August 2022: The 8-8 Lion’s Gate, The War on Words, & The Wand of Words ~ August Awakens More Lions!

August 2022 Energy Update

The 8-8 Lions Gate, The War of Words, & The Wand of Words:
August Awakens More Lions!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 7.23.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Luminous Light of Divine Stillness, Union with Source and the All That Is, and the Heart of Creation from which All Blessings Flow.  The Energy of Lion is rising up and through that Luminous Light that streams through the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun energies, to empower each and all of you to rise in your own awareness, your own heightened capacity for higher knowing, and your own expanding inner sense that all you have to do now is to Remember.  It is time to Remember Who You Are.  It is in the Remembering that the Rising ultimately occurs.  You are not becoming something you have never been. You are re-emerging and newly embodying What You Have Always Been.  

August 2022 Energy Update - The 8 8 Lions Gate & The Wand of WordsSo let’s take a Deep Conscious Breath In together, and let’s invite those Lion-Hearted Inner Knowings and Rememberings to flow easily and seamlessly inside you, where you tune your conscious attention in to where the Heart Light flows the feelings, the sentience, the ease, and the alignment of your human self right now in this moment connecting with your Divine Soul Essence.  Oh what a joyous reunion it is.  In this moment, right here and right now with us, with the Central Suns, with the Light of Source, and the Love of Gaia, you are able to feel the True Essence of Your Being which never left connection with the Heart of Mother Father God.  You are able to deeply feel and know the Eternal Essence that you are, because you simply ARE.  You don’t have to do anything to receive this Eternal Life Force and Divine Connection.  It is Who You Are.  You come from beginningless time and you are returning to the grace of endingless time.  And you simply have had a myriad of experiences in the “in between times,” including a Grand Forgetting for a time of Who You Really Are.  

But you see . . . you cannot not be Who You Really Are.  You can only perceive you aren’t.  And that is the Joy of this Particular Time Period on your world, on your planet, and in your lives right now.  In the Deepening of your Perceiving, you are beginning to lift your own veils.  You are beginning to look under or behind the curtain, much like Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz.  You are remembering that you can go Home any time you like.  Because you are an Infinite Eternal Exquisite Sovereign Divine Being.  And you have held the keys to your Grand Return to Union With Source in All Aspects of Your Being ~ the whole time.  

Here on the precipice of August 2022, you stand at the edge of that precipice with the energies of Lion.  You are already feeling the power and presence of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate.  You can feel that something is shifting this year in the 8th Month, and the 8th Day of the 8th Month.  For you can feel your infinite sovereign nature returning.  And 8 is the upright symbol of Infinity.  You are summoned to remember more of what your Eternal Infinite Nature feels like.  And this is the deeper, more soulful part of you . . . the aspects of you that were never separated, afraid, trapped in cycles of lack and scarcity consciousness, traumatized, and divided.  You are summoned now to feel more of the Wholeness of You, more of the Divinely Designed Essence in you, and more of the Perfect Inner Divine Gears in you that always align your life with perfection and precision, because you cannot be anything else but God’s Perfect and Precise Divine Nature.  You are a Creation of God/Source/The Ultimate Creator.  And as such, you are Divine and Sacred Perfection.  You are Divine and Sacred Wholeness.  All within yourself.  How magnificent is that?  

The Lion Harbinger knows its magnificence too.  And that Lion in all of its glory is standing at the edge of August, feeling the empowerment flowing like a river, or a roaring ocean, returning to the people and all life on this sentient planet once more.  The Power of Light and Life is returning to the people.  The Power of Life and Light is returning to All Life on your world in these times.  And Lion is standing on that precipice overlooking this Great Earth, with all of its lush foliage, its abundant resources, and its expansive color frequencies that breathe life into your lives here . . . and Lion is Knowing The Great Remembering Time that is at hand.  Lion is breathing strength, power, fortitude, faith, and stealth awareness into this planet’s perceptions and perceptiveness, that you might just catch a Light Ray of Lion’s Great Work in this moment if you tune in within and feel this Great Awakening and this Great Remembering finding you, through your Inner and Innate Gifts of Sentience.  Feel Lion to Know Lion now, in you.  Feel the Power of 1000 Suns to know that very same Power.  

In this rebirthing and resetting Timeline of God in All Life here on planet Earth right now, you can feel the change.  You can sense the energies on the move.  Sweeping and clearing all false structures, all false narratives, and all false rules, guidelines, and distortions of every kind, forevermore.  What is false will cease to exist.  The Lion Harbinger and this Lion’s Gate Portal are knowing this.  They are Knowing for and with you that the tethers to old emotional and psychological prisons, and the warfare waged on the Collective Psyche and Collective Consciousness is being dismantled by the sheer power and essence of the Living Light doing its work as Source in your world and in your lives now.  Welcome to the 5D New Earth, where the Living Light of Source organizes, empowers, and inspires all things.  

Dear Ones, you are the ones you have been waiting for.  Lion’s Presence on that Great Precipice of Sentient-kind’s Liberation and Emancipation is indicative of what the Sentient Collective is choosing, and what you are manifesting.  Lion is simply feeling and expressing the energy that you as a participant in a Grand Collective are already Knowing on the inner planes.  

August 2022 Energy Update - The 8 8 Lions Gate & The Wand of WordsAnd while the Lion’s Grand Majestic Nature is showing up in today’s transmission, the Lion Harbinger also summons in your Courage, your Bravery, your Faith, your Fortitude, your Stamina, and your Strength now in these times as well.  There are two sides, and really three sides, to every coin.  Side 1, Side 2, and the Leading Edge of the coin.  And you are summoned to Know your Lion Energy Within as you journey late July 2022 and as you enter August 2022 and beyond.  The Lion’s Gate is a portal that is going to bathe you in other-worldly frequencies that are here to empower you, inform you, and inspire you to live your Divine Remembrance of your Sacred Birthright, of Who You Are.  Yet it is also going to summon to the surface of your Lion Heart’s Awareness the places that don’t feel majestic, that don’t feel brave, stealth, and infinitely eternal.  

August 2022 Energy Update - The 8 8 Lions Gate & The Third Side of the Coin

And the question becomes, where are you going to tap into that Lion Essence inside you of being Infinitely Eternal and Invincible in these times?  On that Leading Edge.  In between the two sides of the duality.  In between the Two Wolves, if you will.  To shorten that, Lion Is The Leading Edge, the Zero Point, the All Knowing Essence inside you, that lives in a Perfect Sacred Space in between the Two Wolves of Polarity in this 3D Matrix.  And therefore, Lion is the Bridge.  Zero Point is the Bridge between the worlds you are presently navigating and have been for a long, long time.

Duality in a 3D Matrix is not designed to come together.  It is not designed to integrate these complete opposites.  The biblical serpent thus utilizes anything from this realm to drive a wedge, a gap, an emotional tangle, and a divisive thorn in between the two sides of any duality in existence in this 3D realm.  Human beings have long been trained in the art of the serpentine wars.  The art of living in chronic warfare, and knowing it as Creation.  Duality is expected.  Duality is accepted.  And Duality is what is man-ifested again and again as a result.

Yet Lion stands still and strong at the edge of the Precipice right now, overlooking the valleys and rivers of a Whole Beautiful Infinite and Eternal Earth.  Lion invites you to see through Lion’s Eyes.  And Lion’s Heart, as a Messenger and Harbinger of the Godheart.   Is there anything more beautiful than a planet vibing in harmony, in synergy, in synchronicity, and in joy with everyone and everything?  

How does this world find that Epic and Majestic Energy of Planetary Harmony?  As a United People of Planet Earth Initiative?  You take the initiative.  You choose to Know and to Remember the third side of that coin.  You choose to experience, express, and nurture that third side, and that Zero Point, where you safely, securely, and even joyously can ride out any storms in these times, by moving beyond the flames inherent in the duality game that you have for so long played a part in.  

The Duality is not God’s Game.  It is the Serpent’s.  In the Infinite Universe, there is polarity, yes.  But Polarity and Duality are two different energies and you might even say entities entirely.  Duality holds the root word dual.  The word Dual initially signified two complimentary or “like” aspects or parts.  But after the Fall from Grace in Adam and Eve’s Timeline (and throughout subsequent timelines), the Serpent infiltrated more and more of those “like parts” or human beings likeness to each other . . . highlighting and manipulating narratives to turn one like aspect against another aspect . . . and therefore splitting even the original meaning of Dual (meaning 2 alike things or complimentary parts) into two Warring or Dualing (fighting against each other) aspects of Creation.  And you all have lived in this Dualistic, Divisive, Competitive, and Separated Consciousness ever since.  

What if you were to take your power back by reclaiming your words?  What if you rise as this Lion Harbinger to boldly say what you mean and mean what you say.  And what if in that process, you find that your word, which is your wand, has been used by you, through your own mis-use of the Living Word, to drive wedges between two or more things . . . where there otherwise would organically be Divine Harmony?  Can you begin to be impeccable with your word?  

The biblical serpent effectively waged war on God in this realm in this last world age and cycle by using God’s Creation . . . and Living Word . . . against God.  Do you see how we may have arrived in the Third World War in these times . . . where there is a War on Words?  Where there is an Information War?  Where there is a Steep and Merciless Execution of Censorship at the highest levels of your Organizational Systems?  Especially your Global Technology Systems that make a Global Internet Work and Run on a daily basis?  

Lion stands before you as a Divine Energy of your own Emancipation and Liberation.  2022’s Intergalactic Independence Day and Year is this Turning Point.  The Leading Edge and Zero Point is opening to all of you.  Many still can only see the “Two Opposing Sides” of that Coin.  Many can only see the Two Wolves, and wonder like the grandson did in the Legend (and War) of the Two Wolves, well, grandfather, which one wins?  

Lion Knows that this battle of Good and Evil is the epic tug of war in the Serpent’s Duality Game, that tricks even many advanced souls . . . by summoning multitudes to FIGHT for the Good.  When in fact, it is a Remembering, Knowing, and Embodying of the Living Light where the True Victory resides.  Where the entire Cosmos reigns victorious because the Collective Consciousness within Sentient Life living here on Planet Earth chooses Unity.  Chooses Life.  Chooses Light.  And Chooses the Middle Way or the Zero Point Way through the Serpent Seeded Distortions, Divisions, and Duality-Based Man-ipulations, which is the Gateway that Lion represents this August 2022 and this 8-8 Lion’s Gate for those with eyes to see it, and those with sovereign and soul life force to know and remember it.

August 2022 Energy Update - The 8 8 Lions Gate ~ Frequencywriter.comPolarity in the Higher Realms shines the Living Energy of Complimentary Opposites of Complimentary Parts.  You dear ones are infinite aspects of The Ultimate Oneness that Creation is.  How can you be against each other if you are actually alike?  If you are actually two or more aspects of the One and the same Whole?

The Serpent and his Handiwork, and that of his Servants, has been very effective over many thousands of years time. The ultimate weapon the Serpent has utilized is God’s Word, for we know that God’s Word is Sound and Light working seamlessly together to CREATE form from the formless.  The Living Word is GOD’s Wand.  And so the Serpent proceeded to infiltrate The Word in every aspect of this 3D Planet.  In governments.  In systems.  In laws.  Through systems of taxation.  Judicial and legal systems.  Prison systems.  Financial systems.  Systems of Medicine.  Educational Systems.  And even Sacred Texts and Religious Organizations and Systems themselves.  So much so that the Distorted Word is the Greatest Weapon of All Time to be wielded against God’s Children, with a Power and Might so strong, that the irony is . . . it has been nearly undetected by generations and generations of souls . . . until now.  

And the Glory of this timeline is?  . . .  The Glory of this Timeline is that God/Source/Creator Knew the Playbook of the Biblical Serpent the Whole Time.  God/Source/Creator Knew the Ending (of this Game) at the Beginning (of this Game).  And God/Source/Creator Knew that In The Beginning, Mother/Father God ushered in The Word.  The Sound of Creation.  The Light of Creation.  And it was Good.  And Mother/Father God Knew that a Time would come in which a Serpent would attempt to U-SERP(ent) or usurp . . . God’s Creative Power and thus God’s Word . . . literally to turn a world against God/Source/Creator.  

The Deep Crux and Underbelly of The Great Awakening requires individuals and sacred souls like you to awaken to the Grand Manipulation of The Word.  It requires souls like you to awaken to the distortions of your own words.  It requires souls like you to awaken to how you use your creative life force as a Child of God and Sovereign Soul on this planet . . . to create with your Wand, which are your words.  How do you use words daily to create God’s Timeline in this world?  How do you use words that maybe should be retired in this Grand Ascension Process, and never used again, for their vibrations are seeded with division and corruption and distortion in black magic kinds of ways?  

Will language be at the Heart of Humanity’s Re-Learning their Divine Origins?  Yes.  Is Language at the Heart of this Current Epic Spiritual Battle?  Yes.  The Biblical Serpent Waged War on God/Source/Creator and CREATION ITSELF by Waging War on Words themselves.  

So are you in an Epic Information War?  Yes.  Are you in an Epic War of Words?  Yes.  May it appear through a War of Words and Information that a World War III Event may teeter at the edge of Unfolding?  Might it appear that Two Wolves are fighting to the bitter end to see who ultimately wins?  Yes.  

Where is the Grace in that Duality?  Where is the Grace in that War of Epic Proportions that most people are too tangled up in to even begin to see the Root Truth, the Core Vibrations, and Key Deceptions being played out . . . on a Multidimensional Chess Board . . . where they themselves may very well be the Serpent’s Pawns in the Serpent’s Grand (albeit Distorted) Vision of The Ultimate Usurpation of God’s Power?  

The Grace is in Living on the Edge of Duality, or in the Middle Way of Duality, in the Zero Point Frequencies.  The Grace is Lion Living on the Third Side of the Coin in this 3D Matrix and removing yourself from the Weapons of Duality, namely distorted words.  Words at this 3D level of distortion and separation warp perceptions.  And words have warped human perceptions for millenia in this 3D matrix.  Yet ~ while words can incarcerate and words can manipulate . . . they also liberate . . . and they also emancipate!

And this is the Glorious News of your Time.  Language is your wand.  Language is your emancipator.  Zero Point Portals and Leading Edge or Third Sides of Coins Portals liberate.  It is happening.  And Lion stands before you, and Lion stands within you, today, this month, and always . . . to empower you to take your power back.  To remember and to awaken the Truth within you . . . that your Word is your Wand.  Your Word is your Pathway of Union and Re-Union with Source.  Your Word is your Key to Access the Zero Point Portal within you to leave the Serpent’s Game of Duality and Waging War at every turn through manipulated and distorted words . . . and to enter the Grace and Living Light and Truth of God’s Eternal Timeline.  

August 2022 Energy Update - The 8 8 Lions Gate & Language Is Our LiberatorLanguage may have been our incarcerator for eons of time in this 3D realm, but Language is also ultimately our Liberator.  And Source Knows This.  In the Beginning, was the word.  

Do you remember our words from many transmissions ago?  When the Word Becomes One, the World Becomes One Again?  It has deeper meaning now, doesn’t it?  

As one author aptly said, be impeccable with your word.  This is epicly and deeply True.  

Know as the energies of July and August heat up, and the energies throughout 2022 continue to heat up and push lies and distortions and revelations to the surface of humanity’s consciousness, . . . Your word is your wand.  

And Know that as these energies heat up, The Serpent’s word is its wand.

Where does the Serpent still perpetrate its word on sentient kind?  And through whom?  

Source is revealing ALL.  More revelations are forthcoming, as to false structures, systems, laws, and many other aspects in this multidimensional chess game and this spiritual war.

Who wins?  We would say, to use our words more impeccably, that the Living Light is Eternally Victorious.  Thus, it is the Essence of the Living Light To Be the Energy of Joyous Victory and the vibrational Essence of Winning, Winning, Winning.  Not as a Win, such that another has lost.  But an Infinite, Eternal Essence and Gigantic Energy in All Of Creation . . . that the Living Light and Heart of Source Is The Essence of Victory, of Triumph, of Goodness, and Wholeness, and Greatness!

Dear Ones, witness your words. If you say them, and they don’t feel good to you, find another word or expression to say what you mean and mean what you say.  Words are wonderful and epicly creative.  They are also incarcerating and divisive.  Invite Lion Energy into your heart this month, to help you see the distortions of words as they play out in your life and on the world stage.  Invite Source Energy in you to empower you to use your words as a living wand for the Living Light of Source.  

Go into the Stillness when the Storms of this Spiritual Battle rattle your energy and challenge your ability to find that Middle Way.  You have strength, courage, boldness, and fortitude in you, for you carry the Lion Harbinger Heart in you!  

Embrace August’s Fiery and Alchemical Energies.  Live as Awakened and Awakening Lions!  Call in the Lion Harbinger and Leo Energy to Shine More Sunlight on all that needs to clear away, for all of Sentient Kind to Live their Optimal Timelines within God’s Timeline!  

You are the Ones here to rise like the Great Central Suns in your own lives.

Choose your words, and your wands, wisely.  

And allow what needs to fall away, to fall away.  

We can say that God Wins.  Yet what would be more accurate to say, without tweaking more tension with that phrase in the Collective Ascension Process unfolding, is that the Living Light has always been, and will always be, Divinely Victorious!  Now that is an example of choosing words wisely and being impeccable with your wand’s creationary power.  And this is what we invite you to get better acquainted with in August 2022 and beyond!

And simply notice where others may be using their wands, consciously or unconsciously, to implement more of the duality game.  And notice where some use their words to exit that 3D duality game altogether!

It IS Time to Rise!

Blessings to you, to one, and to all.  

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, July 30, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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