The Power Is Returning to the People: Seek Truth, Liberate Clear Soul Sight, Embrace The Hero’s Journey, Emerge Sovereignty, & Birth New Conscious Creation

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.5.2020



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Golden Christ Light Frequencies to illuminate your Divine State of Eternal Sovereignty, Joy, Abundance, and Grace.  The Lion’s Gate and its Golden Frequencies of Sovereignty and Empowerment are rising in each one of you now as a Lived Experience in September 2020 and beyond.  All are being summoned Home to these Sacred Divine Frequencies of Remembering Who You Really Are.  And in this way, you are living the Hero’s Journey in these Epic Times of the Earth’s Emancipation.  There are infinite colors, sounds, miracles, and solutions to the world’s problems and tasks at this time.  What is most needed in each and all of you is to remember that you hold the Sovereignty, the Creativity, the Miracles, and the Soul Sight Within that is needed in these times.  And what helps to activate that Sacred Sovereignty and give it its 5th Dimensional Spark and Sparkle in your life?  Conscious Breathing.  Breathing a Single Sacred Conscious Breath Deep Within is a 2 Way Communication with your Heart Center, with your Soul Presence, and with your Divine Essence that says, I Am Ready to Rise and Live My Pure and Perfect Divine Design from the Inside Out.  It says, I Remember Who I Am, and I Am Breathing that Eternal Lifeline in this Timeline and expressing it in as many wonderful, colorful, celestial, and creative ways with Great Joy, Peace, and Ease.  Can you feel how easily the Breath flows through you and your Holy Vessel, filling you with Divine Oxygen and templating the Dream of Unity Consciousness in all that streams through you in this incredible conscious connection that you are allowing and breathing into being?  As you feel that Sacred Breath a moment more, and as you relax into the Knowing that You Are this Great Ease, Peace, Wholeness, Sovereignty, and Grace Within, you enter a Portal that opens the Gates to the Garden of Eden inside yourself.  You Are the One dear ones who lets yourself in to this Bountiful Energy of Divine Grace.  The Keys to this Glorious New 5D Earth and this Resplendent Garden of Eden live Within You ~ in your Sacred Conscious Breathing. ~ september energy 2020 ~ woman seeking truth clear vision awakening

Now we know that much of what you continue to witness with your physical 3D eyes and senses is in many ways the polar opposite of this Garden of Eden Grace and Bliss.  In your physical 3D world dear ones, you are seeing and witnessing the destruction of the “old guard” and the “old systems” that supported and enforced it.  In the falling away of these frequencies of separation consciousness, there is a vacuum, isn’t there? Much like the one Dorothy was swept up in ~ in The Wizard of Oz story, where her own separation consciousness got the best of her and whisked her off into a whole other world where she experienced some of her own vibrational aspects in the characters the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.  No wonder they were so familiar to her ~ for they were in many ways ~ simply vibrational expressions of her.  So that she could see them more clearly, and how they were out of alignment with Who She Truly Is and Was.  But it was in initially indulging separation consciousness in the first place that led to the vacuum that drew her into the Land of Oz where she ultimately was led on a Hero’s Journey to face her “hidden aspects” of herself in the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, and even the Good and Wicked Witches of Oz.  Dorothy in this way . . . in the Way of Oneness, was All Of It.  And yet, the Allness of That Experience was also a Dream and an Illusion, designed to teach her Greater Awarenesses and Understandings about herself.  

For she already was a Sovereign Being before she went on that journey into the Land of Oz, wasn’t she?  She simply needed the vacuum of that inner storm inside herself to transport her to the Land of Oz in order to reclaim it.  Sometimes storms are needed to help souls so caught up in the illusions of every day life in a 3D world to activate a deeper Gnosis, or a Deeper Knowing, within.  Oz was the catalytic experience that Dorothy swirled and whirled herself into ~ to journey the twists and turns of her ego’s greatest fears and confusions ~ to ultimately set herself free at the end with the click of her heels . . . returning her to the Truth of her Sovereignty and her Awareness of Herself as Being Home Inside Herself . . . the Whole Time.

And this dear ones, is a metaphor for you, your human collective, and what you see transpiring on your world.  Can you see your own Earth Oz expressing a similar whirling and swirling catalytic co-creation right now . . . that may just be designed to whisk you all into an entirely new and brighter world . . . that has lived within you all this time?  

If Truth Withstands Scrutiny Very Well, and Light Withstands Scrutiny Very Well, do you think the Truth and the Light are worried when storms whirl through?  What do Truth and Light have to be afraid of . . . if what is revealing itself is Its Organic Original Essence?  And truly, what do YOU have to be afraid of . . . if what is revealing itself to you is Your Organic Original Essence?  

Do the wolves dancing around you in your news streams, and in your conversations with family, co-workers, your community, and your expanded social networks that might even span the entire globe, . . . do they in any way ~ ultimately ~ diminish your Organic Original Divine Essence? ~ september energy 2020 ~ hero journey summit sunset

What if the political parties of your world, the elections unfolding in the USA, the fear of the virus, the propaganda and the Quest for Truth that it seeds in your world today . . . what if all of it was designed to literally wake you up from a Dream of Deep Separation in a 3D “Earth Oz” experience . . . so that you can remember and reclaim the Essence of your Inner Truth and the Essence of your Inner Light and Sovereignty that lived within you all this time?

There are many paths to Freedom.  There are many paths to Liberating Yourselves from the Illusions of this 3D Matrix.  There are many antagonists in that journey as well, to create the cracks and crevices that the ego loves to track and entertain in order to engage the drama of 3D worries, pain, suffering, and challenge . . .  and ultimately to seek and find ways to control, manage, or keep all of those unpleasantries at bay.  

But Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz does one thing exceptionally well, doesn’t she?  No matter the obstacles, she keeps seeking.  She keeps her eyes and her heart focused on the destination where she is going.  And that ultimate destination?  Is Home. Dorothy is seeking to go Home, in every step she takes.  In every breath she takes.  She is steadfastly seeking the resources that will help her to find her way Home.

And this is not unlike each and all of you.  What we wish to remind you of in the month of September, and now throughout the remainder of 2020, is the Power of the Truth Seeker, and the True Power of Seeking to See with New Expanded Soul Sight, the gifts that the journey you are on is bringing to your Soul and to your entire Sentient Collective on your world today.

As the 3D structures that once upheld and organized your world, which includes your 3D concepts of yourselves and others and your place in the world continue to fail and fall away, this can increase fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, judgement, shame, blame, anger, and many other emotional states, which we are sure many of you are well aware of.  Yet in an Inner State of Higher Celestial Sovereignty, there is a Breathing of New Perception and Soul Sight Emerging.  And we are inviting you to listen now in the coming weeks and months . . . to how you are being summoned to see differently.   Pay attention to how you feel inside when you see sound bites of news being reported from various sources.  Listen to how it feels inside and to your deeper, inner ears and lenses of sentient perception.

What if you had the Truth inside you the Whole Time?  What if that which you are seeking and seeing in your outer world is really just an expression of the swirls of karmic and duality vision through which you have been seeing your life in this 26,000+ world age and cycle?  And what if . . . it is in large part . . . a vast illusion?  What if the only thing keeping that dimensional experience of human and sentient suffering alive is the collective’s participation in believing in that world?  

Isn’t that how currency works in your world?  Isn’t that how people accept exchanges for goods and services through monies paid ~ either through paper currencies or plastic credit cards that in theory pledge money that will be paid to the vendors or professionals in exchange for their services and products?  And doesn’t that require an exchange and agreement founded upon a mutual belief in and endorsement of that system?  Currency is just one expression of a collective belief that creates a collective system and experience on a global scale.  

You dear ones are learning about the Power of Belief then aren’t you?  In this time of profound change and Planetary Ascension, you are learning about what you truly believe in.  And also ~ what you don’t believe in.  You are summoning and exposing through the whirls and swirls of teams of wolves and the crumblings of 3D global systems and structures that were based at some level on the Dream of Separation . . . and the Organizational Scaffolding that it requires . . . The Great Awakening.  Yes?  

And this is why what is ultimately crumbling to catalyze The Ultimate Awakening . . . is your Recovery of your Power as Conscious Creators.  

For you have successfully created, manifested, and sustained a 3D realm of experience and soul evolution for many, many millenia.  And yet, the currency of this 3D experience has exceeded its life span.  What is that currency?  It is your Belief In It.  

The Power Returning to the People in the month of September 2020 is the Clear Soul Sight that your Sovereignty and your Divine Empowerment lives in the Power you each and all hold to believe in the experience or perceptions you have.

When you no longer believe in it, and you no longer participate in it, by adding and contributing vibrational deposits into the collective belief in “the world framework, banking, and scaffolding at large,” more of that collective co-creation crumbles.  And as they say, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  

In the Realm of Spirit and in an Infinitely Interconnected, Intelligent, and Expansive Universe, the formless becomes form AND the form becomes formless again, when the manifested experience achieves maximum growth and soul expansion for the participants. And then . . . at such time . . . a New Creation is birthed.  In that new creation and that new dream, the old structures supporting the old dream must fall away.  Simply because . . . the participants no longer believe in it any longer.  And therefore, without the life force of each person’s conscious attention and divine energy streaming into that creation . . . it ceases to exist.  It dematerializes and alchemizes back into ether.

Dorothy herself manifests the Land of Oz and also her return from it as well.  But she returns in a much more evolved state, having regained her courage, a vaster intelligence, and greater understanding of who she really is, and a deeper connection and understanding of the Oneness that All Truly Is.  She had all of that within her the Whole Time. But she didn’t know it until it was shown to her in this way.  Once she lived the Journey to the Realm of Oz, and gained a new perspective inside, she was able to call her Soul Skills Within that would transport her to where she truly wanted to be.

You are living in a time of “Oz” upon the Earth right now.  In 2020, the world has truly transported itself into the storms of a pandemic, election cycles in the US and elsewhere, exposures of corruption, revelations about mass manipulations through propaganda and censorship, the illusion of 3D “freedom”, and the collective desire which is becoming more and more evident every day now ~ to rise up and beyond the Dream of Separation and into a 5D Timeline of Transparency, Sovereignty, Unity Consciousness, and Manifesting in the Highest Good of All in All Aspects of Creation once more. ~ september energy 2020 ~ chess board ocean storms awakening

The Division you see and witness escalating around you . . . is the Exposure of The Duality Game to your very own Conscious Awareness.  And each one of you has feelings and experiences associated with the present climate and atmosphere on your world at this time.  Each one of you is engaging their Ascension Process in their own ways.  But we will say that All are in the Process of Rising and Reclaiming their own Vibrational Versions of a Greater Sovereignty than they were living . . . Pre-2020.  

More and more of you are removing your belief, and thus your energy, from the Dream of Separation and the Dream of the 3D Illusion.  This is manifesting quantum crumblings and destruction of the old guard as we referenced earlier in this transmission.  No one person manifested this Collective Dream of Separation by themselves.  And no one person is manifesting a Pathway out of it either.  

Many of you are facing Truths with a capital T, and truths with a lower case t, and experiencing the unraveling of the world you thought you “once knew.” And this is triggering fear as you are faced with questioning your clarity of perception and your ability to see clearly.  It is a grand soul review process really, which is activating a higher and clearer soul sight than ever before.  But it is also unraveling the world in which you felt safe and comfortable to live out your experiences of the separation consciousness and Duality Game that you each and all participated in co-creating.

We would say ~ that the Collective manifested the Separation and Duality Game so successfully . . . and with the aid of mass propaganda, manipulations, perpetrations, and control through time that has helped to sustain it, that it is shocking in many ways to be at the precipice of letting it all go once and for all.  And despite the shock, the precipice still remains.  

The Collective Belief in this 3D realm is over.  This is why the Time for Sleeping and Sleepiness is over.  The Time for Truth and the Time for Revelations of Deeper and Deeper Truths is upon you.  For the True Truth IS your new scaffolding.  It is here to assist you in building that bridge to the New 5D Garden of Eden and New Earth Experience that you so deeply and collectively desire.

Without the Emergence of Greater, Higher, and Deeper Truths, the Bridge to that New Life and that New Earth is challenging at best to build.  

And yet you can see the Dark Wolves doing their best to censor any and all information that conflicts with the fake and false 3D narratives that they want the majority of humanity believing.  The Dark Wolves are summoning and speaking to anyone in the collective still willing and able to be complicit now . . . in selling the old narratives to an awakening humanity.  Too many are activating now, with each and every day.  Look at the rallies.  Look at the people gathering to stand for Freedom.  Look at the people seeking to unmask and to question the narratives.  Look at the people awakening to the silencing of doctors, medical professionals, filmmakers, etc. who have other perspectives, different from the one the 3D puppets and matrix keepers want the collective knowing and hearing.  Look at the sheer numbers of the people gathering to rise and require Truth to be exposed and disclosed now.  

The Truth Withstands Scrutiny Very Well.  The Light Does Too.  

The Collective is turning away from lower, third dimensional “truths” every day now with increasing frequency.  

The Collective is celebrating the Breath of Fresh Air and the Joy that unmasking lies, fake narratives, and fake news now streams, infuses, liberates, and empowers within the heart and soul of humanity once more.

You are traveling the Epic Hero’s Journey now in these times.  

There are twists, turns, revelations, misinformation, disinformation, disclosures, and layers of soul healing, cleansing, clearing, resistance, and integration unfolding and still to come! ~ september energy 2020 ~ lighthouse sunrise ocean shine light

Yet it is also essential to remember that Divine Truth, Source Truth, and essentially Timeless Truth . . . will stand Tall through it All.  And be a Beacon of Light in your lives, if you allow it to be.

Seeking Truth is your Bridge.  Living Truth is your Healing Balm in these difficult times.  

Censoring Truth suppresses your life force.  Suppressing Truth inhibits your ability to rise into the Higher Vibrations and the New Light Codes that are templating this New Dream of Divine Reunion and Unity Consciousness again.  

We would invite you to consider how effective the Dark Wolves can be in their attempts to shut down the Emergence of Revelations, Critical Thinking, Truth Seeking, etc.  

We invite you to consider how effective the Dark Wolves are in summoning others to do their censorship and Truth Suppression work for them.

More and more people are activating and awakening.

More and more people are rising beyond the din and false belief in the “protective power” of censorship.    

It is in letting the false beliefs go that you will breathe New Divine Oxygen and New Earth Frequencies of Expansive Freedom in Quantum and Exquisite Ways.

The old dream and projections of this 3D realm of separation are what is failing now.  

And Source Light and the Divine Design are templating the New Dream
that is eternally supporting each and all of you to thrive!   

This Hero’s Journey is not so much a physical journey. 
The Hero’s Journey is a Vibrational One.  

The Hero’s Journey that is liberating you right here and right now . . . lives within you.  It lives in your courage to think for yourself.  To seek Truth within.  To activate and awaken your conscious awareness of what it looks and feels like again to discern information and information sources on your own through your own guidance system.  It requires a conscious intention and commitment to connect with Source Energy and Mother Earth, to guide you back Home Inside Yourself.  Inside your Heart Center.  Inside the Zero Point of your Soul’s Deep Gnosis of the Eternal Light Codes you have and hold within.  

Your Conscious Breathing Is the Portal to Ascension and to Accessing this Higher, Deeper, Divine 5D World and Garden of Eden inside you.

Begin every thought and every challenge now with a Conscious Breath as much as you can.

For in that Breath, you are summoning Clear Soul Sight, you are inviting Source Vision, into your life and into your Light’s Expression, in that perfect Now moment.

It is so much easier to see Divine Truth for the Timeless Truth that it is ~ when you are Consciously Breathing and Receiving the Light Codes of Your Divine Sovereignty in that Sacred Breath.  In that Portal to Ascension that you Breathe Within.

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz clicked her heels together to go Home.  

We invite you in real time, and through Inner Grace, to Breathe a Conscious Breath every day to go Home inside yourself and your Conscious Awareness.

2020 is the Bridge to Clear Soul Sight, dear ones.

Notice where you are summoning in the courage to see through Wholeness Vision and to breathe through Conscious Breathing.

Witness where you are not.  

Feel Source Life Force rising in each and all of you as more revelations unfold this month.  

Ask for Clarity from the Pure Divine White Light of Source Energy to Guide You and to Guide your Expanding Soul Sight.

Appreciate the Gifts of your Soul Skills in these times dear ones.

You have all that you need and seek within you.  

You have the Keys to this New 5D Earth inside you, and they shine in you as the Cosmic Lantern, Compass, and Map you feel you had once lost in this challenging 3D terrain.  

You carried them within you all this time, in your Divine Satchel, that is activated through Conscious Breathing and Consciously Partnering with the Divine Light and Blessings of Spirit in these times.  

Welcome Home, dear ones!

Feel your Sovereignty in the Gifts of your Sacred Heart Center’s Timeless Knowings of Divine Truth through Time!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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