October 2023 Update: God/Source Shines In You ~ You Are The Greatest Frequency & Story Ever Told!

October 2023 Energy Update

God Shines In You
You Are The Greatest Frequency & Greatest Story Ever Told

2023, 2024, & 2025:
Great Spiritual Battles & Epic Ascensions Are Unfolding Simultaneously

Remember The Light Is Always Victorious 

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.14.2023


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Precious Light of Your Christed Heart Centers and Unity Consciousness.  Feel the Winds of Change blowing through your daily experiences.  Feel the Winds of Light flowing through the Light of your Heart’s Consciousness.  Sense the Callings and the Summonings from Deep Within Your Soul Light and Divine Essence . . . inviting you to Remember Who You Are and Why You Came.  These are the Times You Are Living In Right Now.  Your Greatest Wealth isn’t your tangible assets, your homes, your bank account balances, etc.  Your Greatest Wealth Is . . . Knowing, Living, and Expressing Your Light.  Truly.  This is the Essence of Who You Are.  It is Who and How You Arrive into each Lifetime and it is Who and How You Are When You Transition Back into Spirit at the end of your physical journeys here on this plane.  Your Light Is Your Wealth.  And your ability to Know, Feel, Sense, and Express Your Light is an exponential wealth that is known throughout the universe as the Greatest Wealth of All.

Why do you think this planet has trafficked everything under the sun?  Because other forces, other darker energies, that often come from other worlds and off planet consciousnesses long ago either destroyed, abused, or somehow lost their access to their own Light.  This means they lost access to Who They Are as well.  And rather than doing the required soul work even then, they went on many cosmic missions to recover the most precious light and life force under the sun, meaning in the Whole of Creation, by stealing it and taking it and siphoning it off those who still are that Living Light, even when the victims of such robbery and such multidimensional theft do not even know this.  The biblical serpent represents this mysterious deceiver.  He is in your stories for a reason.  He seduces and tempts sometimes overtly, but most often, it is all done covertly.  At the level of the subconsciousness.  At the level that your conscious minds and awareness cannot even detect.  That biblical serpent is a force in lower dimensional realms that can steal, plunder, rape, and murder without most even knowing who or what the True source of this dark energy is.  And without most even knowing that there IS a source of evil in this world.

October 2023 Energy Update frequencywriter.comWhat is critical for humanity and all sentient kind now . . . is to awaken to the Gifts of your Sentience.  It is to awaken to the Gifts and the Riches of Your Light!  Your Light is a Spark of Creation that creates and manifests other Sparks of Creation.  That Light is for You, dear ones.  And that Light is now being returned to you by Source Creator Itself.  Now in 2023, and in 2024, and in 2025 and throughout this Epic Multidimensional Decade of Experiences . . . you will experience the Light’s Return on a Grand Scale to this planet.  As this Level of Luminous Light returns to your world, and to your conscious awareness, a Level of Clarity in the form of Clear Soul Sight and Clear Sentient Sight will return to you as well.  Aiding you in seeing with crystal clarity the darkness and the dark forces that have been energy snatchers and some of the worst villains imaginable.  They will become more and more and more transparent to all sentient life on planet earth.

And this is why we invite you to witness the darkness and EMPOWER THE LIGHT.  This is why we invite you to witness and observe the darkness and EMBRACE YOUR INNER LIGHT.  And this is why we invite you to witness the darkness rising to the surface of human and sentient consciousness with as much sacred neutrality as you can muster, while you EMBODY and EXPRESS YOUR TRUE CHRISTED LIGHT.  These are Soul Skills dear ones.  These are the Tools of Ascended Masters.  And all human beings that came from God’s Creationary Seeds in the Original Garden of Eden have the ability to stand up, rise up, strengthen up, and fortify your Soul Sight and Sentient Sight to See This Clearly.  And to vibrationally inhabit your original Christ-Lit Sacred Temples, Living Light Codes, and Glorious Multidimensional Merkabas once again.

These are the times that try men’s and women’s souls. These are the times where Epic Tests of Faith and Fortitude sweep the planet.  And require all life to inwardly review what they know in their HEARTS to be True and Divine, beyond all of the false idols and all of the false idol worshipping that often becomes a way of life in a lower dimensional matrix.  Change is swift.  Change is transformative.  And change on this level is planetary shifting.  When Tests of Faith of this magnitude rise into the consciousnesses of entire collectives, Source/Creator has the attention of All Beings Within Creation.  And in this time of the Surfacings of A Grand Spiritual Battle in this realm, All Will Be Called To Attention, Awakeness, and Alertness, because this level of Soul Tests and these levels of Required Attunement to HOW Each of You Expresses, Inhabits, and Utilizes Your Light requires Conscious Review.  It requires Conscious Choosing.  It requires Soul Stamina to look into and then beyond the Storms and the Illusions in order to Choose the God Timeline.  In Order to Choose the Serenity and Grace of the Original Garden of Eden Again.

Humanity and all life here on Earth is on that precipice.  An updated and upgraded Garden of Eden Timeline, that has evolved in other dimensional ways and in other dimensional depths in other dimensional timelines, now must merge with, raise, alchemize, and dematerialize the last of the darkness of the lower 3D Earth. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted.  And you are each and all in this time of transmutation.  Transformation.  And Transfiguration.

That which was dark, will now be made Light.  That which was evil, will now be dematerialized, cleared, and or fully alchemized such that only the Pure Light of Source remains to build, grow, and journey forward.  All that is upside down will be turned right side up.  And all that is inside out, will be turned outside in.  No stone will be left unturned.  No consciousness will linger that does not receive the vibrational review of the Central Sun’s Penetrating Gaze and Multidimensional Cleansing.

October 2023 Update: God/Source Shines In You ~ You Are The Greatest Frequency & Story Ever Told!October 2023 is participating in this Grand Galactic Plan to clear away the darkness, sickness, corruption, and deception that has played on and on for many eons of time.  The movie of this profound cosmic documentary of the True History of your Planet and the Real Time Ascension Unfoldment is long, and requires great stamina. Yes. The movie has played on for a long time.  And yet, through the illusions of time in this realm, Truth has always been a beacon.  The Garden of Eden has always shined.  The Light and Love of God has always lived within.  The Divine Blueprint of the Earth.  And of Creation.  And Within You.

So all that is being summoned now is that which is True.  That which is God.  That which is The Truth of Divine Creation.  And what will seem to be overwhelming, shocking, challenging, and painful will be the aspects of the 3D matrix that those yet uninitiated in the Truth of your 3D matrix will need to see, before they can enter into a divine state of Deep Healing.  And Profound Rising. Just as in school, in the deep chasms of education throughout the centuries, there have been classics that students have read.  Some have read the whole story.  Some have found the “cliff notes.” And some have chosen to secure very brief summaries of world events and daily unfoldments simply by glancing at headlines in news narratives believing those to be the Truth of their times.  All versions of Knowing and Seeking Truth will be revealed to each and all of you.  And humankind and sentient life will review and see what True Truth Seeking Is, and what Truth-Full Living really looks and feels like.

What is at the Core of Seeking and Knowing The Way, The Truth, and the Life inside you?  Connection with your Spiritual Core.  Connection with your Divine Source.  And Union with your Heart Center, where your Best Multidimensional Gifts of Sentience and Divine Knowing Reside!

Sentience doesn’t lie.  The Ego does.  God Energy doesn’t lie.  The Biblical Serpent and its forces do.  Sentience is the Vibrational Perception of God, in You.  Ego Thoughts, Perceptions, Filters, Judgements, and Linear Mind Thinking occurs generally through the man-ipulated conditionings of the Biblical Serpent.  Two Worlds, aren’t they?  Two Wolves, aren’t they?

How does Duality become Whole Again?  The Activation of The Way, The Truth, and The Life Consciousness in every day life.  It is through the Activation of your Sentience and your Heart Led Ability to Sense and Know Truth from the Vibrational Awareness and Sight of God and Christed Energy that can see through any darkness.  And that can choose beyond any darkness that you may see or be experiencing.

Soul Sight is Essential in your Journeys now. The Divine Feminine’s Connections with Divine Knowings through All Time in all Directions of Time are essential now.  Sentient Sight is required for the next steps in your journeys now dear ones.

The Spiritual Battle playing out on planet Earth is not a 90 minute movie.  It is a Season.  It is a Cycle.  It is a Crescendo Frequency on a world that had long been asleep to its own distortions, its own complicitness in this Dark Ages story, and its own spiritual astigmatism, blindness, and deafness.  It requires the cultivation of enduring faith.  The cultivation of enduring soul sight.  The nourishing of enduring sentient soul skills.  So that you CAN witness the darkness.  And empower, embody, and express the Living Christed Light.

In his day, Jesus Christ said you will do all these things and more.  Some thought he was referring to the miracles he manifested for the people of his day.  And that in part is True.  Yet Jesus Christ was also referring to humanity’s awakening to The Christ Within.  The Christ-Sophia Union Within.  And thus, Jesus Christ was also referring to All In This World Awakening to their Christed Light Within, that can transform and transmute all darkness in this realm and this dying world age.

What is being crucified in this time and in this world age?  This End of an Entire World Age and Cycle in Lower Dimensional Deceit and Darkness?  It’s the Lower Dimensional Deceit, Darkness, and Other Worldly Dark Masters that are being crucified as well.

Planet Earth is being freed from all of it.  And in that liberation process, Truth is getting revealed.  Unveiled.  And exposed.  The Crucifixions of Your Time in this timeline are of all things Serpentine.  All things founded in these other worldly leaching, parasitic, and soul-less systems and these subservient minions of these soul-less creatures as well.

The Living Light is rising again, to birth a new day, a new dawn, a new horizon, and a new chapter in the Heart of God’s Story, throughout all of Creation.  The Greatest Darkness is being transmuted and transfigured into God’s Greatest Emission and Embodiment of Planetary and Christed Light.

October 2023 Update: God/Source Shines In You ~ You Are The Greatest Frequency & Story Ever Told!So do not fear the darkness’s exposures, nor the spiritual battle brewing and coming into center stage in the grand theater still playing out in the frequencies of illusions.  As more of the sinister agendas of the dark forces of this 3D matrix get exposed, the Light will keep rising.  As more events draw people’s soul sight into activation and greater clarity, and more people see what the True agendas of those in servitude to the serpent actually are, the more many, many beings will find the strength and stamina to choose the Light in their Heart Centers and thus they will find the strength and stamina to choose the Truth in their Heart Centers again as well.

As more Rise to Choose Truth, and as more Rise to Choose Light, and as more Rise to Choose Life, they will find themselves Choosing God and a God Timeline again.  They will find themselves, the CHristed Light and Power Within Themselves, to be active participators in the Resurrection of the Christ Lit, Heart Centered, 5th Dimensional New Earth.

The optimal conditions for sentient kind on planet Earth to collectively choose their sovereignty, and their Risen Christed Nature, will be born out of the soot of anguish and despair that emerges only from seeing the Truth of Darkness and Deception for what it is.  And In Truth, In God, In Light, and In Heart Centered Desires to Heal Humankind and to Heal this Planet, is The Greatest Way In All Realms of Time being made, forged, and opened, for all to step through.

You, daughters and sons of the Original Adam and Eve, are the Resurrectors of your Timeless Christed Light and your Timeless Christed Gifts.  You will do all these things and more, said Jesus Christ.  And we believe this to be incredibly, joyously, and awe-somely True.

You are here in the months of October, November, and December 2023 to have your Christed Raincoats, Flashlights, Compasses, Lanterns, and Inner Maps at the ready.  You will be summoned in these last weeks and months of 2023 and journeying into 2024 to continue to have your storm apparel and resources at the ready.  You are summoned to have these tools of Faith and Fortitude and your resources to ride out these storms with awakeness and awareness at the ready . . . not out of fear.  But in the best versions of faith, anticipation, and celebration.  For a decaying, dark, and deceptive realm of consciousness is being exposed and cleared for all to see.  So that the Light of God and the Living Light of Christed Consciousness Can Reign Here again, for all to see, feel, sense, breathe, love, and know.  And we believe that most gracious gift, the Return of Divine Sovereignty, Abundance, Health, and Well Being are worth the storm preparations you need now simultaneously in these times.

The Celebrations will be vast, as the Darkness is Vanquished from this world.  The Celebrations will not only be here on Earth but in the Stars and in the Galactic Realms as well. 

In Epic Spiritual Battles, sometimes there are lives lost.  In Epic Spiritual Battles, sometimes there are profound tests of faith.  Some of you have already faced some of these outcomes. Some may still face these Truths as a reality in your lives somehow.  Yet what is most powerful for us to share in this transmission in October 2023, is that your Christ Lit Essence is Eternal.  It is a FOREVER FREQUENCY.  You can not not be a Divine Child of God, if you originated from the Heart of God.  If you were seeded with the Light of Christ Consciousness, and created from the Love of God, deep deep deep in your Soul’s Ancestry, Your Christ Lit Essence is Eternal.  And so shall all whom you love most dearly also remain a Christ Lit Essence that is Forever and Eternal.

October 2023 Update: God/Source Shines In You ~ You Are The Greatest Frequency & Story Ever Told!Nothing can stop the Eternal Infinite Nature of the Christ Light in You, from returning and re-emerging. For it is Who You Are.

Dwell in that Divine Reframe and Fortification this month and beyond.  Know Your Christed Light beyond any vapors of Darkness.

The heat of this Spiritual Battle is coming more and more to center stage.  And those of you who know the messages this channel has shared for many years now . . . the Light Is Already Victorious.  It is only in this lower 3D matrix and illusion where that Victory still needs to play out.  Where the Battle to Victory must still play out for all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

While it may seem like Darkness has an edge, or that Dark Deeds go unpunished or unexposed, it is important to remember that God has a plan.  Source has always had a plan. Because God/Source/Creator created the beginning and the end, at the beginning. And within your journey back to your Sacred Heart Center, where your most Eternal Sentience and Your Greatest Knowing of Divine Truth Lives, is the Knowing of this Truth.  Source/God/Creator knows each and every player, character, frequency, thought, feeling, and event that ever occurred or will occur.  And you each have your part to play in God’s Knowings.  And in the Deepest and Best Aspects of God’s Divine Creation, the Light Always Wins.  The Christ Consciousness always prevails.  Time has a way of spreading rumors and creating magic tricks at times suggesting that the Darkness sometimes wins.  And that it has won in the past.  But just remember that the wins for the Darkness were always inside the Illusion of Darkness.

God has another side to this Spiritual Battle to tell.  And it is coming in to the daily lives you all are living now, and will be living throughout the remainder of the Ascension Decade.  God doesn’t have just a side in the Spiritual Battle.  God is the Allness of Creation, and therefore, Darkness has simply been allowed a slice of time to play its games.  But God Is Life.  God IS Light.  God Is.  Period.

And that is the Essence of You.  You Are.  Remember the Power in the words, I AM.  And in those powerful words, God Shines In You ~ the Greatest Story and the Greatest Frequency Ever Told.  It is A Frequency and Story of Light.  Light Shined in the beginning.  And Light Reigned in the End.  And you are all of that now too.  The Beginning and The End.  In the Living Light You Truly Are!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, October 21st, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

4 Responses to “October 2023 Update: God/Source Shines In You ~ You Are The Greatest Frequency & Story Ever Told!

  • Renée Taintor
    9 months ago

    A beautiful and timely message Marie. Full of honesty, truth and revelations. It is also uplifting and encouraging especially to those who know the spiritual battle we are living in. It’s good to be reminded that God does have a plan and we are part of the Solution who can walk in that faith and trust knowing that our continued efforts to remain steadfast are the “boots on the ground” expressing the Light and Love within us. Very special message. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Renee! You always express so beautifully the energies we are traversing and transcending. Yes! God has a plan and we are an integral part of that plan, for our Light, Faith, and Trust are essential to the solutions needed for the highest good of All. Thank you for your amazing gifts and your light Renee! Love and Divine Blessings to you!

  • Hazel Howard
    9 months ago

    Thank you this is very beautifully done and explained well.
    My sacred journey in ascension light is taking place so I can be of greater assistance to all and Mother Earth
    My love and blessings abide with you always
    Hazel Howard

    • Thank you Hazel! I am so glad you are hearing the calls of your Spirit to rise and be of greater assistance to Mother Earth and others in their own ascension journeys! It is lovely to connect with you here. I send you love, light, and divine blessings!