March 2017 Update and Thrive Insights


March 2017 Energy Update

It has been a powerful two months since I last posted, for my family, for me personally, and I imagine for every sentient being on the planet at this time.

We are seeing the exposure and dismantling of many corrupt structures, corporations, people, governments, beliefs, and nefarious activities around the world. These corruptions at the deepest levels can be more frightening than many wish to admit.  And yet, they must be seen in order to be fully cleared and healed.  And so . . . more exposures will continue to come.

At an individual level, we are also witnessing – to some degree or another, our own personal corruptions.  Our own distorted thoughts and belief systems.  Our own misguided agendas and confusions.  These are rising to the surface as well.  So we can heal that which we have not been able, or ready, to see . . . until now.

The outer mirrors the inner, and vice versa.

Thus, on a global scale, and an individual one, we are tasked once more with witnessing frequency.  The frequency of a dying world age that was based on greed, separation, corruption, collusion, and division.  And the frequency REQUIREMENTS of a new world age, growing new roots . . . and beginning now to gain some traction, in order to seed a new age of goodness, wholeness, integration, awareness, and higher light.

We are the ones that will have to make these frequency adjustments within ourselves, to align with the frequencies now being required on the planet, to live and to thrive here on Mama Gaia, in the days, months, weeks, years, and centuries ahead.

Generations from now will look back on our courage and our ability to withstand gale force cosmic winds ushering in powerful change . . . and our ability to succeed and thrive in the higher cleansing energies they provided.

I have more to share in several posts to come.  But needless to say, my world has been experiencing the gale force winds of these required shifts as well.

I am re-posting here in my blog what I shared on facebook earlier today, when I was moved to express my deep gratitude for Foster Gamble and the members of the Thrive Movie and Thrive Movement Team, for their important work and for Foster Gamble’s most recent post that articulates his perspective on the world shifts and events right now.

These are powerful times.  And we are powerful beings.

Our Light, our awakened consciousness, and our conscious action and participation as we live life more on purpose now . . . than in any time in recent millenia . . . is required.

I hope this post may serve to inspire, educate, and enlighten you in some way today.

Blessings and Light.

Facebook Post on the Planetary Energies – March 2017

I have found it challenging at times in recent months to put into words the vast change and strength that is gaining traction, to illuminate, anchor, and manifest the initial seeds of the New Earth. Exposure of Corruption and the Greater Truth as well as Full Accountability for those who have turned away from the Light of Heart Consciousness are key now in humanity’s successful transitions through the required frequency shifts and upgrades.

Foster Gamble, of the Thrive Movement, does an extraordinary job in my view in articulating the Positive Energies in the massive shifts occurring, despite the unrest, divisions, resistances, and confusion we see in the world within and around us in these times.

The movie “Thrive” released several years ago now set the tone for me by languaging the darker agendas of a few, to usurp the sovereignty, creative life force, and higher light of many, in order to create perpetual enslavement of the masses and worse . . . as the protocol and globalist plan for daily life for the rest of us . . . in this new world age.

I’m grateful for Forest Gamble and his teams’ courage, their work, their insights, and their ability to so effectively language the distortions and mind control programs by those connected and operating in conjuction with and in service to the shadow governments and their nefarious efforts to create the New World Order.

This article by Foster Gamble once again draws on the same Light of Truth and the same Spirit of Positive Energy that the movie “Thrive” embodied and offered to the world.

It is worth the time to read this, if nothing else, to create a greater awareness of those working to set this planet and all sentient beings free from a much darker and insideous energy and agenda still hell bent on creating hell here on earth.

It is through our awakening and conscious action steps, individually and collectively, that these energies will cease to exist on the planet, and that we will begin to see the Light of who we truly are, and have always been, divinely meant to be.

Foster Gamble’s Thrive Movement March 2017 Blog Post

Click the link below to read Foster Gamble’s most recent “big picture” post at

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