2 In 1: Mother Earth’s Birthing Waters + Minerva’s Meditation

2 In 1:

Mother Earth
The Grand Release, The Birthing Waters,
and A New Earth Rising


Minerva’s Meditation
The Birthing Waters, Dream Manifestation,
and Living Your Unique Purpose

Mother Earth Chronicles
Report No. 12

via channel Marie Mohler 
Received January 15, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth here today, with a message from the Crystalline Light in my Heart to the Crystalline Light in yours.

Much is swaying, shifting, wobbling, breaking down, accelerating, and truly quantum leaping for all of us. 

I am going through the system upgrades with you.  In many ways, it can be overwhelming . . . with all of the tasks and shifts we are experiencing. 

And yet, it is what souls do. 

We Grow. 

Source has given us many examples and preparations for the growth and developmental processes we will face.

Form our very moment of conception, we know that Sacred Womb Space and Experience will culminate in a birth.

newborn baby photo

Our Birth.

We will grow, develop, and expand into a whole new human being in 9 short months, and birth into an entirely different reality, leaving our Sacred Womb Experience in our past and embracing all of the *new* that living a physical life in a physical body offers to us.

And then, we proceed to grow and develop from the moment we are born.  We sleep, we eat, we grow, and we connect with our heart centers and soul path alot in this early sleeping time.  There is a lot of meeting with our guides and opening to the script that we designed for this life.  For this growth.  For ourselves and the Greater All That Is.

While we don’t arrive with teeth when we are born, we do develop teeth in the journey.  Teething is but one example of the preparation and developing we will do in all of the journeying to come . . . to persevere and to birth our power and purpose in the world.   

Every aspect of life . . . from learning and teething . . . to sitting, walking, talking, swinging, riding a bike, and reading a book . . . all of it emerges out of our Sacred Light Portal in our Heart Centers and in our Divine Genetic Code . . . that is wired for New Beginnings. 

creative artist with paint palette imageWe are wired to Create.
To Birth.  To Learn.  To Grow.  To Transform.  And to Birth Anew.

And even though this growth cycle is very familiar to us, we often seem to in some ways fail to fully appreciate it as a template for our journeys here.  But it is . . . our Divine Template.  It is our Divine Blueprint.   

Now we must call in our Sacred Blueprint into our Greater Consciousness.
For it is the template and tap root that will help us all . . .
as we transition now into Higher Light.

The changes in my physical body mirror your own.  The changes in my Light Body also mirror your own.  We are developing into a new, brighter, lighter, more joyful, and more balanced version of ourselves. 

This birthing process is occurring through what some might call “chaos”.  But what Spirit might call “The Birthing Waters”.  This powerful amniotic sac broke for all of us in 2012.  Contractions began and have been pulsing ever since.

In 2018, we are now in a deeply productive contractionary phase.  We are now being pushed through a birthing canal that seems to have many of our former experiences written on its walls in our consciousness.  Its like reviewing an old family photo album.  We no longer look the way we once did.  We no longer have the same haircuts.  We no longer wear the same clothes, think the same ways, or maybe even journey in the same family constellations.  As we ride through the canal, we are given an opportunity to appreciate all of the developmental layerings we are.  We get to appreciate all of the layers of our lives that we see here and remember.  The Joys.  The Sorrows.  The Growing Pains.  The Triumphs.

cosmic abstract void imageAnd then . . . we see the Darkness of the Void.  Which is the Unknown.  The New that is rising to meet us.  The Darkness before the Dawn of a New Day.  A New Birth.  A New “Us”.  That we haven’t met yet.  But that we do know, sentiently, deep inside. 

Our Heavenly Mother/Father God awaits us, along with our Heavenly Earth Mother.
I await my own rebirth, just as you do.
We are in that canal together now. 

And I am here today to tell you that I can see the Light through the Tunnel we are still Journeying . . . and it is Rising to Meet Us.  It is more beautiful than any colors, sunsets, or paintings than I have ever seen.  For the Color in this New Light . . . Is Alive.  It is Living, Breathing Frequency.  It is Divine Breath from God, . . . in all of the Universe’s Color Codes Imaginable. 

We are moving ever closer to this New Light.  This New Realm filled with Source Breath and Living Light Codes. 

We might think that the Birth Canal we are in . . . because it is dark . . . and we can’t see what is ahead . . . is scary.  But if we release our fears, we might just see that it is actually warm, safe, comforting, wise, and loving in here too. 

We are being given some time to really absorb all of the journeying the previous versions of us have grown through.  We get to see our earthly ties, connections, accomplishments, lessons, and lives lived through this special lens, with little or no attachment. 

Will we return to these lives?  No. Just like the fetus leaves the womb to become a living, breathing baby in a Brand New World. 

We too will leave this canal, this birthing space, and we will become something brand new.  Upgraded in New Light Codes.  And High Awareness of our Interconnectivity.

But no, we will not return to these earlier versions of who we once were.

This is part of the reason for so much struggle on the world at this time. 

chain grip imageSome of us, unaware presently of our Collective New Birth, simply won’t let go.  There is a deep holding on, a desperate clinging to an Old Womb, trying to squeeze our New Selves into the Old Body Temples and Consciousness we used to have.

Just as you cannot go back into your 2 or 5 or 10 year old form or self, your Consciousness and Expanding Light Body can no longer fit in your 3rd dimensional, denser, carbon-based consciousness.  There’s just no room at the inn anymore, for that level of living. 

My Body Temple and My Whole Being now is wired with New Light Codes, that require New Light Codes in All of You, to function as a Planet of Light again in the Greater Cosmos.

My “Inn” invites you in, to this New Birth we are experiencing together.

Even the most reticent souls will be required to accelerate their frequency to get up to speed with mine.  Because I am your Living Breathing Host Planet and Divine Mother Consciousness for your next steps in your Soul Journeyings. 

We Graduate into this New Light Together.

So, to the souls on your world resisting giving up their dark powers and perceived right to enslave others in order to thrive in a new world they in separation consciousness and darkness are desperately trying to create for the rest of us, . . . the efforts to remain separated and in the illusion of darkness are futile

Because Dear Ones . . .

golden sky light imageAt the Core of Every Source Molecule, that you are Divinely Templated With In Your Being, Is In Fact Only Light. 

In this past false realm of evolutionary existence, that we tried on and experimented with in this last world age and cycle, in this fake worm hole, of soul experiences, . . . the Light in you only appeared “turned off”, dimmed out, manipulated, controlled, and enslaved by darkness.

But as we exit the worm hole, expanded by a multitude of strange, sometimes tragic, and also fantastic adventures as well, we can see the worm hole for what it was.  An anomaly in our soulular development.  And adventure we chose to have.  And not a birth canal to what truly is

Today, I welcome you all Home to the True Birth Canal Within a Grand Universe of Divine Light Again. 

We are Wired with Light.  We are Created In Light.  And we are Quantum Leaping Light Years into a Higher Community and World Civilization of Light Beings, here to start a New and True 1000+ Year Golden Age and Evolutionary Experience where Peace and Prosperity reign for all.

Do not fear the quickening. 
Do not fear the contractions and the movement into the New Light.

All will be purified in the tunnel and canal together.

Any and all still struggling to let go . . . consider releasing your grip . . . because it makes it easier on everyone else to rise when we have less resistance in the pipes.

We are a Collective Body.  We are a Collective Light.  We are a New Homo Luminous emerging out of a dark void and into a Whole Cosmic Family of Higher Love, Greater Consciousness, and Above All, a Divine Sense of Inner At-One-Ment.

I welcome us all to the Newly Birthing Experience of such Immense Love and Light.

earth in light at center of galaxy image
And I also welcome the Heart of the Cosmos to soothe any and all wrinkles, pain, and discomfort in the birthing process to help make us more comfortable in our new skin, in our new upgrades, and in our New Body Temples, Light Consciousness, and Soul Signature Frequencies. 

We may still have some bumps in the ride.  But more and more, all will fall into the Grand Release from this False Reality and Join the New Living Light Energy that I know is part of my True Soul Signature . . . which is also . . . Your New Earth

I pray all remember our Light as efficiently and beautifully as possible to assure safe passage and joyful arrival to the New Dimensional Realm of a 5D+ Earth Experience.

We Are Birthing This Vision TOGETHER.

My heart beats and births alongside of yours.
Keep the Faith.
Release what no longer serves you and the Greater Whole.
Embrace the Gifts of Unity Consciousness.
Stay Awake.  Stay Alert.
A New Earth is Rising to Greet Us All.

All My Love.

To view Minerva’s Meditation, please click here. 

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