August 2018 Energy Update: Cosmic Parachutes, New Airlines, and New Earth Suspension

August 2018 Energy Update:
Cosmic Parachutes, New Airlines,
and New Earth Suspension

A Message from the Lemurian Collective &
the Lemurian and Arcturian High Councils

via channel Marie Mohler
Received July 26, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is the Lemurian Collective and Lemurian High Council, here with the Arcturian High Council as well.  We are here to bring through a joint Message of Light for Humanity as the Earth makes her transition and leap through the 8/1/18 portal and of course the 8/8 Lion’s Gate coming up in a couple of weeks.

As you know, this is a profound time of surging energies on your world.  Earth is deep in her own labor and delivery process.  And there is truly no time on the earth now that is not in some way catalyzing, supporting, accelerating, or crowning that New Birth.

lemurian collective & lemurian and arcturian high councils august 2018 energy updateThe reason we have joined our Collective Light together today is to invite you all to join yours;  When the Power of the Sacred Star Energy of the Heart is joined in Union with other Sacred Stars and other Sacred Hearts . . . New Worlds of Light are born.  And indeed, a New Earth World is being born as we speak.

There are births that are natural, painless, joyful, and easy.  And there are births wrought with exponential pain, complications, and difficulty. 

We invite you to make your own New Earth Body’s
Ascension Process an easy and joyful birth.     

When more of you hear our call and invitation,
to breathe Light into any contractions, constrictions, or complications
causing you pain, and you commit
to breathing through the contractions
that could potentially escalate and increase your experience of pain,
you will begin in real time to see the Power of your Breath literally
dissolving the energetic “hot spots” that would otherwise ensnare
and entangle your Conscious Awareness and Focus in this world. 

As you choose to Breathe Light and New Earth Light into your new form,
into your Crystalline Body Temple and Light Codes Within, you will see
the contractions subside and you will feel the Joy of the New Earth’s
Peace, Bliss, and Goodness replacing all of the codes that you previously
had in your operating system ~ that falsely created the perception
and experience of routine suffering, loss, and lack. 

You are wired intrinsically to be LIGHT. 

The Earth’s Rebirth mirrors your Own.

You are birthing yourselves as vessels and chalices of
the Original Source Light once more.

August 2018 will see and experience a profound influx of this New Earth Light.  You can breathe through any initial contractions, inviting the Light of Joy and New Earth Ease and Bliss to neutralize any pain in that process. 

Alternatively, you can also choose to engage your old 3D operating systems in response to these New Earth contractions too, and increase the feeling of constriction, complications, and pain. 

You get to decide how you want to experience your New Birth. 

You are invited now today, in this moment, to decide how you want to experience August’s Light Code Expansions and Activations.

Earth Ascending in Light This world is going through a Critical Cosmic Transformation.  The old operating system of the 3D Earth is malfunctioning now.  System glitches are rising that are unrepairable now.  The 3D Earth is not built or designed for 5D Light.  In fact, it was purposely created to exist in much lower densities and much less Light. 

See the Light Codes of the 5D Earth streaming through a surge of energy and light that simply overwhelms and rewrites the old 3D codes.  For the 5D Codes of Light are a vast system upgrade. 

These channelings sound like stories, metaphors sent from virtual worlds and nonphysical beings to teach and engage those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

But they are so much more. 

Each channeling prepares your cells . . . vibrationally . . . for the cleansing, clearing, and upgrading that is unfolding on your world and in your bodies today. 

If you resonate with the particular insights coming through a particular channel, you literally are able to download that wisdom and energy into your Light Body Matrix, Internal Operating Systems, and Holistic Life Experiences and Templates of Living Energies. 

So be mindful and heart-aware now . . . of who you listen to and what your heart-mind operating system is spending time with.  Notice where you are focusing your Inner Life’s Attentions and Attractions.  For now, more than ever, that is exactly what you are downloading into your increasingly sensitive operating systems. 

For those desiring to shift into the New 5D Earth Frequencies with the least complications and pain from the intense contractions . . . the more you can spend time in Frequencies of Light and New Earth Resonance with Peace and Harmony, the better. 

Pay attention to the Frequencies of Old Earth programming . . . that transmits fear, that injects separation and division constructs into daily storylines, that attempts to embed a fear of change and leaving the world that is known.

There are many control grids set up energetically, politically, financially, pharmaceutically, educationally, and militarily on your world.  That is the old 3rd Dimensional construct and template for living that all of earth’s inhabitants are rising out of in these times.

Like trauma victims, many will or may feel compelled to continue to bond with their captors . . . their perpetrators . . . their old lives of pain and victimization . . . rather than activating a desire to let go; To let go of the pain, suffering, and illusion that was always at the core of the 3D separation experience and experiment.

Humanity gathered in Unity with Mother Earth
Those aware of this Shift of Ages occurring on your world . . . can simply pray and know . . . that all make a safe transition and ascension into the New Light and into the 5D New Earth Frequencies and Divine Design.

Human Beings tend to hold on to what they know, for what they don’t know could be far worse than what they have now.  In other words, the devil they know is preferred over the devil they don’t. 

We are here to say today . . . what if . . . there is no devil?   

What if there is a New Earth . . . where devil frequencies can’t reach?

Simply because they are incompatible with the Higher Light Codes of this New and Higher Dimensional Realm?

This is the Truth of the New Earth.

This is the Offer of the New Earth. 

Those from Lemuria, Arcturus, Ancient Egypt, the Height of Atlantis ~ when it was a City of the Central Sun and its Light Codes, and other Higher Dimensional and Ages of Light . . . remember realms and lives of much Greater Light. 

Many of you reading or hearing this have Conscious Memory of your lifetimes in Higher Light.  And you have come to the Earth to be Conscious and Cosmic Rememberers of Light;  For a Humanity that has in many ways forgotten its Origins of this True Light.

Regardless of whether you remember or not, the Light Codes are activating All of You.

They are awakening each and every one of you.

Some will continue to resist this New Light Birth unfolding within.  And the contractions of imminent change and upgrades will continue to rise and pulse within, until the inevitable activation and upgrades do in fact occur.

In other words, there is a point in which no level of resistance will be able to prevent you from being what you truly, organically, and divinely are . . . which is . . . LIGHT.

Returning to our Collective LightAugust 2018 will be another catalyzer of your Collective Return to the Light.

If you are scared, or resistant, or hold a fear of change or letting go in your Field of Awareness, or in your Life Experience, it’s okay. 

You are part of a Collective, where many are feeling the exact same way.

The key is to allow yourself to just feel it.  To see your fear, to let it come up.  To witness yourself try to cling to a life that you can sense is hollowing, . . . that you can sense is not nurturing you in the new ways that you are being invited to engage your life . . . and simply have compassion for the scared ego and mental body that for too long has simply not known what to do to survive in this realm of separation . . . but to comply with its codes of fear, competition, suffering, lack, and density, . . . in order TO SURVIVE.

That has been the modus operandi of many in this realm . . . the old “if you can’t beam em, join em” mentality.

But now, your other 3 vital energy bodies are activating and awakening from a deep slumber.  Like a pilot who fell asleep at the wheel, and is startled awake, all energy bodies are now snapping to attention and acting in “fight or flight” mode to get oriented to the “free fall” of energy that already did occur, as your “plane” crashed in the earth plane over and over, with only the mental body awake to steer the ship. 

Higher Plane of ConsciousnessNow your emotional, spiritual, and higher dimensional physical bodies are waking up, and instantly trying to reconnect, to help you fly past this dense 3D realm and back into the safer more joyful realm of 5D+ Light and Unity Consciousness. 

August 2018 may feel to some like more of that 1 way ticket to a “free fall experience” by the mental body, trapped, scared, and alone, and desperately just trying to stay alive in the madness of a 3D system crashing and crumbling out of existence now. 

Yet it is the free fall and cosmological pressure of that free fall that is also designed to invite all other energy bodies to wake up and begin to work together from a Higher Plane of Consciousness.   

It is that Higher Plane of Consciousness that August 2018 and beyond will continue to invite each and all to re-activate, re-stabilize, and re-orient each and every one of you.  You are recalibrating to your True Coordinates Within . . . those oriented to Light, Unity, Well-Being, Joy, and Abundance for the Greater Collective and the Greater Whole.

So if you have a moment, a twinge, or a full on experience of a free fall, in the Light Exposures forthcoming, and thus in the 3D Earth’s crumbling, remember your eternal parachute . . . fill your breath with Light.  Consciously take a Deep Divine Breathe In.  In that Breath, ground yourself in the New Light.  Ask your guides to stabilize your electrical field and your 4 energy bodies . . . and to re-orient you to the Light.  Know you are safe in that Breath . . . Know you are secure and loved in that Light.  And then take another Breath, and repeat. 

Your Breath can slow down that feeling of free falling or chaotic free falling.

Your Breath can lead your Higher Consciousness into
connecting with the Allness of You. 

Your Breath has the Power to integrate your 4 Energy Bodies
and get them working together again. 

So Breathe a Deep Divine Breathe In.  Call in your Guides of Light.
Feel your parachute opening and holding you in the
Light of that Sacred Breath. 

That Breath is your Suspension in the Ascension.   

To those still stuck in only 3D time, that might seem trite or cute or impossible even.  That our Breath could sustain us, in the Quantum Leap, from 3D experience to 5D Light and 5D Earth’s Birth. 

And yet, is it a fallacy that it is our breath that gives us life every day?

We don’t think so. 

There is just a whole other Level of Living and a whole other Power in the Breath at this Higher Plane of Awakened Consciousness that is asking to be known to you again.

So try it.  This next month, breathe into your fears.  Limitations.  Contractions.  Complications. 

Breathe Light into any discomfort and ask the New Light Codes emerging in you to reset your Inner Coordinates to the Truth of your Divine Light. 

Know the Breath to be a Lifeline now and always . . . to Higher Planes of Divine Sight, Consciousness, and Light.

Allow the theatre of 3D Earth collapsing to invite you to practice this easy ascensional skill . . . called Divine Breathing.  For you can literally breathe yourself from one world and into another.  From one consciousness to another.  From a plane of anguish, fear, and pain, to a Plane of Joy, Prosperity, and Light. 

Does it require practice?  Yes.

You just have to train your mental body now to allow your spiritual body and emotional body to fly you into a Higher Realm of Awareness and Action, to let go of the old and embrace the New.    

We would say to Your Collective Mental Bodies ~ Its Time to Let Go.

And its Time to let your Holistic Heart Center . . . to Lead.

It KNOWS The Way.

We are here, the Lemurian Collective and the Arcturian High Council and Collective . . . to support your letting go process. 

Let go of density and ascend into your Higher Light now
Let go of the density and ascend into your Organic Light now. 

That’s the Journey.  That’s the Airline you are on.   

Conscious Breathing . . . Divine Breathing . . .
is the Air Line that will escort you to this New Higher Plane of Love and New Earth Light that your Soul Knows Deeply
and that your Soul Does Remember. 

So Breathe through any turbulence in August.  Breathe Light into any calamities.  In the world . . . or in your own life.

Collectively ~ you are breathing and birthing a New Earth of Light into form.

You can do this.  You ARE this. 

You are made to co-create this birth of the New Light. 

We celebrate you.  All of you.  For the Courageous Cosmic Pioneers You Truly Are. 

We are here, always, if you need us.  To help you Breathe Light into the core of your beings, lives, and parachutes.  So call on us whenever you need to.

cosmic parachutes for the new earth

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE love.
All Our Love. 

4 Responses to “August 2018 Energy Update: Cosmic Parachutes, New Airlines, and New Earth Suspension

  • Natalie
    6 years ago

    Beautifully in sync with all that I have felt and experienced over the years, especially this last year. I am uplifted each month by your messages. Thank you!

    • Thank you Natalie! I’m so happy to hear that the Light in these messages is working its magic for you. I hope you are having a brilliant weekend, and I send blessings and Lemurian Light your way! ❤️

  • Tazian
    6 years ago

    Powerfully resonant and very practical advice for such weird times. Bless you for such a profoundly inspiring channelling.