August/September 2020 Energy Update: A New Story of Humanity, Revelations, Awakenings, Ascension into a New Golden Age Renaissance is Unfolding, & The Garden of Eden Awaits

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.22.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through resplendent Arcturian Blue Sapphire Frequencies, Golden Christ Consciousness Light Codes, and Mother Earth’s Epic Rainbow Emancipation Energies today.  Join us in taking a Deep Divine Breath In, as we all feel these Sacred Color Codes and these Energies of Divine Sovereignty and the Earth’s Emancipation and Renewal right here and right now together.  The Lion’s Gate Portal this August in 2020 is powerfully activating Humanity’s Consciousness and preparing it for Greater Truths, Deeper Revelations, and Rising Liberations from all that is not aligned with a 5D Sovereign, Transparent, Divinely Empowered, and Source-Sustained New Earth Experience.  Can you feel that Divine Oxygen, breathing you from the Heart of Creation in this moment?  Can you feel your Joy at Being and Breathing the Light of Who You Truly Are, beyond the confines of the 3D Earth’s Costumes, that no longer will parade any illusions on the Grand Stage of Humanity’s Experiences?  When you release the methods and mechanisms of suppression, shaming, and censorship, the Naked Truth becomes incredibly joyful!  This is what Adam and Eve knew in The Garden of Eden.  They Knew Who They Truly Are!  They Knew Their Divine Origins and Their Divine Abundance.  And the Time of Living this Again ~ is Returning to the Hearts of All.

Now some of you listening might say ~ that in the outer world ~ in every day conversations ~ many are not experiencing this “Garden of Eden Bliss.”  And we would say, that cellularly, at DNA levels, a way is being paved and made for more to experience this on a regular basis.  Additionally, as we have shared in many past transmissions, it takes Precise Divine Timing over time to reveal The Truth of All Time.  And you are in the Time of the Great Revelations, the Great Reset, and the Great Awakening.  These energies are emerging literally through your physical structures on your world.  And we would say back to you, can you see the Light expressing Divine Truths or erupting any illusory narratives and structures around you?  What or who is strengthening and gaining momentum?  What or whom is losing traction, losing life force, or losing momentum?  Activate your inner observer.  Open and allow your Inner Soul Sight to see with Higher Dimensional Vision what is really unfolding, versus what your ego lens has typically seen for eons.  

There is a New Story of Humanity emerging.  Really, it is an ancient one.  A Timeless One.  But since there is no time in the Realms of Spirit, we can celebrate the Newness Emerging inside all of you.  And this is what we want to first focus on today with you.  Breathe in the Divine Possibility and Potentiality that this level of Newness and Epic Renewal is finding you again.  It is emerging through you again.  And it is rising again in you at this time!

The day this transmission is streaming through is August 22, 2020.  When this date is added together in numerology, it adds to a Double 8, for August is the 8th Month, and the day and year adds to a second 8.  This mirrors and reflects the Sacred Lion’s Gate Activation on the 8/8.  Yes?  This is yet another Double Infinity Portal inviting you to Clear Soul Sight.  Inviting you to meet your own Divinity Codes in the Infinity Codes of the Lion’s Gate Frequencies and the Messages within the Numerology of the 8’s.  

That Infinity Essence is reminding you of the Earth’s Ability to Reset and Renew herself.  It is reminding you of your own ability to Reset and Renew yourselves, on Higher Timelines.  Through Higher Dimensional Zero Point Vision, that can be seen, through the Energy of the 8’s, as well as the Infinity Symbol itself.  

To reset and renew, one must be willing to die to the old paradigms of consciousness.  Yes?  To reset and renew, like a Rising Phoenix, one must be willing to allow the old illusion and the previous form to become formless, for a breath, for a moment, and for a new spark of New Creation, within the Divinity Codes of New Creation and New Light Emerging.  

There are two wolves holding the Portal itself open for each and all of you to quantum leap through.  There is the White Wolf, who has fought for Freedom, Sovereignty, Spirituality, Goodness, Righteousness, Wholeness, Unity, Love, Joy, and the Holy Blueprints of the Creator’s Divine Design.  There is a Dark Wolf, who has fought for Illusion, Suppression, Manipulation, Greed, Ego, Pain, Suffering, Separation, and an Entire False Narrative and Paradigm that serves its Hidden and Dark Agendas that exist in direct contrast to the Divine Blueprints of Source Creation.  

The two wolves can serve as liberators from this 3D dense matrix of illusion or as distractions and further encoders of this 3D dense matrix of illusion.  Even the Light Wolf, which some have a hard time recognizing in the Sea of Vibrational Soup and the Storms of Information and Disinformation on your world, can serve as a distraction from people finding the unique sovereign power within themselves to embrace the Rising Zero Point Energies and the Rising Zero Point Emancipations that are summoning and manifesting a New Golden Age of Light within you.

And so we invite you to consider this. Consider what distractions still entice you to look outside yourselves for the answers that have always lived within.  We also invite you to consider the layers of conditioning that live inside your own physical vessels, your own memories through time, and your own tether wounds through time.  How does one access the new Golden Age and all of its Victorious, Renewing, and Liberating Light . . . when on your world . . . there is anger and confusion in so many people?  

We would say people do this by engaging, appreciating, and activating ancient spiritual practices that require no outer technology but listening within.  How can one quiet the increasing noise in the outer world long enough to cultivate more of this clear soul sight and this clear soul connection within?  It all starts with Your Breathing.  Conscious Breathing.  Creating a conscious inner moment and breath in your day . . . where you allow yourself to go within, as a witness observer to your own Divine Breathing, and you simply allow yourself the luxury of Breathing One Single Conscious Breath, and feel it nurturing every single particle of you here in this body, in this realm, in this world . . . and simultaneously the aspects of you that exist in countless worlds and dimensions at the same time.  

When you breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath in this way, you are communicating and connected with All of Creation, which includes all the versions of You ever lived, and even potentially, living simultaneously alongside of your present Now.  When you take this One Single Conscious Breath, you are connecting to the Allness of Your Being, that has ever Been, that IS Now,  and that ever Will Be.  This one very sacred Soul Breath, this Living Breathing Connection with the Living Source Energy inside you . . . with the One True Source that always and infinitely lives inside all things, inside all beings, inside all realms of Creation . . . can provide the most sacred epiphanies and restore the most profound depth of Soul Sight . . . than your ego minds, your 3D thinking, will ever be able to understand.  Because Breath like this defies or lives beyond 3D comprehension.  And yet, it doesn’t have to be understood to work its magic in your lives.  It simply needs to be allowed in your conscious experience.  

And as you allow this Single Conscious Breath, and you feel your connection on the inside ~ on the inner planes, you are given a Divine Opportunity to see the two wolves, in every moment, duking it out, wrestling and gnashing their teeth with great vigor and deep instincts to protect their own survival and paradigms in this epic battle, . . . and you see the Zero Point Portal inside you that is a Realm Beyond the War.  That is a realm and portal beyond the intense duality.  It is a realm beyond the epic spiritual war of Good Vs. Evil and Evil Vs. God.  But to see it, you must also first see the Two Wolves themselves.  For they are the Guardians of this Realm, each standing for one side of duality or the other.  And they serve as Gargoyles in this realm, showing you the Path Back to Eden.  There was the Great Fall from Grace. And yet what is not often discussed or brought to the fore of humanity’s consciousness, is the Return and Rise TO Grace Again.  And if you don’t see the White Wolf Gargoyle and if you don’t see the Dark Wolf Gargoyle, then it can be challenging to find the seemingly elusive Zero Point Portal that ushers you into the New Golden Age.

Now you can think of this Zero Point Portal as a literal, physical, Quantum Physics Portal that you will see with your physical eyes.  What is actually unfolding in this Silent Revolution, this Inner Revelation, this Ascension into a Golden Age Renaissance, is that it is unfolding largely within each and every person and sentient being alive today.  The Ascension Portal Is Within.  The Gate and Bridge leading you into 5D Consciousness and its Living Light and Renewable Energies Is WithinAnd there is an Invitation and a Choice in each and all of you to go within and to allow this Sacred Sovereignty that you can feel inside to Guide you as that Perfect Map, that Inner Lantern, and that Divine Compass you have been seeking all this time, but completely forgot that it lived inside you.

The religions of this world have in some ways served as a distraction to this Inner Integration and Alignment of which we are speaking.  The educational systems of this world have as well.  The political systems have too.  Every “system” in this 3D world age and cycle has served in some way to facilitate and co-create the roots of the 3D illusion, even if aspects of these organizations or systems had some Truth within them.  The best laid illusions of course do have elements of Truth within them, which is what makes them so difficult to see and clear away.  

What we would say is that any systems that have Divine Truth within them will have the Truth still standing when all falsehoods fall away in this present cycle of Revelations and Planetary Ascension.  Just as the serpent wound around the Truth in the Garden of Eden as it tempted Adam and Eve, and this then created an entire world age and cycle that was templated in the Truth of this Fall From Grace, many other distortions followed through this serpentine energy to lead human beings away from Divine Truth, Divine Perfection, and Divine Gnosis ever since.  

Now, once more, the Guardians of this Realm of Duality, sit at the Gate of the Garden of Eden, . . . your destination once more for the renewed experience and activated consciousness in a new 5D Loving and Giving Earth Experience.  The White Wolf and the Dark Wolf in many ways are leading the way for this Time of the Great ReturnAnd this Time of the Great Ascension.  And this Time of the Great Revelations.

And this brings us back to The Importance of the Breath Work.  Because the Breath connects each and every one of you to see through the Creator’s Eyes, Heart, and Living Light again.  Breathing consciously in this way . . . even in the state of your world today . . . helps you to increasingly breathe beyond the illusion of the noise of the two wolves and their teams . . . and to see the Portal to the New Earth that lives in between. Through this Conscious Breathing, you can untether your 3D vision and see with Soul Eyes . . . the Truth of the Garden Eden that has lived within your Consciousness ALL THIS TIME.

Never ever was it truly existing outside of you. The narratives have made it out to be an unachievable place. Truthfully, it is an Inner Embodiment.  It is an Inner Vibration and Field of Soul Awareness, Soul Care, Soul Light, and Divine Gnosis that has been within you all this time.  

This is not unlike the Wizard of Oz story and the character Dorothy, discovering from many trials and tribulations, that she could always “go home”.  She had the ability “to go home” within her the whole time.  The Golden Buddha had the Golden Essence within it the whole time.  The Emperor had the Naked Truth inside him the whole time.  The Garden of Eden has been within you the whole time.

Did the Wicked Witch of the West provide some catalysts for growth?  Yes.  Did covering up the Golden Buddha with clay in times of war provide some protection from 3D marauders?  Yes.  Did the tailors provide the slick lies, shame, and swindlery that provided tests of courage, faith, fortitude, and Truth for all in that kingdom and for all who read that story?  Yes.  But did Truth reveal itself always in the end?  Yes.  Does Light always shine what It Is best?  Yes.  

2020 has provided a profound year of Expanding your Soul Vision.  And it isn’t over yet.  The wolves are going to continue to gnash their teeth.  They are going to continue to get louder and louder about their positions and their mechanisms for getting humanity’s attention.  If an entire collective is going to rise into a New 5th Dimensional Reality and New Earth Experience, isn’t an entire collective going to need to see the Duality of the Two Wolves?  To then be able to make the choice to Go Home Inside Themselves?  To the 5th Dimensional Consciousness you always eternally were and ARE?   Yes.

Revelations continue to unfold on your world today.  Some have eyes to see.  Some are continuing in their journeys to develop the eyes to see.  And some are still “sleeping,” but restlessly so now.  All are being roused to a State of Awakeness and Alertness.  The Zero Point Portal is opening its gates wide!  The Light Is Expanding all over this planet.  The dark wolves still have a few costumes and puppets playing roles to hold their Gargoyle Posts . . . to provide some crumbling structures on the 3D maps . . . where their previous reign once lived.  But the Light Wolves will continue to emerge, expand, and shine the Light on the Path to Inner Truth, Inner Light, and the Garden of Eden Within in these next several months, and throughout the remainder of 2020.

The Elections in the United States of America in November will continue to seed that Entrance Gate to the Garden of Eden, despite the loudness of the messages of the Two Wolves, doing their critical parts to create the optimal pathway for US Citizens and all Global Citizens to choose the 5D Timelines, to choose the 5D Ascensionary Light, to choose the Garden of Eden that IS possible in all sentient life here, if people can begin to see with New Soul Sight this election season.  And to rise beyond the narratives that are so engrained in most human beings . . . in order to see a New Way.  A clearer day.  And a Spiritual Path of Unity and Awakened Conscious Co-Creation once more.

The Power of the Breath cannot be underestimated or overstated.  There is no accident that this is the first Soul Skill we seeded in your consciousness in these transmissions several years ago.  Your Breath IS The Portal.  Your Soul Sight is the rudder of your ship, steering you there.  They work together to activate your Divine Merkabas and your Divine Time Travels in this and all realms.  

For now, as you continue to surf the energies of August 2020, understand that the Dark Wolves have to live out their Dark Costumes, while masquerading as Light.  Rest assured, the Light will expose each and every dark wolf for the dark agendas they served in perfect right timing.  Revelations is a Theme of all of your lives . . . Now and through the end of this Epic Earth Emancipation Process.  Revelations desire to be your Allies, not your fears or foes.  Revelations are your Guideposts now, and not your tethers and conspiracy theories.  Revelations at their core desire TO BE FOUND.  That is the Essence of Revelations.  They seek to be Known in the Hearts of All again.

It is the Masked Lie, the Dark Agendas, the Manipulations, and the Mind Control Programs that require hiding, projections, and puppets to administer them under layers of curtains and shields, whose time has come to be seen in the Light of Humanity’s Consciousness ~ for all to heal.  And for all to see the Pathway forward into a New Earth of Light, Equality, Abundance, Truth, Self Expression, Joy, Health, and Divine Well-Being again.    

Embrace the Gifts of these times Dear Ones.  In a very short time, much will be known by the people who step up and choose to see and to know the Truth.  The True Truth.  Revelations are streaming all the time now.  Some are more public and in the public eye more than others.  And more are on their way.  

Only the Light of Divine Truth will be left standing in the center of that boxing ring.  Only the Truth of Divine Light will be left standing in the center of that boxing ring as well.  

For they are One and The Same. 

In that Portal, in the Oneness of Divine Truth and Divine Light, is Your Garden of Eden, and your superhighway to a whole new world of Quantum Living, Source Life Force, Greater Well Being, Inner Sovereignty, and Reconnection with yourselves as Cosmic Children of a Divinely Interconnected Universe.

Everything unfolding in your world ~ the Virus ~ the Pandemic ~ the Elections ~ the Spiritual Questings ~ the Inner Seeking ~ the Censorship ~ the Lies ~ the Truth  . . . its all part of One Collective Co-Creation . . . to rise out of the Dream of Separation . . . and into the Light of Transparent Truth and the New Dream and Co-Creation of Divine Reunion, Earth’s Epic Emancipation and Sovereignty once more, and Multidimensional Oneness again.  

Welcome Home dear ones!

This Living Light, Inner Peace, Clear Soul Sight, and Sacred Gnosis of the Greater and Timeless Divine Design for All of Creation . . . has been within you . . . All This Time.

Breathe What You Know.  

Breathe Who You Are.

Breathe the Light’s Return into Form.  In You.  And for the Whole Planet now.

Breathe Unity, Joy, Well-Being, and Wholeness here on Earth again.

You dear ones are summoning the Zero Point Portal of this Golden Age of Divine Love and Light and the Garden of Eden in your Life Experiences once more!

Do not fear the wolves and their messages.  Witness them!  See them!  

Open your Soul Vision to See More and More Clearly, every day.  

You are Co-Creators of this Ultimate Inner Rising and Return to the Garden Of Eden.

There is no shame in that. 

There need not be any censorship in that.

Those who censor . . . at some level . . . fear that arrival of the Garden of Eden’s Return inside themselves.

All are healing and rising in this process.  

Duality is becoming Singularity Again.

Duality is birthing the Heart of Oneness again.

Out of the ashes, the New Light of a Newly Expanded Earth Brimming with Love and Christ Consciousness is birthing.

It is a Joy to witness and empower your Divine Emancipation and New Earth Birth!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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