Cosmic Aeronauts 2020: Multidimensional Moves, Releasing Ego Sandbags, Vibrational Valuables, & Rising to New Heights

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.13.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Joy and Celebration Frequencies of Divine Crystalline Light in this New Year of 2020, from our Sacred Hearts to yours.  We are here!  We have arrived in this New Portal of Transformational Energy that will characterize your lives and experiences throughout this whole year of 2020.  In many ways, we will say to all of you precious souls hearing this transmission while in a physical incarnation on the earth today . . . You Have Arrived . . . to the Timeline of Knowing Yourselves More Fully Again . . . as sovereign beings.  As Divine Beings.  As Energies of Light and Love again. And to remember Who You Truly Are, you must now more fully release that which you are not.  

So let us review some of our core messages for you in 2019, that included:  Choosing Your Timelines as consciously as you can now, Engaging your Soul Skills as consciously as you can in these times, Embracing your Divine Independence and Soul Sovereignty as much as you can now, Living your Gifts and your Talents as fully as you can now, Engaging your Clear Soul Sight in these weeks and months ahead as much as you can now, and Allowing the old 3D Paradigm, Corruption, False Leaders, Illusions, and False Structures and Systems to fall away now to make room for the re-emergence of the Timeless, True, Infinitely and Eternal 5D Essence of your Divinity to rise and re-template this New Earth to be her Divine Sovereignty and Bliss in form, and thus to make room for your own.  

What unfolds through the Mother, will unfold through each and all of you.  So what happens to Mother Gaia, will reflect in some way, shape, or form in you.  What happens conversely in you, will unfold in some way, shape, or form in your Beloved Mother Earth.

So not only is a false 3D reality falling away but the True Synergy of 5D Light and Life is re-emerging to be the True Order, Structure, and Organizational Essence of Light Leadership on this planet again. How delightful is that?! And this is what we are celebrating with you in the biggest and brightest ways now, in every step, in every revelation, and in every unfoldment.  

For with every shadow exposed, Light steps up and expands to reign and lead again.

With every false prophet, false leader, false idol of any kind exposed and removed in one way or another, the Eternal Light that has reigned through All Realms of Time and Space returns to Mother Earth, and all of her children, and all sentient life here.

With every sand bag of the Ego’s Dying reality releasing, the True Light of Unity, Oneness, and Highest Good Energies and Frequencies manifest for the Greater Whole and assists your Collective Rising.  

And so Sovereignty at this level, Independence Day at this level, Freedom and Joy at this level is not to be underestimated as a Sacred Power and Sacred Divine Force that can heal, reset, and restore all worlds to their original divinity and original divine blueprints again.

Can you feel this inside you?  A greater hope, a greater calling, an inner emergence, a letting go of that which is not true for you, and a summoning to get very clear on that which IS true for you and in alignment for you . . . can you feel that emerging in you?  Leading you to more of your True Divine Blueprint?  Leading you to step up, step out, rise up, BE, and breathe into this world through conscious creation and conscious choice now . . . to be a better, greater, higher expression of your gifts and talents . . . now more than any other time in your life, or lifetimes, thus far?  

This Is 2020.

And as you welcome in the shifts, changes, and newly rising inner nudgings that don’t seem to be taking “no” for an answer any longer . . . what will this look like in your lives going forward?  How will your worlds shift, the outer world and the inner one?  

It may impact your family structures or your relationships.  Things that seemed to be going along just fine for months, years, or decades, suddenly will not be acceptable any longer or able to be tolerated on the template, patterning, or vibrational axis that they run on.  Dynamics that were once “the way it is” will require something different if they want to remain in your life on any level of existence going forward.  

2020’s Ultimate Year of Clear Sight will require a top-to-bottom cleaning and clearing like none other.  Its time to sweep the cobwebs away and make way for the new.  Its time to reset, re-purpose, or release old products, dynamics, patternings, belief systems, political affiliations, job loyalties, friendships, perspectives, and just about everything in your life.  While this may seem overwhelming or even scary to some of you, it will be very refreshing to yet others of you.  And some of you may feel a mix of relief and anxiety at the same time.

Its as if you are moving isn’t it?  Have any of you experienced a move?  A physical move from one geographical location to another?  Whether its down the street to another house or an apartment . . . or across the globe?  Either way . . . you have to sort all of your belongings, let go of some of them (because where you are going ~ some things that fit your old dwelling just won’t fit in the new), keep and value several others, and re-purpose yet several others.  Everything, absolutely everything, gets a look over and an evaluation.  To keep it and bring it with you or release it and let it go, to make way for your new life and your new experiences in your new place.  Those things that will be kept are carefully packed to successfully be transported and to carry on with you in the next steps of your life’s journey.  And those things that are to be released ~ are seen, witnessed, and boxed or bagged up to be donated or taken to the trash or recycling center near you.  

Well ~ here you are in 2020 ~ having the move and relocation of a lifetime!

You are moving dimensions.  You are quantum leaping timelines.  You are moving from one individual and collective reality to an entirely new one.  Life will never be the same as it was on planet earth, before 2020.  And this will be known to all of you.  Regardless of the quality of “moving” experience you each will have, you will all know that you “moved” in 2020.  That you exponentially changed your life and that your life changed in 2020.  For it is time to do a quantum cleaning and clearing to get up to speed with the Earth Mother’s callings to raise your energies and consciousness to a 5D Operating System that will be matching hers and in alignment with hers as well as the greater galaxy.

For some reading or hearing a transmission like this for the first time, this potentiality might be alot to take in.  And we invite you to go back and revisit all of the transmissions from 2019 in this channel’s archives, and even pre-2019, if you have interest.  There are alot of vibrational bread crumbs that will serve as a map to this Now place where many of you are living today.  

The core essence of what we are celebrating in you is that you are leaving one entire dimensional field of experience and you are entering a new one.  And it will require a vibrational move to get there.  Many of you have been sorting, clearing, cleansing, sweeping, witnessing, observing, pondering, wrestling, releasing, and rising for many years now.  And for some, perhaps its just been the past few weeks and months.  The timeline that arrived you here to this NOW place with us in this conversation and transmission is not as relevant as your PRESENCE is here in this very moment.

We have ARRIVED in this vibrational new terrain together.  You are literally on the bridge that 2020 has always promised to provide between worlds.  And you can only bring the most critical things with you.  Most of those items will be vibrations . . . that you will need . . . to have with you . . . in your new Home and your new Journey . . . in an entirely new world.  

2020 thus invites you to get a whole lot lighter, to experience this new world as being a whole lot brighter.  If this bridge, as a metaphor, was a foot bridge, a rope bridge, connecting two mountain peaks, and it was a long way down to the bottom below . . . you would pack things like joy, trust, faith, truth, clarity, abundance, health, gifts, talents, cooperation, inner compasses, grace, kindness, compassion, and co-creation.  Wouldn’t you?  For they would be most of the tools you would need and desire to cross a rope bridge high in the sky in the higher altitudes of life . . . and the densities like cars, suitcases, sofas, chairs, bookshelves, etc. would likely not be included as the things you carried on your back to walk between these two worlds.  Yes?

This is what we are inviting you then to celebrate with us.  What is in your vibrational toolbox for the journey?  What, in addition to the Soul Skills we have mentioned many times through this channel previously (for example conscious breathing, connecting with your guides, the toning and connection with your chakra system, your talents, your divine flexibility and light), what would you bring on that long journey across that bridge?

When you are “packing” or “rising” to prepare for this move in 2020, from the old dimensional reality to this new one, what is it that will be a valued asset to bring with you and useful on all levels of your being ~ worthy of bringing it with you?  We invite you to assess your physical belongings in some ways and also your vibrational valuables so to speak as well.  This is part of that ascension process.  And this is part of that ego death process as well.

What will come with you in this inter dimensional move and process unfolding inside you and in all aspects of earth life in 2020?  What will be released and left behind to remain in the old illusion?

In essence, what will vibrationally align and make it through the 5D portals . . . that will successfully vibrate in harmony with the new ways of being in this New Earth?  And what is a structure, belief from the past, 3D vibration or pattern, and illusion at any level whose time has come for recycling and ultimately alchemization by the greater cosmic and creationary energy that is Source Energy and the All That Is . . . that will be let go?

What will be left behind as ILLUSION?

What will rise as TRUTH?

In 2020, any illusions passing as Truth will be exposed and cleared away for all to see.  

In 2020, any Truth passing as illusion will be exposed and anchored for all to see as well.

And you are preparing to walk that long bridge between those two worlds.  Right now, and in every way, 2020 is your mentor, guide, compass, flashlight, lantern, and escort in this journey.  It is going to illuminate everything that doesn’t belong in the new 5D frequencies and that cannot go with you in this new realm of being.  It is also going to illuminate all that does belong in the new 5D structures and this new realm of being and living in a physical earth and incarnational experience!

Wayne Dyer once spoke about the experience of dying while you are alive.  This is the experience of the ego dying to itself, so that we can fully change the way we look at things to see things literally change before our eyes.  For Dr. Dyer was a master teacher of this principle.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

You each and all will individually witness your own physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional eyesight changing in 2020.  Because 2020 is . . . ?  2020 is the Ultimate Year of Clear Soul Sight.

And therefore it is going to teach all of you, and all of us, what is required of souls in physical bodies on planets ascending to new heights . . . and new dimensional energies . . . to see differently?  To value life differently?  To release old discordant beliefs more committedly.  And to rise into the greater Truth of Vibrational Light and Transparency more engagingly.  

This channel watched a film over the Christmas holiday, entitled, The Aeronauts.  It was a film about a scientist who believed that if he could fly in a hot air balloon he could take measurements of the weather and therefore begin to predict storms and weather patterns through that new knowledge and intimate connection with the air and with the atmosphere in a way that previously seemed impossible.  He was laughed at by his peers in the scientific community.  Ridiculed for his beliefs that there was a new way to study the weather phenomena in our world.  And so he had to convince a pilot of hot air balloon technology to take him up in the air, and he had to find funding for his project.  When he did accomplish these things, they encountered together some adversities while in the air and in this new terrain of study and human experience.  But rise, they did!  And one of the things they repeatedly had to do, when they wished to go higher than any human being had risen before, and to access new data and discoveries than any human had experienced or studied before, was to let go of the sand bags that kept the balloon more earth bound.  There was a right timing for the sand bag release.  And a right timing for the release valve that brought the balloon, and these new discoveries,  back down to earth.

This story in a way is a mirror and reflection of all of you.  What are your sand bags that won’t make it across the rope bridge in 2020?  What are the sand bags that seem so heavy and so familiar whose time it is to let them go?  What couches, cars, physical structures, limiting beliefs, ego fears, soul wounds, etc. will you need to let go of to enter this new 5D way of being from a new perspective?  From a new vision and vantage point of yourself as a soul in a human wrapping here to have vibrational experiences on a conscious living earth?

This is the tight rope in a way you are walking in 2020.  In some patches, there are still safety nets to help you grow your courage and your soul strength and stamina.  In some patches of the journey, there are no safety nets.  So your convictions will be tested.  And your fears will be too.  

What will be your pole or your guidance system to know how to find balance in this stretch of soul growth now . . . where there are less and less safety nets?

We would suggest your conscious breathing.  We would suggest your vibrational soul skills that are lighter than air because they do not exist in the physical realm and they carry no physical density for where you are going. These soul skills are your vibrational barometers, metric and measurement systems, new lenses and perspectives, and balancing elements for this rise into the new earth.  

So we invite you to let go of any “3D sand bags” that are the easiest to release.  Let yourself get comfortable with releasing some easier old wounds, beliefs, limitations, and even physical things that you know its time to let go of and you are ready to take those steps in your life and in your conscious inner movements and decision makings.  

We invite you to maybe write down the things that might be a little harder to “simply let go of” because you know this move is imminent. Imminent or not, these are the things that stir up some inner wrestling inside you.  You want these things but you know that some of them have to go.  So maybe begin a conversation with yourself about these items.  And these vibrations.  Journal about them.  Channel about them.  Perhaps get a 5D healer to help you with them.  Reach out and seek the support you need for these deeper tethers to the old ways and the old world.  Find the support you need to go to the next level and the next vibrational octave inside yourself . . . that is moving you into a world of transparency, unity, truth, clarity, light, and love consciousness.

Really visualize what tools are essential enough in your new 5D value system and operating system . . . to carry them physically in your backpack?  And also to carry them vibrationally in your vibrational toolbox?

Watch perhaps The Aeronauts and see the film depict what it is like when they are needed to transcend a storm . . . and they have to rise above it . . . to survive in the air . . . and they have to let some things go.  When all of those things previously seemed vital to the trip.  Clearly some are deemed in that tense moment . . . to be dead weight and unessential.  Witness that process in the film.  And witness some of that in your own inner journeyings, in January 2020.  And in every month of this year.

All the planets in the cosmology of your world and your higher consciousness are going to be moving into a greater relevance and resonance in your world.  What was conditioned into the human psyche . . . to make astrology and intuitive studies, beliefs, gifts, and talents to be irrelevant in centuries past in a 3D realm . . . will become vitally relevant and resonant again.  Because they truly impact your world!  And they truly impact your lives.  And they truly are a Cosmic Guidance and Navigational System for where you are going!  

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  Wayne Dyer is still teaching us from the non-physical realms from his physical teachings in this realm.  Serving as a bridge to all of us.  

Each one of us is a bridge, a teacher, a tool, and an instrument for these times.

Whether in nonphysical at this time or in the physical realm, all are needed on deck.  In our collective consciousness.  And in our heart’s awareness.  

We are those bridges of the in-between times!

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

2020 is activating one and all!

It is not a scary time or a time to be feared.  It is a time to MOVE.

It is a Time to RISE.

It is a time to re-evaluate what is the old energy and old illusion.

And what is True in the All Time Truth of this Conscious Living Universe.

Be prepared to learn new things.  Be prepared to release old things.

We are walking on that New Bridge into the New Timeline and New Dimension with you.

We trust your Vibrational Tools and Soul Wisdom to guide you perfectly.  Each and every one of you.

Call on us when you need our Light and Support in the new shifts unfolding!

Be ready to let go, and quickly, what doesn’t serve.  And be ready to embrace what serves you all better, that was undervalued and even ridiculed.  

What may be out of alignment in one dimension is perfectly in alignment for another!

All timelines have their tools.

Your tools now are increasingly your 5D galactic tools.  So your galactic origins, cosmological connections, soul mastery, and divine attunement to the light will be important guideposts and mentors to each of you now in this sacred and wonderful journey HOME.

Welcome Home dear ones!

We are crossing the bridge of no time and the new timelines with you each and every day.  Each and every hour.

You are this Living Light rising to remember itself as ether.  As air.  And releasing the densities of earth, weight, possessions, conditionings, and illusions altogether.

It is a time of lightness and joy!  Allow it to be so!

It is also a time of witnessing the pain of old illusions that did in many ways occur . . . but that no longer steer your guidance systems in the new energies!

Tune in and value what is your new steering wheel.  What is your Divine Merkaba.  What is your time space vehicle in these new higher frequencies and altitudes of soul sight!

You in this way are Aeronauts!

You are multi-dimensional time space travelers.  Rising higher and higher and higher, and becoming lighter than air.

And learning and remembering how to move in this way and when!

We are with you in every step!  In every breath!  In every talent and attunement to the higher frequencies!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love. 

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