clear Soul Sight, even though the Initial Revelations themselves are painful to see, hear, and know.

All are having to allow a clarity about what happened in this great cycle of Separation Consciousness without God’s Energy in everyone’s heart, everyone’s breath, and everyone’s lives.  

God Is Moving to the Center Again.

God is Activating the Collective Heart Center.  And all will feel this.

All will see what has happened during the illusion of living without God At The Center.  Without God at the Helm.  Without God Living as Life Force in each and every one of you.

The Storms dear ones are here.  If you know this, you will resonate with this message deeply and know it within as True.  

If you do not know this, you will be shown what this Time of Revelations means.  And you will be summoned to align with the True of God and the Truth of the Living Light and all of its Grace, Light, Presence, Power, and Might in quantumly quickening ways.

Everyone has their Path of Re-Union.  Be compassionate towards yourself and others as all feel the Wind quantumly knocked out of this illusion.  And as all are summoned to breathe in the Oneness and the Won-Ness of the Higher Timeline and Consciousness now flooding your world.

frequencywriter.com ~ July 2021 ~ Divine Breath At SunsetYou will all need to BREATHE through the times at hand and the times ahead.

Your inner arks and arcs will help and guide you as your old 3D tools fail and falter and fall away.

Open to be shown new tools, new guidance, and new navigational systems that are aligned with the God Timeline, that are aligned with the Christ and Unity Consciousness, and that are aligned with living in a Peace-Filled, Harmonious, and Abundant New Earth.

Nothing that is fake, phony, false, illusory, and separation-spawned can remain.

Only the Truth will rise.  And anchor this new timeline for all the world, and all the universe, to see.

This is an Epic God Moment in Time and Space unfolding in your lives and on your world right now.

Open your Spiritual Eyes to see it.  Allow the cracks in the illusions past to allow the Quantum Light of New Life and New Life Force and New Light Source in.  

You are these brave epic heroes that came to receive God’s Grace, Love, and Liberation in these times.

Remember this.  And remember to Breathe Deep Divine Breaths in – in Union with Source Creator – when your faith falters.

God is here to Breathe You when you are overwhelmed and seeking strength and guidance.

It is simple skills, basic intuitive skills, that will set you free from the 3D matrix and its web and den of lies and trickery.  

And that all begins with . . . The Breath.  

Breath is Life.  Breath is Union.  Breath is Faith.  

That’s how the Light gets in.  That’s how God gets in.  And that’s how Peace gets in.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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