November 2021+: Divine Resurrections, Quantum Awakenings, Endings, Beginnings, & Timeless Perfection

November 2021+  

Divine Resurrections, Quantum Awakenings, Endings & Beginnings,
Transcending the Games of the Lower Matrix, & Timeless Perfection

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.13.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Sacred Godbreath, the Pure Divine White Light of the Godheart, and the Golden Crystalline Diamond Heart Light of Mother Earth and Her Sacred Heart Center.  We are in the Lion and Eagle Frequencies dear ones of the October-November-December Trinity of Elevated Alchemical Frequencies supporting the Earth’s Great Awakening and Ascension Process.  And we invite you to join us in breathing a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In to support All Of Creation in the Highest Light, Highest Prana, and Highest Faith and Fortitude as you each and all are summoned in your own unique ways to join The Collective of Collectives in the Higher Dimensional Realms, and take your place as a Living Divine Light returning to Unity Consciousness once more. Conscious Breathing in this way leads you and guides you along your path of Quantum And Divine Ascension.  Without it, you might say, you would be out of the necessary fuel for the journey.  And this is indeed an Epic Journey into Quantum Frequencies, Quantum Awakening, and Quantum Sacred Union now.  So Breathe With Us this Sacred Divine Breath and this Great Galactic Union with the Heart of Divine Source Energy and with the Heart of the Great Mother, Mother Earth, as the World Spins Itself Back to Wholeness, Oneness, and Emancipation once more.  It Is Time.

November 2021 ~ Divine Resurrections ~ Divine Union ~ frequencywriter.comLet us first speak to these energies of Divine Union for a moment.  Because this is something that many are missing in their rising consciousness and the activation of these Divine Seeds in their Quantum Awareness now.  True Sacred Partnership is the Living Expression of Divine Union in Harmony, Balance, and Complimentary Opposites . . . breathing in a kind of Dichotomous Oneness and Wholeness . . . the likes of which has not been seen on your world for eons and eons of time.  But there was a time when the polarity within you fueled your Divine Oxygen, your Divine Creations, and your Divine Presence in this and all realms.  Adam and Eve knew this Living Prana and Grace in their time in the Garden of Eden, before its infiltration by the Biblical Serpent.  And you shall know it again.  True Sacred Partnership is a Divine and Sacred Union of All Aspects of Creation, physical and nonphysical, breathing as One with the Allness that exists in the Frequencies of the All That Is.  And the All That Is is the most expansive essence that your Greatest and Most Quantum Imagination and Energetic Conceptions can be of the Godheart, in your Heart-Mind’s Eye.  It is a Feeling Place.  It is a Living Breathing Source of Divine Sentience, and it is your Home Star Essence. It is the Life Force that powers all worlds.  And Divine Sacred Partnership and Union is each Divine Soul’s Union with the Knowing, Feeling, Sensing, and Transmitting of these Frequencies through all time and space, regardless of the vibrational circumstances one finds one’s self in in any given reality.  It is the True Eternal Divine Sacred Flame, that cannot be lost, hindered, blunted, muted, defiled, desecrated, or diminished in any way.  Its frequency is so high, so pure, so clear, and so clean, that no lesser frequencies can reach it.  And THAT IS BY DESIGN. The Wisdom of God/Source/Creator Knows No Bounds.  And this is something to remember as humanity and all sentient life continues to Ascend through Fires, Floods, Tests of Faith, and Summonings to Divine Fortitude.  Nothing can ever cease the Heartbeat and Life Force of Creation Itself.  It Is The Living Essence of Life Eternal, and it will always be Divinely Protected by The Highest Light and Living Vibrations of the Godheart, for all of Eternity.  

And this means that when you as a Living Soul and Divine Spark of the Godheart breathe in Harmony, Divine Union, and Divine Unison with the Godheart . . . you are touched, graced, and blessed by the Living Light’s Protection that travels through all time and space to those seeking its Protection, Empowerment, Fortitude, Faith, Abundance, and Awareness.  And in that Awareness, and in that Union of Divine Consciousness and Sacred Partnership with the All That Is, anything is possible.  Only goodness expands.  The Light Always Wins.  And darkness is always vanquished again and again and again.  

Now the Majestic Lion and Lion’s Gate Energies sent to you in August 2021, and in every August in your world, is one aspect of the Living Energy of God.  It is a Breath sent from The All That Is from the Godheart to your heart, if you can open and consciously accept it.  And allow it.  Lion thus is a Harbinger of Peace, Grace, Strength, and Ease.  Lion is a Harbinger and Divine Messenger of the Living Breath of Life and the Living Breath of Source Creator and Creation Itself.  Who better to send to this world than the Living Embodiment of the Kingly Christ Consciousness Frequencies that know how to Govern in any world:  Liberating the Godheart and the Christ Consciousness in all sentient life willing to receive? Who better to receive than your collective humanity now?  Adam and Eve’s children are ready to return to their Homeland.  To their Heartland.  And to the Stealth, Strength, Boldness, and Perfection of God’s Garden of Eden.  It Is Time.

Of course we also must seed in your Conscious Awareness the Stealth, Strength, Visual Acuity, and Talons for Truth that the Epic Divine Eagle carries for all of Humanity in this time.  The Eagle Harbinger Sent From Source and the Heart of Creation itself is messaging most strongly from the American Eagle Symbology and what it has meant to America and to this Earth Planet since its inception in the Freedom Loving and Freedom Fighting Frequencies of the United States of America, and in its risen Proclamations of Divine Freedom and Declarations of Independence . . . since the Age and Era of 1776 and all that that represents energetically on this planet.  With Eagle and Lion, the United States of America leads the charge of planetary liberation from a matrix long embroiled in lower density and dimensional frequencies that the Biblical Serpent seeded in human DNA and human Consciousness eons ago.  

Unfortunately for that Biblical Serpent, God sees all time, all space, all realms, and all manifestations through time.  And God/Source/Creator thus already had the remedy for this insatiable serpentine appetite long before the serpent ever knew it would have one throughout great stretches of time in the physical realms.  Never forget, or doubt, that God/Source/Creator sees all, knows all, and rebalances all when it is Divine Timing to do so.  With a Single Unified Breath of the Godheart with the All That Is, all bad things come to an end.  And all good and godly things come to a glorious new beginning.

November 2021 ~ The Time of God's Unified Breath ~ frequencywriter.comYou are in the Time of God’s Unified Breath ending the Biblical Serpent’s 3D reign and activating the 5D Eternal Light Codes and Divine Prana on planet earth once more.  Is it shake-y right now?  Yes.  It is quake-y right now?  Yes.  There are rumblings and crumblings of all things not founded and built through God’s Divine Light Codes and the Supreme Unity Consciousness that Lights the Path of Creation in all worlds.  There are also Flashes of Light and Quantum Creations emitting from the Godheart’s Union with the Heart of All That Is and breathing that deep Divine Union into the Heart of Gaia, as we speak.  Gaia has been receiving these upgrades for some time.  But the Energetics of their Divine Expressions are reaching the surface of humanity’s awareness and the systems and structures of your world now too.  

So expect Great Crumblings and Topplings of ALL False Idols.  And make none of them left after God’s Great Works have breathed their Life Force and Union into this world once more.  That means a whole lot of people, companies, governments, systems, laws, and webbed grids of corruption will be eliminated in these times, and are still being eliminated or converted through higher level alchemy into Divine Foundations and Templates of God’s Original Divine Creation.  

God/Source/The Living Universe/Creation’s Original Creation Was Perfect.  And it is Timelessly Perfect even today.  Nothing that the slippery serpent coerced and manipulated (man-ipulated) into form could corrupt and corrode what is Timelessly Perfect.  God/Source/Creator Is Timelessly Perfect.  And therefore all of God/Source/Creator’s Creations are Timelessly Perfect.  That means that YOU are Divinely and Timelessly Perfect.  And therefore, expect that Divine Perfection and Timeless Perfection will reset all things . . . when all of this biblical battle and multidimensional dust has settled. 

Now it may not look perfect while you go through the Great Toppling, Unmasking, Revealing, and Planetary Ascension and Rising.  Resetting and re-aligning this planet . . . while there is still a tremendous amount of life force and life living upon the Bosom of Mother Earth . . . is a Gargantuan and Mammoth Task.  This is why these are Biblical Times.  These are Biblical Seasons.  And they will continue to play out and play on for some time in your lifetime.  Because it is an Epic Reset and it is an Epic Rising.  

Yet Faith and Fortitude walk and fly with you . . . with the escorts of Lion and Eagle as Harbingers sent by Source . . . to Breathe You . . . and to Breathe With You . . . The Living Light and Prana of the All That Is . . . especially when you forget how to breathe in this manner.  Call in Lion and call in Eagle, as God’s Harbingers of Faith, Fortitude, Courage, and Higher Consciousness, when you feel the wind is knocked out of your gut, your heart, your sight, and your soul vision.  God is right there with you in their frequencies for they are sent straight from the Godheart in the first place.  They are Divine Re-Minders and Divine Re-Hearters of this Living Prana that Lives In You.  So if the wind knocks you down, or if the oxygen seems to leave your world for a time, as more revelations strike the surface of your consciousness, and the human collective consciousness as well, . . . KNOW TO GO WITHIN . . . and call out . . . That God Is Your Source . . . and that you can Breathe WITH Source . . . even when it seems there is no oxygen this world can spare.  You can summon God’s Grace from the inside out, and Grace Will Breathe you through your times of challenge, shock, hardship, and suffering.

God has always been here to breathe with you.  God has always been here to unite in the Living Breath with you.  God knows that Divine Breath cannot be taken from you.  Even if it can appear so for a time.  Christ died on the cross through a 3D crucifixion process, and it appeared that breath left him.  For A Time.  And yet, what did God show in Jesus’s example?  In his resurrection?  That the Biblical Serpent can do whatever it wants to, but it can not stop God’s Living Life Force.  Not for long.  And not without God’s Permission.  Do you recall the story of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe?  Where the great Christ-Consciousness-Filled Aslan, the Great Lion and Majestic Leader and Governor of Narnia, allowed his own Sacrifice ~ his own Crucifixion, to transmute the sins ~ or lower consciousness transgressions ~  of the Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve . . . against the wicked Evil Queen who actually tempted Edward (a son of Adam and Eve) in order to purposefully ensnare him in her Serpentine Lair and to twist the Rules of Governance in that realm to her advantage?  Do you remember this story?  And do you remember what unfolds after Aslan’s “death?”  He rises again.  He breathes again.  He transcends again the games of the lower matrix.  And he leads the Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve in many adventures afterwards.  And illustrates that Life Is Eternal, that your Divinity is your Immortality and Eternal Nature, and that you are encoded with the ability to transcend worlds and transcend lower dimensional beasts, biblical serpents, temptations, corruptions, sufferings, and atrocities, no matter what.  

God/Source/Creator teaches this again and again in the mythologies and heroic journeys of many characters, biblical and otherwise, throughout time and thus throughout the ages.  So no matter how things appear . . . no matter if it looks like Pontius Pilot and Caesar call for the Crucifixion of Jesus, no matter if it looks like the White Witch (who wasn’t so white and pure after all) decrees the Crucifixion of Aslan, no matter if the biblical serpent empowers Goliath with dark occult frequencies of Gargantuan Strength, or if Voltemort appears to have the advantage of physical and nonphysical dark occult forms in the story Harry Potter, death is never over.  Not really.  Not on God’s Watch.  Not in God’s Kingdom.  Not in Realms of Divine Creation where Unity Consciousness and Christ Consciousness manifest all life and light in all creations.  You see time and time again . . . this energy and this story line modeled for you, where the darkness appears to rise, gain power, be undefeatable, and kill/slay/crucify the main character or main characters, or gain a pivotal edge to win the war.  And yet, if you look closer, time and time again, God always wins.  Always.  Look deeper.  Look closer.  Look clearer.  Jesus rises from the dead and gives messages to his disciples and his people. Harry Potter rises from the dead and stands to take down Voltemort and eliminate him from any and all realms in an epic wizard duel.  Aslan rises from the dead and surprises Lucy and Susan, and expands and strengthens to lead many, many great adventures in the Land of Narnia.  And David triumphs over the Ego-Maniacal Giant Goliath.  David however does not die, but puts his full faith in the Armor of God.  And the Armor of God acts in Accordance with Divine Will.  And thus transcends battles by transcending the need for death in the characters and those who choose God’s Armor in their path, in their biblical timelines, and in their journeys.

We are here to empower each and all of you to Trust The Breath as your First Nature, First Shield, and First Armor in these epic times.  Partnering with the Breath activates Union with the Inner Breath, and that Inner Breath Is The Life Force of God In You transmuting any lower dimensional frequencies.  Does it help to have already cultivated a connection with God/Source/Creator for when this Life Force Giving Breath is needed?  Yes.  It sure does.  But even in a life or death moment, even in a challenge of a lifetime, can a soul, a sentient being, a child of the divine call for the Breath of Life when Life Is Threatened and Breath May Be So Challenged it just might cease?  Can you call out for help in your 99th hour?  Your deepest fear?  Your weakest moment?  YES.  And God will meet you there.  Source will meet you there.  Spirit and the Living Light of 1000 Suns will meet you there. 

November 2021 ~ God Breath ~ Divine Life Force ~ frequencywriter.comSometimes ~ do some of these characters appear to perish or pass away first?  Yes.  They do.  But does God breathe Divine Life Force in them in Perfect Divine Timing?  Yes.  And do they come back to life?  In these Divine Resurrections?  Yes.  

So can we say that God/Source/Creator IS KNOWN for Divine Resurrections?  Yes.  Then what makes humanity doubt God/Source/Creator now in these times, in your biblical time, in regards to His Power to Wield Divine Resurrections today?  Oh ye of little faith, we believe the expression might be.  Right?  And yet . . . what have we shared about Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed that you have heard so much about?  God will meet you there.  In Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, red seas part.  In Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, great arks are built to transcend and transmute great floods.  In Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, Jesus, Aslan, Harry Potter, David, and others transmuted certain death.  And in Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, so too will humanity transmute this great darkness on your world accelerating, surfacing, and rising to the ears, eyes, and hearts of those who are still deeply sleeping.  In Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, Source will transmute the fears of death and destruction permeating nearly all of humanity at this time, regardless of what side of the duality game one finds themself on.  

Will this be shown and done in God’s Ways?  Yes.  Will this be executed and implemented in God’s Season and God’s Perfect Timing?  Yes.  Remember God/Source/Creator/The All That Is’ Perfection.  Timeless Perfection.  Eternal Perfection.  Remember it with us today.  Remember it with us tomorrow.  And remember it with us when your deepest fears rise inside you, and invite you to into the experience of shallow breathing. Or the feeling that you can’t breathe through the revelations or the unfoldments.  

Practicing Divine Breathing before you truly need it can help it to be more of an ally and comfort than a stress-filled weakness, in your Time and Hour of Greatest Need.  Any practice of this great Soul Skill can fortify your inner Light Structures and your Inner Light Codes, in other-dimensional and divine ways. 

Unpracticed Divine Breathers can call upon these soul skills as well.  It will simply feel more foreign and fake at first, than a True Ally and a Sacred Life Force.  But it can be done.  

Those who give up on the Life Breath as being anything significant are missing the First Gift of God given to Humanity when Humanity was Created.  What do you do when you first arrive here in this world at birth?  BREATHE.  What do you do when you leave this world upon your death, BREATHE.  God Breathes You In and God Breathes You Out.  It is done and created TOGETHER.  You see?  You are never, ever alone.  But the Serpent’s Ways and the Serpent’s Man-ipulations have made you feel this to be so.

So no matter what challenges are in your present life experiences, no matter what stresses or triggers, The Living Breath can Breathe You UP and OUT of them and into God’s Kingdom again.  There are many ways that this is languaged through time on your world.  Religions have spotlighted The Way to Eternal Life.  Stories and Sacred Texts have shared this too.  Whatever your language is dear ones, know that the common core elements to transcending any lower dimensional experiences, including death and mortality fears, involves the LIVING BREATH.  THE LIVING LIFE FORCE.  THE LIVING PRANA.  THE LIVING UNION WITH THE GODHEART.  THE LIVING UNION WITH ALL THAT IS.  That’s where your eternal nature comes from.  That’s where your eternal essence already eternally is.  You simply summon it into your very being through the Act and Art of Conscious Faith through Conscious Breathing.  That is Sacred Union.  And the more you practice, the better you get.  The more you practice, the more you KNOW your eternal nature.  That Breathes Beyond This World and into Other Worlds.  

Lion, Eagle, God, Source, Christ, Spirit Guides of Higher Dimensional Unity Consciousness Frequencies of Light, Mother Earth, Star Races Embodying Divine Breath and Unity/Christ Consciousness . . . are all here to empower you, re-mind you, re-heart you, and re-center you in your Divine, Sacred, and Timeless Truth.  You are Master Beings.  You are Sacred Souls and Children of the Divine.  

See the mirrors of the events unfolding in your world right now as revelatory reflectors now of where you know your eternal divine nature and where you still need strengthening in that area.  Turn to your Conscious Breathing and Know that God/Source/Creator/And Creation are with you in that Great Re-Turn and Soul Inquiry to KNOW Your Light and Life Force again.

The fear around the issue of a global pandemic is designed to fill up the air waves of your media structures to then fill the air waves of those willing to receive such fear, and constrict the breathing in fear.  The Biblical Serpent is using every tool and resource it has left to Air Wave Fear into those in Humanity Willing to Breathe Its False Narratives of Deadly Fear.  Or Illness and Fear.  Or the myriads of ways the sky could fall on all of humanity at any time.  Fear is a powerful weapon.  And it’s one of the Serpent’s Favorites.  For it is far reaching in lower dimensional realms of sentient consciousness.

Faith is the antidote dear ones.  Faith Is God’s Armor.  Faith Is Freedom.  Faith Is Transcendence.  And Faith Is Ascension.  God doesn’t breathe Fear.  God Breathes Truth.  God Breathes Light.  God Breathes Life.  God Breathes All That Is Frequencies from the Godheart all the time.

What do you fill your air waves with?  What energies fill your devices? Your 3D tools of awareness?  For those are the air waves filling you right now.

What energies come directly from this Source Energy?  From The Godheart?  From The All That Is?  Those energies ARE you and can fill you from the inside out and the outside in, any time you open to RECEIVE them.  

You are an Infinite, Immortal, Eternal Being.  Christ Consciousness, Sovereignty, Freedom, Empowerment, Grace, Love, and Eternal Light live in you.  

Lion and Eagle are right here to walk and fly with you.  To see the games of the serpent, and tear out the poison of the illusion that once ensnared, enslaved, and en-serpented you.  They Know.  They Know the mind control and games of the matrix.  And these harbingers, along with Source, along with Gaia, and along with your 5D+ Guides holding your Highest Good in their Hearts and Knowings, are here to empower you to make the choices and take the action steps . . . that engage Faith, God’s Armor, God’s Perfection, and God’s Life Force in your life right now. ~ October November Energy Update 2021 ~ Eagle RisingSo fly with Eagle.  See Eagle’s Bird’s Eye View.  Run free, stealth, and strong with Lion.  Feel their bold vision.  Feel their pure hearts.  They are God’s Vision and God’s Heart in you.

Embody the strength and faith of Noah, Moses, David, Jesus Christ, Aslan, Harry Potter, Horton, the child with clear soul sight in the Emperor’s New Clothes, and more.  You have everything you need inside you to rise up and through these crazy times on planet earth.  God made it so.  Source gave you Living Light Codes and Divine Breath to make it so.

You are not alone.  All of your Divine Ancestry of Living, Integrated, Unified Light is walking and journeying this with you.

Breathe the Breath of that Divine and Sacred Oneness.

See beyond the traps of 3D fear and Rise and Soar in Multidimensional Faith.

God’s Timeless Perfection Lives In You.

Source’s Timeless Perfection IS You.  

Breathe the Heart of Source, the Heart of Creation, and the Heart of the All That Is in you as November continues to release deep revelations and as November and December continue to reveal God’s Ultimate Truth, Victory, Presence, and Power.  God’s Grace is eternal.  Through the rubble and fear of these times, a New Earth of Light, Joy, Harmony, Wellness, Abundance, and Well-Being is birthing and emerging stronger than ever before.  

When in doubt, fall into embracing FAITH.

When in fear, fall into embracing FAITH.  

When overwhelmed, fall into embracing God’s Proven Ability to Resurrect and Breathe New Life in that which was thought to have been taken or crucified.

Transcend fears of Death and Destruction in this life.  You can do this now.  

For In God’s Creation, there is ONLY Eternal Life.  

You are living at this time to embody this Knowing again.

Faith is your Bridge to this Level of Knowing and this Level of Union with God’s Grace, Perfection, and Eternal Nature.

God’s Nature Is Your Divine Nature.

They are One. 

Remember this and breathe this so.

It IS Time.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post this Saturday on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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    Thank you Marie, this is modern day prophesy.