June 2018 Energy Update ~ Re-Set to the Light

June 2018 Energy Update
“Re-Set to the Light”

A Message from the Arcturian High Council and Mother Mary

via channel Marie Mohler
Received May 22, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary and the Arcturian High Council here.  We come to you today to share a Message of Hope, Light, and Higher Insight, to offer to you a Bird’s Eye View of the Earth’s Ascension and the Current State of the Frequency Shifts on your world.

soaring eagle at sunset image
As many of you are seeing, Earth is in a Time of Tremendous Transition and Change.  This has not been a “typical” Spring on your world.  Much is shifting.  Temperatures are recalibrating.  Emotions and timeless cycles of soul wounds are surfacing.  Corruption and concealments are being exposed at the Highest Levels.  And invitations to awaken are being extended to All Sentient Beings alive on the planet today.

There is a quality of volatility and ascension pressure that is undeniable,
even to the sleepiest among you. 

Everywhere ~ there are indications of immense and radical change. 

angel wings and light photoWe are here as Guardians and Guides to each and every one of you listening to and hearing our messages . . . to assist you in this Process of Ascension, Earth Ascension, Soulular Alchemy, Soulful Awakening, and New Earth Activation.

All in the Cosmos know that the Living Being known as Gaia, the Great Mother, the Essence of Mu, . . . that is the Soul and Consciousness that Embodies the Physical Planet Earth . . . , is rising out of the last world age and cycle of separation consciousness, Source estrangement, and duality consciousness.

Many on earth still vibrating in alignment with the old 3D earth are still asleep in the old codes of the old earth’s consciousness.  But this will not be the case much longer.

There is a Universal Clock of Divine Timing and Divine Perfect Order that will sound with precision a wake up call . . . to literally activate and call to action all sleeping souls still at this point slumbering in the old outdated frequencies now.  And they will startle and stumble awake, only with less time to get up to speed with the rate and pulse of Light Frequencies that have been flooding the Earth’s physical body and atmosphere for some time now.

We share this today ~ for some of you feel very much the volcanic and seismic contractions of the New Earth Birthing ~ exponentially now.

And wonder ~ how can so many still sleep? ~ with so much cosmic activity and energy unfolding on such a mass scale?

aqua blue compass and clock imageThe Answer ~ is Timing.

There is a Time for Every Season.  There is a Time for Every Seedling.  There is a Time for Every Awakening.

This Earth has been portrayed, projected, and prophesied, by some, to be in some ways random and unpredictable in its course, its evolution, and its plan.  Much like the stock markets.  Much like people’s physical health, or lack thereof.  And much like people’s good or bad fortune.

But this is only what has been taught dear ones.  Conditioned.  Encultured.  And Ingrained in the Human Psyche.

There is a Much Higher Truth and a Much Broader Organization and Perfection unfolding here, now today, and as it always has.

The 3D earth was no more an accident than the Stock Market Crash was in 1929.  These are not crashes or accidents at all.  These are precisely manifested events.  Some through human actions, beliefs, and energies.  And some through spiritual actions, beliefs, and energies. 

One of the Greatest Awakenings facing Humanity and All Life on Planet Earth in the Ongoing Ascension and Rebirth of the New Earth is the Rising Awareness that everything at some level of consciousness, be it seen or unseen, originated in a Greater Unified Holistic Divine Plan.  Even creations of darkness and density have had a perfect and precise place in their physical manifestations and outcomes experienced in daily life on planet earth throughout the past hundreds and thousands of years.

Everything has its Perfect Place in the Greater Divine Plan.

bird flying into sunrise photoHow does one see with this Aerial View Lens and Vision, and make Peace in their Hearts with the Darkness they see and the Light they desire or also see to simultaneously be?

They do so when Divine Right Timing aligns their Vision to see it.  Circumstances come into their experiences that require a New Lens.  An Expanded Heart.  A Deeper Understanding of the Purpose and Power of True Forgiveness.  A Greater Embracing of Cosmic Principles and a Releasing of Old Beliefs that no longer pulse a Resonance with where their life circumstances have landed them to be.

Life experiences have a way of being our greatest teachers, mentors, mirrors, awakeners, and activators ~ if we allow them to be

When we beat the drum of belief in “bad luck,” “misfortune,” “accidents happening,” or “corruption as just a way of life for some people and there’s nothing we can do to change it,” and we beat the drum of belief that “suffering” and “randomness” of violent acts are simply a part of our lives here on earth, we are beating the drum in resonance with the old 3d earth’s codes that, for a time, were there to have us play in a world of illusion that seemed random.  That seemed dark.  That seemed chaotic, unbalanced, and imbued with a great deal of challenge and suffering for most . . . and a great reward for a few.

The Truth is . . . the Souls who have inhabited this Earth over that last vast sequence and series of timelines . . . desired a collective experience for the purpose of experiencing a collective expansion when the illusion cycle’s time was up.

And the Earth, in physical and etheric form now, has received all Light Code Instructions and Frequency Aligned Activations to rise up and through the old frequencies and energies . . . that included deep victim and perpetrator frequencies of duality . . . and that created many, many scenarios of zero sum outcomes (where essentially for 1 to win, another must lose), and that created lifetimes and lifetimes of opportunities for karmic woundings, unbalanced power, greed, corruption, suffering, enslavement, entrapments, and divisions to occur.

The Earth Is Complete in that Journey.

And so too ~ are all of you.

And that means ~ All of You.

woman with veil at sunrise imageThose still operating under the old codes of 3d earth and the veil of illusion ~ are losing their cover of the veil.  Yes?

Ill behaviors, beliefs, deeds, deals, thoughts, feelings, and actions are revealing themselves in transparency after transparency in the Higher Light now. 

Some will activate in the New Light Codes simply via full exposure of the Light. 

Have compassion for that seering exposure.  These individuals were only doing what their sleeping, separation consciousness, and dense energy codes in the old 3d earth permitted and allowed them to do, to play out and to play in fully in the 3d sandbox of experience.

Now, more and more 5D “Lights” are turning on.  And there are fewer and fewer dark energy sandboxes to play in.  To manipulate.  To destroy.  And to manifest dark and dense energies through.

You see, the Light IS the Activational Cue. 

Some of you have seen it, even when no one else around you could see it.  For decades.  Or even lifetimes.

And yet, here we are now in the Time of the Great Light’s Restoration and Rebirth.

The Earth is not becoming something totally unknown and foreign to everyone.

The Earth is Re-Turning to her Organic True Divine Template of Higher-Frequencied Perfection in Perfect Timing, Perfect Order, and with Divine Precision.

Life experiences that create Consciousness, Awakenings, and Activations . . . allow us to see this. We experience Higher Vision through Experiences that Catalyze our Expansion of Vision to Trust and Know without a doubt ~ the Truth of this Authentic Divine Vision.  That no one or no thing has the power to usurp the Truth of our Soul Vision ~ once activated.  We’ve experienced it, and expanded to embrace it, To Know It. 

woman meditating at sunset photoSo, in these times of the Earth’s Ascension, and still a vast amount of chaotic noise and corrupt factions of groups attempting to grab the last vestiges of false power in order to laud that over others on the planet ensues at this time, we invite you to engage the Sacred Practices (for you) that take you inside . . . inside your Sacred Heart Centers . . . inside to where the New Light Codes are pulsing Higher Frequencied Portals of Calm, Strength, Peace, Soul Gifts, Insights, Inspiration, and Healing. 

The 3D earth and those still operating under its laws and veils . . . for a short time longer . . . will learn, grow, expose, and activate from the Divinely Ordered Precise and Perfectly Powerful 5D New Earth Light Codes

You are invited to tune into the 5D Frequencies and your 5D Operating Systems
of Higher Joy, Light, and Insight whenever you can.
This next month, June 2018, and into the foreseeable months ahead. 

The 3D Earth is wobbling.  Its vast imbalances can no longer hide.  The Dualities have run their course.  Lessons for maximum Soul Learning have been gleaned, extracted, and preserved. 

We can witness this.  Practice our methods for connecting with the Higher Light.  And do our part to rise up and ground the Higher 5D Frequencies while still witnessing 3D exposures, wobbles, and dematerializations.

All 3D codes and creations are leaving this planet. 

Some quietly. Some loudly.
But at the end of the day, regardless of volume and pitch, they ARE leaving.

They are inconsistent with the requirements for life in the New 5D Earth, the New Life Force, and the New Oxygen of the New Earth.

Breathe the New 5D Earth Oxygen, Light, Life Force, and Energies ~ consciously. 

Breathe them into your Conscious Awareness and into your daily life.

Simply witness with compassionate eyes and soul vision the old 3D structures exposing themselves one after another . . . and calling out their own release back to the heart of Source for alchemy, transmutation, transformation, and dematerialization. 

Witness the 3D codes in you asking to be set free, released to the Heart of Source now, so you can create new portals and consciousness within, for 5D and Higher Energies to grow new insights and blessings in your life and on this world. 

We, Mother Mary, and the Arcturian High Council, invite you to call on us . . . to strengthen your 5D Resolve and Activation, and your 5D and Higher Power and Purpose to benefit the Whole.

And we invite you to bring Higher Light and Assistance to the places inside you that have old 3D aspects, memories, and structures of pain and suffering from all of the separation experiences and dualities endured.

Call on us and your Special Council of Guides of Light now . . . to help you to consciously release all the old codes now that no longer serve your Highest Good and the Highest Good of the Earth.

If you are still listening to this message, and you are newly awakened, or feel you are on the cusp of awakening, and this all seems a bit too much or too loud or overwhelming at some level, first, we recommend you take a deep breath.  And then, take another one.  Allow the compassionate love of 5D and Higher Energy from all over the universe to fill your lungs, your body, and every cell inside you. 

You are here listening because your soul is cueing you to listen, and to say, it is time.  

“It is time for something better. It is time for something new.  Not just for me. 
But for all life on this planet.  The old ways are no longer working.  And I am being invited to the next level of soul growth and awakening.  What I need to witness or do may not always be easy.  But what I know deep inside is
so much more.

My Light Codes Know the Way.  I can look for and listen to where Light is showing
up in my life To Lead my Life.  And those I love. 

And I can learn how to discern and let go of the old patterns and codes
that no longer serve me.  I may have to go back to “school” inside myself
and learn some new skills or awaken some new awarenesses.

But I believe in the New Energies.  And the Truth that this Universe IS Perfect
and Precise.  And that makes ME Perfect and Precise.    

And I AM Awakening now in this moment Perfectly On Time.

And in Perfect Order.

And I have, or can find, or can manifest all that I need for
this journey into Higher Light.”

gentle hand releasing dove at sunset imageThis prayer and affirmation works for all newly awakened as well as the veterans of the awakening process. 

We ALL, in the Realm of Spirit, and in the Physical Realms wherever we are, have what we need, to be Who We Truly Are, no matter our circumstances, and no matter our experiences.      

We are Light.  And Light ALWAYS Knows how to Lead.
For it is Coded
To Lead.

We just entered a realm of denser consciousness to see what happens when the Light doesn’t lead.  Or doesn’t appear on the surface to lead.

The choice was made collectively a long time ago to let the Light Lead ~ by not appearing to lead and by not appearing to have any true power.

The Truth Is . . . it was Always Leading . . . it was Always Leading Us . . . and Our World . . . and it Always Will.

To the Light, we are Consciously Re-Turning.  Together.

To the Light, our Cells and Soul’s Codes are Re-Turning. 

For the Light that has always led us, is summoning our Activation. 

Our Re-Set to the Truth of Who We Really Are. 
And the Light we were Always Meant to Be. 

So . . . here it is . . .

The Invitation to shed the density and darkness now.  To do the work to choose to see and to grow and to seed the Light again.  Inside us.  Individually.  AND Together.

group of candles with collective candle light image

Light a candle.

Find a place of quiet stillness in your day.

And ask your Heart Center, am I ready to let the Light Lead?  My Life?  And the Rebirth of this Planet?

And if so, what is my next step to honor that in my heart?  In my beliefs?  In my actions?  And in my daily life and relationships?

What needs re-aligning to get up to speed with the Power and Presence of Light again?

What is a small step I can take to love myself again?  What is a small step I can take to love another living being in my world again?

How can I add my Light to the Collective Candle of the Earth, birthing herself once more in me and in all of us?

And then . . . feel appreciation.  For the Simple Grace of that Candle Flame’s Light.  For its Return.  For its Ongoing Activations.  For Your Rising to be Its Perfect Light and Wholeness again. 

You are loved dear ones.

You are deeply appreciated for all that you are.

You Are Light. 

You ARE Love.

All Our Love.    

4 red lit candles photo